Croatia A country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe on the Adriatic Sea.
Independent State of Croatia A World War II-era puppet state of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.
Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia A nominally autonomous kingdom within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, created in 1868 by merging the...
Principality of Croatia Early medieval Croatian principality, from the 7th century up to 925.
Kingdom of Croatia (925-1102) A medieval kingdom in Central Europe comprising most of what is today Croatia, as well as parts...
Kingdom of Croatia (1102-1526) Medieval Croatian kingdom in personal union with the Kingdom of Hungary.
Kingdom of Croatia (1526-1867) Early modern Croatian kingdom within the Habsburg Monarchy.
Banate of Croatia (1939-1941) An autonomous Croatian entity within the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
People’s Republic of Croatia A federal unit of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia.
Socialist Republic of Croatia A constituent republic and federated state of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
Croatia proper Croatia proper is one of the four historical regions of the Republic of Croatia, together with...
Croatia (European Parliament constituency) A European Parliament constituency for elections in the European Union covering the member state...

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