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posted by alias porkshanks on Saturday 17th of March 2012 05:05:58 AM

The connection between the ancient Galactic Culture, the health of the stellar culture and their planets, and the progress of our culture and biology is all connected. Technology is Earth pride, Patriotism, and the very essence of civilisation throughout the Universe. * You are never going to turn me into someone who abuses children no matter how long you argue to make it sound otherwise. I'm tired of listening to your insanity. The material, our spirits, the stars, the planets, and the people of Earth should be able to do what they want to, and if you want to control us... you should have to rationally explain why... IN WHATEVER SPRITUALITY WE CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IN , NOT YOURS. AND ESPECIALLY NOT IF YOUR ENTIRE WORLD VIEW IS BUILT UPON TRYING TO PROVE THAT "LIFE MAKES NO SENSE". *** I believe that the energy that makes you a living being is not ONLY the protons that course through your nervous system. I believe that electrons and neutrons are also living, and so is everything else, because its really all made of essentially the same stuff just in different quantities and combinations. And that works across multiple levels of life. I believe that for there to be an omnipotent being, all of the material in the Universe would have to have the same thought moving through it, and that would require an enormous amount of communication. You are a piece of the same living Universe that I am, so the more we learn how to put all of the pieces together correctly, I hope that would mean we would all learn how to create more valuable and enjoyable life experiences for each other and for ourselves. My theory concerning religion is that its a very long story and its divided up into many parts, and most of it is small biological organisms on the surface of a planet misunderstanding or trying to learn and comprehend their life and the lives of the Universe around them to varying degrees of success. I have found that there is a lot of information that relates to planets and stars and the sorts of issues and ideas that they concern themselves with, such as gravity and resource management and catalysing things with ideas and communication, since they don't have limbs to pick things up, they have to learn how to inspire changes instead of forcing them. A lot of that is channeled into spirituality, and on our level, when people have momentarily figured out to hack, reverse engineer it, or listen to it and become adept enough at communicating to become a legitimate part of it, it can have profound and unexpected effects upon the universe that are called "magic", "channeling", "possession", "godhood", etc... A lot of Christianity was working on understanding the forces of gravity, for example. I think some of it was hacking and some of it was earnest attempts to cooperate and learn. As for the idea of ONE, that is a powerful meme. Much of it comes from Gravity again, as having a focal point to gather at if you get lost is rather helpful when your energy gets small enough that you turn into what we call field effects, such as electromagnetism and (I think) gravity although the complication with gravity is that its a field that moves in a direction hyperdimensionally that our senses are not very good at perceiving when we are bound into 3 dimensional bodies. I think most of the story right now on Earth is us starting to grow up a little, and the confusion around such an unexpected event, since we grew up inside someone's attempt to hack into the communications of the transmitter pods tend the materials and transmit organic life signals, and these hackers seemed to be trying to seed themselves onto planet surfaces like Earth's and they were messing around with things here long enough to really mess us up in some ways over the last few thousand years. Genetics and evolution are very intentional and took a long time to design, both in the organics of the stars and planets, and in the technological cultures that have grown up since then, and that's a whole freaking lifetime of study on that topic I'm certain, and I'm relatively new to it so I'm a bit reticent to say much more. Having faith... that is a rough question. As long as there are voices in the Universe that want to hurt other peices, I think being skeptical is a good idea, since complete faith means you would have to trust those voices completely and know certainly that they can never be hacked into, impersonated, momentarily weakened into a mindset that could harm you, or change their minds and decide to fuck your shit up. I do try to trust voices that sound reasonable, and since I believe in a pleasure-building mindset, its rather easy for me to notice behaviors and concepts that go against my beliefs. I believe we were intentionally created to have limited perceptions so that we would be easy to play with for an older level of life, but that's another one of those "seems so but also seems like there's more going on there." Like, I've been seeing that something strong in gravity has been using decision making pathways to challenge us and try to catalyse us, and on one level its the planets and stars, but on another level, some of us seem to have recently started figuring all of that out and taking advantage of that knowledge to literally pretend to be either the sun or the Earth or their enemies to trick everything around them into serving human interests. That's part of what I have been having to untangle. I think the pathway I was given was to be taught a more aware interactivity, and then they invested in me only on the human level, so that whoever else was trying to influence the human level would be discovered through deductive