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Biden, Democrats, Republicans, and the US Judiciary are one big collective abomination

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Thursday 27th of May 2021 06:19:24 PM

_F2A0009 When Washington political philosophy materially contributes to the death of over half a million Americans from COVID, they graduate from “Social Murder” to having committed “Genocide.” Negligence in dealing with Global Warming surpass “Ecocide” to border on “Omnicide.” These are crimes committed by our Politicians who have few if any bylaws they regard when conducting the affairs of our Country. This is the influence of money. And the crimes by the political and economic elite do not stop there, but the Peoples’ tolerance of it all must. Surviving the future they have made for us will require international cooperation and their continued malfeasance doesn’t ensure it. “The Constitution directs the federal money be spent to provide for the good of all (Article 1, Section 8) For decades corrupt Congress has issued federal money to enrich themselves and their criminal buddies via various scams. Time for this: “Most of Congress should face charges of VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION, dereliction of duty, war crimes, & embezzling federal money.” * “Congress simply approves spending into existence for Federal Spending, just like they do for wars and corporate bailouts, out of thin air. They can easily appropriate funding for all new Legislation for People Planet and Peace! Spend it into existence! Without raising taxes!” * “Biden Administration Defends Huge Alaska Oil Drilling Project The administration says the country must pivot away from fossil fuels but backed a project set to produce more than 100,000 barrels of oil each day for 30 years.” * Welcome to Armageddon: “Lots of helpful info. in this Nick Breeze video which I had to re-listen a few times in order not to miss anything coming from Igor Semiletov, who along with Natalia Shakhova and colleagues have spent more than 20 years conducting field research and gathering extensive methane data in the ESAS. It’s great to see more international interest and collaboration particularly with this recent scientific expedition in late 2020 that included 69 scientists from 10 countries. Their work (along with the work of their international collaborators) has been published in peer reviewed journals and more is coming! To understand basics, for me it was helpful to read "Understanding the Permafrost–Hydrate System and Associated Methane Releases in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf". Quoting from video: “Semiletov defines 2 different scales of seep sites where methane is visibly seen reaching the surface”…...”we already mapped more than 2000 large seeps and mega seeps”…”Large seeps we mean bubbling methane in release areas with a horizontal scale in 100’s of meters and mega seeps......"its a thousand meters plus". “but what we can do, we just detect what we can see beneath the vessel; its just a tiny fraction of what we found so what my grandmother told me if you saw 1 mouse in your house it means 100’s of them so I think that if we detected more than 2000 that means hundred thousands of seepage areas”. “We have revisited several mega seeps and we have found that all revisited mega-seeps, they are growing”…. “and some of them”…...“3, 4 times during 5 years I mean increasing horizontal scale”.” “Sources of Arctic Methane | Igor Semiletov | Unseen footage of methane plumes from 2020 voyage | pt1” And "In this second episode of the methane miniseries, I speak to Professor Orjan Gustafsson from Stockholm University about his team's ongoing collaboration with the Russian research team, led by Professor Igor Semiletov, investigating the Siberian Arctic." "Orjan has published over 80 research papers jointly with his Russian colleagues on their findings in the Russian Arctic over the course of more than a decade. In this episode, he highlights why understanding this region is among one of the most important research areas in climate change today." “Russian Arctic Methane Releases & Subsea Permafrost Degradation | Prof Örjan Gustafsson (Pt 2)” * Armageddon: “A very important article from a conventional source. about how methane clathrates are only STABLE under certain temperatures and pressues! It states DOE is leading research organization into mining methane gas from these deposits. So they know about the dangers involved! This is the proof! Read below. "Gas-hydrates are structures trapped in sediment, often 1,500 meters below sea level, dormant underneath the polar ice caps, permafrost, and in marine sediments. Challenges include finding and accessing reservoirs in some of the Earth’s inhospitable areas such as the Arctic and developing technologies to verify the stability of the reservoirs and safely enable extractions. Access to these areas is often limited to diving expeditions or coring samples from drilling. These structures are also stable under very specific windows of temperature and pressure. But if the temperature of the ocean rises a little bit, these ice-like structures are going to start to dissolve and start releasing methane into the