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1911 T212-3 Obak Cigarettes Baseball Card - WALTER "DASHER" DASHWOOD (Catcher) (Victoria Bees / Northwestern League) (#416)

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Victoria Bees - Northwestern League - The Victoria Bees played in the Northwestern League, a Class B circuit that included teams from Vancouver, Seattle Spokane, and Portland. Professional Baseball returned in 1911 to Victoria and although the Victoria Islanders, who were later named the Victoria Bees, lost 125 games in 151 outings, they were well supported by local business and fans. Link to - Victoria Bees 1911 Home Jersey - The Bees' home uniforms were made from this very rare cross-hatch pinstripe fabric - Link to - Victoria Bees 1911 Road Jersey - Link to a SABR photo - 1911 Victoria Bees, Northwestern League - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Walter Dashwood Bats: Right • Throws: Right Height - 5' 10" (another report has him at over 6 feet) Weight - 190 lbs Born: December 1882 or 1883 Died: 6 December 1933 Nicknames: Dasher, Dash, William, George, W.E. Full Name: Walter Earl Dashwood Father: James Walter Dashwood (b. New York / d. 12 Nov 1907) During his baseball career he never went by his first name "Walter" - these are some that were used - Earl, Dasher, Dash, W.E., William, George and Catcher Dashwood. Link to his minor league stats - Link to a photo - Dasher Dashwood, Oakland catcher - Walter Dashwood compiled a career batting average of .199 with 3 home runs in his 374-game career with the Petaluma Pets, Oakland Reliance, Victoria Legislators / Spokane Indians, Fresno Tigers, Seattle Siwashes, Fresno Raisin Eaters, Des Moines Champions, Oakland Commuters, Oakland Oaks, Tacoma Tigers, Santa Cruz Sand Crabs, Victoria Bees and Seattle Giants. He began playing during the 1903 season and last took the field during the 1911 campaign. On the 16th October 1886 the Dashwood family were living at 455 Stevenson in San Francisco, California In 1896 the Dashwood family were living at 546 Minna in San Francisco, California On his 1900 US census (San Francisco California) he has his name as Walter E. Dashwood (age 17) born in Utah, December 1882. His father is listed as James Dashwood born in New York (June 1853) - his mother is listed as Belle (Arabella) Dashwood born in Illinois (October 1862) - his sister is listed as Esther Dashwood born in California (August 1891) (San Francisco Call, 13 November 1907) - DASHWOOD— In this city (San Francisco). November 12, 1907, James W., loving husband of Belle Dashwood, and loving father of Earl and Ethel Dashwood, he was aged 67 years. (this was Walter Dashwood's father - Walter was referred to by his middle name - EARL) On his 1910 US census (San Jose, California) he has his name as W.E. Dashwood (age 27) born in California about 1883 - his mother and father were both born in Tennessee. His occupation was listed as Professional Ball Player. His wife is listed as Edna Dashwood (27 years old). They were living in San Jose, Santa Clara, California on McLaughlin Street. On his 1911 Canadian census (Victoria, B.C.) he has his name as Wm. G. Dashwood (27 years old) - he is listed as single. Born in July 1883 in the USA. He arrived in Canada in 1911. His occupation in listed as Professional Baseball. On the San Francisco, California, City Directory from 1920 he is listed as Walter E. Dashwood / Ball player / living with his mother on r 29 Clara. His mother is listed as Louise A. Dashwood (spouce / wid. James Walter) On the Oakland, California, City Directory in 1924 - Walter and his mother are living at 2006 Emerson. San Francisco, California, City Directory in 1928 - Walter (taxi cab driver), his sister Ethel (musician) and mother Belle Dashwood are living at 256 Waller in San Francisco, California. On his 1930 US census (San Francisco California) he has his name as Walter ?. Dashwood (age 47) born in Utah. He is listed as working as a taxi cab driver. His mother is listed as Louis A. Dashwood born in Illinois (age 67) - his sister is listed as Ethel Dashwood born in California (age 36). Publication: Nevada State Journal Reno, Nevada - Wednesday, December 6, 1933 - Page 5 - Gas Stove Explosion - SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 5, 1933 - Gas stove explosion wrecked a flat tonight, critically burning Mrs Louise Dashwood, 71, and her 51 year old son, Walter Dashwood. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The Spokane Press, August 14, 1905) - Spokane won the last game of the series with Everett at Recreation park yesterday afternoon by a score of 7 to 3. Everett getting these three runs was due to errors by Baer and Dashwood. Dashwood in left field played hare and hounds with the ball. He was the hound and the sphere the hare. The result was that while Dash was chasing the elusive one about the green, runs were being scored for Everett. Dashwood misjudged two flies in the first inning, but he is not supposed to catch anything but stingers and pop fouls, so we will let him off this time. (The Pacific Commercial Advertiser (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands), October 27, 1907 - Dasher Dashwood, Oakland Catcher - The above is a good likeness of Dasher Dashwood, the regular catcher of the Oakland Coast League team. Dashwood is considered the greatest thrower in the Coast League. He is a hard man to steal bases on and is always in the game from start to finish. Mique Fisher has signed Dashwood to make the trip to Honolulu with his All-Star combination of players. Dashwood is a big fellow standing over six feet and weighing 190 pounds. Honolulu players would do well to keep an eye on this fellow and learn the game. When Dashwood is behind the bat the All-Hawaii players should not take too big a lead, or they will be nipped. (The Hawaiian Star, January 28, 1908) - Dashwood prides himself in having tho choicest collection of Hawaiian souvenirs of any of the players who were on that trip. Given at this late day the Dasher finds himself the recipient of presents. Hardly a steamer comes from the Islands that doesn't bring him something. When he is flush with coin he will have a cabinet built for his trophies. S.F. Bulletin. (The San Francisco Call, February 07, 1908) - The Oakland baseball club Is certain to have the services of "Truck" Eagan this season, he having come to terms this morning with President Walter. He also has signed Dashwood, the successful catcher of last season. Walter expects to have all contracts back within a week. (Los Angeles Herald, 21 July 1908) - W. E. Dashwood, who played with the Stockton team recently while Yom Hackett was injured, and who caught for the Fresno team when it was in the Coast league, has brought suit in the superior court of Fresno county against W. W. Ayers and C T. Walker of Coalinga. Dashwood alleges that he had been slandered by these two men, who are managers of the Coalinga ball team, by their statements that he threw a game on the Fourth of July, and now he wants $10,000 damages. Dashwood caught for Coalinga on the Fourth in a game with another amateur aggregation. Coalinga lost, and it is claimed that blame was heaped upon the shoulders of Dashwood, some even going as far as to say that he threw the game. Dashwood has singled out the managers of the Coalinga club as among those who made such statements and is suing them for damages. He declares that because of their false statements he will be held up to the contempt of all baseball managers unless he is vindicated, and may not be able to secure a position again. The Coalinga game no doubt will be played over again In the courts, as Dashwood says he is prepared to show through the statements of the fans, players and the score that he played a good game. (Santa Cruz Evening News, 24 July 1908) - DASWOOD BRINGS SUIT - RESENTS THE IMPUTATION THAT HE "THREW" A BASEBALL GAME. - W. E. Dashwood, says the Fresno Republican, yesterday made good his announced intention of bringing suit for slander for charges that he "threw" a baseball game. The player first consulted Hanford attorneys, as reported some time ago, and was advised that he had a cause of action, but was told to bring it in Fresno county, as the alleged slander occurred in Coalinga. Dashwood came to Fresno and retained M. B. Harris and J. P. Bernhard, who yesterday filed the papers. The suit is against Waller W. Ayers, a druggist of Coalinga, and the sum asked is $5,000, the alleged slander having been uttered on the 7th of last July in Coalinga. Dashwood recites that he was disgraced and injured in his trade, occupation and profession, and also injured in his reputation and good name. The statement claimed to be false and slanderous is alleged to be: "During the game at Visalia you threw the game. How much did you get for throwing the game?" Dashwood was the catcher for the Coalinga club in the Fourth of July games with the Visalia nine at Visalla, and Coalinga lost both games. Dashwood construes through the pleadings of Lawyers J. P. Bernhard and M. B. Harris that the language of Ayer, publicly uttered, meant that he had been corrupted by bribe money and did wilfully and intentionally carry on his profession in such an incompetent manner