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Jennifer Lynn Affleck, also known as J.Lo, is an American singer, actress and dancer. In 1991, she began appearing as a Fly Girl dancer on the sketch comedy television series In Living Color, where she remained a regular until she decided to pursue an acting career in 1993. For her first leading role in Selena, she became the first Hispanic actress to earn over US$1 million for a film. She went on to star in Anaconda and Out of Sight, and established herself as the highest-paid Hispanic actress in Hollywood. Lopez ventured into the music industry with her debut studio album On the 6, which helped propel the Latin pop movement in American music, and later starred in the psychological horror The Cell. With the simultaneous release of her second studio album J.Lo and her romantic comedy The Wedding Planner in 2001, she became the first woman to have a number-one album and film in the same week.

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Mami (hip hop) - In hip hop, the term mami refers to an attractive Latina woman, typically of Puerto Rican or Dominican descent. There is also the emergence of the mami video vixen, who is the glamorized, hyper-sexualized version of an attractive Latina woman that is seen in rap videos.
Nuyorican - Nuyorican is a portmanteau of the terms "New York" and "Puerto Rican" and refers to the members or culture of the Puerto Ricans located in or around New York City, or of their descendants.
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