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Tantra and Breathing

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posted by Hughes Songe alias bernawy hugues kossi huo on Monday 22nd of November 2021 11:08:29 AM

DAN: My way has been playing with breath energy: Shakti’s way is playing with sexual energy. When we bring those two energies together—not between or among us—but within us, something quite magical can happen. It’s impossible for me to go to sleep in Shakti’s presence. It’s very hard to remain unconscious when I am in her presence. That’s the main reason I chose to work and play with her. You can wake up in the world and then very quickly fall asleep again, because most people in the world are sleeping, unconscious. At some point in my life I woke up; and I like being awake. But it’s a constant conscious process, a real challenge to stay awake. It is very easy to fall asleep and go unconscious in the world. There are so many distractions so many things that distract us, that pull us out of our selves. And so what we need are people and places and ways to keep us awake, to keep us on the path of going deeper and reaching higher. That is why I am working and playing with Shakti. SHAKTI: When I met Dan I knew that we could do beautiful things together, because Dan has such a deep knowledge and understanding and experience of the breath. For me, whenever I breathe in, it feels like I am making love. So try it now. When you breathe in, feel the caress of the breath, feel the way that the breath touches you from the inside out, feel how it softens you, how it makes you soft inside, how it makes you expand. The breath is so simple, and yet every time we breathe we can open up more, to feel more, to love more, to love ourselves more, to become more open to others. DAN: When you breathe, everyone and everything, all the energies of the world come into you; the all and the small touches every cell in your body. When you breathe out, something of you, your essence, something from every cell in your body goes out and mixes with everything else in the world. It is not just a pretty idea. It’s a fact in reality: the breath connects us to everyone and everything. The breath that’s inside of you now, was in someone else just a minute ago. We can’t hide from each other. Separation is an illusion—a sometimes useful and convenient illusion—but an illusion none the less. The breath that is coming in and out of us carries information. We can take from it what we want and let the rest come and go. Everything is available to us with every breath. When the breath comes into you, you have an opportunity to give that breath a signature, to impress it with some intention, some energy before it leaves you again. So what is important? If you could send some energy out into the world, what would it be? What quality? What frequency? What is the deepest part of you? What is the highest part of you? What is your deepest or highest aspiration in life? You share that with the world with every breath. If the breath brings to you all the energies of the world, which energies do you choose to focus upon? Which do you drink in? How about the energies of love? How about the energy of peace and joy? How about consciously breathing that kind of energy! SHAKTI: Many of us have been taught that loving is not safe, if we open our hearts to love, we might get hurt. And we have learned that sexual energy is not safe. When I love someone sexually, I might get hurt. Sexual energy causes a lot of separation for many people. If we could open our hearts to sexual energy, it could open our hearts to the realm of love. It could help us to wake up sexually and spiritually. For most people our sexual experience is confined to our genitals. For most people you can hope for 45 seconds of sexual orgasm. Imagine an orgasm continuing for 8 hours! Imagine it beginning in your genitals and going up through your whole body. Imagine connecting your genitals to your heart—cycling, circulating energy between the two, building up life force, and from there rippling through your whole body. This is possible for all of us if we want to wake up. If you want to stay asleep then it’s better to simply continuing with your 45 second orgasms. DAN: Some people are always trying to protect their heart—like our heart is so sensitive, so delicate, so easily broken. In fact it sensitive and it’s also the strongest part of us—the part that least needs protecting! It’s possible to wake up to our heart in the middle of an orgasm, and then stay awake. When something in you opens, if you can relax with it, it remains open. But we’ve been taught that when you walk around in this world, when you live in this world, you have to be on guard, a part of you must remain closed. It’s is a reflex, a habit. We can create a sacred space here, a safe place in which to open our hearts together. We can learn to keep our heart open. And we can learn to quickly open it again when it closes due to old habits and fears. As we do this, we discover that an amazing thing happens. Every time your heart opens, if it closes again, it cannot close all the way. (It hurts too much to do that.) The fear comes back and we close, but not completely, not all the way. And gradually we learn to live freely and safely with an open heart. And a few days is enough. 