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My 20 Things list...

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posted by alias Unicornmine on Sunday 27th of May 2012 08:13:30 PM

1. I am 39 years old. When I was 18 I didn't appreciate how attractive I was, but now I feel beautiful, even though I'm still 15 lbs heavier I was back then! 2. I weigh 159 lbs today. I thought I'd never break the 160s! lol... Almost one year ago, I weighed 250lbs, and well, I can't believe how much better I feel in general! 3. I am very shy and private, but like my daughter, once I get to know you all bets are off, i'm inappropriate, and sometimes do things to embarrass those around me... I'll sometimes say something think nothing of it until I go over the things I did in my mind at night and think, uh oh, did I hurt their feelings or was I too in appropriate??? lol... 4. I recently started getting my house cleaned by someone and I dont' think our house has ever been happier either! 5. Cole just turned 8 and Celeste turned 5 and both are little bundles of energy and it has been so much fun trying to keep up with them... 6. My daughter and son are starting a tutoring problem to learn the 44 rules of the english language, and hopefully, my son will be a better reader than he is now. He's been floundering a bit with reading and attention span... Hopefully this is the year it all comes together for him. Cel will be working with her own tutor as well, but it is more so that she doesn't learn the bad habits that he did... (Learning to read is taught by memorizing 'sight' words in our school district, and phonetical reading is falling by the wayside... unfortunately, Cole hasn't learned why words sound the way they do and isn't carrying that skill into breaking down words so that he sees the word from the first letter to the last letter... his mind makes him substitute for a word that looks similar.. I've been terribly worried about this with him for a while... Ahhh, it's a summer of hard work for both kids unfortunately but maybe next summer will be easier for it... 7. My brother was on Deal or No Deal, the first season... It was crazily awesome, and I was almost on the stage with him, but they wanted me to give them a reason why I should go and my mom shouldn't, and of course, I wasnt' going to make my mom miss out on that great an opportunity... It was sort of weird to be competing with her for the spot on the stage... lol... (not my thing anyway!) 8. I am a city girl, BUT, I can go fishing and dig for nightcrawlers with the best of them! lol... I love fishing, but hate catching catfish, because of the crying sound they make... They make me feel sad like they're calling to friends and asking for help... My grampa would sometimes kill them so we could eat them and the sounds they'd make would make me cry and cry... :( 9. When I was a child my family own a farm, with ducks, chickens and horses and even pigs and one cow... We moved to Chicago when I was 3 and it took my family quite a bit of adjusting to get sorted out... I still miss the life I should have had if my father hadn't gone all loopy and wanted to sell everything... But I did enjoy having family closeby as a result of moving to Chicago, my baby cousins were so much fun to play with... 10. I don't get how judgmental vegans, vegetarians, whatever the hell people call themselves are... Diet is a very private and personal thing to me... Why judge?? lol... So many labels, Get over yourselves, life is too short! 11. I have a cat that I adopted 2 years ago that is such a part of my family and life, he's like a 3rd child to me... I really hope he lives to be old, because I adore him. 12. Bacon is one of those things that I hate... My husband was taking some food from my plate and gave me his fork instead of handing me back mine... it had bacon on it and I feel ralphy just thinking about it... :P 13. Every part of my life has had some sort of doll in it, from the time I was VERY young to today, they're a part of my childhood that I'll never give up on... 14. I had a cat named Tippy that was my best friend from the time I was 3 living on the farm to when I was 20. She was the air that I breathed, I didn't have very many friends and well, when she died, a part of me died that I never thought I'd get back... It is crazy, I know but she was my soul mate. 15. My family still all lives in Chicago, within 4 blocks of each other, my mom and uncles and cousins, all still there... I'm a transplant to the suburbs of Chicago, and I'd never go back there... 16. Ok, this is a biggie.... I haven't spoken with my dad for 12+ years... Am not exactly sure why he cut me out of his life, but he did... He recently sent some random gifts to my kids, and it's just a bit odd... I'm not mad, just sort of confused by the whole thing... He threw me away, and missed the best 12 years of my life and it's not my fault, it's his fault, and for me to call him up and just act like it's ok for him to miss such a big chunk of my life would make me phony, which, I'm not... 17. My dad is a bible believing fundamentalist... That said, I do have a great relationship with God, I feel, He's in absolutely every facet of my life, I feel his hand on my heart when it hurts or when I can't do more about the problems we face. 18. As I said, my Dad went a bit loopy and believes that the rapture will happen in September (every september that I had growing up). I can't begin to express how It was absolutely terrifying for me it was to think that all of my friends and a lot of my family wouldn't be joining us because they were not believers... I adored my family and when It was supposed to happen, I'd just sit in my bed and quake with fear that my life might be drastically different the next day... I try not to judge my dad too harshly, I think that there's something really wrong with him mentally... Unfortunately, a part of me will always love and miss him... 19. I have been gardening my heart out this year... (with a little more of the freedom I'm given by having someone come here and help clean inside the house.) lol.. It's been so much fun to put flowers together and learn what I'm doing... lol... I was head to toe mud the other day but so happy to have the ability to do what I was doing in my garden... :D 20. I make skinny scalps for Blythe dolls. I love what I do, what I've created and I'm amazed at the love I feel for those that I've never met but have been so wonderful to me and allow me to ply a trade that i'd NEVER in a million years say I would be doing 5 years ago! lol.. Thank you for bearing with me, and granting me audience, I can only hope that I've not bored you to the point that you've slipped into a coma! ;D

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