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Away From Reality Part 2: Rapture (Part 1: Raining in the Heart)

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posted by Kaleigh Guess alias ~Cloerules123~ on Saturday 10th of August 2013 09:25:50 AM

“Hello, citizens of the world we all came here today to celebrate the death of the foe Envy.” The crowd cheered me on. “We love you!” Most of the crowd yelled to me, cheering for me. They thought that I was the hero, but the real hero was Tyler. “But, we all lost somebody we loved in the time Envy was walking, we all did, yet we will continue on with living our precious lives. A friend once told me that our life is like a book; we decide what happens and which path we would take. So, all of our stories will continue if we want them to.” I closed my eyes, and went off the stage I was on; I couldn’t take the pain. Tyler was my friend, but I let him die. Now I knew why Rikku was so upset about us leaving Andrea; we could have saved her, but we didn’t. “Yuni, come here!” It was Rikku waving her hand. Her other hand held the hand of Suki, her secret daughter. “What do you want, Rikku?” I asked. I hadn’t talked to Rikku or the others for two days, since Tyler’s death. “You have to look at what I found when I was sphere hunting. Suki and I already watched it and, well, we thought you should look at it.” She handed me a red sphere that was in her pocket of her jean short shorts. The glass was slowly burning my skin until I squeezed it. “Oh my that?” “Yes, it is Tyler or at least somebody that looks like him.” This was just making me feel more guilty about what happened to Tyler. He was inside of a cage, going insane. “I can’t watch this. Show Luku about it she might know where it came from.” The pain was becoming unbearable, the pain of a broken heart. “Yeah, Rikku. Let’s get, Luka.” Suki pulled Rikku’s hand. “Yuni, you are coming with us.” “I rather stay home.” But, Suki grabbed my hand and pulled Rikku and I with her. Gosh, this girl is strong, I thought. “Plus, we should visit Basil again. It is would be good to see our old home.” Suki and Rikku moved out of Rikku’s mom house right after we defeated Envy. They moved into a house in FayetteVille, a place a couple hours away from Basil. “I miss it.” “Suki, I told you mom doesn’t want me there because she does not like the fact that I am part of the Ali Vran. She says it is cursed.” The little girl was still pulling both of us. I knew that she wanted to be exactly like her ‘sister’ but I thought she was pushing herself too far. “So, we could still visit.” Suki did not know the real reason why Rikku moved out of the house, it was her dad not her mom. At Luka’s house: RING RING! We rang Luka’s doorbell, nobody answered. So, we rang it again. Luka opened the door with her youngest child, Von, in her arms. Violet was playing with Moxie Girlz in their front room. “Oh my god, guys! Wilden, Yuni, Rikku, and Suki are here!” Wilden went down the stairs. They were both wearing bathrobes. “Hey, Luka.” We had to break her the news about Tyler’s disappearance. “Where’s Tyler and Kirami?” Luka seemed shocked to see us without them by our side. “Kirami went back to his family and Tyler...” I broke down in tears before I could finish my sentence. “Disappeared?” “How do you know that?” Then I realized Luka could read minds, but I couldn’t take back what I said. “Well, I can read minds. I knew all this time, yet Tyler begged me to keep it a secret because he knew you would stop the journey and not kill his father. And, I knew ever since the incident with Si.” That angered me that Luka knew all this time about Tyler’s secret. “You have to understand why.” “Tyler could be still here, and Andrea also. Two lives could have been saved if you told us. Andrea wouldn’t be a dark priest and Tyler would be here next to me.” I made Rikku, Suki, and Wilden too scared to talk with my anger. “You loved him, didn’t you?” Luka wasn’t frightened by me, so she glared at me. “Correction: I LOVE him. No loved, love!” My finger went into Luka’s face. “Um, Luka, we came here to show you this sphere.” Rikku gave Luka her sphere, and then comforted Suki. She hugged her; she loved her. “Let’s see.” Luka saw what the sphere showed. She looked scared for once in her life. “Oh crap. This can’t be tracked; it somewhere