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posted by Annie Cozean alias ANNIE COZEAN on Saturday 9th of December 2017 06:41:04 PM

"Helen Humes with Bill Doggett Octet","He May Be Your Man.","Blue Prelude.","Philo","PV105A","PV105B" "Helen Humes with Bill Doggett Octet","Every Now and Then.", "Be-Baba-Leba.","Philo","PV106A","PV106B" (1945) "Pee Wee Hunt and his Orchestra","Oh!","San.","Capitol","2442" ""Ivory" Joe Hunter with Johnny Moore's 3 Blazes","Blues at Sunrise.","You Taught Me to Love.","Exclusive","209 A","209 B" "Red Ingle and The Natural Seven","Nowhere.","Pagan Ninny's Keep 'er Goin' Stomp.","Capitol","476" "Ink Spots","If I Cared a Little Bit Less.","Mine All Mine My My.", "Decca","18528 A","18528 B" "Ink Spots","It's Funny to Everyone but Me.","Just for a Thrill.", "Decca","2507 A","2507 B" "Ink Spots","Street of Dreams.","Don't Get Around Much Anymore.", "Decca","18503 A","18503 B" "Bull Moose Jackson","Don't Ask Me Why.","Oh John.", "King","4280-A","4280-B" "Illinois Jacquet and his Orchestra","Lean Baby.","The Cool Rage.", "Mercury Records","89021" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Ain't misbehavin'.","9:20 special.", "Columbia","36887" "Harry James and his Orchestra","B-19.","I don't want to walk without you.","Columbia","36478" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Cross country jump.","Every day of my life.","Columbia","35531" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Easter Parade","Crazy Rhythm", "Columbia","36545" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Flash.","All or nothing at all.", "Columbia","35587" "Harry James and his Orchestra","It's been a long long time.", "Autumn serenade.","Columbia","36838" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Keb-lah.","You'll never know.", "Columbia","37264" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Let me up.","I cried for you.", "Columbia","36623" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Moten swing.","Moten swing (conclusion)", "Columbia","37351" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Night special.","Back beat boogie.", "Columbia","35456" "Harry James and his Orchestra","One o'clock jump.","Two o'clock jump.","Columbia","36232" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Prince Charming.","Velvet moon.", "Columbia","36673" "Harry James and his Orchestra","Strictly instrumental.","When you're a long long way from home.","Columbia","36579" "Harry James and his Orchestra","You made me love you.","A sinner kissed an angel.","Columbia","36296" "Herb Jeffries","If I could be with you.","My blue heaven.", "Exclusive","26x" "Herb Jeffries - Buddy Baker and his Orchestra","Basin Street blues.","These foolish things.","Exclusive","MO-702-A","MO-702-B" "Herb Jeffries","A Woman Is a Worrisome Thing.","Beyond the Stars.", "Exclusive","44x" "Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra","Again.","Skip to my Lou.", "Decca","24602 A","24602 B" "Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra","Don't do something to someone else.","My foolish heart","Decca","24830" "Lonnie Johnson","Fly Right Baby.","Ramblers Blues", "Bluebird","34-0708-A","34-0708-B" "Pete Johnson","Blues on the Down Beat.","Kaycee on My Mind.", "Decca","3384 A","3384 B","Originally part of 6 disc Decca Album No. 137, title unknown." "Johnnie Johnston","Ain'tcha Ever Comin' Back.","You're Not So Easy to Forget.","MGM","10036-A","10036-B" "Al Jolson","You made me love you.","Ma blushin' Rosie.", "Decca","23613 A","23613 B" "The Jones Brothers","Ain't She Pretty.","A Hundred Years From Today.","Majestic","1038 A","1038 B" "The Jones Brothers","I Wanna Be Loved Like a Baby.","Them There Eyes.","Majestic","1039 A","1039 B" "Etta Jones with Barney Bigard and his Orchestra","Blow Top Blues", "Salty Papa Blues.","Black & White","9A","9B" "Etta Jones with Barney Bigard and his Orchestra","Long Long Journey.","Evil Gal Blues.","Black & White","10 A","10 B" "Etta Jones with J. C. Heard and his Orchestra","Among My Souvenirs.", "Blues to End All Blues.", "RCA Victor", "20-1998-A","20-1998-B" "Spike Jones and his City Slickers","Happy New