2, 3, 4 days is plenty of time to master the art of opening your heart, if that is your intention. SHAKTI: So Dan and I will give you a chance to be with us for a few days. We will tell you about that later. For now, you can enjoy the time with us now. I have found that the breath also makes space in us. When you think of how we usually breathe, we are not paying attention to our breath. If we can start to really enjoy our breath, then something beautiful can happen. In the Tantric practice there is a beautiful breath: Follow the curve of the breath as you breathe in; follow the curve of the breath as you breathe out. Find that moment when the curve of the in-breath becomes the curve of the out-breath. Find that moment when the curve of the out-breath becomes the curve of the in-breath. Find the pause between the two. If you sink deeply into that pause… in that moment you can wake up. Breathe with me. Breathe in with me and feel the pause. Breathe out with me and feel the pause. In the silence between the out-breath and the in-breath—in that moment, nothing exists and yet everything exists. Now let your body move with the breath. Breathing in, your spine opens and arches; breathing out, the spine relaxes. Breathing in, opening the spine; breathing out, relaxing the spine. How does that feel? Does it feel good? When you breathe in, the whole body expands, so the spine also curves. I will show you now. For many of us our spines are not very flexible because we hold ourselves very tight. When we learn to relax very deeply and allow the movement in the body, the breath can go deeper. In Tantra, when my partner breathes in, I breathe out. When he breathes out, I breathe in his breath. When I breathe out, he breathes in my breath. You can see and feel that even without touching we are building up orgasmic energy. [Shakti and Dan model “making love” with the breath in public. The audience gets turned on.] SHAKTI: Many years ago, I had a couple come visit me. The man and the woman were almost 80 years old. Their sexual life was not very good. I taught them to breathe like this. They didn’t want to touch each other. So I gave them each a chair, facing each other. They made love to each other with their breath. It changed their relationship. They couldn’t believe that they still desired each other so much. And that was even without their bodies touching. DAN: You know, young children are filled with sexual energy, it’s not localized. Every cell lives an orgasmic experience, and children are in touch with that. That’s why they can’t sit still, they can’t be quiet. That’s why they shine. That’s why they are so joyful. There is too much ecstatic energy flowing thru them. Then as we grow older, culture and family and religion and tradition and society stifle and inhibit this life-energy in us. We are taught that only in certain places, only at certain times, and only with certain people are we to allow an experience of that energy. This creates not just a spiritual problem, but also physical problems. Because that is how illness and disease take root in the body. The life force is not allowed to flow fully and freely, and so parts of us begin to die. Waking this energy up again and filling your whole body with it can reverse the aging process, it can make you younger! I am really grateful to Shakti, because she has brought a certain playfulness back into my work. I had become very serious about my practice. I’m a serious guy, and she is definitely neither! [A question from audience about which breathing technique Dan uses in daily life.] DAN: I have discovered that any technique can have a hypnotic effect. It’s a good to practice various techniques. However, if the technique becomes more important than the one who practices it, then that is not so good. My basic practice is to simply bring awareness to my breath as often as possible and in as many situations and activities as possible. In addition to “breath awareness” I practice “conscious breathing.” I practice breathing fast, breathing slow, breathing high, breathing low. The two techniques are watching the breath and playing with the breath. There are a few basic or core techniques that everyone can benefit form, and so I teach and practice those. I encourage people to explore the basics, to build on those core techniques, and to do so in their own way. [A question from the audience about sex and spirituality, about the evils of the body and physical pleasure, about the necessity of celibacy.] DAN: They don’t understand life. They don’t see the whole picture. They just don’t get it. They are buying into a philosophy. They have been taught to deny their sacred nature. They are living out of a spiritual ego. This ego lives in sinners and saints, monks and murderers. It takes over and runs them. It hides in those monks who suppress and deny their natural feelings and desires. That’s the purpose