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Lucanus Philipess Sebasties

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posted by TheJulies OCs Archive alias juliesocs on Friday 10th of January 2020 01:07:53 AM

Another re-draw of my most fewer Swiss Original Character, he is confirmed to be the best friend of Brader Darsch and a great friend of 'Michelleanna" in the 1980s back in there times.. This is the third drawing dedicated / influence of the first time drawing after a person / user although naming after- kind off like; I wanted to say of something I was originally wanted to draw one of the artist whom I support off a artist/ as now well a watcher/ and good pal of mine that she drew my favorite otp couple I wont mention her name though but I dedicated to draw my "Swiss" OCS to dedicated her my pal/ a watcher and a artist that I supported her work on dA and other social media - of creating a character of mine born and origins from Switzerland, and originally from off of my pal - to instead drawing a gift artwork - but one day I will do it whenever I feel like it at most.. I did not like the original drawing that I did, but here is second one to be more old schooled and more 1980s looks.. He is based off of the 3 members of 1980s Swiss AOR Rock band off "Pagaini" - of the three guys: Diego Rapaccheitti, Marc Paganini, and Iso.. I have fewer of Swiss based original character, it my at least most wanted country to go to Europe amongside as half favorite among of favorite countries of Europe like Sweden, Italy, few others.. I think Switzerland became half favorite countries of mine due to stuff and most likely internationally of things as nation type thought I believe IDK.. Lcanus is the name he is based on Europe and origin born in Switerzerland and he is confirmed a Euro AOR rock guy/ Melodic Rock person. He is also transfer student to go to American college in the olden days in the 1980s and he will be a supporting character also, great friend of Jasper Uncle "Brader Darsch", good friend that he hang out with american people who love rock music and his european friends that are addicted to many great European AOR rock music and such that they adore of them. His descendant of the great family were origins came from half Italian alike, side of Spanish and greatest family of France in the olden days of the 1600s- 1900s era / his other great family in the 1920s to 1940s in the cold war battles... He is an Swiss transfer student, born in Switzerland and go to American colleges and european campus college and his birthplace too... Good friend of Noranna. He into of rock music and action films, he into of japanese animation scene and music/ artistic things. He look alike of my Venezuelan OCs of mine and few others of mine OCS that look alike. Sweating a little... Universe/ Orgins: Real World/ Modern Day Birthplace: Switzerland Residence: Switzerland, New Jersey, USA & Germany Ethnicity: European Nationally of the Family:Italian, French, and Spanish Favorite Song: AIDEAN - Rock You Up (1988, AOR), Danger - When My Heart Cries For Lovin' (1990, AOR), Van Zant - Two Stranger (1985, AOR), Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine (1986, Synth-pop/ Europop), Strangeway - Living in the Dangerzone (1989, AOR), Fastway - Fast Line (1988, AOR), Laban - Russian Roulette (1987, Pop-rock), AIDEAN - Livin Lovin Losin (1988, AOR), Enrico Ruggeri - La Donna Vera (1984, Europop), Casablanca - The Girl Of Lucifer (1986, Europop/ Synthpop), Casablanca - Angel of Night (1987, Synthpop #3 Favorite Song) PAGANINI - Berlin By Night (1985, AOR Rock #2 Favorite Song), Michael Cretu - Samurai (1985, Synthpop/ Europop) Jo Squillo - I Love Muchacha (1984, Italo-Disco / Pop-Rock #1 favorite song of all time), Lisa Nemzo - Walking on Ice (1986, AOR / Pop-Rock - Germany/ USA) , Daniela Goggi - E'un Nuovo Giorno (1984, Italo Pop), Dominoes - Here I Am (1987, AOR) depending Birthday: December 22, 1964 Eye Color: Brown Hair: Black Relationship: Single Influence, Inspiration and Reference: Diego Rapaccheitti (Paganini Rock Band) Marc Paganini (Paganini Rock Band) - hairdo/ hair style Iso (Pagaini Rock Band) - leg brand Background story: Lucanus was born on December 22, 1964 in Switzerland side of the great family - he was very young in his old time that he grew up of many stuff of his family that taught him he was a well manner person but he was not at the time growing up as a teen going thru too much stuff being trouble some, he has his great family and greatest one in the 1600s to 1900s decades back in the olden times in 14th to 19th century of the era.. His parents means alot to his son since he was trouble growing up when he was in based in such Swiss school academies - some of the kids did not like him the way he act and flirting with a girl and off course he is womanizer to enjoy with alot getting a girl - it was the time in the age of 15 and since he over do back in his elementary school... He is grumpy and misbehaving when was a teen ever since on middle school and high school nearly in the end till he was kick out.. His parents made a complain on there son about what they going to do with life when they are not around and stuff, they send him to America since July 18, 1981 and after growing up in Europe - in his childhood he did enjoy europop and poppy music and rock classic around the time, but he was a big rock head when he came to american college and based in New Jersey colleges campus - he did not graduated in school but though his parents send him to do training and self taught manner and to improve his personality being too much = he was studied at New Jersey around the time since September 2, 1981 to January 6, 1988 to study alot hard for his education and such.. He seem still goes to school based in Europe in Germany and his homeland "Switzerland" and other academies college in Europe such as Italy and Denmark in the 1980s while he was studying alot off the course in his main education at New Jersey of his college - he sometime visit to see his family to see what he is up to.. And he is rock head still, but though he isn't too much to be on people nerve at sometime since he was growing and enjoying to improve himself to be a better person... Lucanus was into of japanese animation alot growing up as a kid and he is into of creativiy and simply music though, he is addicted to both American AOR/ Melodic Rock and European AOR / Melodic Rock around the 1980s while he was living his life in his time.. His dream was that he wanted to create his own idea and his own stories just to be something for production films for anime based in Japan and specially artwork concept and sometime musician idea-ist though for his own dream growing up... He is a transfer student based around few acadmies colleges in Europe and his homeland of Switzerland and New Jersey for his studying education; he is the best friend of "Brader Darsch" - Jasper Braken Darsch uncle and the at least good friend of Michelleanna - Meredith aunt... Afterward in his hard-work studying his college and education transfer for his education based in US and Europe he finished college studies in 1988 since he went off his own separate way and return officially to finished his education based around the concern of Europe in the central zone since he almost finishing his terms course in college in the end of the 1980s, after he finished college he officially came back to Switzerland and told his family and loves ones saying "I'm successful and I am improved I'm a better man that I've improved". He maybe person that he was almost not nice to everyone but he was very low-class not well educated growing up as a child... He has nephew and relative kids love ones that were born in the 90s and a niece girl of two was born in 1999 and 2000, he was loved by the kids of his nephew and niece ones and relative.. To be as his awesome uncle of all time.. He still into old school stuff growing up in the 1980s, as the years gone by he has not hear anymore of his two friends back in his day in college in New Jersey Brader and Michelleanna that he has not hear about them anymore and what they been up to in life now a day.. He has hear the news due to Brader death the indecent in New York... He was a surviving friend of Lucanus among side of a awesome best friend of Canadian-Americian "Alan Williamus Mathison", both of them never met the two and they are also surviving friend of Brader Darsch..

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