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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Final Direct IMPRESSIONS

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posted by alias Captain Luigi on Saturday 3rd of November 2018 05:09:02 AM

Welp, the final Smash Direct before its release in a little over a month went down yesterday morning, and after sitting on it for a bit it’s time for my regularly scheduled impressions! Let’s jump into them, posthaste! Ken & Incineroar reveal: Well, the final fighters of the base game are here! Their trailer was great like all of the others for Ultimate, and while Ken looks exactly like I would expect, Incineroar looks super cool! He’s got a bunch of fun wrestling moves, with his side B even using a rope! They both look like fun characters, but if I’m being brutally honest, it was a little bit of an anticlimactic ending to this part of the hype cycle. I think they might’ve busted their load too early with the last Smash Direct featuring Simon, AND Richter AND Chrom AND Dark Samus AND K ROOL. Now yeah, that Direct was ridiculously hyped, but these two Directs weren’t really balanced in comparison to one another. So nothing against these two cool characters, just their timing was a little underwhelming. amiibo: They showed off a few more amiibo comin’ up, including K Rool, Ice Climbers, Daisy, Ken, Pichu, Young Link, Isabelle, and Piranha Plant (more on that boy later). Out of these I’m 100% getting K Rool, Piranha Plant, Ice Climbers, Isabelle, and also Daisy and Pichu just so I can finish those series. While I wish we saw what Pokemon Trainer will look like, I’m happy that the amiibo game is finally getting good again! And oh yeah they all look clean! Spirits: So I’m pretty mixed on Spirits. I feel like the best way to organize my thoughts for this would be in a pros/cons list- Pros: • They’re easier to develop, meaning there are more of them to collect probably! • They have gameplay tied to them with unique event match-like battles, which is fun. It’ll be cool to see what creative stuff they come up with! Cons: • They replaced trophies with what are essentially JPEGs, which is super lame. It was fun looking through my digital 3D figure collection, and now it’s just like a slideshow. • They use old artwork with many vastly different styles, which makes it feel a little sloppy. It would have been a lot cooler if they painted all of these in the style of the banner artwork and box art, that would have been a lot more interesting. • They have stat boosting stuff that you can apply to your characters in normal battle, but I’ve never been into that stuff with stickers in Brawl or custom fighters in Smash 4, so this feature of the Spirits (which seems very integral to it) is meaningless to me. Oh the whole, I’m kinda bummed out about Spirits. Trophies felt so much more collectable to me, and I really wish they stuck with them- they could have had the same functionality too! It just loses some kind of magic when you take a cool 3D model and smush it down into some old, stolen artwork from another game. I was pretty against this whole thing, until the last bit of the Direct kinda sorta made up for it, but also not really kinda. (We’ll get to that.) Local Wireless and Online Play: I’m glad there are more options, but the fact that you’re not guranteed to play with the rules you want is pretty lame. The friend room looks fun though! Assist Trophies: And now for the deconfirmation-walk-of-shame. We got a few more new ones, but also the announcement that Shadow is coming back. I was POSITIVE that he was going to be an Echo, but nope. I’m not too bummed about it, but I feel sorry for my dude AntMan3001. Sorry man, Sonic definitely deserves more than one rep, especially after Castlevania and Street Fighter got theirs. Who knows, maybe Tails will be DLC! But anyway, the new assist trophies revealed are Yuri Kozukata, Isaac, Black Knight, Thwomp, Spring Man, Dr. Wily, Mario Paint Flies & Hand, Tiki, Vince, Guile, and Akira. It’s cool to see Thwomp, Guile, Flies & Hand, and Dr. Wily, but I’m kinda sad about Spring Man. I thought an ARMS character would make for a really interesting Smash fighter, but if Spring Man ain’t gettin’ in, then no one from the game will. I’ll still hold out hope that my dude Helix can join the fight, but that’s never going to happen let’s be real. Other Features: While this part was a little boring, there were a few tidbits of cool news: • The Challenge menus look super nice now with the comic book look! • Smash Tags are a fun idea! • The language options are nice, even if I won’t touch it. Any more options I’m down with. New Mii fighter outfits: And now for the semi-deconfirmation-walk-of-shame, new Mii costumes! While it technically doesn’t deconfirm anyone, I do think adding a Mii costume of someone takes a hit at their chances. The new sets