and the role of a dakini, a tantrika. SHAKTI: I will tell you two stories: One story is about a monk who is a student. He has been sitting on the mountain for 30 years, meditating. He has been celibate for 30 years, drinking no wine, eating no meat. Then his teacher looks at him and decides he is ready to wake up. So he sends a dakini to the student. A dakini is a woman like me who teaches the sacred sexual practices of tantra. So the dakini goes to the monk, seduces the monk. The monk cannot resist her, he makes love to her. The monk as he makes love to her, his spiritual ego has such a big shock, and this last powerful but very subtle ego is shattered. If he doesn’t wake up, then she will give him meat to eat and wine to drink. She will seduce him into breaking all his spiritual rules. If still the shock has not been big enough to break his ego, then she will start to teach him the sexual practices of Tantra. She will teach him how to wake up his sexual energy, how to take it up his body, how to wake up every cell in his body. She will teach him how to let his heart have an orgasm, so that his heart is blown open to the whole world. She will teach him how to let his sexual energy explode through his crown chakra, so that he can feel that he is at one with everything. When your orgasmic energy goes through the crown of your head, you will know unmistakably that you are one with everything and everyone, that there is no separation. The beloved is everywhere. 2nd story: Somebody goes to the Dali Lama and asks him: “Don’t you miss having an orgasm because you don’t have sex?” The Dali Lama looks puzzled. He says: “My dear, I am having orgasms all the time!” DAN: You see I don’t think we have the luxury of time any more. We are no longer in the age when you could sit in a cave for 30 years and seek enlightenment at a snail’s pace. We don’t have that kind of time anymore. Things are accelerating on the planet, they are intensifying. Maybe you’ve noticed it. Something is happening. There was a time when there was only one Buddha walking the earth, one Jesus, one Moses, one Mohammed, one Krishna, one Lao Tsu. Today there are tens of thousands, maybe millions of Buddha’s on the planet! Something is happening. It’s getting easier to wake up. You could pass a Buddha on the street and not know it. You could sit on the side of a Buddha on the metro and not know it. You could live next door to a Buddha and not know it. And if you are not careful, you could be a Buddha and not know it! Time does not enter into the process of awakening. Time is not a factor. The ancient monks had the right idea. They pulled themselves out of the world because no one around them wanted to wake up. They put themselves in a place where everyone around them wanted to wake up, and so it was easier. But then they practiced these rituals and then they developed an identity linked to these rituals, and so their practice at some point became the obstacle to the very thing they wanted to achieve. And this is true of everything. Something that is meant to help us can actually get in the way. And something that the priests and politicians say is bad and will hurt us can actually set us free. If you are ready, whatever you do will work. The next book you read, the next teacher you meet, the next technique you practice, will bring your liberation. It has nothing to do with the book, the technique or the teacher. Well, it has something to do with that. But the real thing, the thing that matters most, is your readiness. One breath is enough if you are truly, genuinely, and totally ready. You breathe ten to twenty thousand breaths per day. That’s ten to twenty thousand invitations, ten to twenty thousand opportunities. How many of those breaths do you use? How many do you take advantage of? How many do you put toward your liberation? Become conscious of your breath right now. Feel it, watch it, listen to it. Be with it moment to moment, totally. Disappear into that moment when the in-breath and the-out breath touch, when they come together. Becoming free might be a lot easier than we have been led to believe. A good friend of mine, Leonard Orr who invented rebirthing, once said: “Most religions make it so hard to get to heaven, that even God couldn’t make it!” More and more people are waking up. The vibrations on this planet, the energy of the planet itself is getting higher, and this is lifting people up. And the energies in people are getting higher, and this raises the vibrations of the planet. Everything is coming together, creating a great acceleration. SHAKTI: And we don’t have time to waste anymore. For many thousands of years we walked around with clubs—cavemen with big sticks. We killed animals with big sticks and we ate the meat. Everything was about survival. Then we discovered each other… that if we do things together, we are safer. We learned that we could plant seeds and grow our own fields. Men thought that women were divine. They sensed that God, the Source, was a woman (because women gave birth). Men did not realize that they had anything to do with it. (Men did not connect sex with