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September 2008

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posted by alias dean.smithii on Thursday 28th of August 2008 07:30:11 PM

September 2008 Let us clear our throats...cough3, gag3, ralf3 n all yo evil peepoz faces... ;) heh heh heh Sept 1 Labor Day N Honolulu O'ahu Hawai'i The Parade of Champions honoring the Little League World Series champions from Waipi'o and Hawai'i's Olympians is confirmed for Monday, starting at Fort DeRussy and ending at Kapi'olani Park's Wakiki Shell. Parade starts at 5pm...y cum so late? me n lah lah land beye dat teyem ;) zzzzzzzzzzz remember eye m aye dreamer aka clairvoyant...dreams still cum n true 4 me world wide web aka whole wide world...meye dreams r wishes meye heart makes and also premonitions of whats tuh cum...mahalo ke akua! thank God! So Gifted....aye? Thanx Vicari, Donahue, Kajiwara and Barrett Ohana 4 D Positive bonding...nyse c'n u Leesu McKeague Salgado @ SunSet on D Queens beach...we heard aye block away singing...nyse c'n u 2 Alecia and Aysia Stevens...n all d Waipi'o Little League Ohana 88s ... had juan lilo boy wen luk jus' leyek Lilo Leion nfront us...he wuz wit juan local dude n deh were luk'n 4 Bryan Clay...heh heh tuk pix with him N 2005 2...hee hee hee...Bryan Clay New Hope Christian Fellowship Farrington...REPREZENT!!! Next Holiday....Thanksgiving November 27, 2008...hhhmmm duz ring sum oloz dat date butt 2007 aye demon sending email? sorreh eye jus' have tuh rub it in...heh heh heh ;) Happy Birthday Brother Philip Akiu of Honolulu Hawai'i Muah ={) Sept 2 Closing of the Ocean Club at Restaurant Row 2007 Last Night of operation =( we miss u =( still waiting...wuts the scoops? Butt JAH Bless all yallz and thanx 4 taking great care of meye ohana a na kama aka family and friends =) muah ={) Keanu Reeves and Selma Hayek =) thanx 102.7 da bomb =) nyse bus trip aye? Eye've had quite aye few meyeself...flirting bus dreyeverz eye tell u...n he was juan entertainer on d Epress Bus Ypahu High School to Town heh heh heh...u guys know who dat? 1988 - 1989 Cannon's Business College Bound dat IZ ;) [email protected] u b giving meye digits 2? eye jus had juan drop call from juan (808) 689- suh n..das juan Ewa Beach num-bah... 88s u guyz...less text...soh sorreh... wait...juan moa tang...where's d party at on Tuesday Knigts now? u guyz have tuh update ur onleyen tang...keh beye...have aye GREAT day... 2008 Waipi'o Little League Dinner 7pm at Big City Diner N Waipio; 94-800 Ukee St. Waipahu Hawai'i (808) 678-8868 was its KHNL8? did u guys change ur advertisement on TV about Golden Dragon? heh heh heh ;) Thanx 4 ur call Maricel Sagucio New Hope Christian Fellowship Leeward...REPREZENT...cant wait 2 meet up witu and catch up =) James "Kimo" Braddah Keems Opiana Jr. Campbell High School Grad Sept 3 Allyson Phoebe Dequito 1997 Happy Bday Sweetie...we all miss u!!! muah ={) Hay Rella and Sam D Man...huz calling meye cell...(808) 474 suh n...eye have dat # marked az "stalker" LOL n deh nevah even leave juan massaj...shalom!!! n it's buff daddeh dallas nutts markee ;) 88s n where's "game ovah" ovah? LOL wut? juan adah (808) 224 suh n...eye know...deh leyek jus listen tuh meye voice msg "angelic voice" LOL...dang stalkers =p Sept 4 Mikayla Nohealani Baldueza Ponce 2003 Happy Bday 2 U az well...hugs n kisses 2 u n ur ohana from our ohana...muah ={) Beyonce Knowles Sept 5 Kuzn Britt Baguio 1988...happy bday kuz muah ={) aloha and hugz n kisses 2 all n San Jose Cali or all Cali 4 us..thanx!! Pay bax aye royal queen BIATCH aye perrr-miss-q-es ;) [email protected] and "UNITED DJZ"...howz dat stick up ur u know where kp? need n eh help tuh get it up straight tuh ur head? 4 common sense that IZ...heh heh heh...have aye great weekend LOST WWW!!! I know I will!!! Sept 6 2008 What's in back of Billy V's Door? A cat...heh heh heh aka enough yet? aka got REAL balls? lemeno Ohana A Na Kama...he aint man enough 4 me....peace out....United Djz...pah haah haah haah!!! and club promoters...pah haah haah hahh!!! Genesis 12:1-3 After the death of Abram's father, God told him, "Leave your own country behind you, and your own people, and go to the land I will guide you to. If you do, I will cause you to become the father of a great nation; I will bless you and make your name famous, and you will be a blessing to many others. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you; and the entire world will be blessed because of you." that's 4 u evil mockers...change yo evil ways!!!! my kids know best!!! innocent and true and they know the Almight jus like me...mock us evil world...I so dare you!!! JAH will take great care of you...ask the Hellton Prizoners N Cox Radio peepoz...heh heh heh Sept 7 Grandparents Day =) Sept 8 Armando leaves 4 Arizona =( Great meeting u Armando...keep n touch thru Davina Barrios and Ryan Erdman n my youtube page ok...u r sooooo gorgeous...sorry, eye'll b missing your bbq on Saturday, August 30th =( hugs n kisses out 2 u as well...muah ={) thanx 4 d text davin =) n yes Aloha Armando Gorgeous Hunk U Muah ={) Sept 9 Fundraiser 4 D 2008 Waipio Little League Champs 7am til wut aken? 10% of proceeds gowh tuh d Team =) leme get bak wit all yallz on dat...d 411 onz KHNL8 heh heh heh Big City Diner N Waipio; 94-800 Ukee St. Waipahu Hawai'i (808) 678-8868 hardee harr be text'n n calling meye @$$ now sorreh...selective...sum booh tayz connections...this world IZ onleh so small and duznt know meh...heh heh heh...evil laf =p I told u pay bax aye notorious royal queen BIATCH....heh heh heh =p curse me evil stalkers n mockers...i'll only curse u bak...akua sed soh!!!! Sept 11 House of Photography Pix R N 4 Ewa Beach Elementary School Students =) Aloha Week Fesitval O'ahu Events Malie Keaulaulani Agricula Nee 2004 of Cpl Lei O'ahu Hawai'i...Happy Bday sweetie...hugs n kisses 2 u n all ur ohana from our ohana...muah ={) Karen Uyeoka of D Hellton Hawn Vlg Beach Resort N Spa...Happy Bday 2 u as well...does ur sis still work with Mel Sato at Rehab of D Pac? Jus wundrn...N u still Sr Resv at dah Hellton? Not Sup? Huz sup now dat Mother Gwenz gone? N howz dah witch? No booh tay wen trow watah ovah her yet? My son sed it nutts meh... LMFAO...heh heh heh...Next month IZ Halloween.... ;) N Chas so remembers how u treated us u kid hater!!!....N u most defitantely don't need 2 know my situation at home with my kids...u didnt know Chas didnt live with me? Hello...she only came 2 me with my Hellton days off ok...what wuz ur exact words witch #1? "I'm not paying u 2 baby sit!" Hello...Her Grandma Charmaine was going pick her up u @$$wipe LOL...pardon mua...eye yea there...I didn't swipe in...I went straight 2 Church, Ka Makua Mau Loa N prayed 4 ur sorreh @$$...I aint sorreh no more...God will so judge u...Kid hater!!! or she jus' hated me n general....jealous...pah hah hah hah...rating on yo @$$ now... hu wuz ur informer n eh wayz? dah adah witch? Reri Robello huz n Hilo now eye tank? Owh Hellton, U like know hu her N4mer N PBX? watch out she used 2 work mail n key .... what goes around, comes around...dem 2 close? hhhmmm..... Yes, SoulJAH Muthah Lourdes IZ Hated by many (jealous evil mockers), Loved by only one Realm (positive