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The 40 movies I saw for the first time in 2021 :)

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posted by Josefine S. (Protected by Pixsy) alias ratexla (protected by Pixsy) on Saturday 1st of January 2022 05:05:41 PM

14-Jan-2021: 1. Death to 2020 Fave! Mockumentary. Tennyson Foss, historian: "Now, of course, all this division, all this intractable conflict, was tearing humankind asunder at the worst possible time. Because, of course, at the very moment that we were preoccupied with fighting each other, the corona virus was steadily bearing down upon us. Now, those who've closely studied the history books, such as myself, knew that this was strongly reminiscent of the time the White Walkers led their army of the dead towards the warring factions of Westeros." Interviewer: "So you mean like in 'Game of thrones'?" Foss: "No, no. I am discussing history." Interviewer: "I'm pretty sure that was 'Game of thrones'." Foss: "Well, I'm pretty sure that I am the historian here." Foss: "…" Foss: "Cut to a map or something." Dr Maggie Gravel, behavioural therapist: "Human beings are social animals, so shutting down social interactions goes against our instinct. I mean, for most folks, not me. I fucking hate people. My god, it was bliss!" Kathy Flowers, soccer mom: "I know criminal behaviour when I see it. Whether it's someone breaking a window or a Black man sitting in a car." Interviewer: "Wasn't there a video of you haranguing a Black man sitting in a car that went viral this year?" Flowers: "…" Man in video clip: "And I'm telling you this is my car!" Flowers in video clip: "Well, then I'm sure you'll prove that with some ID! Yeah." Flowers: "First of all, I… I wasn't haranguing. I was politely inquiring. For less than an hour." Interviewer: "So that was the only time you did something like that this year?" Flowers: "Um… There was an incident at a pool." Woman in video clip: "Give it back!" Flowers in video clip: "Do you have a receipt for this towel? I just need to see a receipt!" Flowers: "Uh, there was an incident up in the hills." Man in video clip: "I'm painting a water colour!" Flowers in video clip: "OK, the way that you're wielding that paintbrush is very unsettling to me." Flowers: "And at the hospital." Flowers in video clip: "Sweetie, are you absolutely sure that this is your dialysis machine?" Girl in video clip: "Mommy, the crazy lady's back again!" Flowers in video clip: "I was just asking. I'm allowed to ask." Flowers (voice breaking): "I don't know why people are so quick to judge." Flowers: "…" Flowers: *points to boom operator, a black man* Flowers (mouthing): "Is he with you?" Interviewer: "That's Mike. He's been here all day." 21-Feb-2021: 2. David Attenborough: A life on our planet Fave! Docu. BRB CRYING David Attenborough: "A marked change in atmospheric carbon has always been incompatible with a stable Earth. It was a feature of all five mass extinctions. In previous events, it had taken volcanic activity up to one million years to dredge up enough carbon from within the Earth to trigger a catastrophe. By burning millions of years' worth of living organisms all at once as coal and oil, we have managed to do so in less than 200." "Rewilding the world is simpler than you might think. And the changes we have to make will only benefit ourselves and the generations that follow. A century from now, our planet could be a wild place again. And I'm going to tell you how. Every other species on Earth reaches a maximum population after a time – the number that can be sustained on the natural resources available. With nothing to restrict us, our population has been growing dramatically throughout my lifetime. On current projections, there will be 11 billion people on Earth by 2100. But it's possible to slow, even to stop population growth well before it reaches that point. Japan's standard of living climbed rapidly in the latter half of the 20th century. As healthcare and education improved, people's expectations and opportunities grew, and the birth rate fell. In 1950, a Japanese family was likely to have three or more children. By 1975, the average was two. The result