atmosphere."” “Team develops model to determine stability of gas hydrates Comprehensive model can better predict how gas hydrates and methane stabilization could ease global warming” * “bneGREEN: Russia’s weather goes crazy” "Russia’s weather has gone crazy. There is currently a heatwave inside the Arctic Circle where the coast is hotter than Mediterranean beaches. And Moscow has just reported its warmest days in May ever, where temperatures soared to over 30% while the rest of Europe was suffering from a cold snap that has seen gas prices used for heating double this “spring.” "The situation follows on from the end of last year, when there was no snow until December. (It usually starts some time towards the end of September.) In short: nothing is normal. "Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of ignoring the climate change issue and going slow on implementing Russia’s Paris Accord commitments, which the Russian government ratified in 2019. "However, after a string of environmental disasters last year, including the triggering of a federal emergency after mining giant Norilsk Nickel spilled over 20,000 tonnes of oil into Arctic rivers, and a once-in-a-1,000-year snow melt flooded the TGK1 power station near Murmansk, the Kremlin seems to have woken up to the fact that Russia’s permafrost is melting. As if to underline the point, there was a another large-scale oil spill this month by Russian company Lukoil" * “This article is from October 2020 attacked the findings of scientists aboard the Akademik Keldish. It is a response to the article in the Guardian reporting the groups findings that for the first time they detected methane coming up from permafrost deposits at bottom of ocean into atmosphere. It is the most recent article challenging the findings of the international scientists aboard the Akademik Keldysh last year. It mentions a few scientists who challenged the assertion that past climate methane release took place. And claimed there is no methane "bomb'. Michael Mann plus NASA scientists are amongst the deniers.” “Climate scientists throw cold water on 'Arctic methane bomb' report” * The Rich and their politicians have destroyed the livability of our Planet. “"The new report from the WMO, an agency of the United Nations, finds that global temperatures are accelerating toward 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming. The authors of the new report predict there is a 44% chance that the average annual temperature on Earth will temporarily hit 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming at some point in the next five years. That likelihood has doubled since last year."” “Earth Is Barreling Toward 1.5 Degrees Celsius Of Warming, Scientists Warn” * Stupifying: Biden and the Democrats are wafting the flames of violence against Asians of American ancestry on behalf of the Rich by giving life to Trump’s “Covid came from China” theory. There are few problems with this. Biden orders CIA to investigate COVID origin?! CIA?! not WHO or CDC? Or NIH? Not a medical research center of a major University?! Even NASA would have better credentials to undertake such an investigation than the CIA! “Biden orders spy agencies to review whether COVID-19 came from Wuhan lab” Furthermore, America’s own allies, Germany and the United Kingdom (UK being equally koched up as America) put their best scientific resources to bear on the question and they concluded it COVID originated in America. One take away from this order of Biden’s should not be overlooked. Democrats will not hesitate to degrade American Society with – in this case – the impetus for violence against a minority population if it helps raise campaign money for the Democratic Party. So, Biden CLEARLY feeding into Trump’s racism against Asians in order to get donations is not problem for Democrats. Can you think of other examples where the 99%’s America got thrown under the bus by Democrats and Republicans in order for them to bolster their careers?! HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU GOT! Our 2 political parties do it practically every time they breathe! Remember this: PNAS: Univ Cambridge and Univ Medical Hamburg CONFIRM COVID-19 came from USA NOT Wuhan 3 strains COVID-19: A Original USA & AUST B (from A) in China C (from B) in Europe or this: “Chinese revere bats. When Washington and mainstream media, at the behest of the rich, say to the effect that COVID19 came from Wuhan, China’s wet markets where the Chinese eat bats, it’s like saying a Hindu ate my cow. Wuhan, China was the location of the Oct 2018 international military officers’ athletic games. In 2018, the CDC closed the military facility in Frederick, MD due to an unspecified highly dangerous, highly-contagious respiratory illness that presented like what they thought at the time was “flu like.” A descriptive understatement that would become one of Trump’s and Washington’s lies about COVID. (Also, in 2018 a woman in the Seattle area, who did not travel, died of an unknown disease. Her corpse would later test positive for COVID antibodies. Another person in California tested positive for COVID in 2018.) Despite the outbreak, the US sent it’s military athletes to the 2018 International military officer athletic