peepoz, men huz married, men huz taken, single men, angels, children =), n D power of 3 "our heavenly father, his son jesus, and the holy spirit =)... butt known 2 all.....heh heh heh...luv Pele'e aka Peculiar Fire Goddess...u rub me dah wrong way =) so dont!!! what goes around comes around... Hurricane Iniki hits the 50th state aka d hawn eye lands aka d 8 owh 8 state aka God'z Kuntreh back n 1992 Our Country Was attacked beye the KILLERS aka HiJackers 2001...all R Gaurdians angels butt them evil doers... Our Nation In Song - by Jason Lent and élan Sometimes it feels like a dream But in the darkest night we must still believe When you feel you`ve lost it all We must all stand tall And reach deep inside They will never take our pride. Chorus: We must stand strong We can go on Our nation in song Hold our heads up high Reach for the sky Let's join as one And overcome Keep holding on Stand proud on this day God bless the USA (my country `tis of thee) Sweet land of liberty When all we fought for is taken from us And all that's left doesn't feel like enough Our flag will still be standing With the grace of God providing Let's reach deep inside They will never take our pride Sept 12 1992...the day after Hurricane Iniki...where R my Pageant Sisters? Miss International Hawaii Pageant Sponsored by the Women's Community Action League of Hawaii. LOL Ilikai Hotel was its? Hope ur all great =) Kuz I sure am =) USA - Vilma Cafirma Miss Intl Hawaii 1992-93 India - Judith Campolo 1st Runner Up Mexico - Lourdes Madriaga 2nd Runner up (like mother like daughter, right Chassidy Koiiokeaookalani Madriaga Nee 2nd Runner Up 30th Annual Miss Keiki Hula Competition 2005) Spain - Delisa (Harmon) Donnelly 3rd Runner up Latin America - Jenny Lynn Gacho 4th Runner up Leilani Loristo Sherrny Canada Josephine Salangsang Angelica Batin Lira Legaspi dropped out: Kaiulani Worsham...hhhmmm that las name ring sum Lawyers Ballz...eye mean bellz LOL Reigning Queen: was Chona Nuesca Choreographer: Mylyn Cortez 87 Ypahu Grad Mrs Florence Safford Mrs Linda Yeaton Mrs Zeny Muyot Have aye great weekend all and ALOHA!!! N I aint Miss B'having... ;) N meye MySpace IZ so SABATAJ'd by Braddah Jessie Coloma and D United Djz...ur all in its tuh gether...LMAO...peace out!!! song shud b playing..."Hell Fire" By Ooklah The Moc and not "I Got It From My Mama" bye all my kids got it from meh...heh heh heh...Mahalo Ke Akua!!! Thank God!!! Miss Wala'au...out!!! U think? LOL owh n sorreh baby gyrl Hunter...mommy was on either country or christian station when u were yelling 4 me n d school parking lot b4 ur school bell bad... ={) muah Sept 13 Dentist Apmt 4 my 2 youngest kids...I wonder if Greg Gabaylo and Alika going b der like dah las time...owh well...heh heh heh Feb 9 2008 hypnotized at AJ's 1st Bday Pah tay... peace out!!! Sept 15 Dan Marino (thanx 1027 muah) Sept 16 102.7 Da Bomb reyedz d tranzit aye gen =) have fun...n no flirting ;) u guyz flirting or wut? heh heh heh ;) try ask dat bus driver if he flirted wit meh ;) Nick Jonas 16th bday (thanx 1027 muah) Mark Anthony's 40th (thanx 1027 muah) Dana Ancog 1970 and '88 Grad of Pearl City High School...Happy Bday Gyrl! muah ={) Hows John of HMSA ;) April 4-5, 2008? Give him meye luvz n 88s...Rumours? wut knight? heh heh heh...meye luv 2 u n ur ohana Dana...Hi 2 ur bro Dion N Cali Az well...he miss me on MySpace 2? LOL... hhhmmm Rumours April 4-5, 2008...owh Alex...eye still got ur digits (808) 292 suh n...thanx 4 d wake-up text d day wuz hanging...n premonition 2 heh heh heh, stalkers b stalking meye booh tay..hhhmmm eye wandah hu....Alex wut, u still leyek c