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posted by Nathan John Price alias Nathan John Price Photography on Wednesday 15th of March 2017 09:04:10 PM

Chapter Two- For some strange reason the inside of my stomach began to churn, I have seen far too much for one night. But for some strange reason I feel as if this nightmare hasn't ended… the note overtook my whole imagination… that I forgot to even look around my room.. “Ekkk” This room is disgusting, not in the way of mess or clutter. But more in the Shakespearean relationship mess…. good lord… the room is just horrid looking, the red color of the wall paper paints a vivid picture of little to no resistance prior, this boat must of been new. Well I could've seen that from the ticket now couldn't I? Still nonetheless this room was fearsome…. I think it's worse that this new boat seems to carry nothing but disappointment in each nook and cranny! My disappointment might be the result of such horrid sightings, I don't know all it caused was more adrenaline, and adrenaline has made me distracted. Maybe that's the reason behind all of the scepticism…. I don't know though, this place is pretty fucking gross… “Dear lord what in the bloody hell is that?” A purple mist began to emit underneath the door… a strange fog of sorts, one that reminds me of the frosty fog from that horrid nosferatu movie…. The smell, there isn't any? Why isn't there a faint smell of gas or anything? Quite strange I do think indeed… I shall press to the door and see what the matter is indeed…. I open the door just a little bit and the fog doesn't seem to be higher than foot level… “Hello? Anybody out there? What is this….. gas?” “Oh nothing is of the matter Sir.Morrow, in fact everything is going quite perfectly… I would say so myself, wouldn't you?” A ghostly hand appeared out of the smoky halls, I have no intentions of seeing what the hell that is… I shut the door as quick as possible… “My boy…. I am nothing more than a old friend! Don't you recognize my voice? Open this door and I shall do no harm…” said in a muffled undertone “Please sir leave-----leave-----leave-----l...l...l” What's happening to me, my blood it feels as if it's boiling…. “Don't you see Jonathan?” “Please somebody help! Get me off this fucking boat….” “Oh now johnathan why would you leave now? Were just getting started my good friend….” A ghostly breath grazed across my neck, a cold breeze that matches the cold winds of antarctica…. My body shall refuse to turn around to this horrid nightmare… “Turn around now jonathan….” “No no…. I refuse, leave me alone please…” “Johnathan turn around now!!!!!” grabbing me with harsh force “No!!!!!!” My eyes begin to open…. “What? Wait i don't understand..” I'm in my lonesome bed…. One that showed horrid signs of a extreme struggle against an unknown force… “Sir?” A questioning voice appeared outside my cabinet door…. “Who's there, i'm done playing games with you fools….” A young face appeared outside the doorway, it was a young boy who appeared to have experienced some kind of fright this night as well… “I'm sorry to bother sir, i heard some screaming coming from your room, and i do worry for the safety of others at all times, was my caution warranted sir? “No boy, i'm sorry, do you have the time by chance? Its seems as if i dozed off and lost the track of all time and space.” “Oh, well of course. I got my watch on me at all times, for such occasions like this, my father always told me “Hedo don't forget that damned watch of yours, when you meet a finer folk you could serve a purpose in showing them the time.” What a dark phrase to teach such a fragile soul, it's a shame to see a poverty stricken boy who is also stricken by the abusiveness that is ignorance within the household. The young boy sticked out his watch as if it was some kind of obligation of his duties to serve the richer kind, it's hard to believe that this boy sees me as the richer kind. Makes me truly wonder what level of poverty does this boy ascend from? This is not of matter i assume, my mind is racing and this over analyzation can bring ease to me. A strange form of release from the realistic situations, by focusing on the trivial. Nonetheless this boy wore his watch with pride, a honorable trait for certain, but the watch already screamed a horrid story, the wrist it bears upon is bruised and battered, one that had been grabbed forcely. And broken out of might. Cuts show the horrid past of the boys depression, one that points to the horrid relationship he has with the watch, i could tell that this watch wasn't a audity to this boy, more or less a curse. As i scanned the time over and over again, i decided to scan the second arm of his body, strangely enough the second arm painted no picture of abuse. It had the clear pale skin of a ignorant newborn. No marks, and or blemishes, truly remarkable. “Its half past noon?” “Well yes sir, i figured you knew the time due to my luxurious resting clothes! Didn't you notice the remarkable knitting job that these merchants did on these parcels of cotton?” I did not, a cheap purchase of clothes appeared to be what these clothes has possed. I wouldn't be caught wearing these clothes ever in my life, but truly it is admirable that he's so positive about such a materialistic item, this boy had something going on, but his blue ocean essec eyes didn't tell a tale of any sort.. “Truly remarkable son….” “Well thank you sir, you know these only costed…” i cut him off… “I'm sorry boy, this chat i would love to continue after daylight strikes, but for now my attention is pointed to the boat, did we sail off yet son?” “Well of course we have sir, i wouldn't just be wearing my celebratory resting clothes for no reason…” “Fuck!!!!” “Oh my sir, language like that is not appreciated by god, or it is? I'm not