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Domestic Terrorism In America Part 5

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posted by Rick Pineiro alias TI_in_Yosemite on Wednesday 1st of September 2021 02:41:55 AM

What you see in the first set of pictures; is State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism. This is another psychological aspect of this Domestic Terrorism. It’s an overwhelming presence; meant to overwhelm a Target with Government and Law Enforcement Presence. A presence so large and intense at times; others find it hard to believe, and immediately bring the Targets Mental Health in question. Then the forces that be, build on this; bringing other acts into question and doubt. The Target trying to address this to loved ones, and others; soon find themselves struggling alone, isolated. As, their life becomes an open Target to every sociopath and bottom-feeder; that needs their daily dose of hate, harassment and recognition. During the Obama Administration; there was an Open Forum held on Human Rights Issues. This was to be televised. Many that attended where Whistleblowers/Targeted Individuals. These attendees, included Doctors, Nurses, College Professors, others holding Doctorate degrees. The first day; these professionals brought up the same issues I have in my photostream. The use of Direct Energy Weapons, the Intensive Mobbing, Stalking, Harassment and Baiting, across sate lines. The hearings were quickly closed to the public, it wasn’t televised. The attendees had to leave, but not before, many recorded this spectral of Government stifling and dismissal. I have some of their vedios in my archives. As with so many illegal instances, through out history; our Government Agencies and Corporate America, will use all and any resources to stifle those that try to expose the truth. As I keep telling you; the FBI and many other Government Agencies are fully aware, of the use of Direct Energy Weapons. They are fully aware, that they are being Used on US Citizens, on US Soil. During the Obama Administration, there was the largest efforts in American History, to Stifle Whistleblowers. It was said ‘The Obama Administration, declared War on Whistleblowers’. And, look who we now have in office. These are not political statements. They are statements of disgust; serving, then knowing, experiencing, what really happens in the United States. They are ‘The Death of a Civil Nation’ statements. There are so many acts tested, used and repeated on us; the general public can’t or won’t except it. This is the United States of America; this can’t happen here. Many of us thought the same, until we became Targets. The truth is; this is what happens to Whistleblowers in America. Their credibility, lives, are destroyed. They become Test Subjects for modern technologies. Some are incarcerated by our corrupt judicial system. These are not conspiracy theories, and are easily validated by educating yourself, and researching our own history. Those Perpetrators released on us Targets, will use Colors (Another Psychological Aspect), to let the Target know, they are involved or associated with this Domestic Terrorism. That’s how the term Gang Stalking derived. It was associated with Street Gangs, because they too use colors for identification. Those involved in Gang Stalking (Domestic Terrorism); live in your neighborhoods; urban and inner-city. They work in your offices, factories, service industries, local, state and federal Law Enforcement. You wouldn’t think of it, knowing many of them. Here in America; we have no shortage of ignorance, susceptible to false and misleading information. Just turn on your TV, others Nations are! With me; they use Red and Orange, mostly, you can see it throughout my photostream. I met with a group of women from the Stockton area, in California. The perpetrators that Targeted them used Blue. Three of those women were left jobless and homeless. One became a close friend. She would visit me in Yosemite. The Perps didn’t like that at all. She became so overwhelmed by Direct Energy Attacks; she left the United States. Years later, I met another woman that did the same. A majority of Targeted Individuals in the United States, are women. I’ve mention in previous post; I do my research, I don’t jump to conclusions, use facts and my own experiences. How do you think the term ‘Going Postal’ derived. Postal employees were being so overwhelmed, by Workplace Mobbing; they resorted to Workplace Violence. This Workplace Mobbing; doesn't limit itself to the workplace. With modern technologies; it continues at your residence, your neighborhood, public places. Sadly, some of these extreme acts of violence have been carried out in public places. I’m not saying all are related to Gang Stalking/Domestic Terrorism. There are plenty with mental issues that act out. Then again; this Targeting is carried out and tested on those with mental problems, with intensity. I do not condone any violence. I repeat; I do not condone any violence. If you are Targeted, you are much better off, educating yourself. Learn ways to discipline, calm and distract yourself from this Terror. Document everything, record everything, back up everything, leave copies with trusted friends, family. Stay off the websites that claim to help Targeted Individuals. Be patient; Truth and History are on our side. Now I’ll go through the pictures in this Collage. As Koda and I venture out from our new camp, we are overwhelmed by 3 helicopters and a single prop spotter plane. They helicopters would show up in the distance and circle around as we walked to another road. They did this for over an hour, and only stopped when we arrived back to our