out of this world.” Rikku stopped hugging Suki and ran up to Luka. “What do you mean?” Suki questioned while she walked over to Luka. “That means you have to look somewhere else but Earth.” Luka gave Rikku the sphere. Wilden hadn’t moved since he went down the stairs. Sometimes, I felt like Wilden was the brother of Kirami, but he wasn’t. They were the same, yet completely different. “Then we have to search, be sphere hunters. It seems like we could only find him that way.” Rikku put the sphere back in the pocket. After that, she fixed her pink dotted tank top. Her boots were as black as night even when the sun hit them. Suki wore the same black dress and boots. So, I fixed my white dress. “Okay.” I accepted Rikku’s invitation to join her. “But, first I have to show you the team I have for cases like this.” She got a panel from her purse, and pressed a button on it. A couple seconds later an aircraft land in Luka’s huge front yard. Violet stared at it in wonder through a window. “Oh my god.” The ship was a shiny red rooter. It was one of the biggest things I ever seen in my life; Luka’s front year being number one biggest thing ever. “You have to meet the team! Suki, stay here for a moment.” Rikku pulled my hand, and I figured out why Suki was so good at it. I was getting tired of people pulling on my hands. “How many of you are there?” “You see when we get inside.” Rikku ran, so I had to because she wouldn’t let go of my hand. My hand was starting to turn red she was holding on it so hard. “Here goes nothing.” “Don’t be that way.” I felt like saying then let go of my hand to Rikku, but I couldn’t say it. She was one of the little friends I had left alive. Inside the ship: When we stepped on the floor it made an echoing sound that rung my ears. “Oh, sorry for that. You will get used to the sound eventually.” Rikku hadn’t let go of my hand yet. I couldn’t feel the blood go to my hand. “Rikku, my hand is falling asleep,” I complained. She turned back to me, and rolled her eyes. “You have to meet them. Let’s see there is Kimber, Fatima, my brother, Buddy, Stewart, Lee, Thunder, and Hail. We will be like the most awesome team ever when you join us.” So, there was eight people I had to meet, I noted. I usually didn’t note myself, but when Tyler disappeared from my life I kept keeping note of things. “Where are them?” “They should all be at the control room, Yuni. If not their rooms or the mature playroom.” Rikku seemed happy that I was about to meet her friends that she worked with. “Alright.” When I finished saying alright we reached a see through door that showed a room with eight people in it. I knew only Andru, Rikku’s brother, from all of them. The doors made a beeping sound when they opened. “Who’s this, Rikku?” A girl with a half-shaved head of brown hair with gray highlights. “I hate it when you bring in all of these random people.” “Kimber, give her a break.” Another girl came up. Her face was two ways, two different faces on one. One had brown curly hair, green eyes, and black skin the other had straight black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. “Shut up, Fatima.” The woman with the half-shaved hair glared at two-face. “Fatima is right, Kimber, stop being this way.” Rikku’s brother shouted his words from the other side of the room. “Can we just have one day without a fight?” A man that had red hair and dark skin was right next to Andru complained about how they always fight. That made me have second thoughts about this plan to join Rikku. “I wish, Buddy, but there is always two certain people who won’t give each other a break,” Andru, Rikku's brother, answered. “Well, I think Kimber is right about you guys need to shut up.” Then I saw another girl with pale pink hair, pale skin, and gray eyes. “Thunder, urgh, you always do this.” The girl next to the girl with the pink hair slapped her head. “Urgh.” “Hail, stop complaining, and everybody in this room should just stay quiet for one millisecond!” Then a man with brown hair got out of a chair and went up to Rikku and I. “Who are you anyways?” He popped my personal bubble. “Layoff, Stewart.” The last man had blue eyes, black hair, and tannish skin. “Make our new member feel welcomed.” “Who says she is our new member? We don’t even know her name yet and you are acting like she is your sister, Lee! This