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MCU: The Adventures of Captain America #2

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“Bucky, Adolf Hitler is within our grasp. If all goes to plan, we can win the war right here and now!” “Gee, Cap, really?” “You betcha. For Lady Liberty!” “For America!” The two friends clasped hands in a firm handshake before the Captain lifted Bucky up with one mighty arm, throwing the small child. The boy sailed into a flip as the Captain threw his shield, splitting the wooden door in two as if it were made of paper. Bucky rolled into the room and with one forceful sock, slid a Nazi across the floor and sent him flying through a window. The Captain entered the room. “Adolf,” he cried jovially. “This one’s for France!” He sailed forward with a glorious punch as a bullet ricocheted off his pointed shield. The mustached dictator opened his mouth in shock, falling onto a table covered in maps. “Nein!” He cried, as the Captain grabbed him by an ankle and swung him around the room. The fascist was flung into several of his soldiers, causing them all to tumble over. “This is better than bowling, Cap!” Bucky crowed. “This is bullshit,” Bucky mumbled. Steve shot him a look. “The troops are loving it,” he murmured back. The projector between them rattled as it showed a pudgy Captain America beating Hitler over the head with his shield. The soldiers watching hooted and cheered as the young sidekick kicked him in the rear. “They cast a kid to play me,” Bucky hissed. “It’s embarrassing.” “You are a kid,” the Captain replied with half a grin. “I’m sixteen. He’s six.” “It was probably a communication issue.” “It’s not funny.” “It’s pretty funny.” “Alright, it’s kinda funny,” The teen smiled. “They got the handshake right, though,” Steve pointed out. “That’s the bare minimum,” Bucky chuckled as his on-screen counterpart did a comically slow barrel roll to avoid a spray of bullets. The mask fell off the child’s face and he hastily reapplied it, pouncing with a shrill scream into a dozen “Nazis”. The stuntmen acted as if they’d been shot and all tumbled over, splayed in grotesque ways. Bucky frowned slightly, watching his on-screen counterpart. One of the Nazis gripped his chest with moronic flair, thrashing after being punched, and as he went into what were presumably his death throes, a burst tore loose from his machine gun, stitching half a dozen holes in the wall next to faux-Bucky’s head. As the young soldier watched, he suddenly felt lightheaded. Another burst of lead sang towards his cinematic counterpart and his heart slammed into his chest, pounding like a war drum. Dazed, he looked down at his chest as it heaved rapidly. The ringing hit in a sharp burst, gradually but insistently filling his ears. The hand on his shoulder brought him back to reality. “Let’s take a walk, Buck.” Bucky looked up at Steve, who’d gotten to his feet. Vaguely, the teen nodded, glancing down at his hands. Red imprints of his nails were clearly visible in his palms, outlined in crimson. He took a shaky breath and joined the Captain, abandoning the whooping soldiers and incompetently made film in favor of the dense forest behind the projector. They walked in silence for a few minutes, glinting jewels dotting the sky, before finally reaching the deep glow of a campfire throwing light on rows of tents and jeeps. A woman looked up from her file-covered log at the fire, brushing a stray hair back behind her ear. “Back so soon?” she asked, her voice accented with a posh British inflection. Steve sighed and bent over, looking at a plate next to her. “What’s this?” “Sausages and beans. Don’t dodge the question.” The captain nimbly plucked up a sausage, the woman snatching forward just a second too late with an indignant shout, and tossed it to Bucky, who caught it between two fingers. Peggy grabbed Steve, half a smile on her face, and pushed him over. “It was my fault, Agent Carter. I don’t know what happened. One minute we were just watching, and the next I felt sick,” he said between bites. Peggy finished brutalizing Steve and let him off the damp forest floor. He shot Peggy a glance and poked at the fire with his booted toe, cursing quietly as the heat kicked in. “I’ve wondered if there would be any lasting consequence to bringing a child into war. It’s why I was so hesitant to begin with. I thought - I mean, I still do, but I thought you could handle it. You’re tough.” “I was fighting long before you showed up, Steve.” “I know that. But you were holding a gun and wearing fatigues. This is a different ball game.” Steve struggled for words. He had never been eloquent. “I still don’t doubt you, Buck. But we should talk about what this is doing to you.” Bucky felt a surge of warmth and anger. He thrust out a hand dismissively. “There’s nothing to worry about. I’ve taken out hundreds of Nazis by myself, Cap. Tell him, Peggy.” Agent Carter looked up from her paperwork and sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose. “You’re not wrong, James. You and Steve are our best fighters, but what’s that doing to you? You’re still a child. A very capable child, but a child nonetheless. Just like Steve.” Steve waved his hand in agreement. “Thank you. Wait, what?” Bucky shook his head and extended his fingers for another sausage. Wordlessly, Peggy shook her head, eyes stern, but reconsidered and caved with a sigh, handing him the metal plate. “Thanks.” “No more.” “Maybe one.” “NO MORE.” “We’ll negotiate.” “We won’t.” “Agree to disagree.” “Here’s the thing,” Steve said, grabbing their attention again, “I saw how you froze up, Buck. I want to know you’re all right but I can’t quite believe that after what I saw. You looked like you’d seen a ghost and its entire family.” “Well,” Bucky said, taking a shaky breath, “you’ll just have to wait and see in the next fight.” “That’s an awful idea.” “You have a better one?” The older man shook his head with a laugh. Bucky extended his arm. “Come on. You know I got this. I just couldn’t bear watching that movie.” Steve hesitated. He looked at Peggy. She wasn’t sold either. Still, he grabbed his hand for the shake. “You know we can take em.” “Damn right,” Bucky grinned. “Not so hard, Cap. You’re gonna take my arm off.” “Sorry.”

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