Year.","Two Front Teeth.","RCA Victor","20-3177-A","20-3177-B" "Spike Jones and his City Slickers","Cocktails for two.","Holiday for strings.","RCA Victor","20-2092-A","20-2092-B" "Spike Jones and his City Slickers","I kiss your hand madame.","I'm getting sentimental over you.","RCA Victor","20-2949-A","20-2949-B" "Spike Jones and his City Slickers","Our hour (The puppy love song).","Pop corn sack","RCA Victor","20-2375-A","20-2375-B" "Spike Jones and his City Slickers","That old black magic.","Liebestraum.","RCA Victor","20-1895-A","20-1895-B" "Spike Jones and his City Slickers","The blue Danube.","You always hurt the one you love.","RCA Victor","20-1762-A","20-1762-B" "Spike Jones and his City Slickers","William Tell Overture.","The man on the flying trapeze.","RCA Victor","20-2861-A","20-2861-B" "Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five","Ain't that just like a woman (They'll do it every time).","If it's love you want baby that's me.","Decca","23669 A","23669 B" "Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five","Blue light boogie - Part 1", "Blue light boogie - Part 2","Decca Personality Series","27114" "Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five","Caldonia.","Somebody Changed the Lock on My Door.","Decca","8670 A","8670 B" "Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five","Let the Good Times Roll.", "Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens","Decca","23741 A","23741 B" "Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five","Saint Vitus Dance.","Boogie Woogie Came to Town.","Decca","8581 A","8581 B" "Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five","Texas and Pacific.","I Like 'Em Fat Like That.","Decca","23810 A","23810 B" "Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five","That Just About Knocks Me Out.","Five Guys Named Moe.","Decca","8653B",,"Both sides have "Five Guys Named Moe" label." "Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five","Cole Slaw.","Every Man to His Own Profession.","Decca","24633 A","24633 B" "Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five","Don't Worry 'Bout That Mule.", "Buzz Me.","Decca","18734 A","18734 B" "Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five","Knock Me a Kiss.","I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town.","Decca","8593 A","8593 B" "Anton Karas",""The third man" Theme.","The Cafe Mozart waltz.", "London","536" "Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye","South wind.","I left my heart at the stage door canteen.","Victor","27932-A","27932-B" "Linda Keene with Joe Marsala & his Orchestra","Unlucky Woman.", "Blues in the Storm.","Black & White","1203A","1203B","12 inch 78rpm" "Stan Kenton and his Orchestra","Across the alley from the Alamo.", "There is no greater love.","Capitol","387" "Stan Kenton and his Orchestra","Shoo fly pie (and apple pan dowdy).", "I been down in Texas.","Capitol","235" "Stan Kenton and his Orchestra","Do Nothin' 'Till You Hear from Me.", "Harlem Folk Dance.","Capitol","145" "Stan Kenton and his Orchestra","Tampico (June Christy vocal)", "Southern Scandal.","Capitol","202" "Stan Kenton and his Orchestra","The Peanut Vendor.","Thermopolae.", "Capitol","15052" "Saunders King","S.K. Blues - Part I.","S.K. Blues - Part II.", "Rhythm Recordings","APS 386 3-A","APS 387 3-B" "Wayne King and his Orch.","Maria Elena.","You are my sunshine.", "Victor","26767-A","26767-B" "Wayne King and his Orchestra (Franklyn MacCormack vocal)","Melody of Love.","None But the Lonely Heart.","Victor","27713-A","27713-B" "Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra","Falling in love with love.", "Tea for two.","Columbia Masterworks","M 430-3","M 430-4","In original Columbia Masterworks jacket." "Gene Krupa and his Orchestra","Blues Krieg.","Yes My Darling Daughter.", "OKeh","5909" "Gene Krupa and his Orchestra","Boogie Blues.","Lover.", "Columbia","36986" "Gene Krupa and his Orchestra","Let Me Off Uptown.","Drummin' Man.", "Columbia","37532" "Gene Krupa and his Orchestra","That Drummer's Band.","What's This?", "Columbia","36819" "Brunon Kryger and his International Dance Orchestra","Caucasian