babies, they didn’t have a clue.) So in those years, God was seen as being a woman. And the priests/priestess were women. Men would pay to have sex with the priestess in the temple, because they understood that through entering the priestess they could have direct access to the Goddess. They understood that women’s sexuality was the gateway to the Divine. But then the world changed. About five thousand years ago was the beginning of patriarchy. That was the time men took over, and they made a new story. The symbol of the Goddess which was the snake became the symbol of the Devil. They say that Eve ate the apple, and because she bit the apple, everyone got thrown out of the Garden of Eden. So it is because of woman’s desire that everybody got thrown out of paradise. We created a split between the sacred and the sexual form. Either you are a virgin or you are a whore. A split we still struggle with that today. The world has lost the beauty and the power of the feminine. It is time for woman to reclaim their beauty and their sacredness. It is time for us to accept again that our sexuality is a gateway to the divine. I know that men want to love and worship the feminine… that men want to love and adore women. They are waiting for women… for us to be willing to accept ourselves, and to celebrate our own sexuality. When a man enters a woman and she deeply opens to her own divinity, she can take him into the deepest mystery. And that is what all men are waiting for. So that the time we are living in now, is a time when the masculine and the feminine have to marry inside of us. It is the time of deep merging of the masculine and the feminine. It is the age of the waking up of the heart. Patriarchy is over, the old structures are not working any more. We have to live in the way of the heart, and to get there we have to connect with our desire and our devotion to the divine, that lives in all of us. [A question from audience about the loss of sexual power, energy, about menopause] SHAKTI: There comes a time in a woman’s life when she stops menstruating it is called menopause. I have worked with many women who are menopausal. Many of those women have lived most of their sexual lives suppressed. In fact for many women, the only sex they have ever had has been to please a man, doing what the man needs. Many women have not discovered the real pleasure of sex. Many women are not in touch with their own bodies. So in my work, I teach women how to connect with their pleasure again. Just through the breath, just through relaxing, just from starting to feel from the inside out. And I see women who are menopausal or older becoming orgasmic. Even without touching themselves, even without touching anybody else. They become exquisitely beautiful because they are opening to their own energy. DAN: This Buddha nature we are talking about is within us. Everyone is carrying it. When we begin to recognize our own Buddha nature, we begin to notice it in other people. It’s like looking at water. You can look at the surface and see your reflection or you can look through and see the fish swimming underneath by adjusting your focus. And then we have these photographs now that everyone has seen where you look at it, it’s a bunch of chaotic patterns, but if you do something with your eyes there is an image there. So something happens in us. You are looking at the ugliness, the pain and suffering of the world, and then suddenly something happens, suddenly… this amazing beauty is right there, right here. Or you are looking inside at your own confusion, and your problems and your emotions and your negative thoughts. And then suddenly the real nature of those things is seen, something happens. If you try and strain to make it happen it gets further away. So it is interesting. We have this paradox. We have this yearning, this longing to wake up. It’s like being so thirsty. It makes us look and seek and try and work. It’s like trying to remember where you put your glasses, then you stop trying and ah hah! They are right here! So there is something about opening up and simply letting go. We can use the breath to do that, we can use each other to do that. And we can use this beautiful play of male and female energies to do that, and in the process of playing something happens. Question from the audience: “how to use the breath to wake up?” DAN: You combine breathing with thought, sound, visualization, movement. You can develop a conscious relationship to the basic elements of life: earth, air, water, fire, space. You use the breath to embody the essence of those elements. We play with a couple of basic things. You know the philosophy, the stories. We are in a bookstore here, surrounded by answers. But how do you translate information into a real, actual experience. Every system offers a different approach. For every idea or method there is an opposite idea or method. So if we draw from our own nature, if we take from what we are naturally given to enjoy, and begin to work with that, things become simple… For example, a simple sigh of relief. When you let go of the breath, you can let go of