girl could be from MARKA for all we know.” I hated the man that was in my bubble for saying that. He doesn’t know I hate MARKA because of what they did to Andrea and many other poor souls. “My name is Yuni thank you very much. Also, my crew and I just destroyed MARKA’s toy, Envy.” The man that was in my face went away from me in utter shock. He just called a hero a traitor; I wasn’t a traitor in anyway. So, he walked away from me. “Well, I guess you now know how it is like everyday. But, these people are still loveable once you get to know them.” The woman with the grayish-brown hair flicked Rikku off, yet Rikku didn’t seem to mind. “So, its you the lucky b*tch who killed Envy. Ha ha, nice to meet you my name is Kimber.” It was the girl with the shaved head that was talking. “Nice to meet you too.” I wanted to make a good impression on these people because I knew that I was going to be with them for a very long time. “And, that girl over there with the two faces is Fatima.” “So sorry, but I have to go.” Fatima ran out of the room to who knew where. “Don’t worry she is always like that with new people. It used to be only me, my brother, Kimber, and Fatima until I meet new people.” There was a frown on Kimber’s face when I looked behind me. “The two girls with pink hair over there that look like clones are Hail and Thunder. They might look alike, but they do not act alike at all.” “It was the same way with my old friends in first grade. I miss the days that I was a naive child that thought the only evil in this world would be destroyed like they were in Disney movies.” But, those days are long gone, I told myself. “The man with my brother is Daniel but call him Buddy. And, the one fighting with you was Stewart and the last person is Lee. That is are little group.” “Count me in.” I was glad to be part of their group because I knew they would bring me to Tyler. “Okay, so here is the plan, Yuni.” Two years later: “Where this, Yuni, Kimber and I will figure out who is doing this.” Rikku gave me a bunny costume. “We will track down the impersonator. And, remember call Andru and the others if you are in trouble.” First, Rikku forced me to become a pop singer for their plan and now she was making me where this stupid bunny thing. “Alright.” It had been two years, but we hadn’t found any more clues about Tyler’s whereabouts. “Cheer up, Rikku and I got this in the bag.” Kimber was the same girl she was two years ago. Her hair was a tad bit longer, but Kimber still wore torn jeans everyday along with a goth shirt and tons of makeup. “We will be done in no time.” Rikku was the same too. The same blonde hair tied together in a thousand ponytails and the same type of clothing, tank tops and short shorts. She was lucky it never got cold in South America anymore. “What will I do if you guys are in trouble?” I should have known the answer to that question. “Kick a*s like you always do.” Sometimes, I didn’t like Kimber’s attitude. She was too much of a rebel in my opinion. When the went away to bust the bad guy I put the bunny costume on. It was the most uncomfortable thing I wore in my entire life; I was sweating heavily also to make it even more unbearable. “Gosh, I hate it when they have to do stuff without me.” But, I remembered most of the others had to sit in the ship during the missions. Some were too scared, some were ship specialist, and the others were excluded. “I know,” Andru said. Dang it I forgot to turn out the radio...again. I did it all the time, and Andru or Buddy held me talking to myself. “Do you know what Hail, Thunder, Buddy, Fatima, Lee, Suki and Stewart are doing?” I yawned. “The others are upgrading the aircraft right now.” Most people on our team were masters of fixing things and fighting and I was the only one who knew magic. Suki was accepted into the group one year after me to my surprise, but Rikku did want Suki to always be with her. “Do you know what your father is doing?” I hated saying those words because I knew what he did to Rikku years ago. Nothing was going to change my mind about him; anybody who raped their own daughter deserved to go to hell. “No, I don’t know he hasn’t talked to me in weeks on end. He is probably busy with other Vran stuff.” The Vran didn’t know that Rikku and Andru were working with many other people that were not part of