games in Wuhan, China. Animal to human transmission of disease can occur by humans coming into contact with surfaces that, though appearing “clean,” have traces of animal feces and/or urine them. For instance, if, Conservative and Neoliberals (Democrats and Republicans) ordered the military to cut the expenses related to the soldiers welfare, as well as the maintenance and upkeep relied upon by soldiers it is entirely possible that an American soldier could contract a zoophagic virus by coming into contact with trace amounts of animal feces, urine, or blood. (Moral: if you can’t take care of your soldiers and officers properly, don’t fight any wars. What’s more, reduce military spending by cutting the profit stream to the rich and their defense contractors not by disrespecting enlisted men and women as well as their families.) In 2020 the University of Hamburg Medical Center and Cambridge University would both publish their findings that COVID19 did in fact originate in America. Make no mistake of the matter, COVID19 was a direct result of the rich’s taking surplus profit that that fully implicated or relied upon environmental destruction. Perhaps the next deadly pandemic should be named KOCH21 or JAMIEDIMON21? Again, deadly pandemics represent the rich – acting through their politicians - fobbing off the unrecognized costs of their profit taking.”[email protected]/51117156920 * “Mediocre for All Require little, expect less Nothing will fundamentally change” * “.........and this should really tic you off!!!! If one considers Federal Taxes, they pay for nothing! Are deleted upon receipt! Congress simply approves spending into existence for Federal Spending, just like they do for wars and corporate bailouts, out of thin air. They can easily appropriate funding for all new Legislation for People Planet and Peace! Spend it into existence! Without raising taxes! Taxing the wealthy at 60% would greatly reduce the wealth inequality gap eliminating our current caste system, so tax the heck out of them! But those taxes don't pay for anything. #KnowingMMT *******Federal Governmemt Budget works the opposite of our home budgets. They Spend to Add, and Tax to Subtract. No one makes up for the wealthy not paying Federal Taxes. Congress has the power, with Reconciliation Legislation, without Repub support, to pay for M4A, Job Guarantee, Green New Deal, Social Justice and $15 min wage, now! At no cost to taxpayers! There is no excuse not to with a Dem Majority. Occupy the Conservative Dem's space. Make them more uncomfortable than we are so the 2 or so of them that take the heat for Corporate Dems don't block the much needed Legislation! Make Congress spend on People Planet and Peace Now!” * “" Democrats huddled with progressives to get enough to vote 'present' on the bill to let it pass." This officially confirms that the #FraudSquad is controlled opposition. Democrats had only a 5-vote House majority and could not afford 6 Squad Nays, so 3 voted Present. Dems get their bill passed by 1 vote. The Squad gets to say it did not vote Yea.” “Democrats Pass $1.9 Billion Capitol Security Bill by One Voter After Chaotic Dealy” * Justin Trudeau is guilty of Ecocide: “‘We don’t have time’: scientists urge B.C. to immediately defer logging in key old-growth forests amid arrests” * “"Israel spent 4 years flaunting a heavy love affair with Trump & his “Jews will not replace us” followers now branding people who fought Trump as anti-semitic for like not supporting apartheid" Mike Prysner” * “Don’t listen to @BernieSanders. Don’t “tone down the rhetoric.” Call Israel what it is: a genocidal settler colony that is occupying Palestine and committing a long list of crimes, including the crime of apartheid. That’s what Israel is. Don’t budge.” * “I support Palestinians, not Hamas. “I support Israelis, not Netanyahyu. I am not anti-Semite. I am not a self-hating Jew. I am not anti-Israel. I am a humanitarian who will not stand for crimes against humanity.” * “To distract from Gaza slaughter, Israel lobby manufactures antisemitism freakout” * “This picture speaks volumes to me and that fact where clinton announced the 1994 Crime bill . biden wrote it. look at all the black men in white lined up behind 5 white men in suits, I see like only 2 white men in white. In 1992, Bill Clinton spoke from the mecca of American white supremacy to launch his "tough on crime" agenda.” “Bill Clinton’s Stone Mountain Moment” “In 1992, Bill Clinton spoke from the mecca of American white supremacy to launch his "tough on crime" agenda.” And racist Joe Biden, the same Biden leading the persistence of racist voter suppression, is complicit. * THIS? From the “pro-business” group?!. Recall the old Maco Econ formal? Government spending is part of the economy: “Wisconsin Republicans quickly kill Medicaid expansion, pass up $1B in federal funds” * Great graphic!: “From the annals of the Democratic Party Crypt” “Real Stories of True Betrayal” * “Scientists and farmers both know that we need to be smart in how we steward the soil that grows our food, and your legislators need to understand this too.” ***** CONTENT ISN’T AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW *****

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