me? howz meye MySpace? AWESOME aye? Mahalo Ke Akua... Saw Justin Cruz from KHON2 number from him...darn it darn it darn it ;) no more flirting on d fone as aye radio dj aye? ;) u sed eye sounded kah yute...thanx ={) muah..butt next time u c me u can give me ur digits ;)...u can be meye adah uka million braddahz eye have on meye cell fone 2 keh...thanx ... heye 2 all n dat studio of urz. Ron Mizutani "New Hope Farrington REPREZENT!!....duz Kanoa Leahey have and uncle named Mike? jus wundrn...we met him at Montereys Pearlridge with Kapi Nee February 11, 2005. Must've been meye tantalizing eyes and shmile...he wen wala'au choke with us ;) Then after head 2 Tory Vicari's Bday @ Ice Palace right after with Chas =). Owh Justing, kuz Olena Ruben know Mike Colozzi also? (Mike thanx 4 meye BDAY Greeting on MySpace...muah ={) I'm doing GREAT! U got aye cell fone 2 donate? lol) She was there at D Mililani Golf Clubhouse asking us who sat n dem 2 chairs las' sunday wen the Ypio Little Leaguers Won the World Series 12 - 3. The chair was Chris aka Raena Donahue's Bros and Randy Stevens (New Hope Farrington REPREZENT) chairs jus fyi ;) n Harold aka Rubber Toe Collins Uncle from New York eye got ur digits 2 (917) 939 suh n...didnt' we have the teyem of our lives dancing on d dance floor ;) Hu duznt wen deh b boog'n wit meh...aye Billy V ;) heh heh heh...flashbax n eh juan?...butt Harold was meye pole dat knight lol..."dance leyek no juanz watching!" Hana Hou n eh dudez? Single Fadahz dat IZ...owh [email protected] need juan peh peh sitah? howz meye Resume on Flickrz n youtube n on d WWW...Mahalo Ke gifted n meh laffah laffah na Keiki aka children so shud u ALL lost'll help u enter d gates of Heaven!!! Don't B Selective evil peepoz...luv yes...du believe n Luv @ 1st seyet...deh turn evil on u...throw dem all away, cuz it says n d Bible...Hate what IZ evil n cling on 2 all things Good! Get it? Got it? GREAT!!! 08.28.2008 soh kah yute u ypio lilo leaguers on muzak now playing 102.7 da bomb baby =) (808) 296-1027 -Broke Ass Mondays @ Red Lion Waikiki -Bombasstic Tuesdays @ Pipeline Cafe -Big Wednesdays @ The O-Lounge -Thirsty Thursdays @ Zanzabar Nightclub -The New Foreplay Fridays @ Pipeline Cafe -The Playhouse @ Fashion 45 - Saturdays -School Girl Sundays @ Scruples omg...dat was billy v on dat Little League comm. Tell him smile ladat lol find yo anteh juan Single Fadah wit no dang dramahz n no pukah panteh pah leez...n no pah lastic kah yute u boys on dah radio...muah....Khade Paris, Tanner Tokunaga, C-Boy Donahue and Iolana Akau...check u boys out on meye you tube keh... c u all laters....88s aka xoxo aka hugs n kisses...Luv Auntie Lour N yes [email protected] rumour IZ True...luv dah dreamah! ;) since I'm n d path of radio djz...what did Royal Rory Wild Thang think eye wuz b'kuz of meye name "Lourdes" aye centerfold 4 wut again wen eye won suh n from u way way way back n d dayz...n eh wayz...mus' b meye angelic nature...dont thank me...thank Akua...Mahalo Ke Akua...wut did eye win n eh ways...keh miss wala'au on dah cum futter...stop yo wala'au'n... no wait...dang Royal Greg even save meye booh tay wit dem Real Raw Eggs 2 dah Negative Steh shen...heh heh heh was meant tuh b aye =) LOL Sept 17 Me have Mercy on KP? owh pah leez...what goes around comes around...uhh...duhh...2 long n college I tank, dont cha all think? LOL ;) he shmokin o'wut ;) LOL I said this WWW is only so small...who duznt know me? N huz reputation I ruining? all them peoples who think life IZ a game and played with my heart? Right Back at chah! Kimberly "Kepa" Tubania 1969 '87 Grad of James Campbell High