as to betray his employers and permit the Visalla baseball team to unfairly win such game and that the losing of said game by the Coalinga baseball team was due to the corrupt and dishonest manner that this plaintiff carried on his trade or profession. On account of these accusations, Dashwood says he lost his position as a member of the Coalinga baseball team, which was paying him a salary of $150 per month and his expenses, aggregating $50 per month, and which position he would otherwise have retained until November 1, 1908. (San Francisco Call, 12 February 1910) - San Jose May Capture Two Good Ones - [Special Dispatch lo The Call] SAN JOSE. Feb. 11 — President Browne Willis of the San Jose baseball association has received terms from Catcher William Dashwood of Santa Cruz and from First Baseman Devereaux J. Peters of Salinas, formerly of Santa Clara college. Willis is still looking for an active manager, but in the meantime is not losing any time in picking a team. (Santa Cruz Evening News, 8 March 1910) - Ex-Sand Crab to Play in the South - CATCHER DASHWOOD SIGNS WITH VISALIA, Mar. 8th - Manager Newt Young of the Pirates has announced that he has signed Dashwood for the local team again this season. Dashwood has been holding out for more money than Young was willing to pay, but has agreed to the terms. He will be in Visalia about April 1, when training will begin. "Dash" is a good man and the local fans are pleased that he is again to be behind the bat. - Visalia is located in the San Joaquin Valley in central California, 35 miles southeast of Fresno, California. The Visalia Pirates were one of only two teams to finish the season in the 1910 San Joaquin Valley League. They finished 13-17, well behind the first place Bakersfield Drillers. (Santa Cruz Sentinel, 30 July 1910) - San Jose has signed Conrad, the ex-Crab to take Dashwood's place behind the bat. "Dasher's" salary ambition almost staggered Mike Steffani and before the latter could regain his equilibrium the former Santa Cruz player was on his way to join the Visalia Pirates of the Valley league. (The Tacoma Times, April 26, 1911) - President Wattelet and Manager Householder of Victoria got busy in Spokane right away, and breezed up to the sporting writers, with the result that the following little effusions graced the sporting pages next day: "The Speed Boys" is the way Eddie Householder styles his twirling staff, a six-man aggregation led by Thomas, Clearwater, Cal., phenom, and the playing manager of the Victoria Islanders not only expects his speed boys to trample upon Spokane in the present series, hut win a pennant for the new Northwestern league entry. Thomas, the star of the sextet, has as much speed as Walter Johnson, star speed artist of the Big Brush, according to Backstop Dashwood of the Islanders. (The Tacoma Times, May 16, 1911) - Eddie Householder is awful street on Rex DeVogt, and would jump at the chance to have Rex alternate with Dashwood. Eddie is a little shy on real backstop material, and knowing a good receiver when he sees one, he naturally falls for Rex. He asked the writer last night why Mike was not catching Rex, and were told that there was a surplus of first-class catching talent on the Tiger staff and that both Shreeder and Mike were sweet on Eddie Burns. Ed looked up Mike right away and began to talk trade. The Islanders outfit is oversupplied with infielders, and Ed said he would jump at the chance to swap for the stocky Rex. (22 July 1911) - Dashwood played his last game for Victoria on the 21 July 1911 - it was the first game of a doubleheader against the Vancouver Beavers. By the 25th August 1911 he is umpiring games in the Northwestern League. His last game that he umpired in for 1911 season was on - 30 September. (Santa Cruz Evening News, 13 January 1912) - Dashwood, the former Sand Crab was in consultation with President Baum, of the Pacific Coast league, yesterday; in regard to securing a job as umpire. Dashwood umpired considerably in the Northwesters league last season. (Morning Oregonian, January 17, 1912) - Dashwood, former Northwestern League catcher, approached President Baum of the Coast League the other day asking for a job as umpire. (Morning Oregonian, April 01, 1912) - Portland Colts Will Have Nine Day Session With Club - SACRAMENTO, Cal. March 31. (Special.) The Portland Northwestern regulars will leave tomorrow morning for Reddlng which will be their first stop on their way home. The Yannigans will join the regulars there. Beginning tomorrow the Portland players will be the guests of the citizens of Redding, who have arranged a nine day baseball card