polka.","Ojra ojra polka.","Harmonia Records Corp.","H-1108A", "H-1108B" "Kay Kyser and his Orchestra","He wears a pair of silver wings.", "Jingle jangle jingle.","Columbia","36604",,"2nd copy" "Kay Kyser and his Orchestra","Jingle jangle jingle.","He wears a pair of silver wings.","Columbia","36604" "Kay Kyser and his Orchestra","Thats the beginning of the end.", "Managua, Nicaragua.","Columbia","37214" "Kaye Kyser and his Orchestra","How Do I Know It's Real.","Who Wouldn't Love You.","Columbia","36526" "Frankie Laine","Baby just for me.","Satan wears a satin gown", "Mercury","5358" "Frankie Laine","Don't Do Something to Someone Else.","Waiting at the End of the Road.","Mercury","5332" "Frankie Laine","I get sentimental over nothing.","That lucky old sun.", "Mercury","5316" "Frankie Laine","I May Be Wrong.","Stay As Sweet As You Are.", "Mercury","5028-A","5028-B" "Frankie Laine","Mam'selle.","All of Me.", "Mercury","5048-A","5048-B" "Frankie Laine","Thanks for You.","Singin' the Blues.", "Mercury","5174" "Frankie Laine","Jezebel.","Rose, Rose, I Love You.", "Columbia","39367" "Beverly Lane","Exactly like you. The very thought of you. Stardust.", "Begin the beguine. September song. Stumbling.", "Tops","L104",,"33rpm" "Julia Lee and her Boy Friends","Living Back Street for You.", "Cold-Hearted Daddy.","Capitol","15300" "Julia Lee and her Boy Friends","My Sin.","Doubtful Blues.", "Capitol Americana","40056" "Julia Lee and her Boy Friends","Snatch and Grab It.","I Was Wrong.", "Capitol Americana","40028" "Julia Lee and Her Boy Friends","The glory of love.", "Take it or leave it.","Capitol","57-70006" * "Julia Lee and her Boy Friends","You aint got it no more.","Oh chuck it (in a bucket).","Capitol","57-70031",,"Disc broken - first fifth not playable." "Peggy Lee","Caramba! It's the Samba.","Baby Don't Be Mad at Me.", "Capitol","15090" "Peggy Lee","What More Can a Woman Do?","You Was Right Baby", "Capitol","197" "Peggy Lee","Ain'tcha ever comin' back.","Chi-baba chi-baba", "Capitol","419" "Harlan Leonard and his Rockets","Mistreated.","Too Much.", "Bluebird","B-11544-A","B-11544-B" "Meade Lux Lewis","Bear Cat Crawl.","b/w Albert Ammons - Shout for Joy.","Columbia","c 44-8" "Joe Liggins and His Honeydrippers","Got a Right to Cry","Blue Moods", "Exclusive","210-A","210-B" "Joe Liggins and his Honeydrippers","He knows how to knock me out.", "End of a kiss.","Exclusive","79x" "Joe Liggins and his Honeydrippers","The Honeydripper - Part 1", "The Honeydripper - Part 2","Exclusive","207 A","207 B" (1945) "Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians","The 3rd Man Theme.", "Cafe Mozart Waltz.","Decca","24839" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra","Annie Laurie","'Frisco Fog.","Decca","1569 A","1569 B" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra","Blues in the Night. - Part 1", "Blues in the Night. - Part 2","Decca","4125 A","4125 B" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra","Hi Spook.","Yard Dog Mazurka.", "Decca","4032 A","4032 B" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra","I Got It.","What's Your Story Morning Glory.","Columbia","35510" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra","I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town. - Part 1","I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town. - Part 2","Decca","18324 A","18324 B" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra","I'm Gonna See My Baby.", "That Someone Must Be You.","Decca","18655 A","18655 B" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra","Organ Grinder's Swing.","Sleepy Time Gal.","Decca","908 A","908 B" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra","Put It Away. (vocal by Willie Smith)","Uptown Blues.","OKeh","5362" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra","Twenty Four Robbers.","I Had a Premonition.","Decca","3718 A","3718 B" "Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra and Delta Rhythm Boys","The Honeydripper.","Baby Are You Kiddin'?","Decca","23451 A","23451 B" "Nellie Lutcher and her Rhythm","He's a Real Gone Guy.","Let Me Love You Tonight.","Capitol Americana","40017" "Nellie