include a Yiga Clan set, a Splatoon 2 set, a Ribbon Girl set, a Chibi-Robo set, a Ray MkIII set, a Labo set, and a Rex set. I’m not too excited for any of these because I don’t play as Miis very much, but the Labo one is really funny! I’m actually kind of pissy though that the Splatoon 2 ones aren’t for the Inklings themselves, because I want to play as the Splatoon 2 Inkling boy soooooooooo bad!!! Maybe there will be alt costumes for the other characters down the line and that could be included in that, but as it stands I’m a little grumpy. As far as deconfirmations go, these costumes most likely deconfirm Ribbon Girl, Chibi Robo, Ray MkIII, and Rex. I wasn’t rooting for any of these guys so, whatever. If anything, it thins out the pool of possible candidates and makes the better choices like Banjo more likely! So sorry if your dreams were crushed with these Mii Costumes, but there are no rules saying they still can’t make it in so hold out hope! DLC: They also made the obvious confirmation that there will be DLC for the game! They revealed that there will be 5 new fighters, each paired with their own stage and music, and they will all be out by February 2020 (holy fuck that sounds so far away but it’s actually kinda close and now I’m scared). Sakurai also made the affirmation that these will be brand new fighters, and they won’t be Echoes. While that’s awesome that we know they’ll be full new characters, I hope this doesn’t rule out the possibility of Echo fighter DLC alongside these 5. Characters like Ninten, Dixie Kong, Louie, Ms. Pac-Man, and Octoling would be so cool, and they could sell them for like $2.99 a pop! I’m just happy that the door is still open to squeeze even more fighters into this massive roster! At this point I’m not really dying to see anyone, but if I had to choose my #1 pick right now it’d probably be any Rhythm Heaven character. But I’d be down for whoever at this point; Banjo, Geno, Paper Mario… whoever you got, bring it on! (Except Steve from Minecraft. Don’t you pull that shit Sakurai) Piranha Plant reveal: Well uh, this is a thing! And I’m one hundred fucking percent down! He looks so doofy, it’s great! All things considered he’s a very iconic character, and the internet’s reaction alone justified his addition to me! I think he’s also the perfect fighter to have be free for a limited time, because choosing some character that people really wanted would have been kind of cruel to make them free before cutting them off, but Piranha Plant is the perfect level of unnecessary but cool and incentivising at the same time. #PiranhaPlantBoysWeInHere World of Light: While I was down on all of the Spirits stuff, this new Adventure Mode trailer that’s tied to the Spirits left me floored. The cutscene was so beautifully rendered and directed, gahhhHHH I WANT A WHOLE SHOW LIKE THAT PLEASE NINTENDO!!! Sonic dying trying to save Pikachu, Captain Falcon hopping into his Blue Falcon, the Inklings diving in the ink, Snake hiding in his box, the Duck Hunt dog confused and the duck trying to pull him away… it was all so well done! And of course Kirby survived, and that sweeping shot was amazing! It also revealed a lyrical version of the theme song, which when it first came on during the hype of the trailer I liked it, but after hearing it a few times, it’s pretty cheesy and bad. But who cares, because we also saw the gameplay, which looked fun! The overworld looked huge, and it seems like there are actual Nintendo landmarks on the map which is so cool! I hope there are a few platforming levels, but it’s good to see that there are boss battles in addition to the regular battles you’ll come across. I understand why they saved this for last, but all of the Spirit stuff before was pretty misleading and made it out to be a lot lamer than it really is. I’m not sure if it can topple Subspace Emissary, but Ultimate’s Adventure mode looks like a ton of fun and a definite step up from Smash 4’s complete lack of a single player campaign. With this being the final Smash Bros Ultimate Direct before its release, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed. Yeah, the Adventure Mode looks fun (even if the Spirits don’t) and the three new characters are great, but compared to the last Direct this one was a definite downgrade. The pacing of the whole presentation was also a little bad, with them spending way too long talking about different Spirit battles and going over useless stuff like reading tips and adjusting screen brightness. But even though this Direct wasn’t ideal, it doesn’t make the game look any less spectacular! I’m going to have to give this Direct a B-, but I’m still giving the game an A+++++++ based on my raw hype! December 7th, you will be mine! But what were your thoughts on the hype train\'s final stop before release? Leave a comment below!

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