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4/9 My Novel Unforgettable'

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posted by Mitsushiro Nakagawa alias mitsushiro-nakagawa on Tuesday 26th of January 2016 12:16:05 PM

_________________________________ _________________________________ My Novel >> Unforgettable' (This book is Dedicated to the future artist.) Mitsushiro Nakagawa All Translated by Yumi Ikeda . images. U2 - No Line On The Horizon Live in Dublin ========= Kei twisted half the body from the bed, and stretched the arm to the foot of the table. Joints of the body were heavy. He pulled out his cellular phone from the back of 501 jeans rolled down the floor untidily, and turned on the power. Then he kept half an eye on the time and the date. After that, he called up the calendar to confirm the colored days. It’s certain that he has spent with Kaori whole week. Kei opened e-mail. Among advertisements of goods and spam subjects, there were some mails in different colors, which seemed to be sent from Rika, a friend at a prep school. Kei was lost in thought for a while, wondering when Rika had stolen his address from Kei’s cellular phone. But he did not recall anything as a point of contact with Rika, except for school hours when he was asleep. 《You’ve been absent for five days. A cold? Or a girl?》 Kei looked at the ceiling for a while after shaking the head from side to side lightly, and then massaged the corners of the eyes with the tip of a finger. Kei felt listless, heavy and a kind of feverish around temples. Kei did not answer her mail and deleted all the mails at once after checking them. Then he threw the phone away to a blanket at his feet. Heat hung in the air on the road. Kei fixed his eyes on range of buildings beyond a billboard which shows a word “loan” in red. As for a group of low buildings at the east exit in Shinjuku, the outline was always vague. Kei thought that low buildings standing in an orderly line at the east exit always looked fumigated, compared with those at the west exit towering strongly to the clear blue sky. It did not come from heat haze at midsummer. The breath exhaled from people passing by, gets tangled slowly and rubs each other, becomes invisible dirt from the hands and makes a drift all over the place Kei felt that he was inhaling the powdered heat parched by asphalt every time he walked. Kei felt a shiver go down his spine, thinking that he also will become a part of their lump some day in spending days repeatedly. Kei unconsciously hid the breath. He shut the mouth tight like putting the flushing body under water. Then he found his way out of some horns disregarding a signal. At the moment he got to a median, his cellular phone vibrated in the back pocket of 501. He looked at the unregistered numbers for a while without opening the phone. The letter “M” on the monitor is blinking. Kei opened it in silence. "Watch out! Let’s go across a crosswalk by following rules." It was Rika’s voice. Kei got sick of her innocent voice. The heat over the asphalt suddenly increased. Rika jumping up and waving hands, behind the crowd flowing without a break in his back, caught Kei's eye when Kei looked about him. Kei said to Rika who looked high-spirited on the display. "When did you steal my number?" "You know, you are always sleeping.” Kei was disgusted at her and said like spitting it out. “Delete it without fail.” Kei talked to Rika on the phone. Then the figure, “3” began to light on the display of the phone. Rika said in fluster, “Key, I’ll introduce my friend. She is cute. I’ll connect her with us. Hold on!” Kei talked to Rika’s smiling face on the display while crossing the road diagonally. "It's none of your business!" Kei shut the phone. From the bustle at the back, Rika’s voice gradually became loud to stop Kei and approached. Rika has been following Kei about since the class in April started. A prep school was almost near a boys' school, and girls in such an atmosphere were like precious ceramics. Some boys seemed to make advances to an active, cheerful girl, Rika, but she was not interested in them and kept sitting next to Kei single mindedly. There was a reason for that, but actually it meant nothing to Kei. It was the time when he was not able to become familiar with a new classroom yet, and sat on the window seat for the time being. Most of the seats in the classroom were already occupied. Rika entered the classroom late and happened to seat next to Kei. Rika looked into Kei’s sketch selfishly by way of a greeting. The back of a pigeon raising its head outside of the window was drawn on the sketch. Rika asked Kei who she had met the first time to draw her without the slightest hesitation. Somehow Kei made his automatic pencil run because her attitude was too natural and uncontrived. Rika lost the word for a while looking at the picture finished up within a minute. Then she dropped a word. “It’s me? So beautiful....” Rika deliberately patted the line of a finished picture by the tip of a finger. The glance that she had dropped had the warmth of a little girl. But at the next moment Kei was disgusted at her words. “Won’t you draw much better? Give color to it.” Kei never accept any invitation from Rika since then. Rika kept talking about a new club opened near the intersection at Roppongi or a live house opened today and a nameless band that will become a hit in the future performs or there is a wonderful, popular bar which opened recently at a building constructed in Nishi-Azabu recently. Rika kept asking Kei to go to such places at night, but she was actually a coward. Kei spent every weekends