Lutcher and her Rhythm","Hurry on Down.","The Lady's in Love with You.","Capitol Americana","40002" "Freddy Martin and his Orchestra","All the things you are.", "Intermezzo.","Victor","20-1559-A","20-1559-B" "Freddy Martin and his Orchestra","Here you are.","Oh, the pity of it all.","Bluebird","B-11509-A","B-11509-B" "Freddy Martin and his Orchestra","April in Portugal.","Penny Whistle Blues.","RCA Victor","20-5052" "Tony Martin","Passing By.","Oh! My Achin' Heart.","RCA Victor", "20-2252-A","20-2252-B" "Tony Martin","Roulette.","It's Easy for You to Say.","RCA Victor", "20-3695-A","20-3695-B" "Tony Martin","Sonata.","Years and years ago.", "Mercury","5029-A","5029-B" "Tony Martin","Without you.","I don't know why.", "Mercury","3019-A","3019-B","In original Mercury jacket." "Que Martyn / Linda Hayes","Sister Anne (Que Martyn).", "Yes I Know (Linda Hayes).","Hollywood","244 A","244 AA" "Ray McKinley and his Orchestra","Manhattan serenade.","Without a song.","Capitol","117" "Ray McKinley and his Orchestra","Your Red Wagon.","A Man's Best Friend Is a Bed.","Majestic","7275" "Ray McKinley and his Orchestra","All the Way from San Jose.","Bahama Mama.","RCA Victor","20-2993-A","20-2993-B" "Johnny McNeil with Johnny Moore's Three Blazers","Axis Doom Blues.","You Taught Me to Love.","Exclusive","204 A","204 B" "Jay McShann and his Orchestra","Confessin' the Blues.","Hootie Blues.","Decca","8559 A" "Jay McShann and his Orchestra","New confessin' the Blues.","Red River Blues.","Decca","8595 A","8595 B" "Jack McVea and his All Stars","Open the Door Richard!","Lonesome Blues.","Black & White","792 A","792 B" (1946) "Jack McVea, Orchestra","Rainy Day Blues (Betty Roche vocal).","I'll Be True.","Rhythm Recordings","RM 502","RM 509" "Memphis Minnie","Me and My Chauffeur Blues.","Can't Afford to Lose My Man.","OKeh","06288" "Memphis Minnie b/w Little Son Joe","Looking the World Over (Memphis Minnie).","Black Rat Swing (Little Son Joe).","OKeh","6707" "Johnny Mercer","Duration Blues.","Sam's Got Him.","Capitol","164" "Johnny Mercer","Sugar Blues.","Why Should I Cry over You?", "Capitol","B448" "Johnny Mercer","The Air-Minded Executive.","Strip Polka.", "Capitol","103" "Johnny Mercer","The Wreck of the Old '97.","I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City.","Capitol","122" "Johnny Mercer","Ugly chile (you're some pretty doll).","My sugar is so refined.","Capitol","268",,"In original Capitol Records jacket." "Johnny Mercer and Jo Stafford","Conversation while dancing.","On the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe.","Capitol","195" "Johnny Mercer and the King Cole Trio","Save the Bones for Henry Jones.","Harmony.","Capitol","15000" "Metronome All Star Band","Bugle Call Rag.","One O'clock Jump.", "Victor","27314-A","27314-B" "Metronome All Stars","Sweet Lorraine. (with Frank Sinatra)","Nat Meets June. (with June Christy and Nat Cole)","Columbia","37293" "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra","Boulder Buff.","The Booglie Wooglie Piggy.","Bluebird","B-11163-A","B-11163-B" "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra","Day Dreaming.","A String of Pearls.", "Bluebird","B-11382-A","B-11382-B" "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra","In the Mood.","I Want to Be Happy.", "Bluebird","B-10416-A","B-10416-B" "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra","It Couldn't Be True! (vocal by Tex Beneke)","One More Tomorrow. (vocal by Artie Malvin)","RCA Victor", "20-1835-A","20-1835-B" "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra","Juke Box Saturday Night. (vocal by Marion Hutton)","Sleepy Town Train.","Victor","20-1509-A","20-1509-B" "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra","Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee. (vocal by Marion Hutton)","Chip Of the Old Block.", "Bluebird","B-11450-A","B-11450-B" "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra","Little Brown Jug.","Pavanne.", "Bluebird","B-10286-A","B-10286-B" "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra","Star dust.","My melancholy baby.", "Bluebird","B-10665-A","B-10665-B" "Glenn Miller and