them. But, if they did figure out Rikku was hiding other people on the aircraft they would suspend her and the rest of her family from their team. “That’s a bummer.” At this point I wanted to know where he was to rip him into pieces. His heart in my hands will be my award. Andru didn’t know what his father did, at least yet. “I know. He’s my dad and I need him here.” But, I knew Rikku would become paranoid if her father came onto her ship. “Yeah...he should be here,” I lied. I couldn’t tell Andru that his father was the worst man in the universe. That was something Rikku needed to do not me. “Rikku says it is better off without him. She gets this idea that our father isn’t a good man.” So, Andru knew about Rikku’s hate for him, but not why that is. Knowing Andru, he probably thought it was because he didn’t talk to Rikku or Suki or him for a long time. “She has her reasons.” “It better be good ones.” Oh it is Andru, I thought, something absolutely horrible. “Talk to you later.” “Stay safe, okay, Yuni?” “I will, Andru.” Yet, I knew that I was lying. All I was doing was getting in danger’s path to save Tyler. “Good.” I disconnected my radio, and whistled. It was something I did everyday ever since Tyler went away. But, my hopes were always crushed when there was no answer. “Thank god that is over.” Then I realized somebody was calling me on the radio, so I connected it back. I hoped it wasn’t Andru calling me about nothing important. “Yuni, come to the front of the arena. We got ourselves in a mess here.” The voice on the radio was Rikku’s. “MARKA!” “Crap, i’m coming.” I took off my bunny thing thinking that was all for nothing at all. “Be quick I think this is serious.” Luckily for me, I was right next to the entrance, and saw them. It was one of the MARKA people who were crazy enough to join them. So, I jumped out of my hiding spot and stood my guard. I took out one of the guns I had and pointed it at the person. “You are outnumbered here.” Kimber secretly had the panel she had in her hands and pressed one of the buttons on it. Then the ship, whose name was Red Feather, appeared behind us. Fatima, Andru Buddy, Hail, Thunder, and Suki jumped out of it, landing on their feet. Stewart and Lee were inside the aircraft making sure it didn’t crash. “MARKA, you are going down.” Thunder took out her lightning nunchucks. She did was swinging them around making a display of lightning. Thunder didn’t care that her name wasn’t lightning she still loved the shocking beauty and pain of it. “You’re so full of yourself, sis.” Hail showed her sith to battle the threat. “What are we waiting for?” Suki still had the axe that she stole from her sister years back. It was her favorite weapon she had, and always will be. “I don’t know,” Andru responded while taking out his sword, the classic weapon. Fatima took her weapon out last, a club covered with spikes. “Let’s just get this over with. All of you guys love making a scene before everything we do.” Fatima was ready to fight with us. Rikku had her daggers, and Kimber had a sword in flames. “Yeah, come at us you b*tch,” Kimber said. She pulled her tongue out to egg the agent on. And, that was why I thought she was being too rebellious. “Ha, fouls.” When the agent snapped her finger I smelled smoke. That was when I turned around and saw Red Feather falling, bursting into flames with Stewart and Lee inside it. “NO!” All of us ran towards the falling plane, but it had crashed somewhere we couldn’t see. Stewart and Lee were dead because everybody else was outside the aircraft fighting MARKA. The death count just kept on rising and rising of remarkable speeds; it made me have a bad feeling in my stomach.We turned around once again and saw that there were hundreds of MARKA agents behind us. “We are going to die,” Fatima commented. But, somebody jumped out of nowhere and started to attack. Then even more people came out from hiding spots and fought the MARKA. There were about five people who were going against them, so we decided to help them. “What a relief.” Hail slashed up one of the agents with her sith. “Take that you jerks!” We were all fighting with this mysterious crew that appeared out of nowhere. To my surprise, nobody from the arena had came out yet. Then we saw hundreds of MARKA bodies on the ground, dead like Stewart and Lee. “Wow, that was