coming to Tokyo with Naoya in their high-school days and made whoopee until next morning. Even if Kei spent happy time as a diversion of youth, he was seized with a wave of weariness doubly next morning. Kei was already worn out by it and also feared being overawed. Kei hated being confused by a pleasure of one night. After a good sleep at the first lecture, Kei stepped over a desk and left the classroom. On the way, from the back he heard Rika’s voice to stop him, but he went out of the preschool disregarding it. Father's back figure crossed Kei's mind when he saw a businessman wiping sweat of his brow in the intersection distorted by heat. It was a day of April when he was 15 years old. A gentle wind was blowing. Kei was called to an old coffee shop which was just next to the head office of the company in Otemachi where his father was working for. "These are for you.” Father said so in a few words and gave one credit card and a brand-new cellular phone on a dirty table with a circle of coffee stain. Kei took them a little later after father left. A cold feel was transmitted to the tip of his finger. A smell of rust hung in the air from the inside of the portable, precise equipment which had no flaw. Kei inhaled the smell deeply and grasped it. Kei took out iPod from the pocket and screwed the headphone into the ear while being hit around the waist by the hot wind that had fallen vertically along the wall of the building. The familiar bustle of town faded away at the moment when the back of the eardrum trembled, and the scenery changed. The undulation of “Killer cars” quickens Kei's steps and the chain of the heat surrounded around the ankle is slowly undone. The sluggish voice of Thom Yorke rippled widely the stagnant crowd coming and going. The ripple becomes smaller and smaller to the breath of Kei running with short steps, focuses toward one point, becomes a line from small spots and hurts the scenery he passed. The scenery is like the thin glass scraped with a small pebble repeatedly. The color of the town faded out as Kei quickens his steps and gets out of breath. The feel in the way of giving way to the monochrome was comfortable to Kei. Kei had touched music in this way for a long time. Erasing the meaning of his presence and merging him into the flowing scenery. This way eased his gloomy feeling to some extent, too. Kei felt at ease unnoticed by walking thus restlessly in the town, being unconscious of himself at present and himself hereafter. But another thought crossed his mind on the other hand. By any chance I might value this scenery filled with boredom. Everyone belongs to one of these sceneries and never run away even if he wants to get away from tedious days. Though he understands this, he values every days. In the corner of mind he still might have an instinctive hold on leaving him quietly somewhere in the dull scenery. He might expect a little somewhere in the familiar scenery and want to belong to it like choosing the way to a halfway preschool with no definite object to go. But the lines of the window stuck on a building certainly goes straight, crosses each other all over the town, runs after the crowd of the flowing people endlessly and surrounds it. A stable standard of the society is shown in the bunch of the transparent lines. An enclosure of definite ideal standard that looks justice. If you are not tightened by the collar of the ideal hung mutually and spend disregarding the standard shown each other, the lines coils around the foot, and hangs you at once. He felt he would get stiff in a moment and be set straight until his breath stops if he was seized with only one thing. Rika’s white Tretorn blocked and stopped just in front of Kei who was walking looking down. Ken looked up and saw Rika’s white teeth shinning on her suntanned face. "Where are you going?” "None of your business." "Secondhand record shop or bookstore again?" Kei sighed heavily to the word. He turned around to Rika whose eyes were sparkling and said to her. Her T-shirt was dazzlingly white. "Don’t follow me.” "Why do you always look for secondhand goods?” “They don’ have lousy noise like you.” Rika didn’t mind Kei's tone at all and said, “How did you get to know her? The reason why you took five days off school was her, not a cold, right? I saw you two. Just the time when you were getting on a taxi at the intersection in Shibuya last Friday night. You know, that place stands out. Kei, you made love with her that day? I doubt her. She looks so smart.” In a hurried crowd, Rika shouted cheerfully to Kei's back. Kei thought of Kaori while walking because Rika just his age mentioned Kaori. Kei did not feel the difference of six years at all through the talk with Kaori. Besides there was little difference between Kei and Kaori as for an understanding of music, a view about pictures and favorite books they had read. But it is Kei’s view and not necessarily Kaori’s view. By any chance, Kaori might think that Kei is just a boy younger, innocent and sulky like Rika mentions. Actually they made a fuss at a first meeting. Kei had hesitation about chic fashion that looks like a grown-up, still he didn’t hate it. But it is only Kei’s impression. Kaori might hate his 501 jeans. It is quite out of the question to put on Converse sneakers with torn laces. Just spending one week together might be a little staying out late at night and be no sense for a woman like Kaori. Kei stopped and opened the cellular phone. What would Kaori say if I conveyed my feeling to Kaori? A series of shrill horns rebounded to the wall of the building. Kei vertically looked up at the building