his Orchestra","Sunrise Serenade.","Moonlight Serenade.","Bluebird","B-10214-A","B-10214-B" "Glen Miller and his Orchestra / Alvino Rey and his Orchestra", "Jingle Bells (Glen Miller).","Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (Alvino Rey)","Bluebird","B-11353-A","B-11353-B" "Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra","Big Fat Mama.","Trouble in Mind.", "Decca","4041 A","4041 B" "Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra","Don't Cry Baby.","Sweet Slumber.", "Decca","18569 A","18569 B" "Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra","Hurry Hurry.","I Can't See for Lookin'.","Decca","18609 A","18609 B" "Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra","I Want a Tall Skinny Papa.", "Shout Sister Shout.","Decca","18386 A","18386 B" "Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra","When the Lights Go On Again.", "That's All.","Decca","4041 A","4041 B" "Roy Milton","I'll Always Be in Love with You.","Sunny Side of the Street.","Roy Milton Record Co.","104","104 B" "Roy Milton and his Solid Senders","It Never Should Have Been This Way..","Red Light.","Roy Milton Record Co.","101","102" "Roy Milton and his Solid Senders","Milton's Boogie.","Groovy Blues.", "Specialty","SP 503 A","sp 503 B" "Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra","Hawaiian Sunset.","Take It Jackson.","Victor","20-1591-A","20-1591-B" "Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore","I Ain't Mad at You Pretty Baby.","Did You Ever Love a Woman?","Gilmore's Chez Paree","D-853-A","D-854-B" "Johnny Moore's Three Blazers","So Long.","You Left Me Forsaken.", "Modern Records Hollywood","143A","143B" "Johnny Moore's Three Blazers (Charles Brown vocal)","Lonesome Blues.","Walkin' in Circles.","Exclusive","53x" "Oscar Moore with the Three Blazers","Fugue in C major.","Melancholy Madeline.","Atlas","OM-107" "Benny Moten's Kansas City Orch.","South.","She's No Trouble.", "Victor","24893-A","24893-B" "multiple artists","(Tops covers) I need you. Hold my hand.","Papa loves mambo. Oop-shoop.","Tops","R245-49" "multiple artists","("Tops" covers) Peggy Sue. Great balls of fire.","Jo-Ann. The Stroll.","Tops","R415",,"In original Tops jacket." "multiple artists","(Tops covers) The naughty lady of shady lane. It's a woman's world.","Mr. Sandman. Haji Baba.","Tops","R248-49" "Rose Murphy","I Can't Give You Anything But Love.","When I Grow Too Old to Dream.","Majestic","1204" "Ray Noble and his Orchestra","While My Lady Sleeps.","By the Light of the Silv'ry Moon.","Columbia","36479" * "Sy Oliver and his Orchestra","But she's my buddy's chick.","Castle Rock.","Decca","27718",,"Disc broken; first third unplayable." "The Orchestra of Stars Conducted by Cliff Lange (Teddy Walter vocal)","Old Shoe Blues.","Rogerini.","Pan-American","PAN 020A","PAN 020B" "The Orchestra of Stars Conducted by Cliff Lange (Teddy Walter vocal)","Yum Yum Blues.","Pom Pom","Pan-American","PAN 019A","PAN 019B" "Johnny Otis his Drums & his Orchestra","Jimmy's 'Round the Clock Blues. (Jimmy Rushing vocalist)","Harlem Nocturne.","Excelsior","JR 142A","JO 142B" "Patti Page","Piddily patter patter.","Every day.","Mercury","70657" "Patti Page","The Tennessee Waltz.","Boogie Woogie Santa Claus", "Mercury","5534" "Jewel Paige and Her Brown Brownies","I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll.","Give It Up.","Decca","7863 A","7863 B" "Tony Pastor and his Orchestra","The bells of San Raquel.","A pretty co-ed has gone to my head.","Bluebird","B-11307-A","B-11307-B" "Tony Pastor and his Orchestra","The lady from twenty-nine palms.", "I'm sorry I didn't say I'm sorry.","Columbia","37562" * "Tony Pastor and his Orchestra","Brother Bill.","Ain't Misbehavin'.", "RCA Victor","20-2544-A","20-2544-B","Record is broken. First 1/5 not playable." "Les Paul","Chicken Reel.","Mockin' Bird Hill. (with Mary Ford)", "Capitol","1373" "Les Paul with Mary Ford","I wish I had never seen sunshine.", "Josephine. (Les Paul only)","Capitol","1592" "Les Paul and Mary Ford","How High the Moon.","Walkin' and Whistlin' Blues.","Capitol","1451" (1951) "Ben Pollack and his Pick-A-Rib Boys","Tin Roof Blues.","San