fun.” I could tell Kimber was being sarcastic with that statement. “Knock it off,” Fatima commanded. Her eyebrows were going up in anger; I wouldn’t blame her because mine were too. “How can you joke in this situation, Kimber? Lee and Stewart are DEAD and you are making stupid jokes.” I was siding with Fatima in this fight. “Guys, stop acting like this is some type of soap opera. Can have a day without drama, a single day!” Hail screamed. The girl was tired of all of the stuff that was happening with the group. “I surely hope.” Rikku probably didn’t like the fact that I sided with Fatima. I usually stayed in the middle of the fights, but I couldn’t this time around. “We sometimes need jokes to make us feel better! Kimber just heals differently than all of you.” Thunder was always on Kimber’s side; they thought alike so they sided with each other. “Why can’t you guys just get along?” Andru was against us fighting all the time. “Stewart and Lee died and all you guys are doing is fighting! Gosh, drama these days.” It used to annoy me the fighting, but I got used to it. “STOP FIGHTING IT IS JUST MAKING US WASTE PRECIOUS TIME!” Suki commanded. We looked at her, shocked. “Nice group you got there.” One of the five people that popped out of nowhere came out, well, from nowhere. The person was wearing something a ninja from old movies wore, and was carrying a chainsaw. “Shut up.” Kimber went into his face like Stewart did to me two years ago. “Why don’t you go run along with your other friends.” “What other friends? The only people here when I got here were you and those MARKA agents...wait Rikku, Yuni! What’s up?” The figure took off his mask, it was Kirami. “Kirami, what are you doing here?” I asked. I hadn’t seen my old friend since Tyler disappeared two years ago. Sometimes it was good to see a face you know, especially a friend’s. “I was just walking by.” “Well, me and my cuz are fine, thank you very much.” Rikku wrapped her arm around me. “Trying to find Tyler?” he questioned. Okay, I thought, Kirami knew me like the back of his hand. “Yes, and the MARKA headquarters. We might be able to free Andrea if we do find it.” Then I realized neither me or Rikku told the others about Andrea yet. “Who’s this Andrea girl anyways?” Kimber asked. Now she was in my face except for Kirami’s. “Um...she was a friend.” I wasn’t lying to Kimber, but I wasn’t telling the complete truth either. “Go on,” Thunder said. It seemed like that Thunder was turning into Kimber as the days rolled by. “I said go on; I know that is not the complete truth, so go on.” She kept pressuring me by giving me the eye. “And, she,um um-” “Stop saying um already!” Kimber demanded. “Andrea died.” Kirami had finished the sentence for me. “Now she is a Dark Priest.” “Holy s*it.” Kimber’s mouth fell right open. “You know a former identity of a Dark Priest! Why didn’t you tell me or the others this before?” All I did by not telling the new team was upset them. “This is probably the only time I will agree with Kimber. You did not tell the truth to us. For all we know you might have turned into an Alive Dark Priest,” Fatima screamed. She was making a mad expression on both of her faces. “What do you mean Alive Dark Priest?” Rikku was in caution because she did get processed by a Dark Priest, and I got entwined with black muck. “Whenever they process people or whenever they put their muck on you.” I gulped; that was what happened to all of the group. “Oh my god, we were all Dark Priests...” Rikku then started to scream and pull on her hair. “We were all part of them! Me, you, you too Kirami, Andrea, Suki, and Tyler! Part of f*cking MARKA.” “Why are we only learning about this now?” The others were glaring at us. “Rikku, you’re my sister and you didn’t tell me this. What else are you hiding?” Andru turned away, and wouldn’t look at Rikku. “You are the one in denial about daddy!” Rikku was trying to upset Andru because he offended her. “What are you talking about?” Andru turned back around to face his sister. “Of course you don’t have a clue, Andru, you always been daddy’s little boy.” Was Rikku going to him and the others, I wondered. “I don’t get what’s happening!” The others in the group, except for Suki, were confused. “Ha ha, you always thought daddy was the mother f*cking best man for the world when I think he can’t get