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Today's Mass Extinction and Holocene-Anthropocene Thermal Maximum are being caused by the Super Rich

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_F2A0555 Modi: "These insects are giving us sleepless nights. We are more worried about them than the virus." --Mandeep Singh, a cotton farmer from Punjab. “Climate Crisis Brings India's Worst Locust Invasion in Decades” * “Trump is the clown who grabs all the attention, while McConnell picks the pockets of the distracted crowd.” “Mitch McConnell Is Even Worse Than Trump The president and the Senate majority leader have both gone AWOL in a crisis.” * “Republicans are going to use Trump’s rhetoric as a cover to oppose efforts to make it easier to vote, impose new barriers to make it harder to vote, and lay the groundwork for challenging the legitimacy of any election if they lose.” “THE DISENFRANCHISER: DONALD TRUMP’S ATTACK ON VOTING RIGHTS AND THE THREAT TO NATIVE SOVEREIGNTY” * “Due to deforestation, they ask to declare a "water emergency" in rivers Paraná, Iguazú, Uruguay and Paraguay Eco objective May 12, 2020 By The Goal The presentation was promoted in the face of "the alarming situation that the region is experiencing due to the drop in its water basins and the deforestation and environmental climatic imbalances generated in the Amazon biome." * “They found that forests generally had higher thermal buffer ability (TBA) than non-forests. Forests and wetlands buffer thermal fluctuation better than non-forests (grasslands, savannas, and croplands), and the TBA boundary between forests and non-forests was typically around 10. Moreover, mature forests were more resistant to environmental temperature change than disturbed and young plantations. Canopy height was the primary impact factor influencing TBA of forests, while the TBA of grasslands and savannas were mainly determined by energy partition, water availability, and carbon sequestration rates. "Our study demonstrates that forest degradation and deforestation reduce TBA. Protecting mature forests, both at high and low latitudes, is critical to mitigate thermal fluctuation under extreme events," said Dr. LIN Hua, first author of the study.” “Forests have higher thermal buffer ability than non-forests” * The “Human Niche” is over. We will all now live in a world that is ill suited for human habitation. Climate is one aspect of this: “Global warming now pushing heat into territory humans cannot tolerate” * “Biden won't reverse Trump's attacks on the environment The Trump administration is shamefully taking advantage of the public’s distraction to push through their anti-environment agenda.” “Trump’s Anti-Environment Agenda for 2020: When Opportunism Knocks As the country focuses on fighting a pandemic and mourning its victims, the Trump administration sees a perfect time for showering the fossil fuel industry with gifts.” * “Ellen MacArthur Foundation: “75% of our natural resources are consumed by cities” “Find out how applying the principles of the circular economy to urban development can create more resilient and liveable cities; and how this vision aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals in our Cities and the Circular Economy learning path.” * “If COVID-19 frightens you, you should be terrified by climate change” * “For the record: while Trump argues that Twitter is violating his First Amendment rights, he's actually the one "wading into unconstitutional territory."” “Trump is threatening to close down social media companies. Can he actually do that? Even if Trump’s executive order tries to shut down social media companies, it would face an immediate court battle.” * “With Nation Focused on Pandemic, Trump Interior Dept. to Greenlight Killing of Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups in Their Dens "Killing has no place in our National Wildlife Refuges."” * “An ‘Avalanche of Evictions’ Could Be Bearing Down on America’s Renters The economic downturn is shaping up to be particularly devastating for renters, who are more likely to be lower-income and work hourly jobs cut during the pandemic.” * “McDonald's employees allege managers provided coffee filters, dog diapers as face masks” * Privatizing the Ocean: “This is the nightmare scenario: Having all these factory fish farms offshore that are going to be breeding disease and causing pollution. That’s the last thing we need right now when we’re going through a pandemic.” “As Fishermen Flounder, Trump Clears A Path For Farming The Oceans Struggling commercial fishers and environmentalists say the White House is exploiting COVID-19 to privatize the ocean.” * “Oceans Likely to Heat up at Seven Times Their Current Rate, New Study Finds” * “People Can Only Bear So Much Injustice Before Lashing Out As the media denounces the Minneapolis protesters, it’s worth remembering that it takes incredible strength to practice nonviolence in the face of murder and oppression.” * “While small businesses face extinction amid a meager and under-baked federal grant program, the Fed is providing a safety net to the investor class and making a mockery of free-market capitalism” “CORPORATE RESCUE How the Fed Bailed Out the Investor Class Without Spending a Cent” * “Poorer hospitals that cater to low-income urban communities, or rural areas where population is declining, are dependent on government insurance. They say the payments from Medicaid do