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Mothpoint #9- Family Feud

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posted by Killer Moth alias Duncan C. Young on Saturday 9th of February 2019 02:16:23 PM

*It felt wrong, locking them up, but Simon didn't have any other choice. He was sure if he let them go, they'd kill him. Or, he'd have to kill them, and he couldn't live with himself if it came to that* Thawne- -name is Chronos. Simon- Huh? Thawne- *sigh* The time traveller on Pike's payroll. I should have known. Simon- Who... who is he? Thawne- A long time Atom foe, went off the grid a few years ago. Palmer, that is the Atom, damaged his time belt, stranding him in the void. A space outside of time, when a timeline has been overwritten. Spent a millennia there before he managed to break out, and when he did... he was different. Picked up some temporal abilities, clairvoyance, the usual. Made him even more annoying Simon- This Chronos guy, why would he help Pike? Thawne- Why would you? Simon- What? Thawne- She's still breathing. It would have been one less thing to worry about, now wouldn't it? Simon- I'm not you. Thawne- And they're not them. Stop treating them as such. Simon- *They* are my family. Thawne- Touching. But wrong *No. Thawne was wrong, he was a trickster, a liar and a monster thought Simon. He had to get through to her. He knew if he got through to her, then the world was fixable. He didn’t know how he knew that, but he just knew. While he waited for her to wake up, he was working on a new costume. Old costume? It would be the same style he wore up to the City of Fear incident. Very classic. Bright pink and yellow, trunks, eyes instead of a visor. It was his most “heroic” look, even if he preferred his current suit for a myriad of reasons. He was hoping he’d finish before she awoke, but alas he heard her struggle against her bonds behind him as he worked, and he managed to turn around and face what he’d done only when he heard the chair fall over. He walked over and gingerly righted her. She spat at him.* Emi- Get me out of here. Now. *He closed his eyes, took a deep breath.* Simon- Emi- Emi- Go on then, how do you know my name? Simon- We're... Emi, this is going to sound crazy, but... Emi, you and I... We... we're boyfriend and girlfriend. In an alternate timeline. *Suddenly Emi laughs, loud, harsh, a sound Simon had never heard from her, not like this. It was a cruel laugh, sarcastic* Emi- I’m not buying it. You think I’m stupid enough to go out with you? In this, or any time! *He sighed, and returned to his work station. He’d been in a lot of crazy scenarios before. But altered timelines? That was new. He had thought himself immune to that all-encompassing phobia, the fear of change. He had thought wrong. Maybe, when he fixed everything, he’d visit Arkham and ask Doctor Crane about that... Or Professor Strange? Maybe there was a psychiatrist somewhere in Gotham who wasn't insane...* Emi- Look, freak, you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into. Green Arrow’ll be here any minute and ohhhhhh man we are going to have some fun with you. Thawne- You’re referring to your tracking device? The one you hid in the heel of your boot? First thing the kid did was destroy it. Waste of parts, if you ask me... Simon- Could you-? Thawne- Sorry, should I leave you "love birds" alone? Emi- Ok, so maybe you do know my secrets. What good’s that gonna do ya? Do you even have a plan, or am I just gonna die of old age? Thawne- I have a plan. No idea what the kid's is though. Simon- Really? Thawne- I'm going. Simon- Sorry, he's... it's complicated Emi- Seems like a recurring problem Simon- Well, I working on a plan. You’re not actually part of it - yet! If you’d like to help me, that’d be great, but for now, I just wanted to have someone to talk to. Not him, I can't... You, I wanted you to talk to. Or I’ll just listen to you. Even when you’re being mean, I can't not love you. *He was pretty sure Thawne put his palm to his forehead at that point. Admittedly, it wasn't Simon's best line* Emi- Oh. My God, you are by far the most naïve supervillain I’ve ever dealt with. How the hell are you one of the best enforcers of Gotham’s underworld. Simon- That's what I'm saying, I’m not. *He had finally got the antennae on, those were always the trickiest, and thus the costume was complete. He stepped out of the room to change, then leapt back in with a dramatic “Ta-da!” Upon which Emiko burst out laughing, again.* Simon- You don’t like it? You always liked it before... Emi- AhahahahohmyGod. Oh my God. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. *Simon looked down, dejected, then pulled a chair over, in front of Emiko. He sat down, removed his mask, and looked at her.* Emi- What do you think you’re doing? Simon- -I need to know that...that you’re my Emi. Maybe I’m wrong and I can’t fix everything. But Jay, Jay always told me you-you get the lightning rod and that keeps you grounded and so if I can-can get through to you I’ll be able to fix everything. *The words were hard to get out. The idea that maybe he couldn’t fix everything, that maybe he couldn’t get her back. It killed him.* Emi Get me. The fuck. Out of this cell. You stupid. Piece of shit. *He dropped his mask on the floor, put his head in his hands, and started to weep. He would still try and find a solution, but he wasn’t going to get through to her now, was he?