many other things. And when you pull in air, you not only pull in air, you pull in energy. Every breath can be a prayer; every breath is a blessing. When you let go of the breath, you can let go of whatever is holding you back. If you practice letting go of the breath, you develop the ability to let go of many other things. And if you can let go completely, just for a moment, then everything opens up to us. If you cannot let go of the breath, don’t be surprised if you cannot let go of pain. If you cannot let go of your breath, don’t be surprised if you cannot let go of fear, or negative thoughts that bother you, or habits or behaviors that are not serving you. If you learn to let go of the breath quickly and completely, then you can build on that skill. There is tremendous organic pleasure in a sigh of relief. If you focus on it, you can generate joy. [Dan demonstrates a big soothing, pleasurable “coming home breath”] Is it possible to be in pain and breathe like this? Have you ever seen anyone who is in pain breathe like this? No. It’s impossible—unless you really practice! Can you be afraid, can you be frozen in fear and breathe like this? [again demonstrating another coming home breath] You cannot. Notice that whenever you are in pain and the pain goes away, you breathe like that… something happens to the breath. You don’t think about it, you don’t make it happen. It’s not a technique: it is a natural reflex. When you move from one state to another state, from pain to no pain, that breath happens by itself. The same thing happens when you are afraid and then the fear goes away: that breath happens. That’s not an accident of nature. That breathing response is hard-wired into us. If you practice that breath consciously, you prompt the system to moving from one state to another. And the fact is you now have pain. Just because you are not conscious of it, does not mean that it’s not there. And you carry fear. Just because you do not feel fear in this moment, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And so what we have discovered is, if you make this breath a habit of your system; expanding, opening, letting go, relaxing. If we make it a habit of our system, so that it happens automatically, something amazing happens. It’s like making music. If you have to think about where to put your fingers on the piano, you might be able to make it through a little song, but you really can’t make music. It has to be automatic. It has to just flow from you unconsciously. Then you make real music! So in the beginning you practice certain things, you develop the skill. With deep practice it becomes second nature, an unconscious ability. Then real music happens! So it is with this sigh of relief, this coming home breath. Do the math. We have been practicing math at my seminars. If you breathe 20,000 times a day and you make use of just 1/10th of 1% of those breaths… Any math professors here? How many conscious breaths is that? 200? If you make use of just 200 breaths per day for 5 days and don’t begin to wake up to your Buddha nature, I’d be shocked! You must be avoiding it! 200 conscious breaths each day. That’s an easy way to begin. Focus on your heart as you open and expand and let go. If you do that 200 times a day for one week, and your life does not begin to change, I won’t believe it. If afterward you say: “I tried breathing 200 times a day for one week, each time consciously focusing on my heart and generating love, and nothing happened.” I would have to say: “You are lying. You could not have practiced it.” It’s not possible, because with every one of those intentional breaths, you are waking up and you are falling into your nature. You can only walk a path so many times before the path becomes a big wide highway. Soon, the heart connection is open all the time. And it hurts to close it, so you have no interest in closing it. Just the opposite: more and more, every breath becomes orgasmic! But you actually have to do it. It’s not a philosophy, it is a practice. That’s what I love about Shakti, she doesn’t let people live in their heads, she makes people breathe and move and feel into their heart and body. So please don’t come to the training if you don’t want to wake up, if you don’t want to actually practice. Just read another book. Put more information in your head. Satisfy your mind. SHAKTI: I want to respond to your question about fire. The element of fire is interesting, because you can use the element of fire to wake up. You can use the heart fire of sexual energy to wake up your sexual identity. It’s like this. Breathe like this: [Shakti models the fire breath, then Dan models it, then he invites others to practice it.] Encouraging people to make pleasurable sounds on the exhale, breathing out thru the mouth. Breathing in thru the nose… hold your breath… Do you feel the heat? Let go. Feel the warmth. [Demonstrating a natural body movement with the breath] Do you recognize this movement? No wonder making love feels so good! SHAKTI: If you do this movement all the time when you are making love, the man will ejaculate. It is too exciting. It is too stimulating- the man gets too hot. His sexual energy gets too hot. He gets too excited, so he ejaculates. And that’s the end.