camp. I try to get Koda out as much as possible, he needs the exercise, as do I. Some I had to crop a bit, and didn’t come out as expected. I a little new to collages, but will improve. The first 5 pictures are of the helicopters and spotter plane. You can see the 2nd helicopter flying with open doors. There was a third, but was separated to far, to be capture with my minimum 80mm focal length. The spotter plane didn’t show up in frames 5 and 6, but believe me; it was there and buzzing us the whole trip. Just like you have heard in my previous post. Picture 6; is a red 4 wheeler, behind a small tree. Then pic 7, is a blue one that followed. Thats our welcome home committee. We get this when we come home from a hike…. Pic 8; is Koda, the Magnificent. He hears Billy-Bob, coming ‘Over the Horizon’. That would be picture 9, dressed in Orange. He was followed by 2 kids, on one 4 wheeler. They gave Koda; the Long Stare of Hate. My emotions got to me, and I decided not to post it. The boy and girl, were way to young, to be involved in this. Their mission, was to harass and torment Koda. Picture 10; are pictures, of 2 more 4 wheelers. They came from the woods behind us. They were all OD Greened out, with camping gear and vehicles. Once they passed, making their vehicles backfire, they stopped. They can be seen at the top of the picture. They stopped, like the Sociopaths do; to draw more attention. Picture 11; is Mr Creepy, in a red ATV. He showed up later, as Koda and I sat out front, after lunch. He sat there and watched us, until I went in, grabbed the Half-wit Spotter (Camera), and started taking pictures. Picture 12; is a Black Truck (Oooh, so Intimidating, that’s what they want you to think). It sat there too, watching Koda and I, until I got the Half-wit Spotter. Then he left. Picture 13; is our morning Fly By (Helicopter). I was outside starting routine RV maintenance. He came in real low; by the time I went in to get the Half-wit Spotter, he had passed. Picture 14; is a Forest Service Truck. He stopped where the other Sociopaths did, prior. He did this after driving by our camp very slowly. Koda started growling as he drove by, which he usually doesn’t do. I starting receiving a light DEW (Direct Energy Attack), and by Koda’s reaction, he did too. Picture 15; is a woman that came rushing down our road, pulls up to our camp turn-off. Turns around quickly, then speeds off. She had a Sheriffs decal on the back of her car. Also, a decal under her plate stating; K-9 On Board. Koda, again growled. I was receiving another light DEW. I don’t believe they came from the Forest Srvc Truck, or the woman. What you don’t see; are two ATVs (one Red), parked far across the fields, on another road. It ma yhave come from them. These perps use this deception; wanting to think, someone in your presence is doing it. Picture 16; is a big Red Truck, with Red Trailer. It’s setting in the same spot the others where. Watching Koda and I, until I get the Half-wit Spotter. As I mentioned in my previous post; I will describe the Symptoms of Direct Energy Attacks, also known as the ‘Havana Syndrome’. I want to forewarn you; here in the United States, Only US Diplomats and CIA agents are allowed to claim these attacks. If you try to report it to the FBI, they will hang up on you. If your try to inform your Representative Legislators; you will never hear from them. Isn’t that so, Mr FBI Guy. There are many symptoms from these attacks. They are also accompanied by extreme noise campaigns. These noises may be car horns, loud trucks and cars revving their engines, sirens, airplanes, helicopters, Half-wits pounding something. Anything that will intensify the anxiously, you are feeling during these attacks. Something that will also accompany these Attacks; are near snapping sounds, coming from your walls and or the ceiling of you residence. It could be a reaction to from the Microwave Energy. These can also come from the dash of your car, or vehicle, if you happen to be in it. I had a device places in my Jeep; that would make a loud thunk, each and every time, I turned onto the road I lived on. It only happen when I turned onto my road. I have recorded and documented, almost everyone of them. The symptoms will vary depending on how close the source is. The first symptoms I will notice and also the many other Targets I have spoken to are: Pressure starting on your forehead and eyes. This pressure will intensify, your face and forehead may become flush red. Anxiety will build, often accompanied by short temperateness or anger. This could be so intense; you will grit, or grind your teeth, lashing out inappropriately. Perps love to build on this in public. Then forgetfulness. You could be buttering a piece of toast, have it in your hand, and forget what you are doing, and what needs to be done next; like spread the butter. You may acquire slightly blurred vision, a lose of balance. The Anxiety continues and your train of thought is shot. You may experience a temporary Speech Impediment. Often, enunciating the wrong letter or syllable in subsequent words in a sentence, your trying to express. Then again, you can forget what you were going to say, all together. Ringing in the ears; often accompanied with these attacks. There will be a high pitched ringing. This can change tones, and become a low pitch ringing. You may feel a specific pain, in a part or parts of your body. Many, often get a severe headache. I have very rarely, in my life, had headaches. But, when I do, they are from these attacks, and are severe. I also, have during and after these attacks; excessive yawning. I have witnessed Koda, doing this amny times. I, and many, have had heart palpitations. I, and