Antonio Shout.","Discovery","132" "Mel Powell","You Go to My Head.","There's a Small Hotel.", "Capitol","10136" "Mel Powell and his Orchestra","Mood at Twilight.","The World is Waiting for the Sunrise.","Commodore","76989A","76989B" "Jessie Price with his Orchestra","I'm The Drummer Man.","I Ain't Mad at You.","Capitol","348" "Johnny Ray and The Four Lads","Cry.","The little white cloud that cried.","OKeh","6840" (1951) "Johnnie Ray","Somebody Stole My Gal.","Glad Rag Doll.", "Columbia","39961" "Alvino Rey and his Orchestra","I said no!","Deep in the heart of Texas,","Bluebird","B-11391-A","B-11391-B" "Robert Rheims Production","O Come All Ye Faithful.","Silent Night.", "FM Record Co.","101 A","101 B" "The Robins","Loop de loop mambo.","Framed.","Spark Record Co.", "107" "Betty Roche with Earl Hines and Sextet","Blues on My Weary Mind.", "I'll Get By.","Apollo","358" "Betty Roche with Earl Hines Sextet","My Lovin' Lover.","Life with Fatha. (Earl Hines Sextet)","Apollo","356" "Timmie Rogers with Al "Stomp" Russell Trio","Fla-Ga-La-Pa.","Drop Another Nickel in the Juke Box.","Excelsior","TR-136A","TR-136B" "Timmie Rogers / Herb Jeffries","Bring Enough Clothes for Three Days (Timmie Rogers and Excelsior Hep Cats).","At Least You Could Save Me a Dream (Herb "Flamingo" Jeffries).","Excelsior","TR-107","HJ-100" "David Rose and his Orchestra","Bewitched (Bothered and Bewildered).", "Moon of Manakoora.","M-G-M","30120-A","30120-B" * "David Rose and his Orchestra","Gay Spirits.","How High the Moon.", "M-G-M","30012-A","30012-B","Record is Broken. First 1/3 not playable." * "David Rose and his Orchestra","Our Waltz.","Holiday for Strings.", "Victor","27853-A","27853-B","Record is cracked and Broken. First 1/6 not playable." "David Rose and his Orchestra","Waukegan Concerto - Part One.", "Waukegan Concerto - Part Two.","M-G-M","30013-A","30013-B" "Tito Schipa","Valencia.","Amapola.","Victor","1177-A","1177-B" "Leslie Scott","Stars Fell on Alabama.","Baby Get Lost.","RCA Victor","20-2141-A","20-2141-B" "The Serenaders","Thru' the night.","Red moon.", "Victor","18996-A","18996-B" "Arie Shaw and his Gramercy 5","Summit Ridge Drive.","Cross Your Heart.","RCA Victor","26763-A","26763-B" "Artie Shaw and his Orchestra","Any Old Time. (vocal by Billy Holiday)", "Back Bay Shuffle.","Bluebird","B-7759-A","B-7759-B" "Artie Shaw and his Orchestra","Indian Love Call. (vocal by Tony Pastor)","Begin the Beguine","Bluebird","B-7746-A","B-7746-B" "Artie Shaw and his Orchestra","September Song.","Little Jazz.", "Victor","20-1668-A","20-1668-B" "Artie Shaw and his Orchestra","Sobbin'Blues.","Copenhagen.", "Harmony","1016" "Artie Shaw and his Orchestra","Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child. (vocal by "Hot Lips" Page)","Just Kiddin' Around.", "Victor","27806-A","27806-B" "Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five","Crumbum.","The Shekomeko Shuffle.", "Decca","27196" "Artie Shaw and his Gramercy Five","The Grabtown Grapple.","The Sad Sack.","Victor","20-1647-A","20-1647-B" "Dorothy Shay (The Park Avenue Hillbilly)","Uncle Fud.","I'm in Love with a Married Man.","Columbia","37192" "Earl Sheldon and his Hits A Poppin' Orchestra","A Girl, a Girl / Young at Heart / Anema E Core.","Cross Over the Bridge / Melancholy Me / Wanted.","Parade","7801" "Bobby Sherwood and his Orchestra","Sherwood's forest.","'Least that's my opinion.","Capitol","286",,"In original Capitol sleeve." "Bobby Sherwood and his Orchestra","I Don't Know Why.","The Elk's Parade.","Capitol","107-A","107-B" "Bobby Sherwood and his Orchestra","Moonlight Becomes You.","Harlem Butterfly.","Capitol","123" "Bobby Sherwood and his Orchestra","Swingin' at the Semloh.", "Arkansas.","Capitol","161" "Dinah Shore","Come rain or come shine.","All that glitters is not gold.","Columbia","36971" "Dinah Shore",""Jim".","I'm through with love.", "Bluebird","B-11204-A","B-11204-B" "Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark","My one and only highland fling.","Baby it's cold outside.","Columbia","38463" "Dinah Shore","I'll Walk Alone.","It Could Happen to You.", "Victor","20-1586-A","20-1586-B" * "David Silverman