[Dan mimics going right to sleep after sex, snoring]. Now the woman has just started making love (because we can go for a long time) so we get frustrated. We start thinking sex is not about our pleasure. But it is possible for the man to learn how to ride the wave of his sexual energy. In the beginning you can build up the heat, but when the man gets very aroused he has to notice before it is too late, and slow down, hold the beloved closer, and breathe deeply. He can still be in penetration, but now we are going into the deep rhythm of the body. We are letting the heat ripple through the whole body. And that quality I call the “Rippling Blue Flame.” Have you ever see pictures of Indian Gods, like Krishna or Shiva? Have you noticed that they are often portrayed as blue? I think it is because they understand the secret of sex. I think it is because those gods understand the secret of sex. I think they understand that if you keep holding your sexual energy, if you don’t throw it off… what happens is the fire starts rippling over your skin. Every part of your body gets set alive. It gets set on fire. But it is a cool fire. It is a fire that can go on and on. If you have a lot of wood and you make a big bonfire, you light the match, you light the fire, you burn up all the wood. 5 minute, 10 minutes, 11minutes. How long do people make love? 11 minutes tops. Then the man ejaculates and it’s all over. But another way is to build a small fire, to build up the heat slowly. When it gets too hot, you slow down. You add one log at a time. You go deeper, you go slower. You recycle the breath with your partner. You let the fire spread through your whole body. You feel it rippling through your skin. That is how you build the fire. When the man is ready, you can build a hot fire again, then you can go fast again, then when it gets too hot you slow down, you ride the wave. Then you build the sexual energy, till just before it gets too hot… then you ride it again, then you build it again, then you ride it again, that’s why you can go on forever. The first time I experienced this was with my teacher, the orgasm went on for the whole weekend. Then it only stopped because I had to go home. So in Tantra, the only question we ask is how much bliss can you stand? Can you cope with more pleasure, or do you have to throw it off by having an ejaculation? Can you open to more pleasure? Can you keep building the bliss? DAN: You see, at some point the body cannot tell the difference between intense pain and intense pleasure. It’s the same: intense. All the body knows is that it is too intense. So when you approach your limit to pleasure, your system reacts the same way as it does to pain. The muscles get tense, you hold your breath, and you try to escape and withdraw from the intensity. So you have to train your body to relax into intensity. Pain is not the problem. Everybody is very good at tolerating pain. And I think the Russians hold the world record! No doubt! So pleasure is the real problem. You can watch your body react as you approach ecstasy. If you haven’t practiced breathing and relaxing into intensity, it isn’t going to be fun. That’s why I love Shakti, she helps people gently open to the ecstasy that is already within us. [Question from audience about having children] SHAKTI: What happens when you wake up is that your personal world and the divine world become one. You have no personal desire, but the desire of existence moves through you. So if it is meant to be that you will have children, you will. DAN: And when you are free, you do things consciously, not because it is an unconscious program. I know two awakened people who recently had a child, Ivonne and Toby. They had a child. His name is Iam (“I am”). And he chose them. [Question about breathing through the mouth] SHAKTI: I teach breathing through the mouth: “ahhh…” It is relaxing, breathing through the mouth is good for dropping control. There is too much control, so I teach breathing through the mouth- especially good for women- relaxing. DAN: Do what feels good, then practice the opposite until it also feels good. Breathe the energy of the moment. When you see or hear or feel something, breathe it in, connect to the energy of it with the breath. [Question about using sacred geometry in tantra] SHAKTI: The master of the practices would go into deep meditation and the energy of the practice would run through his body. Students would write down what they see, then they would make calculations and draw diagrams. They would develop a system based upon what they saw happening in the master. Then it became all about the system. They forgot that the master did it naturally. All you have to do is get everything out of the way of the natural. It is natural for your body to want to wake up. It is natural for your body to be orgasmic. All you have to do is get out of the way, let your ego get out of the way. Be with people who experience this. 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