any worst. You know why? Do you?” Rikku was scaring me with her talk. “Rikku, what are you hinting at?” This was killing me; I had to tell them or Rikku would. “That’s for me to know and you to find out. Ask daddy what I mean; I’m sure he would tell you.” Rikku wasn’t going to tell them, but the secret was killing me. Like I could keep my past a secret, yet I couldn’t keep Rikku’s much longer. Those images haunt me for all of my life. “This tell me, Rikku. You can trust me.” Her brother was trying to act sympatric, but it didn’t work. “No.” Rikku sounded like a kindergartener when she said that single word. “Rikku, you can tell him,” Hail supported. But, as before, Rikku ignored their words and said no. Even when Kimber said she would tear her guts out Rikku said no. “If you won’t say it, I will.” “You can’t do that, cuz, it would ruin me.” Rikku was trying so hard to keep her secret safe that I was worried the other her would destroy us all, but the other her went away when she told Andrea. “I would if you don’t say it. It kills me to know such great people do not know the truth.” “They don’t need to know the truth, Yuni,” she responded quickly. Rikku knew one day or another she had to teach them, yet she was refusing to. “Andru, when your sister, Riku, was missing your father was the one that adducted her and put her in his secret house, not his friend. And, well, for ten years he raped h-” “No why, Kirami!” Andru was in shock, and probably thought that Kirami was lying. The thing that shocked me the most was the fact that Kirami was telling everybody, not me or Rikku, KIRAMI. It might sound mean but he was the quiet type. “Back to my story. He raped her everyday; it must be tough losing your virginity when you’re only three, Rikku. Yep, sorry you have to hear this Suki, Rikku is Suki’s mother.” After finishing his grand speech, Suki’s eyes widened in terror. “That’s just sick.” Hail literally threw up on the ground underneath her. “He is lying, right? Like who would do that to their own daughter?” Fatima questioned. By the looks on everybody’s faces, I could tell that Rikku was the one in most pain. “I think i’m gonna cry. Don’t cry, Thunder, but I just can’t help it. Can’t fight back the tears.” That was the first time I saw water come out of Thunder’s eyes. “Heard worst.” I was about to faint with Kimber’s reaction. It just made me think she was a heartless monster. “How could you say that?” This was the first time I went into Kimber’s face; she didn’t go into mine. “Maybe you should pay more attention to everything.” Kimber was just asking for a fight. “STOP IT! All I want to know is that the truth,” Andru interrupted. “It is.” Rikku was standing there, sad. “Why do you think I hate daddy so much.” “Can you stop saying daddy; you are a fully grown woman.” “No, daddy will hurt me.” It was pathetic that Rikku was scared of her own dad’s name. All she wanted is for him to be out of her life, forever. “He won’t.” Andru tried to comfort her once again, and once again it didn’t work very well. “Oh, daddy would.” Rikku was being hard on her little brother. “You just don’t remember because you were only three.” Wait, Andru is only three years older than Suki, but he looked freaking older than Rikku. I knew that he was younger than Rikku; yet not this much younger than her. “All you guys do is fight all the time! Maybe if you can just keep your cool you can actually find Tyler!” Suki screamed. “And, I want to know about Rikku being my mother.” I thought for a child that was only ten Suki was pretty mature and serious about everything that was happening. Even more mature than some of the adults there. “We can talk about that later, sweetie,” Rikku answered. She was trying so hard to invold telling Suki the truth for some reason. “Stop hiding stuff from me!” But, we all turned away from her to look at Rikku. Then I heard a screaming sound, and so did the others. When we turned around Suki was gone. “Suki, where are you?” After I said that I saw Dark Priest Andrea with poor little Suki in her arms. “He would be so pleased.” Those words that came out of Andrea’s mouth questioned me. “We have to follow her!” Thunder commanded. “She will bring us to MARKA.” “Oh h*ll no she processed me.” Rikku was scared of Dark Priest Andrea. “But, I will do anything for Suki even die a painful