and his Orchestra","Mama Goes Where Papa Goes.", "Mean Blues.","Victor","19195-A","19195-B","Record is broken. First 1/3 not playable." "Frank Sinatra","One love.","Somewhere in the night.", "Columbia","37054",,"In original Columbia jacket." "Frank Sinatra","There but for you go I.","Almost like being in love.", "Columbia","37382" "Frank Sinatra","I'm a Fool to Want You.","Mama Will Bark. (Frank Sinatra & Dagmar)","Columbia","39425" "Sir Lancelot - Gerald Clark's Caribbean Serenaders","A night in Central Park.","Ugly woman.","Keynote Recordings","K-544A","K-544B" "Bob Skyles and His Skyrockets","I like it here where I am.","Eskimo Nell.","Decca","5841 A","5841 B" "Freddie Slack and His Eight Beats","Pig Foot Pete.","Strange Cargo.", "Decca","4130 A","4130 B" "Freddie Slack and his Orchestra","Cow Cow Boogie.","Here You Are.", "Capitol","102-A","102-B" "Freddie Slack and his Orchestra","He's My Guy.","Doll Dance.", "Capitol","113" "Freddie Slack and his Orchestra","Here you are.","Cow-cow boogie.", "Capitol","102","102-B" "Freddie Slack and his Orchestra","Mr. Five by Five.","The Thrill Is Gone.","Capitol","115" "Freddie Slack and his Orchestra","Riffette","They Didn't Believe Me", "Capitol","129" "Freddie Slack and his Orchestra","That Old Black Magic.","Hit the Road to Dreamland","Capitol","126" "Jack Smith with the Clark Sisters","Oh! my achin' heart.", "Cu-tu-gu-ru.","Capitol","403" "Jack Smith and the Clark Sisters","Cuckoo waltz","You call everybody darling","Capitol","15156",,"In original Capitol jacket." "Kate Smith","One dozen roses.","A Soldier dreams.", "Columbia","36577" "The Song Spinners","Stalin Wasn't Stallin'","Love Is Goin' to Be Rationed.","Decca","18554 A","18554 B" "The Southern Sons","Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.","Lift every voice and sing.","Bluebird","30-0806-A","30-0806-B" "Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra","Yesterday's gardenias.","White Christmas.","Columbia","36649" "Jo Stafford","Cindy.","I've Never Forgotten.","Capitol","259" * "Kay Starr","Hoop-Dee-Doo.","A Woman Likes to Be Told.", "Capitol","980",,"Record is broken. First third unplayable." "Kay Starr","I'm Oh So Lonesome Tonight.","It's the First Time.", "Capitol","57-639" "Kay Starr","I'm the Lonesomest Gal in Town.","Share Croppin'Blues.", "Capitol Americana","40051" "Kay Starr","Mamma Goes Where Papa Goes.","Many Happy Returns of the Day.","Capitol","15137" "Kay Starr","Them There Eyes.","What Is This Thing Called Love.", "Modern Records Hollywood","20-712A","20-712B" "Kay Starr","Wabash Cannonball.","How It Lies, How it Lies, How it Lies.","Capitol","15419" "Kay Starr","Was That the Human Thing to Do?","Then I'll Be Tired of You.","Capitol Americana","40066" "Kay Starr","Who's Foolin' Who?","All of Me.","Crystalette", "CR-618-A","CR-618-B" "Kay Starr and Tennessee Ernie","I'll Never Be Free.","Ain't Nobody's Business but My Own.","Capitol","1124" "Harvey Stone","G. I. Lament - Part 1","G. I. Lament - Part 2", "M-G-M","10470-A","10470-B" "Joe Sullivan","24 Hours at "Booths".","The Bass Romps Away.", "Sunset","SRC 100","SRC 101" "Roosevelt Sykes","Training Camp Blues.","Sugar Babe Blues.", "OKeh","6709" "The Honey Dripper (Roosevelt Sykes)","I Wonder.","Tender Hearted Woman.","Cincinnati","3500A","3500B" "Art Tatum Trio","The Man I Love.","Dark Eyes.","Comet","T 1-A","T 1-B","12 inch 78rpm" "Russell Taylor","Sally Goodin'","Wagon Wheel","Capitol","57-40267" "Sister Rosetta Tharpe","Two Little Fishes and Five Loaves of Bread.","Strange Things Happening Every Day.","Decca","8669A","8669B" ""Frantic" Fay Thomas","I'm On My Own. (?) (label torn)","Lover Man.", "Exclusive","126x" "Skeets Tolbert and His Gentlemen of Swing","Uncle Eph's Dream.","Big Fat Butterfly.","Decca","8579 A","8579 B" "Mel Torme'","Gone with the wind.","Little white lies.", "Musicraft","558" "Merle Travis with Cowboy Band","Three Times Seven.","Steel Guitar Rag","Capitol","384" "Tommy Tucker Time","The man don't come to our house anymore.", "Bartender polka.","OKeh","5717" "Art Tatum And His Band (Joe Turner vocals)","Rock Me Mama.", "Lucille.","Decca","8577 A","8577 B" "Big Joe