is that the population has now stabilized and has hardly changed since the millennium. There are signs that this has started to happen across the globe. As nations develop everywhere, people choose to have fewer children. The number of children being born worldwide every year is about to level off. A key reason the population is still growing is because many of us are living longer. At some point in the future, the human population will peak for the very first time. The sooner it happens, the easier it makes everything else we have to do. By working hard to raise people out of poverty, giving all access to healthcare, and enabling girls in particular to stay in school as long as possible, we can make it peak sooner and at a lower level. Why wouldn't we want to do these things? Giving people a greater opportunity of life is what we would want to do anyway. The trick is to raise the standard of living around the world without increasing our impact on that world. That may sound impossible, but there are ways in which we can do this." 28-Feb-2021: 3. Crush proof 1-Mar-2021: 4. Mank 2-Mar-2021: 5. The social dilemma Fave! Docu about social media addiction and stuff. If you need to lock yourself out of the Internet or just specific sites (and a time-locked cookie jar isn't strong enough for you), I strongly recommend the app Freedom. If time = money, Freedom will pay its own way pretty quickly… At least it did in my case. :p Willpower depletion is a thing. In other news, the docu mentioned the idea of taxing data collection. I approve of this. :q 3-Mar-2021: 6. The game changers Fave! Docu about a bunch of vegan athletes who get insane results. Produced by Arnold, Jackie Chan, and some other people. :) 6-Mar-2021: 7. A plastic ocean Docu. I expected to fave it, of course, but I didn't. For reasons. -_- Anyway, click here for a great video about cute baby birds. Stop making humans. 16-Mar-2021: 8. Becoming Fave! Docu. 18-Mar-2021: 9. Ricky Gervais: Humanity Stand-up show. 30-Apr-2021: 10. Eat pray love 15-May-2021: 11. The truth about alcohol Docu. (I do not partake.) 20-May-2021: 12. Eurotrip In honour of the 10th anniversary of my first Interrail trip... 9-Jun-2021: 13. The Santa incident Yeah, that happened. I ordered the DVD in the final week of 2020 and it arrived like 4 months later and… -_- 10-Jun-2021: 14. The prom Fave! And the soundtrack too! x) 11-Jun-2021: 15. The intouchables 12-2021: 16. Once upon a time in Hollywood 14-Jun-2021: 17. Rocketman Fave! The best non-documentary film I saw this year. I became especially obsessed with the "Saturday night’s alright" scene and watched it OVER 9 BAZILLION TIMES. o_O AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. And several other songs also made me go "Hmm, this sounds pretty nice. I should probably check out more of his music." I'd had a handful of Elton songs in my collection for decades (I first heard him on "The lion king" soundtrack), but now I really started to spend time with ALL THE ALBUMS. (Er, I'm almost done.) Normally, the high point of my week is… the Flickr upload… :B But the Flickr habit had kind of been broken over the summer, for reasons. So the new high point of each week was to sit the fuck down with a new (to me…) Elton album and a can o' energy drink and no distractions. Ahhh. And I've got THREE ELTON SHOWS booked for 2022 and 2023! But I half expect them to get postponed or cancelled. :'( I COULD have started listening to him properly in 1995 or some shit. PS. Fave Elton song: "Live like horses". :'D Never heard it before 2021. D: 15-Jun-2021: 18. Bo Burnham: Inside Comedy special. Funny and catchy songs. xD I put several of them on my iPod, such as "How the world works" and "Sexting". :B 19-Jun-2021: 19. Django unchained 25-Jun-2021: 20. The mustang 27-Jun-2021: 21. Steve Jobs 21-Jul-2021: 22. Kingsman: The secret service Fave! 22-Jul-2021: 23. Kingsman: The Golden Circle Heehee. :B 23-Jul-2021: 24. Chernobyl 1986 There’s a scary man in this movie. Oh, and a nuclear meltdown. 