in the back turning around. A series of windows of sheer buildings were blurred right and left momentarily, and the stagnant clouds were flowing low at an end. Right under the Kei's view, there was Rika, keeping some distance from Kei. Kei slowly went through the crowd and said to Rika keeping silent, with her head down, “How about tea? I’ll treat you” Rika’s eyes shone dazzlingly. She was suddenly in a gay mood, changing her expression totally and put her arm around Kei’s back. Kei brushed it away in silent Kei knew Rika’s father. It is because he found the name of Sanjo on the corner the front page of a financial paper lined up at a bookstore where he had stopped at several weeks ago. It was a small company dealing with import materials, started from a small store in Itabashi, and Rika’s father, the second generation of the store, developed it to the whole country little by little and finally made it to be listed. Kei was able to imagine a big existence of Rika’s father to some extent from her cheerful attitude, frank way of speaking and careless attitude about trifling matters though her father's photograph did not appear in the paper. "Now I got. You were really rich.” Rika nodded holding a straw in her mouth. It was an agreeable, obedient reaction. The light reflected from the opposite building is diffused through the glass and makes a circle of light on her head. Kei talked unusually, being fed up with the oily smell of fast food a little. "I thought it was strange because you’ve got Chanel sports bag. "Why?" “If a lot of money was paid for such a bag, a leather bag would usually be chosen? Like others do, ah? ” Rika kept silent for a while pop-eyed. And she said with only her eyes turned up, raising the chin slowly from a paper cup of cola, “Kei, you are really interesting. You know, anybody usually doesn’t mind such a matter.” “You are wrong. You don’t mind it because you are rich” Rika leaned toward Kei over the table, impressed with him more and more though he thought she would show a bitter face, offended with him. ”C’mon, this is our much-awaited first date. Let’s have a nice drink.” “No, it’s not a date.” "Stop talking about my father! By the way, what does your father do?” Kei looked down the street through the glass. The crowd was moving silently in the sweltering heat. It seemed to Kei that the bustle through the glass looked coagulated like a plastic board. "An office worker?” Kei shook his head. Rika turned her eyes round mysteriously, and picked up all occupational categories seen on the street. Businessman, garbage man, taxi driver, home delivery service man, storekeeper of bookstore and hooligan distributing tissue.... Kei nodded none of them. Rika got irritated and pout her lips. "So which one?" Kei said to Rika, leaving the seat with a cup finished off. "What does it matter?” Rika looked up at Kei’s profile for a while. She was absent-minded. Her clam eyes looked like Kaori’s somewhere and replaced precocious ones. Girls might have such a moment ... Kei sometimes thought about it, but it disappeared at once. Rika joked in a usual way. “Kei, why do you act like a bad guy so much? Well, you look cute, I mean, not cool. Kei stood up disregarding Rika’s words completely. While pushing the heave door of the shop, Kei looked back on his father’s cold profile at looking down at little Kei at his mother’s funeral, together with the image of anemic businessmen coming and going at Shinjuku restlessly. His father looked absent-minded somewhere as if the funeral had nothing to do with him. Kei stopped feeling the stuffy heat, and looked back on Rika waving nonchalantly. Then he went back and sat next to Rika again. _________________________________ _________________________________ My Novel >> Unforgettable' (This book is Dedicated to the future artist.) Mitsushiro Nakagawa All Translated by Yumi Ikeda . There are two reasons why a person faces the sea. One, to enjoy a slice of shine in the sea like children bubbling over in the beach. The other, to brush the dust of memory like an old man who misses old days, staring at the shine quietly. Those lead to only one meaning though they do not seem to overlap. It’s a rebirth. I face myself to change tomorrow, a vague day into something certain. That is the meaning of a rebirth. I had a very sweet girlfriend when I was 18. After she left, I knew the meaning of gentleness for the first time and also a true pain of loss. After she left, how many times did I depend too much on her, doubt her, envy her and keep on telling lies until I realized it is love? I wonder whether a nobody like me could have given something to her who was struggling in the daily life in those days. Giving something is arrogant conceit. It is nothing but self-satisfaction. I had been thinking about such a thing. However, I guess what she saw in me was because I had nothing. That‘s why she tried to see something in me. Perhaps she found a slight possibility in me, a guy filled with ambiguous, unstable tomorrow. But I wasted days depending too much on her gentleness. Now I finally can convey how I felt in those days when we met. 1/9 2/9 3/9 4/9 5/9 6/9 7/9 8/9 9/9 Fin. images. U2 - No Line On The Horizon Live in Dublin _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ Profile. In November 2014, we caught the attention of the party selected to undertake the publicity for a mobile phone that changed the face of the world with just a single model, and will conclude a confidentiality agreement with them. _________________________________ _________________________________

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