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TV Personality Sabrina A. Parisi

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posted by Sabrina Parisi alias Sabrina Parisi on Monday 11th of April 2011 04:42:36 PM

SABRINA A. PARISI ANSWERS TO A JOURNALIST ABOUT HER NEW PROJECTS: BOOK RELEASE HOLLYWOOD FAVORITE PETS, NEW TV SHOW AND A FASHION LINE CALLED FROGANIZER. You know Hollywood closely – is it of any interest to you? Is it a fancy place like we, the common people imagine it, or is it a common place where people live like everybody else? Yes you are right; I definitely live the Hollywood lifestyle. It’s an interesting circle of very creative and sometimes odd individuals with common interests. There is much competition but at the same time we are close to each other and try hard to create less stress or drama by protecting our self from outside sources. Meaning that we all know each other and soon or later any news is known and shared by everybody. Most of us, try to concentrate and focus in our projects and of course we have lots of events and lots of paparazzi and lots of everything that, sometimes it gets overwhelmed and I dream of a week in some peaceful island. One thing you may find remarkable is the fact that for our birthdays we usually have red carpets, press and paparazzi; then of course we still have the average cakes and candles to blow. Why did you decide to uncover the secrets of the stars? Usually the world elite desires to be left alone, to be out of the lights? How did you convince them to participate? It was easy. Pets are part of our life it is not different for the stars. We all are proud to own a pet and treat them as kids. Celebrities are not different! It’s not uncommon to meet with each other and start talking about something bizarre that happened because of them. And let me tell you, the celebrity pet life is something fascinating to be shared especially with the outside world. Thus since I love animals and I had this passion all my life I decided to collect all these stories and put them together. The result was amazing and humorous. With whom out of the elite are you friends? What do you do together? Are there things that you’ve omitted for the readers? Why? There is not really one particular person which I am closer friend than another one. We all know each other but most of us travel a lot, we participate to various media Hollywood events and so we really do not have time to get that “so called” close friendship. If I did omit something? Most likely I did but not entirely, after all this may be a first edition to be continued with another one so why unrevealed all the secrets… however, the reader needs to be prepared to some of the funniest and bizarre stories. I promise I collected the most peculiar confidences from the stars about their celebrity pets and it will be uncovered in this book “Hollywood Confidential”. What’s your most exotic adventure with the stars? I have a few. Last year Producer/Director Quentin Tarrantino and I got lost in the elevator of the Kodak Theater after an academy awards party going from the venue to the car garage (several levels of garage!). No, we were not together but happened to dance all night and left almost at the same time which it looked suspicious. Considering that it was almost 1:00 in the morning and we were the only two people lost in the garage, well, to me that was pretty exotic! Little to say, my painful high shoes were less exotic! It took us hours to find the right level garage going back and forth in the huge building and the funny thing we had the cars parked one close to the other one. We kept hitting each other from one level to another of the big building … “Hi” and we said that “Hi” at least 100 times with a laughing and crying result. But as far as wilder and more exotic adventures I have a lot and some of them have been filming and they are going to be release in my next TV venture. Your house, your clothes, your car, your favorites – are these of those who you write for, or is it your individual style? I confess, I love fast exotic, expensive cars. I am also addicted to shoes I may have thousands by Galliano, Dior, Cavalli, Chanel etc…. My shoes-walking closets are huge. I grow up by attending some of the most amazing fashion shows both in Italy and France. My mom was an addicted of it and of course I proudly inherit the same addiction. I have been told that there is not vaccination for this addiction! Being exposed to all of this I started developing my own style. Last year I began my own fashion line called Froganizer. This is a unique, young and very colorful line for everybody people. My models are average girls and women, not top model. I recently was attacked and criticized by some European media who complained about the “average” look of my models not my fashion line! Well, I’m asking to you, how many top models do you see walking into a bar or going to work or to school? Not too many. So my line is for everybody woman and girl… I consider myself one of them. How did the Froganizer line started? That’s was funny. I started this venture by chance. Last summer I went to Italy and I had this romantic date dinner in this amazing area called the Cilento, it is in South Italy. I was very excited as I really cared about this person and wanted to impress him. But I was not aware that that morning my youngest daughter had put a frog inside my purse. So in the middle of this dinner the frog jumped out my LV, hitting the center of the table and shocking my date. It was awful and hilarious at the same time. You’ll say “Kiss the Frog.. it will turn into a Prince” right? Well, my Prince run away as fast as he could leave me instead with a stupid frog. So, with so much disappointment I went back to the States and started writing a short weekly story about a panther and a frog “The Panther and the Stupid Frog”. The short tail was an internet hit and I started receiving so many emails about it. Later I created my first Frog mascots Dr Frog, a toy frog I introduced to the red carpets starting my new TV reality venture and having the shocking expression of the starlets and paparazzi when I asked them to kiss it. Dr Frog became very popular puppet among the Hollywood scene. When I finally decided to introduce my fashion line to the world, I called it Froganizer (a frog womanizer). My Froganizer