many, have felt stinging in the bottom the feet. As these symptoms start to wear down; you can be ravished by hunger. You may have eaten an hour ago and still be hungry. These symptoms will remain, as long as there is a source. Many will continue through the night, keeping you sleep deprived. Like; they did with me last Saturday night. The same day as the Chopper and Plane, followed and buzzed us. I did not sleep at all, finally gave up around 6:00 am, made some coffee, and didn’t sleep until late, Sunday night. With my military training; I have gone days without sleep. Many of you, may not fare so well, and the Perpetrators, love to build on this. They will intensify these attacks, while being sleep deprived. Right out of the US Army’s Psyops, Play Book. Why you are sleep deprived they will Psychologically, mess with you, in all kinds of ways. Using sounds and manipulated experiences. These attacks can be in public places, or in the privacy of your residence. These Perpetrators have no boundaries. I don’t know much about the devices used, or their distance. I do know, they are usually followed by the Bottom-Feeders, getting in your face. I did get a cell picture of a man, holding a device in his hand, while I was receiving an Attack. This device looked like the back of a cell phone, with a metal half-loop, coming from the top. The loop was large, about ½ inch in diameter. He held it up, until he noticed me, taking a pic with my cell phone. This happened, while working in Yosemite National Park. While coming close to finishing this draft; Koda was in the bedroom, he came in panting and acting very submissive. I thought he may need to go out, so I put on my shoes and shirt. Before I got them on; here comes the Sociopathic Plane Pilot, for his fly by. Koda, had heard him before I did, and before he arrived. He flew over before we stepped out, Koda didn’t have to use the bathroom, so I tossed his little log that he found, so he could fetch it. Within a couple of minutes; here comes Mr Sociopath Pilot, back for another fly by. Once we went in, I felt a mild DEW Attack. Koda was panting heavily, seemed very nervous and confused. Like I said; these Parasites Have No Boundaries. Its getting late, I’ll come back and edit this later, as needed. For you Sociopath that have harassed, tormented and tortured my service dog; don’t worry. I will get around to you, on my terms. Even those of you whom think, you feel protected in public places; I will expose you for the Human Trash you are. What do you call someone that teaches young children, to hate, harass and torment a total stranger and his dog? Someone, that uses children and pets, possibly putting them in harms way. I know of, and met with another veteran. He, his mother and his dog; are going through the same scripted torture, that Koda and I are. He lives, 2000 miles away. My statements may be harsh, but if you’ve followed my post; you know they are true. I have to gear up for a couple of trips into town this week. I hopefully have a credit card to pick up. This will be the 3rd one sent. I requested one, for the one, that’s expiring soon. I checked with the card company. The 1st one wasn’t received, so I requested another. That one wasn’t received, so I asked a manger if she would check to see what was going on. She said the last two were sent, but didn’t show scanned/received by the Post Office. They can verify, to see if they were scanned into a Post Office. These were not. She had one sent Fed-Ex and should be here by tomorrow. But, Mr FBI Guy; it’s just a coincidence. Just like the Phoenix VA Pharmacy, doesn’t mail my Lupus meds, that keep it in check. After I personally speak with a pharmacy tech. They did this twice, while waiting for meds, to find out they was never mailed. Then another time, sending to an old address, 100 miles away, that I had to chase down. After, speaking with another tech. These are the things that happen to a Targeted Individual. Oh, and I have to do laundry. I wonder if we will be mobbed, baited and harassed by parents and their children. By the owner and his side-kick. I wonder if they will open all the washer doors; to block the aisles, for Koda and I. Maybe they will shortchange me at the change machine again, or leave filth and dry laundry soap on the floors; for Koda to lay on. Or, do I have to go public with this too, for it to stop. Just a quick update. I posted this; mentioning my problems receiving my credit card. 30 minutes after my post was complete. I get an email from my credit card company; telling me another card has been sent out, and I should receive it my Sept 7th. I called the credit card company, to find what was going on. They didn’t send the card out on the 27th, through Fed-Ex, as I was promised. It was sent today, but there was another card sent the 27th, regular mail. If I don’t receive the card sent on the 27th, by regular mail, by the 6th of September. I need to cancel the one sent by Fed-Ex, because they both have the same number. And, I will have to request another card, and start the whole process over. This after speaking to, two different managers, during these request. The one sent by Fed-Ex, I should receive within the next two days. Are you confused yet? This is the everyday life of a Whistleblower in America, and retaliation from Corporate America, that works hand in hand, with our Government Agencies. Many of these acts are performed just prior to going to bed; leaving you anguished, causing dificulty sleeping. I have been hit heavily with these Direct Energy Weapons, heavliy, sence this innitial post. Thanks for visiting our photostream, their will be much more to come….

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