with the local team, captained by Dashwood ex-Victoria catcher. After leaving Redding the team probably will stop at Medford, Grants Pass. Eugene and Albany, although the exact schedule has not been determined. (Santa Cruz Evening News, 8 June 1914) - Umpire Dashwood, the California leaguer, has broken Into the Coast league, and according to reports is getting away to a good start. He umpired the Los Angeles - Oakland series together with Hayes. Dashwood was tho butt of several jokes sprung by San Francisco newspapermen when he halted Saturday's game to put on his overcoat and gloves to shield himself from the heavy fog that poured in from the bay. (The Sunday Oregonian, June 14, 1914) - Umpire Dashwood Decision Draws League Director Into General Fight. - Special Police, Fans and Players Join in Scuffle in Which Manager Howard Lets Loose Famous Punch. - San Francisco, June 13. —The ball game this afternoon between the Seals and Angels broke up in a free-for-all fight, in which Cal Ewing, Manager Del Howard and Umpire Dashwood figured in the star roles. The game ran into the tenth inning when Dashwood called a runner safe on a ball thrown home from third which bounded in the air when It struck the catchers hands but was safely caught as it came down. The decision was given while the ball was still in the air and Dashwood refused to change his ruling. Howard was on Dashwood with bound, grabbing him by the throat and shaking him like a bulldog shaking a rat. Cal Ewing ran between the men and Frank Dillon rushed in apparently to support Dashwood, when Ewing gave him a punch in the stomach. Howard was apparently anxious for more as he rushed to the rescue of his chief, but the interference of several hundred spectators and the special police ended the spectacle. President Baum now has a knotty problem to solve. As Ewing was in uniform at the time he is under the rule of the president, although he is a fellow director with that official Baum will have to pass on Dashwood's ruling as well as the conduct of both managers. (Sacramento Union, 14 June 1914) - Special to the Union. SAN FRANCISCO. June 13.—A general fight ended the Angels - Seals game today due to a wonder decision by Umpire Dashwood late of the state league. The result will probably be the suspension of Del Howard for his part and possibly a censure for Cal Ewing, who took a healthy poke at Pop Dillon. Dillon had the effrontery to call Ewing an old man and Cal Ewing wouldn’t take that from anybody. The Seals had a man on third and another on second in the tenth with one run needed to tie the score. Jerry Downs grounded sharply to third. Moore made the whip across the diamond. Abstein caught the ball, but it bounced out of his hands and was high in the air as Jerry crossed first. Dashwood called him out. Howard never lost a moment. He was on top of Dashwod in an instant, grabbed the umpire firmly by the throat with his two hands and shook him as a bulldog would shake a cat. Cal Ewing, owner of the Seals, who was in uniform for the sake of a joke with Henry Berry and had been doing some fancy coaching stunts of his own, came between big angry manager and the indicator man. Frank Dillon came to the fore, evidently for the sake of supporting Dashwood and Ewing, who had been telling the Dasher just what he thought of him, took a fling at “Pop’’ of Los Angeles fame. Howard, still anxious for more of the same, hurried to the rescue of his chief, and not to be outdone in any particular, also let loose a famous Howard punch. Hundreds of the fans rushed in between the contestants and the spectacle was ended. (Los Angeles Herald, 17 September 1918) - Catcher Dashwood, who used to be with the Oakland team, now is in the army and is stationed at Camp Kearny. (Camp Kearny was a U.S. military base (first Army, later Navy) in San Diego County, California, on the site of the current Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. It operated from 1917 to 1946. The base was named in honor of Brigadier General Stephen W. Kearny) (Santa Cruz Evening News, 5 April 1927) - There were other star players on the Sand Crabs in those good old days, but none of them were lucky enough to be in the $200 a month salary class. Bill Waters, still residing here, was satisfied to receive $175 per, and so was Dasher Dashwood, a catcher by occupation and who with Sharkey Conrad did the backstopping for the crab family. Conrad, an ex-soldier who had more ginger than a barrel of West India peppers, only received $125, but was able to put on the front of a millionaire on this salary.

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