School Happy Bday Kim...Miss U!!! heye 2 ur ohana 4 me n baby cain wuz its? muah ={) YouTube will be undergoing scheduled maintenance, starting around 6:00 pm PDT. Lour's comment: Must be MyPage again like MySpace Bulletins LOL and Friendsters when I 8!7(# LOL U think? I tend 2 do damage where ever I go. I wonder when HomeGrownHawaii is going to have maintenance. Everyone gadah sign-up now ever since I posted it on Youtube. LOL such a trend setter aint I. Mahalo Ke Akua =) Sept 18 Write back to Stacie Shiraishi Peralta on HomeGrownHawaii. Stacie, where'd you learn to write standard english like that? Sounds like some1z writing it for you. N Eh hu...I should copy and paste everything I write about the Hellton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa on Since there is places to go online to 8!7(# about terrible experiences heh heh heh Find more friends on HomeGrownHawaii from all the other schools in the Hawaiian Island Chain LOL Major Damage =) Who's viewing me now LOST WWW heh heh heh Choke peepoz from ARA Leisure Service aka Aloha Stadium Workers 1986-89 on HomeGrownHawaii heh heh heh and from Cannon's Business College =) and choke guyz from my club hopping days and workout days at Spa Fittness and 24Hour Fittness heh heh heh What's your topic 4 2day 102.7 Da Bomb Baby Station? Booh tay smoochin of mines KP and all who rubbed me the wrong way? I said "Life IZ not a Game!" "Do on to others as you would want them to do on to you!" so there....right back at all yalls aka in all yo faces!!!!" You all done playing games? I just started LMFAO!....n yes..."it's never a dull moment" when I'm in your lives =) ... cause I'm Sharp! aka Genius aye Lowen? Muah ={) U still make me bitter...or was it better? LOL hewh...done with all my messages on and still 13 friends hanging and I haven't gotten to half the schools in Hawai'i yet LMAO...another day. Good Knight alls...Miss Wala'au out 4 now...u think? Sept 19 Messaging 2 Aiea High School Men on, 1989 Wes Flores N 0fficer lvan Sanches 275-* * * * kuzn from kccn =p...heh heh heh so early n d morning.....muah =) Best friend a gal could ever have. Chix get to much dang dramahz =P Yaye holo holo with one of them today =) catch up time =) thanx Wes Flores 4 d cruz 2 Haleiwa Beach Park =) c u again 09.20.2008 Aiea High School Homecoming Game. Homecoming of Aeia 17 Kaiser 0 Go Na Ali'i!!! Go Nephew Phillip Madriaga #19 Vars and Team! Show them all what you got! Hunter wants to go but sorry, no funds...owh Brother Ferly!!! heh heh heh...k back to zzzzz 4:11am. Drama N da hood lastnight. All we were missing was a DJ Mobile Disco ;) Thanx officers and paremidics 4 ur assistance...n e of uz single ;) Who's damaged? Camp Wizzard of Lour N eh juan? ;) TJ Sagucio Campbell Grad...'07 or '08? so sorreh...meye luvz 2 u n all ur ohana from meye ohana...muah ={) Dana Ancog's Bday Celebration at D High Maka Maka Club "Pearl" Hu Dissed our Hawaii SoulJAHZ on July 3, 2007 =P thanx 4 D Text Nvite Davin but I have my kids and that club puts me tuh shlep ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz LMAO Have fun! Call or Text Davina if U all want 2 B put on d list if going after 8pm =) Sept 20 Dynamic '88 20 Year Class Reunion Get together at Rumours Night Club 9pm - til closing then cruz with Wes Flores again =) thanx 4 aye great evening all...I so had a blast...wuz it 3 or 4 Long Island Ice Teas? heh heh heh...thanx 2 all who bought us a round of drinks =) muah ={) hope to c u all soon again...and wonder we always used to get busted in dah 6th grade mr yamada's class...we both load and mr/ms wala'au....always get scolding...u