31-Jul-2021: 25. Harriet 11-Sep-2021: 26. Assassin's creed 18-Sep-2021: 27. Mammal 25-Sep-2021: 28. The big short 2-Oct-2021: 29. Deepwater Horizon 9-Oct-2021: 30. Late night Employee Gabe: "I'm in a single-income household. And Jen and I just had our second baby, Taylor. *shows photo* Adorable, huh?" Boss Katherine: "She takes after you." Gabe: "Yeah. Thanks. So, there's just a lot of expenses at home right now, and I think it's time for a raise." Katherine: "I see. This is actually very exciting to me." Gabe: "Really? Great." Katherine: "Because what you're describing is the most clear-cut example of the classic sexist argument for the advancement of men in the workplace. You're asking for a raise not because of any work-related contribution you've made, but simply because you have a family. And that's why, in the 1950s, family men were promoted over the women they worked with. I've never encountered it, actually, in such a clean, teachable way." Gabe: "I don't think that's at all what's happening." Katherine: "I can't give you a raise, Gabe. It's like giving a raise to a drug addict." Gabe: "What?" Katherine: "Well, your situations are virtually identical. A drug addict makes certain decisions outside of work for their sense of self and comfort, and then the addiction demands more time, more energy, more money, just like a child." Gabe: "My child's like a drug problem?" Katherine: "Exactly. :D You want special treatment. I'm sure you can see how unfair that would be to a single man, or woman." Gabe: "There are no women on this staff." Other employee: "Gabe…" Gabe: "And the reason there aren't any women is because you hate women. So you can sit there spouting all this pseudo-feminist bullshit, but we all know what's going on here." Katherine: "We need to hire a woman. [To Gabe] You're fired, obviously." 16-Oct-2021: 31. Attack of the Hollywood clichés! Fave! Docu. 23-Oct-2021: 32. Cast away My biology studies included a course in outdoor pedagogy, during which we had to choose a practical project. My classmate took a bunch of kindergarteners into the woods for a nice day of grilling hot dogs over a campfire and shit like that. A kid had reportedly happened to drop their hot dog in the fire, which caused them to exclaim… "I HATE NATURE!" This became a bit of a catchphrase in our class whenever something went slightly or terribly wrong in the great outdoors. So I heard "I HATE NATURE!" in my head kind of frequently while watching "Cast away". :B 13-Nov-2021: 33. No time to die *nudge* Check out my photos of A CERTAIN BRIDGE! :B I found out during the roadtrip that the new Bond movie would feature the Atlantic Ocean Road… IIRC, it was filmed only a few weeks before my visit! :D (But don't quote me on that.) 14-Nov-2021: 34. Eurovision Song Contest: The story of Fire Saga Fave! It… it made me want to start watching the actual Eurovision Song Contest. o_O THE PEOPLE FROM MY KEWL NINE INCH NAILS CIRCLE MUST NEVER FIND OUT 27-Nov-2021: 35. Last Christmas Kate, re Brexit: "They're not gonna send you back. You live here. This is your home." Mum: "I know how it start. They point a finger. They say, 'Those people, they are reason your life is bad.' And people believe. They believe." Kate: "I know. I know." Mum: *sob* Mum: "I blame the Poles." Kate: "OK…" Kate: -_- If you liked this movie, you may also enjoy "The sixth sense", "Sweet November", and "Truly, madly, deeply". Lastly, thanks to Netflix for spoiling the movie with a poorly chosen still that is shown while the movie loads. YEAH! At least I didn't spot the spoilage right from the start. Nor did I suspect that the very title is kind of spoily. Ahem. 11-Dec-2021: 36. En underbar jävla jul (a.k.a. Holy mess) 24-Dec-2021: 37. The road to El Dorado 25-Dec-2021: 38. Bird box Music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross! Mad breath-holding skillz and body-heat-preservation skillz by the little birdies in the box. o_O Dec-2021: 39. The square (2013) Docu. 31-Dec-2021: 40. Don't look up Fave! I'm happy it seems to be so popular. :B Netflix dropped the trailer on me one day. I only read the synopsis and put the movie on my to-see list immediately. :p -------------------------------------------------- Vegan FAQ! :) The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See. Please watch Earthlings.

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