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League of Rebels

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posted by alias ZenThorga on Thursday 15th of March 2018 06:43:49 AM

Entry for Sam K Bricks' 'Elseworld JLA' contest. It is - obviously - a Star Wars/JLA-mashup. Hope you enjoy them ;) Sorry for the following very long text, but when I let my thoughts arise... well... you can see the result. :D I've made "Brac To-maz Warn, Jedi Master of Bats" already at the time when Catman from the Batman-Movie-CMFs first came out and always wanted to get the whole team StarWarsified. I'm quite happy with what came out of it and that Sam K Bricks gave me a reason through his contest, to finally do this. Not to brag, but in the end I couldn't even tell you, which one I like the most, they came out much better than expected. :D By the way: in my photostream there are pictures of each one seperately, if you want a closer look at them. __________ "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... It is a period of civil war. Rebel metahumans, the LEAGUE OF REBELS, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Empire of Doom. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate hideout, the HALL OF DOOM, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Diana races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy....." The League of Rebels consists of specialised Metahumans, which try with their respective strenghts to assist the Princess on her cause. Nautolan King Since his home planet Glee Anselm is completely covered in water, the king of its inhabitant race, the Nautolans, is naturally stronger than for example humans ever could be. In the already long war against the Empire, he lost his right arm. Through hard training, strong willpower and his special ability to control water, he is able to control a liquid arm, which can shapeshift as he sees fit. Gungan Manhunter Considered an alien between aliens, this Gungan was forcefully exiled. This drastic but understandable act made him reconsider his life so much, that he became a telepath. This forced evolution caused him to find people, who could make use of his "talents" of disturbing other peoples minds. With the rebels now he gets send to missions to distract the enemy so much, that most of them try to end their own lifes. Thats why he is the only member who totally doesn't need any weapons... Green Saber Ha'al Jo-daan is a member of a galactic control force, specialised in close and ranged combat fights against other force users. Gifted with a modified light saber, which can be controlled by the users willpower and in that way shapeshift in any size and form, he are able to overcome Darksides elite forces. Brac To-maz Warn, Jedi Master of Bats Seeing his parents getting slaughtered by the Lord of Darkside, he swore to avenge them by defeating this threat to the galaxy. At first the Jedi council was against this violent reasoning, but since he was strongly supported by the councils leader, Ra-za Gruuhl, and also having a strong connection to the deeper connections inside the force, he got trained and reached after a short amount of time higher levels and a deeper understanding of the force than any of his masters. Princess Diana of Themyscaraan Adopted by the royal family of Themyscaraan and with the gifts of their gods, she is able to withstand even heavy physical attacks and is highly trained in dual wielding the modified rebel blasters. Combined with her force shiled bracers it is nearly impossible to land a hit on her with any kind af attack. Count El After his home planet was destroyed by the empire, Kal-o El with all his anger became an easy target for the Darkside (get it?). After he was trained in sith fighting styles, he found an old Holocron with a message of his parents, wich led him back to the righteous ways. He now fights in a symbiotic way of dark and light and thus is a nearly unstoppable force! Cy-B-0 The half human half droid is not only the only being in the known galaxy, which can speak every existing language, he also can fight using his highly enhanced body. With the help of his right arm cannon he can can strike down even Star Destroyers with just one well targeted shot. Bar-y Alehn, Jedi Master of Lightning Gifted with a strong connection to the force, Alehn was already trained in the Jedi ways from a young age. While trying to enhance his light saber to a lightning saber, he miscalculated the final energy consumed, so that he was stroke by his collapsing saber. He survived only through channelling the lighning through his whole bodies cells and can use this to reach incredible fighting speed, which not even Count El could nearly catch up to. Green Blast Exiled from his home, Orlivah Cueehn got lost on a jungle planet where he needed to acuire extreme hunting skills, so that he can survive the attacks of the 20 meter high jungle giants. After he was finally rescued by a group of professional hunters, he bought the best equipment credits could buy and is now known to be the galaxies best user of the green light bow and laser arrow.

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