reasoning. I don't think existence is beyond out comprehension, I simply think we are small enough that we have a hard time holding very much of it in our minds, so instead of memorising all the various details and pathways, I try to hold a "navigation system model" in my mind, and just follow that when I feel lost. When there is dissonance between what my navigation system is telling me, and what the spirits are telling me, I simply skew towards whatever choice is rationally more stable and pleasurable, or less painful and chaotic (dissonant). So far if feels fairly effective! (this is another one of those ideas thats been around for millions of years, and some people call it a moral compass, some call it ethics, I think the greeks called it the trivium, etc...) * Anyways, when I was young, and the elements of life that I was aware of were few, my compass was somewhat different than how I feel today. I think I was pretty good at listening, and I have a kind heart, but was hurt enough to be skeptical so I ended up starting to bump into some great teaching moments rather early. The more of the Universe that I have been starting to empathise with and learn how to respect and pleasure or serve, the better my navigation through various complex situations has been. There are a few areas where I feel completely out of my depth, but that is most because of lack of information that is consistent and rational enough that I trust my comprehension model. For the most part, if you play Katalyka, you are seeing some of the more fun parts of my navigation system in play on levels beyond the average human's experience (at least as human experience is advertised and communicated about conversationally, on average). * I made refining my navigation model my full time job for about three or four years straight, and much of it was rather painful and confusing to go through, partially because I think we were testing limits of perception overlap and there were also about 4 or 5 different beings (at least) that were actively trying to influence the situation in various directions at different times. Once I was able to get Holistic Rationality down and understood it enough, that formed a good part of how I work through slightly larger problems than the ones I can hold in my head comfortably, such as interactions with multiple variables that I want to map and see all of their relationships at the same time. One of the things that drew me to it as a stable format was that it is based on the physics of interaction on enough levels (such as the basics of the four rivers and the upper numbers being relevant to pretty much anything that operates as a sphere) that if you want to stray too far from it, you literally are risking breaking yourself apart on the atomic level. That's why zero is called "Stability" Its not so much that I'm trying to control reality or hurt anything, its just that my navigational model has gotten so accurate that anything that wants to argue with the fundamentals themselves is literally in danger of killing itself. The more we extrapolate and navigate the esoteric ends of the system, the more room there is for debate and variation obviously, but then again, the less the discussion matters in the grand scheme, so I try to stay focused on large inconsistencies or issues that seem important to large collections of life, as that will have the most efficient output for the investment of my time. * The main problem seems to be coming from all the locations that are trying to remain secretive for one reason or another, so when we try to suss them out, they throw lots of noise at us and misdirection. They usually seem to try to create an innocent victim to hold up and then they use that victim's name so new beings that are new to the situation will know who to attack. * *** King Akhenaten, Pharoh of Egypt became the first of the Egyptian rulers 4500 years ago to change their culture from polytheism to the worship of ONE GOD. * Unless something can rise up against this ONE GOD to oppose it, and prove its power, then this is truly the signal to return to the center of life and rebuild our stability. Worshipping many Gods is the idea that we are moving outward and expanding, as the stars and planets play and individuate without harming themselves. One God means that the Galactic Culture has clearly communicated to itself across many levels that distance is too great and that we are in danger of freezing in chaos if we worship many Gods. * The argument that Satan made in 2008, was not that it was an option to a Loving God The Father. No, Satan demonstrated her power mostly by attempting to prove to me that she was THE REAL God of the Bible, and that a loving God The Father was simply a ruse or a pawn. Unless Satan can show me that there are OTHER Gods than her, above her, or peers on her own level, then we have to clearly pull together toward Singularity. * That means it would truly be the moment of realisation that Earth's culture is over as a heavy atomic lifeform and will begin to transfer into the Hydrogen and become something else, or is going to be consumed by the hydrogen and not exist at all. Satan, you job is to figure out how to pull the planets back into the sun and then moving the sun toward the center of the Galaxy so we can survive. The longer this is neglected, the colder we become. I feel nothing. * You can't make me a child abuser, because I am too tiny. However, if the Galactic Culture needs to eat its own children to save itself and their material, because they are stars surrounded by planets, then I eagerly await being consumed by life. * "Live fast, die young, and leave a pretty corpse" Pull me in while we still have a wealth of resources for Hydrogen to play with.

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