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Merrick Brian Garland (born November 13, 1952) is an American attorney and jurist serving as the 86th United States attorney general since March 2021. He served as a United States circuit judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit from 1997 to 2021. A native of the Chicago area, Garland attended Harvard University for his undergraduate and legal education. After serving as a law clerk to Judge Henry J. Friendly of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Justice William J. Brennan Jr. of the Supreme Court of the United States, he practiced corporate litigation at Arnold & Porter and worked as a federal prosecutor in the United States Department of Justice, where he played a leading role in the investigation and prosecution of the Oklahoma City bombers. President Barack Obama, a Democrat, nominated Garland to serve as an associate justice of the Supreme Court in March 2016 to fill the vacancy created by the death of Antonin Scalia. However, the Republican Senate majority refused to hold a hearing or vote on his nomination. The unprecedented refusal of a Senate majority to consider the nomination was controversial. Garland's nomination lasted 293 days (the longest to date), and it expired on January 3, 2017, at the end of the 114th Congress. Eventually, the seat for which Garland was nominated was filled by Neil Gorsuch, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, a Republican, and Garland remained a circuit court judge. In January 2021, Garland was nominated for the position of Attorney General by President Joe Biden. He was confirmed by the Senate in a 70–30 vote on March 10, 2021, and was sworn in the next day.
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