to sure to be honest, i am a boy of the bible but----” “Listen,something twisted is going on here boy, and you seem like the most honest kid here…. Do be honest with me are you with those horrid people?” “People? Sir to be honest i have no idea who these “horrid people” you describe are, i have met nothing but pleasant people on this voyage, i mean they even gave me a free ticket for my brother george…” “Wait what was that?” “A free ticket sir, isn't that just delightful of them?” “Yeah yeah, it's as nice as jesus…. But why would your brother need to join your voyage to peru?” “Oh it wasn't as if my choice sir, they approached me they day after my ticketing purchase…. They saw my little brother and insisted that i buy him a ticket as well, they claimed that “i wouldn't want to be alone on my voyage on my journey now would i?” and oh boy were they right? Have george along the journey has been nothing but pleasant, but i told them the money they asked for i did not possess. But they just nodded there beautiful suits and said “not of the matter my boy, your brother can come on for free, on the house….” isn't that just the sweetest thing you have ever heard sir?” “Quite…” “Sir? Something seems of matter. I'm sorry if my glorified story was of a offence to you, it's just me and gregory don't get much, and when we get the opportunity to succeed we have to jump upon it, you surely understand sir, with your dress clothes the style of luxury, truly so inspirational.” “Please my boy, don't focus on my clothes, they are not of matter of the person i am, i was were you were young man, there's no need to tell me sad tales for i have lived them, i truly do feel for you, but for the moment we are in dire need of some assistance off this boat, as i have said before i have a horrid feeling about every event that has occurred so far.” “I'm sorry to ask sir, but what events have caused this panic? I have found nothing but delight upon this boat!” “I saw a boy on the ball room floor covered in his mother's own horrid blood, the crimson color filled his shirt as if he was swimming in it, i nearly vomited my boy. I found a letter with the horrid smell of blood as well, and a picture of my wife scended out of the note, if you don't consider that to be strange, then i don't know what dictionary you're parents gave you as a young boy…” “We weren't given dictionaries in our sector, well atleast thats was father told us. And uhm sir i don't know how to place this but there is no children and or fam----” “Don't fucking say to me that there is no children staying residence on the ballroom floor, i saw a young boy…. And the bloodied corpse of mother….” “I'm sorry sir…. Please don't say those horrid words to me, george may hear you and his ears are of virgin quality…” “I'm sorry son, i'm not mad at you.. These events they have all occurred so fast as if it's one giant blur, the sky has morphed within this boat and clouded my vision to the sorts of seeing a dead mother, but i promise you boy that what i saw wasn't fake….” “I believe you sir….” said with hesitatince “You don't believe me do you?????” “Well here, here, here now take it look within this devilish note…” “Alright sir….” he opened the letter softly “Sir….” said with confusion “See i told you boy, the strange events are not of fiction-----” He then showed me the letter from my wife that i recieved weeks ago, from the mailing system…. “Wait no….. no , no, it's not possible….” “Sir it's nothing more than what i assume to be a loving note from your wife….. How sweet!!!” I then grabbed the paper forced out of his hands and began to crumple it underneath the pressure of my hands “Fuck… fuck… mother fucker!!!!!!” “Sir please do calm down theres children on this boat….” “Get out…..” “What sir?!” said with an anxious laugh “Get out i said…. Now…” “I'm sorry sir, please do have a nice night….” He then preceded to leave quietly… I looked out the window, nothing but blue horrid oceans, the ocean never seemed so gray to me. These waters already seemed dull to me, boring, but that view has changed. I see the waves crashing higher than ever before, as if each current that hit this boat was one that could tip the boat farther and farther into the abyss. That boy, so strange, was he even real? How did he get into my room if i didn't leave it unlocked? Or did i? I feel as if i'm losing my mind every second i am on this boat, i need to get off this damned vassel. I opened the door and ran to the elevator once again, the same critical thoughts came to my mind of the boring color scheme that was this vessel… i reached the front office in due time, surprisingly enough there was a man waiting on me right when i enter his proximity. “Well hello Mister.Morrow! Grotesque weather isn't? I hope it hasn't kept you up the night?” “Cut the bullshit, what's going on here?” “I know that you're from a different country now sir, but in america we say “hello” before we make such blant conclusions..” “Conclusions? You know what fuck it, just get me off this boat, i rather take the u.s continental….” They began to laugh.. “What in the hell is so funny?” “Have you taken a look out there mister? Were in the middle of the Atlantic, there's no turning back for a angried costumer…” “Fuck….” “Please do excuse my language now mister morrow…” “Oh fuck off, you and your fellow crew mates have done nothing but terrorize me this first day, you can piss off with your politeness, i saw a mother die underneath your watch. I have no need to watch my language..” “A mother?” he said laughing “On what floor shall this death have occurred on sir…” “The ballroom floor….” “The ballroom floor? There isn't even a fam---” “Oh for fucks sake” I turned my back to a group of families waiting to find their rooms from the front desk… they were staring at me as if i was