death in front of her.” “TMI, Rikku. I didn’t need to hear that.” Hail was very sensitive to gore and death, and usually annoyed me her fears. Just because of Hail’s fear Thunder always stayed on the ship until now. “This is bad, really, really bad. Come on, let’s go before we lose her!” Fatima ran after Andrea, so we did too. After following Andrea for hours: “What is that?” Rikku pointed at a building that looked like a huge factory. Then I realized that she was still wearing Kenzie’s pearl necklace around her neck. “Is that MARKA headquarters?” Hail asked, “I’m going to freak out.” So, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “Time for some sweet revenge.” Kimber got out her sword, and prepared to fight. She licked her sword; Kimber didn’t care about her bleeding tongue whatsoever. “Guys, cheer up. We now know where MARKA is, so that’s good.” Thunder tried to make everybody excited, yet it didn’t work for me. “Thunder, we are about to go into the belly of the shark,” I reminded her. But, Thunder did not care about the safety hazards or the fact that she could die and turn into a Dark Priest. Thunder didn’t have a care in the world expect for her sister. “Stop fighting they will hear us!” Fatima warned us with a stern tone. “Yeah, Fatima is right.” Andru then shut his mouth. We all got out our weapons, besides Kimber, and were sly. Kirami hadn’t said anything about the matter just like usual. Dark Priest Andrea went inside the doors of the headquarters and screamed a horrible cry. “You know what to do if anything gets out of hand. Radio, call anyone of us,” Kimber whispered. Rikku then put on Andrea’s old mask like she always did when we sneaked around. “Yep.” Thunder nodded her head in agreement. We all went our own ways to see were everything is. Somehow, I was the one stuck checking out the entrance. I thought I was doomed. “Here goes nothing.” I casted an invisibility spell on myself so nobody could see me, it worked. The door was completely made out of steel and so was the rest of the place that was in the middle of nowhere. But, then when I reached the door I got shocked and the spell weared off. “There is a unMARKA at the front door.” “Crap!” I ran as fast as I could to escape any MARKA. Then I saw Andrea go to the left, so I did. She opened a cell door with a golden key and threw Suki in there. There was another girl in there, crying. When I reached the door I saw the other girl. “Yuni, what are you doing here?” Black muck covered the floor, and the only way to escape it was to go on the beds. “Saving you, everybody else is here too. I could call them with my radio.” “No, you can’t Yuni! It is a trap; get away from here it is a trap for Rikku.” Why did they want Rikku, I wondered. “Do you know why they want her?” I questioned. “Daddy is the leader...he’s not my daddy anymore, now he is just Natan to me.” Suki was sobbing like crazy. “I don’t know what he wants to do with her. For heaven’s sake I do not even know what rape means! Get out of here!” The tears dropped into the blackness and made a spark. “Save us, ignore what she says. I have been here for years and the rest of my family is part of them. Do me a favor and save us before it is too late.” The girl was about Suki’s age, and looked terrible. Her hair was uneven and an oily shade of brown, her eyes were bloodshot with tints of green, and her skin turned brown by the amount of dirt and dust on her. “What is your name, anyways?” I asked her. “My name is Vy, it means alive,” she answer me. Vy stayed in the beds, and so did Suki when she got on one. “Don’t listen to her. Natan is probably going to kill Rikku or rape her, whatever that means, or turn her into a Dark Priest.” Suki was trying to warn me about Rikku’s fate, but I ignored her. “Guys, I found Suki. Map me and then come here A.S.A.P!” This broke the bond behind me and Suki; she glared at me with such hate.Kirami came first being as silent as the still night. Then all the others came after him. “Suki, we are going to get you out of there.” Rikku put her hands on the bars of the cell. “DON’T! It’s a trap, I kept telling Yuni that, but she wouldn’t listen. Now you guys, urgh.” Suki didn’t bother to continue her sentence. “It is a trap for you Rikku.” Even though she knew Rikku was her mom she still called her Rikku like she was her sister. “It