not cover their costs as the price of staff, equipment and drugs rises.” “'Here We Go Again': Richest Hospitals Sitting on Billions in Cash Got Golden Bailouts Compared to Those Serving Poorest "If you ever hear a hospital complaining they don't have enough money, see if they have a venture fund."” * Pandemic of the American Govt Poisoning its People while decimating their Public Health Infrastructure (the environment): Charles Koch dream come true “Major Trump attacks carried out under cover of the #COVID19 pandemic: Giving away public lands for drilling and mining Pushing mining near the Grand Canyon Free rein to scrap environmental safeguards Making it easier to get away with polluting” “Under cover of COVID: Trump ramps up environmental attacks” * Forests are facing extinctionary pressure: “We’re already seeing signs of accelerated forest mortality around the world. And it’s not just arid regions that may see forest die-offs, new research finds.” “Forests vs. Climate Change: Researchers Race to Understand What Drought Means for the World’s Trees” * Trump’s stacked courts will help him gain re-election: “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., published a report featuring research from the Center for Media and Democracy "on Wednesday that said that Leonard Leo, a conservative activist, and his influential network have rigged the judicial nominating and approval process."” “Schumer, Democrats claim outside Trump advisor helps rig the judicial nomination process” * “Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Other States Part of Early Wave of Reopenings See Uptick in Coronavirus Cases” * 31.9 million acres of forests: “Palm oil has decimated 31.9 million acres of forests, spewed air pollution, driven forest fires and destroyed endangered elephants and orangutans' habitats. "Nobody has yet made a robust effort to pass some goddamn laws about this, if I can be blunt.”” “Palm Oil Is In Half Of Your Groceries And Destroys Forests. Can We Fix That? This was supposed to be the big year for transforming the palm oil industry and ending its environmental toll.” * The Great Lakes are on the verge of experiencing their first oil spill. These lakes have enormous strategic significance to the United States: “Mike Shriberg, Great Lakes regional executive director of the National Wildlife Federation, said the discovery of these bare metal spots is a wake up call about the dangers he says Line 5 poses to the Great Lakes, and he called the oil pipeline a "ticking time bomb." "Enbridge said the coating was intact and everything was good just last year," said Shriberg. "So that shows that the inspections they're doing are failing, and this has happened multiple times before."” “Enbridge discovers four bare metal spots on its Line 5 pipeline” * “Climate Change Threatens Drinking Water Quality Across the Great Lakes” * “The largest and most destructive mining industry that nobody talks about” * “Energy policy expert Leah Stokes explains who’s pushing climate delay and denial — it’s not just fossil fuel companies — and what we need to do now.” “‘Not Another Decade to Waste’ — How to Speed up the Clean Energy Transition” * “The Most Anti-Nature President in U.S. History” * “Ten thousand times more toxic. Yet Trump overturned a ban on these neonic pesticides in a corporate giveaway. Tell Congress to reinstate the ban NOW: “ “Tell Congress to Ban Toxic Pesticides on Wildlife Refuges” * “SHIFTING FOREST DYNAMICS Forest dynamics are the processes of recruitment, growth, death, and turnover of the constituent tree species of the forest community. These processes are driven by disturbances both natural and anthropogenic. McDowell et al. review recent progress in understanding the drivers of forest dynamics and how these are interacting and changing in the context of global climate change. The authors show that shifts in forest dynamics are already occurring, and the emerging pattern is that global forests are tending toward younger stands with faster turnover as old-growth forest with stable dynamics are dwindling.” “Pervasive shifts in forest dynamics in a changing world” * “Doctors Without Borders Warns of Spike in Coronavirus Cases Among Florida Farmworkers” * “"When we're facing a public health crisis that causes respiratory problems, this is a time to be holding companies to a higher standard of air quality, not a lower one." --Chris Saeger, director of strategic initiatives at” “Corporations Don't Have to Pay Pollution Fines During COVID-19” * “Dogs Can Smell COVID-19” * “Sleazy democrats killing grandma to get campaign cash: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation last month quietly shielding hospital and nursing home executives from the threat of lawsuits stemming from COVID-19. The move came less than two years after a hospital association poured more than $1 million into Cuomo’s reelection efforts.” “NY Governor Cuomo Shielded Nursing Homes from Liability After Big Campaign Donation” * “It’s clearer than ever: we need to put people over polluter profits and ensure that clean energy industries are prioritized – now and in the future.” “Oil companies drilling on federal land get break on royalties. Solar and wind firms get past-due rent bills. Bureau of Land Management cites pandemic in cutting amount Utah energy companies must pay while retroactively billing alternative-energy producers”

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