* Emi- Oh my God, you’re crying? Over some mean wittle words? Geez, what’ll you do when I throw you in Arkham? *In that moment, he bolted up from the chair* Simon- Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up! *He had never yelled with that much anger...ever. And certainly not at her. He saw the brief flash of fear in her eyes, even as she hid it. What did he look like to her, he wondered. Was that that other him, breaking through, or was he always like this? Was this what was always beneath the surface? No wonder Charaxes wanted him... He reached back for the chair, tried to sit down, instead he just fell down on the ground. He lay back fully, put his hands over his eyes and began to laugh. The laugh became a scream and then, silence. He stood himself up, picked up his mask, looked at her one last time, for now he tried to tell himself, then he put on his mask and left the room* Thawne- *Sigh* Young love... *Simon wanted to hit him so badly, if only he had speed... Then he could kill him, like he killed him, over and over and over. But then he realised that it simply wasn't worth it. He wasn't worth it. Right now Thawne was his only hope. Emi wasn't going to help him. And so, he slumped out of that room too, ignoring his companion's mocking "tutting," defeated to be met with his father's face. Kinda. It was peculiar. His mask bore a striking resemblance to the Arkham Moth's; both were green, both had dark rebreathers, and both had yellow, tinted visors Simon was sure hid an inner pain. Perhaps that was how, if not to Emi, he could appeal to his dad. Perhaps* Drury- Went well, did it? Simon- What was in the vial? Drury- It doesn't matter, does it? Simon- It matters to me. Drury- *You* don't matter. If you don't mind, I'd rather await my impending doom, then listen to you right now. ... Simon- I know about your friends. Gar, and Mira- Drury- Don't you speak their names. Don't you dare. What, did you think we're equal or something, you think we can talk now because you know my tragic backstory? The friends that I've lost-! ... Who told you anyway, your pal Carson? ... Simon- I'm... I'm sorry. Drury- Hnh. I don't care. ... Simon- Carson's not my friend or anything. In case you thought- Drury- Hmph. Simon- He blew me up once. Drury- You look pretty good considering. Simon- What happened Drury. What really happened? ... Drury- I was drunk. Gar was drunk. Miranda was- We were all drunk, we were on our way back from a play, Les Miserables- yeah, don't look surprised, I'm a theatre buff. The radio was glitching in and out... thought it was a horror channel, turns out, it wasn't. Simon- The Blackest Night. Drury- I wasn't watching the road, in-between arguments with Gar, and trying to switch off the radio, I swerved, careered off of a cliff. I got off alright, but them? Miranda had fallen, she wasn't going to make it. And what about Gar, eh? Well. Heh. *He takes his mask off, his face shadowed. He wipes a single tear from his eye, and continues* Drury- He hadn't got out the car, don't know if he even coulda, heck by that point it was on fire, blazing even. But he wouldn't move. He just... sat there, seatbelt still buckled- burning, entranced by the flames. I tried pulling him out, I really did, but it was too late. I shoulda watched the road, yet I- I killed them. And then, then they came back. Black, grey, dead, like the rest of those so called 'Black Lanterns'.... *Drury takes a step forward, Simon a step back, he knew it was coming but there it was. His dad's face. Scarred, burned all on one side, not unlike Two-Face's, one eye dead, the other filled with regret. Never before had Simon felt so much... pity for his father* Drury- I watched them die, then I watched them be perverted, transformed into zombies by some necromancer, and they spoke to me. Mocked me. Blamed me. And y'know, they were right. Was that what you wanted to hear? ... Drury- I've answered your questions, suppose it's my turn. Who, are you? ... Simon- My name is Simon. Simon... King. Drury- Simon. I always liked that name... Simon- You ever considered naming Ax- your son that? Drury- My son-? I... I put my kids into foster care. They deserve better than I could give them. Axel, and Kitte- Katie. Heh. ... Simon- I didn't grow up with my father, but... I idolised him. I still felt like I knew him. Every news report, every article, I watched it all. My dad was one of the "greats"... Two years ago, I finally met him. He wasn't that legend. In fact, he was better than I could imagine. Drury- Why's that? Simon- He was kind. He was good. Yeah, he did bad crap, yeah he hurt people, but he always did it for his family, and for his friends. He was there for them. Like you should be for your kids. Drury- I don't deserve them. Simon- They deserve a father, don't they? ... Drury- Your old man, what happened to him? ... Simon- I lost him. ==== *It was for the best, he knew that. But it hurt all the same, like a bullet in his chest. Granted, he did have a bullet in his chest, so that might just be that that stung, but he doubted it. He had spent a good minute staring at that keypad, going back and forth on it, before finally, he put in the code he'd set. It was her birthday* Simon- You're... you're free to go. Emi- This is a trick, right? Simon- No. Please. *Emi stared at him, and the pain returned- having her look at him like he was nothing was worse than any wound, that was now a certainty. She climbed out the window, and then, she was gone. Simon walked quietly back to the main cortex* Thawne- Did you do it? *Simon doesn't say anything. Thawne smiles, and nods* Thawne- Good boy. This, is our key to getting out of this mess. *Thawne picks the courier up from the workbench. It's heavily modified* Thawne- This is a hypertime tracker. Alone, it's useless, but combined with DNA, it can track that person's movements across time, to the last place they travelled. Simon- Then, it's nearly over... Thawne- Aside from your daddy issues, the Fireflies and Bane, yes. Yes it'll be over, but first, we need Chronos. -------- Credit to Brute, who wrote the framework of the Simon/Emi conversation back when this story was just a concept. It's been heavily adapted since, as new characters and plot lines were introduced

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