is going to be fine,” Fatima reassured. But, Suki glared at every last one of us. “You won’t listen to me on anything. You can find Tyler, and then save me. Or get the heck out of here before anyone finds you.” “She’s crazy.” Vy was still on the top bunk, waiting for something to happen. “You’re the one that has been here for years on end,” Suki responded. “That doesn’t mean i’m crazy.” Vy lay down on her bed and stared at the boring gray wall above her. I noticed that Vy had been by herself looking at the wall for years, hoping for freedom. Hoping for a time she could spread her wings and fly to La La Land. “Suki, we have to get you out of there!” Thunder shouted. Kimber gave her the eye. “Be quiet or you are going to get us all killed. Now I agree with the plan of saving them. I will stay here to see nothing bad happens to them.” It seemed weird that Kimber gave up a chance to fight to defend some kids; Kimber wasn’t the type of person that played the Guardian Angel. “Come on, Suki, it is going to be easy. We find the key, open the door, and run like little pussies out of MARKA,” Hail said. I was surprised that she wasn’t running right then. “What are we waiting for?” Rikku questioned. “We have to save Suki.” I knew what would happen next would end up with more death no matter what we did. “You can’t do this! Have much times do I have to warn you about this people; its a trap!” Suki sounded like Leia from Star Wars when she screamed ‘its a trap’! “I saw Andrea with the key. Its golden, and looks like, well, a key.” So, everybody else nodded, taking in the information. “We spit up like usual. Yuni you look near the entrance with Hail, Andru you look around the cell block area with Kirami, Thunder and Fatima you explore the place a little more, and I will go outside,” Rikku demanded. She usually took the position of leader in situations like this. “This is gonna fail, guys. Just listen to me for once, FOR ONCE!” Yet, we didn’t listen to Suki at all. In our eyes, she was just slowing us down because of her complaining. “Suki, everything will be alright. Nobody will die, and it will be a happy ending to all of this. We can save you and Tyler and our lives will be normal.” Rikku tried to convince Suki that we were right, but it didn’t work. None of them even noticed Vy in the cell. “No it’s not going to be alright. Natan will kill all of you.” “What do you mean daddy is going to kill us all? I know he’s evil and all but he won’t do that; he isn’t even here.” Rikku and the others did not know Rikku’s dad was part of MARKA. “Yes, he is. He’s part of MARKA, Rikku. Why do you think Andrea adducted me, so you can come here and he wants Rikku.” Suki jumped off the bed and pushed Rikku off the bars. “If you won’t listen to me leave! See if I care!” She came back on the bed she was on and stayed there. “Suki...oh god.” But, what happened next was something nobody but Luka would have predicted. When I was looking with Hail in the entrance for hours: Somebody was calling my radio, so I answered it. “Guys, we found the key...well at least we think we did.” It was Thunder’s voice on the radio. “Locate us and come here before MARKA finds us.” I was happy that Thunder and Fatima found the key because we could save Suki. They ended the call a couple seconds later. “We should find them.” She pressed the button to locate Thunder and Fatima’s radio, and we saw that they were on the patio near the middle of the headquarters. “Alright, Hail, I think everything is going to be fine.” Yet, I felt something in my gut that made me think that something could go wrong, but I ignored it like I ignored Suki. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go already.” Hail was becoming impatient with me. “Go ahead, Hail. I will just be here for a couple more seconds.” I wanted to be alone for a little while. “Don’t take long, okay?” So, Hail went away to see her sister and Fatima. When I was sure that Hail was far away, I checked to see if there were any MARKA agents. There were none that I could see which was strange. “I’m going to find you, Tyler.” I then whistled, and there was no reply. I’ve been doing it for two years and all I got for an answer was silence. “Even if it is the last thing I do.” Then I ran so I could catch up with Hail.

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