line has been successful shown in several catwalks and famous Hollywood venues. I am now ready to launch it internationally. You are part of the world highlife. Why did you abandon acting for TV shows and reporting? I never considering myself an actress neither a reporter; I am a personality. I love to create thru my writings and art and produce TV series. I like to interact with people and since I live here moth of these people are celebrities and popular personalities this is why I became a celebrity reporter. I have been writing for several magazines and newspaper and of course I love it. I definitely choose TV rather than theater; I mean, the majority of people have TV at home, you don’t go to the theater every single day, right? But most of all I like the real life with the real dramas and adventures… reality and lifestyle, let’s say. I like to picture r snap the real expression and mood of each individual in weird situations and candid scene. I enjoyed my work for Nova Television and I wish I had more control of the final product, my choice would have been the adventurous, unpredictable, and odd and craziness of the Hollywood you never seen before. The behind the smog and the statuettes… the real Hollywood life! About acting, I must admit that I recently received 2 very interesting movies offers and I am quite considering accepting the roles. If you had to imagine yourself as a picture, what elements would be present? My pink Cartier Pasha. I love my watches and I have a huge collection of Cartier. Is the Italian origin of help or is it a setback – the Italians are warm, openhearted people. What about the Americans? The zodiac sign Aries – helping or pronging? Seems like most of the people that I ever met loves Italians so it really helped me. I am the typical Italian bold woman, sometimes people have this misconception of my innocent look with sweet face, no, don’t mess up with me and don’t offend my intelligence. I’m a hard worker and have goals in life; I expect others to respect me for that! My zodiac signs Aries talks about being impulsive,impatient, adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic and quick-witted, … I am all of it and more. But most of all I am a very happy and positive person. I trust people and believe in friendship. I give my life to a friend but again, the friend needs to be honest and ethical otherwise I cut it out totally. I don’t judge people for money or power but for their insider and knowledge and I get very intrigued by people’s intelligence. I’m very upfront to everybody and very direct. In a simple note, I am more a leader than a follower. Do you open the piano when you are sad? What do you play to yourself? I play the piano but mostly I start drawing and writing. I also listen to some melodic, sentimental Italian music like Claudio Baglioni or Eros Ramazotti and I unleash my sadness. However, as I previously said I am a happy individual so sadness does not last that long. It seriously takes very little to make me laugh again. With what did Bulgaria get to you? With its amazing welcoming! With its people, its art, music, culture and food of course. I spent a beautiful time in your Country and I am looking to visit it again. And let me add, in my first visit in Bulgaria I received a beautiful hand decorated mummer’s (Kouker’s) mask. This mask is displayed in my kitchen’s wall close to my favorite coco clock from Germany and so as you can see I have Bulgaria in my heart and in my house. Your grandmother has roots from Bulgaria – the motherland of the white brined cheese. Who taught you to eat cheese? My grandmother is from Eastern Europe but her family moved to Italy so long time ago that we are not sure if they really had Bulgarian roots. I can tell you, that people always told me that I look quite one, and to me it has been a compliment as Bulgarian women are very beautiful. Yes, I love feta cheese but not only that, last time I came to Bulgaria I gained so much weight, and the food was amazing. Dogs are your companion, partner or? How do you manage to part with some of them so they become pets of your clients like Brad Pit, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Hom Penks, George Lucas. Do you visit them? Are they taking good care of them? I grow up with animals so they are a complete part of my life. My dogs gave me so much satisfaction as pets but also as champion dogs and in the entertainment industry. I do not have too many litters per year and I am very picky when choosing my clients. I said NO and refused to sell dogs to many well known celebrities simple because I thought they could not proper taking care of them. To me it is important that my animals will be very well taking care and spoiled. And yes, I definitely keep in contact with them. Life is awfully hard yet you live so colorfully. How do you make it such? With what do you paint the everyday life of the crisis? As I mentioned before I am a hard worker. Sometime people buy just the Hollywood smog, meaning they think that just because I live in this part of the world everything is easier, shinier and better, like living a constant fairytale. I guess my positivity helps me a lot. I believe in good energy and that the good energy will only bring good things. Are you vain? Which of your vices will you admit? Ok, seriously find me a woman that is not vain or at least a little vain! I am vain but not in the obsessed way, I like to receive attention. I don’t ask every single morning to my mirror: “Mirror, mirror of the wall/ Who in the HollywLand is fairest of all?". To me beauty is not the solely and most important factor key of success and life; and I don’t get offended if someone would say: “You are not pretty to me!”. But I would definitely get offended if someone would tell me: “You are stupid and unknowledgeable!”. Why, well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes it helps but in my opinion who succeed in life are those individuals that have the right personality and knowledge. My vanity is more intellectual than anything else; I like to challenge people with my facts, talking and traits and I like to receive other’s people input. I ask for attention and focus. I am a huge talkative so if you ever meet me in person be prepared to my non-stop chatting. So, would you call that a vain?

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