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Deals with the UAC?!

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posted by Charlie Kat alias Kataluna on Thursday 22nd of January 2009 09:30:00 AM

Shadowkat Wrigglesworth blinks slowly as she heard that one. "WAit WHAT?!" She snarled, in a tone that if Stephan knew her by now. He would know that Kat found out that she was marked as property. "Property? I'm not the labs god damn property! I'm SUPPOSE to work to sell their stupid drugs, which I haven't done in like two weeks because well mostly cause I had heal up, and on top of that aint no one in Midian looking for drugs, they all have them already. So when the hell did working for someone suddenly make you property!" Oh yea, Stephan and whoever else was near by would know she was furious right now. "And what is your offer?" She spoke in a low growl trying to keep that temper of hers in check. Adelei Shinn tilted her head as a wide grin appeared upon her lips. "Oh? That so? Well it appears there are two sets of paperwork filed claiming her. We're trying to get to the bottom of that." She smiled politely and lifted a hand. "Pardon me while I speak to the major." Stephan Frontenac smiles to the Sergeant and says "Not a problem" and smiles as she leaves the room. He moves to the visitor window and sees Kat, not realising she's upset as he could just barely hear her from where he was, he says in a cheery voice "Hey Kat, came to see if you were alright." Shadowkat Wrigglesworth ears twitched at the words from STephan. "YOU have me marked as property!?" She was ingoring Aza right now. "PRoperty, and when was I going to find out? When you oh I don't know, decided to run test on me?" She was speaking quickly, and her words were getting louder and louder. "So, explain to me, is it boss or owner and after you explain to me....tell me which eye you want to keep!" Her tail was starting to puff out as it whipped behind her showing how furious she actually was. "And don't worry, not like you'll miss your eye! YOU can just grow it back!" Adelei Shinn knew Aza must've caught wind of that, as she heard Kat's outburst. She smiled to the major. "Seems we have an issue. Mr. Frontenac would like to know when she's being released, and why she's being held. He claims ownership." She grinned with amusement. This was too damn funny. She was still puzzled how both sets of paperwork got through without Kat being present. Azazel Steig eyes flicked twords the visitor area as he heard Stephan, his grin growing wider and wider by the second" I let you leave here...under Stephans care in return for a favor from you and your...people. Or, you refuse, I deny owener ship to both parties and you sit in here and rot" his brow arched ever so slightly as kat turned her rath on her only hope of actually getting out of here. His lips drawn thin as he looked to Shinn' if she doesnt calm down, gas her" Stephan Frontenac feels his heart fall into his gut as he listens to Kat. What had been a legal technicality to get her legal passage in Leviathan was now blowing up in his face. And he could not tell the full truth in front of the UAC. He stands paralysed as he gets bits and pieces of what Major Steig says. Aylin Daviau had known Sir Stephan was here for he had informed her and she stepped through the detectors, unconcerned because she was completely unarmed...her pale gaze shifted to him and she perked her brow just slightly "Eveything is fine Sir?" she enquired, not yet looking to the mutant, her primary concern being his welfare. Adelei Shinn nodded once and peered through the bars at Kat. She moved down the hall to get one of the canisters, just to be at the ready. The visitors might really get a kick out of that if it seeped through. A few moments later, she returned to assess Kat's condition. Stephan Frontenac nods once to Aylin, looking a bit pale. His gaze is fixed on Kat and what he can see of the Major. He knows damn well Kat is able to rip his eye out if she set her mind to it. Shadowkat Wrigglesworth started to pace around the cell, as she felt the temper start to grow more and more. She was going to set Bernard on fire first, then rip out Stephan's eyes after that put Bernard out....let Stephan regrow his eye, then set Bernard on fire again and tear out stephan's eye. That sounded like a great plan in her book, and then she'd have enough eyeballs to shut Calee up for a month, and the scent of human flesh would make Chi stay away from her until he grew a brain. Yes, this plan would work to her advantage all she had to do was get out of this cell. She narrowed her eyes just playing the ideas in her head. "And what's the favor if I agree to this deal?" She growled low, it was taking her everything to keep her claws in. Azazel Steig leaned forwards slightly, motining Kat closer to the bars with his index finger" For your ears only,Kat" he had a grin that would make the devil himself envy, obviously the major had some dubious plan in mind. Aylin Daviau nodded once, having now heard the commotion from the cell she canted her head to the side just slightly...would smile, still watching Sir Stephan "You wish me to euthenise it Sir?" she asked, speaking of course about if and when it was released. Shadowkat Wrigglesworth steps closer to him so she could hear his words. Her eyes had that dark look within them, the one that she got when she planning on setting someone on fire. Stephan Frontenac shakes his head "No, she'll calm down", and adds with a fair amount of doubt in his voice "She always does. She'll realise this was for her own good." Adelei Shinn stood with a frown watching Kat, and hearing the noise from them. She called over to them. "If you're going to enrage the prisoners, it won't help them, us or you." Aylin Daviau nodded again then turned, watching silently she appeared a little bored but would remain here if for no other reason than to ensure that Sir Stephan was indeed okay as he said he was. Azazel Steig leaned in as close as he could to whisper to Kat, his eyes gazing past her as he spoke to settle on Stephan and Aylin, after he had finished, he leaned back, eyes searching Kats face for some sign of agreement or not. IM: Azazel Steig: *W* I want you and your pirates to cause as much trouble for the PD as you can...shootings, rapes, assualts, what ever it takes, I want them to look like crap in Midians eyes. Shadowkat Wrigglesworth raises a brow towards Aza as she heard his whisper and pulled back. The pirates did that anyways, everyone was a toy in their opinion, and no matter what weither it was drugging, or assualting, or putting was usually the best at the hands of a pirate. She looked over towards Stephan, and then back towards Aza as she thinks about this long and hard. She would then lean over and whisper something to Aza. Azazel Steig shook his head slightly at Kat's words" Thats none of your concern really,Kat....." he leaned in once more to finish the conversation befor stepping away from the cell" Yes, and I let you out now, No...and you stay with us, permanitly" IM: Azazel Steig: *W* I want it done in the open, for everyone to see... Shadowkat Wrigglesworth studies him a moment. "Under -one- condition..." She moved her finger to wave him closer to her as she spoke low in another whisper if he came close to her. Adelei Shinn just observed quietly for the moment, her eyes focusing forward on Kat and beyond to the window. The tall woman looked familiar for some reason and it was bothering her while she shuffled through memories. Azazel Steig shook his head slightly" No conditions Kat, take it or leave it" he brought his wrost up to look at his watch" You have five seconds to give me your answer.....starting now" he let his hand drop back to his side Aylin Daviau didnt comment any further, it was not required nor did she care to...she simply watched, obeseving the situation rather than interacting. Adelei Shinn looked to Kat with a raised eyebrow. "Cmon, Morales. It's not that tough a call I'd imagine. Freedom or me. All the time, me." Stephan Frontenac just watches, having no clue what's going on, actualyl debating sneaking out as Kat did not seem too happy earlier. But he sighs, he has to help her or at least learn why she's here so he can fire her with a clean conscience Shadowkat Wrigglesworth thinks to herself weighting the good out with the bad. Helping a UAC, Destorying another group. She looked over towards Aza and studied him long and hard as she thinks to herself. "Fine..." She spoke slowly. "You have a deal...That also means that me and Bernard's deal is off as well..." She smirked towards him as she looked over towards Stephan and the look she gave him seemed completely innocently except for those that knew her well. She would make sure that Stephan would pay for placing her as property, as she ran her tongue over her lower lip. "So...can I go now or what?"

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