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the length of this is why it took getting 20 of these tagged emails before i got so tired of seeing them that i caved...

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posted by Melissa alias cybermelli on Thursday 8th of January 2009 09:24:02 PM

1 – Totally obsessive. Anything I that I like, be it a book, a movie, a performer, a hobby, a relationship, a job, I throw myself into it with full force. I prefer to think of it as passionate rather than obsessive. ;-) 2 – I have two favorite things to do in this life – sleep, and take scalding hot showers. Often, when I wake up from a long sleep, and immediately jump into a really warm shower, I think of how ideally, I could combine the two. I want someone to build me a bathtub that stays really warm all the time, that I could somehow sleep in without drowning. 3 – Somehow managed to lose most of the close friends I’ve made over the course of my life. It makes me sad regularly, but not so sad that I have trouble living my life. Mostly, I blame the loss on them. I feel like I’m still the exact same person I was at 8, 13, or 18… it’s everyone else that’s changed. But, maybe they’re the normal ones… and I’m not? 4 – Which brings us to, I’ve always felt like a total outsider in the world -- convinced that I don’t think or feel about things the way that others do... But, I’ve also always secretly thought that I’m just better and smarter than the rest of those people. 5 – I’ve seen over 1500 theatrical productions in my life. I cannot fathom how anyone could not be spellbound by live theater. I wish I had some sort of talent… but, I don’t. I’ve come to accept that though, and now I’m just happy that I found theater and made a place for it in my life. It bugs me that crappy movie actors make 20 million dollars for their shit work in shit movies… I could name 50 performers that could act them into the ground any day of the week… while singing and dancing. 6 – The show I’ve seen most in my life was the Twyla Tharp/Billy Joel ballet ‘Movin Out’ – I saw it 150 times over 3 years and I was never, ever, for one second, bored at a performance. Were it still running, I’m pretty sure I’d still be seeing it on a weekly basis. I’ve seen ‘Movin Out’ in NYC, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Hartford, Providence, Boston, Hershey, DC, Baltimore, Toronto, Newark… and possibly some other places I can’t remember right now. 6 – Because of my varying degrees of obsessiveness, I have seriously massive debt. The kind that should keep a person up at night. I once dug my way out of it, only to do it all over again. For some reason, I don’t worry about it all that much… but, I should. 7 – I’ve never felt a great desire to live anywhere other than where I live right now. This, doubtless, makes me strange. I don’t mind my family. When they bother me, I ignore them. So, I didn’t go away to college, and, I didn’t move out. But, if someone wants to buy me 1.5 million dollar apartment in Manhattan (and give me a parking space for my car), I’ll pack my bags in an instant. 8 – Identified, years and years ago, while still quite young, the two qualities that I find sexiest in a guy: accent (preferably British or Scottish) and piano playing ability. In later years, this was also, without my knowledge at first, and certainly without my free will, amended to include homosexuality. Yep, the guys I find most attractive… are not in any way into girls. 9 – Never liked pets until I saw the face of a cavalier king charles spaniel pup. Didn’t particularly care for the dog I had for 17 years while growing up… but, really care for the dog I have now. That said, I am not a good pet owner. I like talking to my dog and taking pictures of him and playing sometimes… but, if I lived alone, I wouldn’t have a dog. I’m too irresponsible. I wouldn’t get up off my ass to walk or feed a dog. I tend to leave the responsibility part to other people 90% of the time. 10 – Which bring us to children. Could never have them. There is absolutely no way in heaven or hell that I’d ever devote that much time and effort to a being that wasn’t myself. Jesus, the more and more I write this, the worse a person I sound like. 11 – Writing the statement above secretly makes me nervous. Not because I think I do, deep down, want a kid… I don’t. But, I fear that when I’m really old, no one will be around to take care of me. The idea of being old and alone doesn’t bother me, I can entertain myself. But, the idea of being old and incapacitated bothers me… especially since there are suddenly a bunch of incapacitated grandparents around me. 12 – In addition to theater, I am really really passionate about music and films. But, I’ve never really found another person who likes exactly the same kind that I do… My sister would come the closest… and, I guess that’s close enough. 13 – Even though we fight all the time, sometimes even physically (at our age!), my sister is definitely my bestest friend. We always make each other laugh. We’ve spent nearly every moment of our lives together and so no one else in this world knows me as well! 14 – Current obsession embarrasses me to no end. Yep, the Twlight crap. I totally and completely consider myself above being obsessed with something so silly and so generic. If there was a switch to flip and stop being obsessed with it right now, I’d flick it in an instant. 15 – Have gained and lost massive amounts of weight in life. Was really fat, got skinny, got fat again. Am sort of over it. 16 – Enjoy writing, when given a specific task. The reason why it took me so long to do this task, and why I was just not going to bother, is that I can’t just do something in some half-assed way. If I was going to to it, I’d have to give it thought and heart. So, why did I eventually do it? I got sick of opening the “tagged” flickrmails… like I said, I got about 50. (Am I now going to send this on to 16 flickr contacts? Doubtful). And, # 17 Can see that this will most likely be the longest 16 on flickr… And, that any one of my contacts who doesn’t already think I’m a little nuts will now… am okay with that.

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