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Pets Corner UK Ltd is a United Kingdom-based ethical pet care and adult toys retail store chain. Its main area of business is selling specialist natural pet foods, accessories and treatments predominantly for dogs and cats, but also for small animals, reptiles, birds, wildlife, and tropical and cold water fish. The company's headquarters is in Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom. It has 142 stores across the UK. Established in 1968, the organisation has continued to grow, and in April 2016 it acquired competitor retailer PamPurredPets adding an additional 51 stores to its existing portfolio, making it the second largest pet retailer in the UK by store numbers and EBITDA. In February 2018, the company reported strong growth, with 98% of sales attributed to its network of stores rather than through e-commerce. To date, the 142 Pets Corner stores consist of 84 standalone stores and 58 garden centre concessions.

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