Turner","Somebody's Got to Go.","Ice Man.", "Decca","7856A","7856B" "Big Joe Turner with Willie "The Lion" Smith","Careless Love.", "Jumpin' Down Blues.","Decca","7827 A","7827 B" "Joe Turner","Blues in the Night.","Cry Baby Blues", "Decca","7885A","7885 B" "Joe Turner And His Fly Cats / Pete Johnson's Band","Piney Brown Blues (Joe Turner).","627 Stomp (Pete Johnson)", "Decca","18121A","18121B" "Joe Turner and Pete Johnson / Count Basie's Blue Five","Roll 'Em Pete (Joe Turner).","Boogie Woogie (Count Basie).","Columbia","35959" "Joe Turner and Pete Johnson Trio","It's the Same Old Story.", "Rebecca.","Decca","11001 A","11001 B" "Joe Turner with Freddie Slack Trio","Rocks in My Bed.","Goin' to Chicago Blues.","Decca","4093 A","4093 B" "Joe Turner with Pete Johnson's All Stars","S. K. Blues - Part I.", "S. K. Blues - Part II.","National Records","9010-A","9010-B" "Joe Turner with Pete Johnson's All Stars","Watch That Jive.","Johnson & Turner Blues.","National Records","9011-A","9011-B" "Rudy Vallee b/w Artie Shaw and his Orchestra","As Time Goes By. (Rudy Vallee)","Two in One Blues. (Artie Shaw)", "Victor","20-1526-A","20-1526-B" "The Variety Boys","Uptown Jive.","The Chant.", "Decca","8564A","8564B" "Sarah Vaughan","As you desire me.","Black Coffee", "Columbia","38462" "Sarah Vaughan","Corner to Corner.","If Someone Had Told Me.", "Columbia","39719" "Sarah Vaughan","I Love the Guy.","Thinking of You.", "Columbia","38925" "Sarah Vaughan / Lorenzo Fuller","Bianca (Sarah Vaughan).","Too Darn Hot (Lorenzo Fuller).","Columbia","38461" "Charlie Venturo Sextette","Ghost of a Chance.","Tea for Two.", "Sunset","SRC 10051" "T-Bone Walker","I'm Still in Love with You.","Sail On Boogie.", "Rhumboogie","M-33-2","4000B" "Teddy Walters","Adventure.","Which way did my heart go.", "Musicraft","15075-T","15075-L" "Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band","Good Old Cabbage Greens.","Stop and Fix It.","Bluebird","34-0705-A","34-0705-B" "Josh White","Outskirts of Town.","One Meat Ball.", "Asch","348-2A","348-2B" "Lew White","A kiss in the dark.","Gypsy love song.", "Victor","26249-A","26249-B" "Paul Whiteman","Trav'lin' Light.","You Were Never Lovelier.", "Capitol","116" "Paul Whiteman and his Ambassador Orchestra","Whispering.","The Japanese sandman.","Victor","18690-A","18690-B" "Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra","I've got a gal in Kalamazoo.", "Serenade in blue.","Capitol","108" "Cootie Williams and his Orchestra","House of Joy.","Everything but You.","Capitol","215" "Cootie Williams and his Orchestra","When My Baby Left Me (Eddie Vinson vocal).","Echoes of Harlem.","Capitol","266" "Cootie Williams and his Orchestra (Eddie Vinson vocal)","Red Blues.", "Things Ain't What They Used to Be.","Hit","7084" "Cootie Williams and his Orchestra (Pearl Bailey vocal)","Now I Know.","Tess's Torch Song.","Hit","7075" "Cootie Williams and his Orchestra (Tony Warren vocal)","Saturday Night.","I'm Beginning to See the Light.","Majestic","7131" "Mary Lou and her Chosen Five / Mary Lou Williams","Roll'Em.","Mary's Boogie.","Asch","1003-A","1003-B","12 inch 78rpm" "Mary Lou Williams / Andy Kirk And His Clouds of Joy featurig Mary Lou Williams","Overhand (New Froggie Bottom).","Little Joe from Chicago.","Decca","3385 A","3385 B","Originally part of 6 disc Decca Album No. 137, title unknown." "Mary Lou Williams' Girl Stars","It Must Be True (Mary Osborne vocal).","Harmony Grits.","RCA Victor","20-2174-A","20-2174-B" "Gerald Wilson & Orchestra","Just One of Those Things (Dick Gray vocal).","Just Give Me a Man (Bette Roche vocal).", "Excelsior","GW-126","GW-128" "Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra","Out of Nowhere (Lena Horne vocal).","You're My Favorite Memory (Helen Ward vocal)", "Columbia","36737" "Teddy Wilson Sextet","I Can't Get Started.","Stompin' at the Savoy.","Musicraft","332-A","332-B" "Hugs Winterhalter and his Orchestra","Blue tango.","The gypsy trail.","RCA Victor","20-4518",,"In original RCA Victor jacket." "Jimmy Yancey","Yancey's Bugle Call.","35th and Dearborn.", "Victor","27238-A","27239-B"

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