a foreign being…. “You sir shall get your life in check if you speak that way in front of children like that so easily…” said a angried mother “I'm not surprised by some dirty dago…” said the husband “Oh fuck off….” “What did you say to me spic?” “I said fuck off….” “You know i ought to kick your ass right here boy, this isn't your country you know, no one gives a fuck about you here.” “Go ahead….. What are you going to do kill me? Then fucking do it?” No response came back… “We are stuck on this boat together you pathetic excuse of a human being, so you can stare at me strangely all you want, for you can't arrest me now can you? So until we land this monster, you can piss right off…” He then proceeded to spit in my face…. But i didn't have time to deal with scoundrels… “Oh and by the way chum, were in the middle of the atlantic out of the united states border, i swear all you americans are more idiotic than the rest of this world…” My mind began spinning, the interior of the vessel begin to mix colors over and over again. The shirelles reminded me of…. “No….” It couldn't be….. I began running back to my room at a faster pace with each and every heavy step, it was as if each step was a faster motion, but no result. I began to feel the weak feeling one gets from stress… my knees there giving out with every step, but i'm so close to the door….. “Emph….. No they…. They couldn't have…..” I opened the door to my cabin and began ruffling through my items, it felt like minutes… but the clock differed, hours passed like ashes in the wind. “No……” My drink, i didn't even think of it to be a note but….. “Didn't you miss it old chap? That sweet release? That delicate feeling in every bone making them feel oh so brittle…” “No… your not real, it's just….. It's just my mind playing tricks upon me….” The voice was so similar, so distant but yet so close, so warm. So inviting…. It couldn't be who i think it is, but i don't dare to turn my shoulder. The truth behind me wasn't enough conviction for me to turn my shoulder… “Look at me Jonathan…..” “No…. your…. Dead…. Your not fucking here…” “Well you will never know that if you don't turn around now will you?” “It me Johnathan, there's no need to fear anything more…” He grabbed my shoulder and turned me around, my eyes didn't fool me it….. It truly was him…. “Randy…” “Yes johnny it's me, there's no need to fear now. You're with me, nothing to fear my brother…” “I missed you so goddamn much you son of bitch.” “Me to brother….” “But…..” “But what johnny? Why question what this is?” “Because randy it doesn't make any sense, you were buried seven years ago….. I was the one who carried your body…. You should be in that awful brown coffin…” “Well i'm not, disappointed?” he said with that grin that brought ecstasy to my emotions. “A little….” “Harsh brother harsh…” he said laughing “So how does this work? I don't understand you died, i layed by your body….. While you….” “Listen brother we don't have much time left together, let's not focus on the falsehood of my being here, understand?” “Yes brother….. Of course.” “Good, now good lord you look like shit, pour me a drink and pour yourself some….. Actually don't pour yourself anything you appear to be going too hard upon the liquor.” “Didn't mother tell you not to drink with such passion brother?” he said while laughing “Really you're going to give me grief about abuse of substance? Do we need to discuss where i found you?” “Touche brother touche….” “so ….. The drink?” “The drink indeed is what is probably causing this conversation, or i'm a ghost haunting you right now…..” “Really?” “No you fucking idiot. There's no such things as ghost.” “So what are you then brother?” “Well besides offended by your question?” “You know what i mean.” “Probably a figment of your imagination truthfully, and if i'm correct, this boat is disgusting? Right?” “Yes how did you know that?” “Well i could look at these walls and make that assumption, or it's all you ever fucking think about, like good lord johnny do you ever think about the women on this boat. I have seen some fine women for you.” “Randy i'm married…” sticking out my ring “You're not married to only looking at your wife am i right?” winking at me “Your a piece of shit you know that right?” “Well of course chap, it runs in the family…” he said laughing “So what was in the drink? Could i get like brain damage?” “Really?” he said confused “What?!” “You have done worse brother, and this is the one you worry for? Jesus christ brother it was probably some hallucination, or some of that fairy shit. We used to do this as the pre to the true ball which was the delicate….” “Listen brother, i rather not focus on the past, i don't do those things anymore… well not knowingly.” i stuck out my ring showing that my wife has changed me “Hmph, you know that doesn't mean anything….. Remember Georgia?” “Brother you know we all thought she was wrong for you…” “She was everything to me…..” “Brother i'm sorry, but she's the reason your here and-----” “Don't speak ill of Georgia johnny…. The only person at fault here is me…..” “Shit…..” he said “What is it brother?” “Listen brother there coming, so i'm going to need you to wake up now…. Alright?” “Wake up? What is your speaking of? I'm completely wide awake…..” “Brother, don't be stubborn they're coming alright? Just listen to my voice and wake up…..” “Wake up!!!!!” “Sir wake up!!!!!” And suddenly my eyes burst open, by my side the drink….. Empty… “Its twelve in the afternoon and everyone is expecting you in the ballroom” muffled outside the door “Alright i will be right out….” Who the fuck spiked my drink? Who is to care….. I just wish it didn't end for some damned ballroom announcement….. “Wait why do the need me?” End Of Chapter Two...

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