give too much info out but I luved it...even your text u banana keh 88s aka xoxo aka hugs and kisses... Sept 21-29 Mainland Trip 4 D father of meye las 2 na keiki...have aye safe trip n njoy urselves =) Sept 22 Hangout with Wes Flores at his place and watch movies...n no sunny...not da kine u watch with or without your wife LOL. Nyse seeing you again Lihau Akau at First Hawn Bank Pearlridge, Hi 2 ur mom and Joe and bro 4 me thanx =) Sept 23 4th Grade Field Trip Makaha Farms for Ewa Beach Elementary School MySpace and Classmate Dynamic '88 Ypahu High School Bday Doreen "Reeny" Lasconia Suh donoh wut ur married nem...u live n y n eye still? have aye great 1 wit ur ohana...88s aka hugs n kisses 2 u n all from me n meye ohana muah ={) Hair straigtening day wit Sis Mags but meet up with Wes at the park 1st ;) Sept 24 Sunny, Y u always texting me wen I wit sum booh tay? sheesh!!! ;) N eh hu...hope u had a great day at work. No badah me!!! Kidding...bother all u want =) muah ={) Nyse talking to you Allan B. on d fone that is. I forgot who I gave my number to at Rumours...hee hee hee Miss Wala'au...gadah make peepoz welcome ladat kine kuzez. N yes, most definately we need to get together with your crew and hangout. Delete old number, hello nu numbers LOL Sept 25 Thanx 4 D wake up call this morning Wes. Something must be wrong with my Nextel/Sprint Texting. I did text you after 10pm and I don't know how you got it at 2am...owh well. Thanx 4 D call back also. and then... And Ludy in Texas, thanx 4 ur text as well. Hope all our Hawai'i Troops are doing great. 3:30am wow...6 hours time difference I think? My loves to all and I hope you received d 411 on D Bdays. Hugs N kisses 2 all 4 me thank you. MySpace Joe/Lynn Happy Bday 10:30am Lunch with Dean2 N School =) Thanx that was a great lunch. Nyse seeing you again Asia Verdida, our luvz to your sister Demi and Ohana muah ={)...u r so kah yute. Dean2 and'au plenteh...jus like me =) hee hee hee ok, look out for all yallz on Dean2z Youtube page and Hunter too. Sorry no volume =( jus listen to 102.7 da bomb baby steh shen...deh teach you how to party 7 knights a week...gadah start um young ;) hee hee hee butt I enjoyed myself =) and thanx 4 that comment, I look jus like a student..thanx..butt them kids r old r u? I'm old LOL N yea 102.7 da bomb steh shen...wussup wit dah bitty mcclean song man? trow me off ladat kine kuzez. I was on juan date ladat ;).."4ever b mine". pos'tuh b d adah steh shen...wut, deh giving u allz d massage 2? LOL all good wit me...dem djz miss me aye? like wise...but yea know...slam dat door shut while I push my way in to adah dowahz ;) so hu like me fo'evahz? heh heh heh...wait in line...I taking applications yea know ;) NYSE chatting with D 3 Muskateers again on the fone...Lan (Oceanside Cali), Marj, and Lour...still crossing my fingers on Vegas...Troy still working on it? If I don't go you all have a blast and we'll c each other all online LMAO =O Sept 26 10am report to Ewa Beach Elementary School Penny Carnival 4 Students, Teachers, and Volunteers only...owh meye booh tay will sure be there alright =)[email protected]/[email protected]/ Kailua aka Chas Nee and Roosevelt Football...cross our fingers we be der Chas Nee Cheerleader and Richie Gabres N Band Kowananakoa Sept 27 Royal Land Eye Tuh Suh N ;) heh heh heh...eye know u all miss meye booh tay texting thru Royal Lowie Boy Cutee Hottee butt eye luv u all...u know that n eye miss u all 2 butt akua open more doors 4 me aka another calling...aint eye aye great trendsetter on youtube? mahalo ke akua nots meh...heh heh heh...jah bless u allz....n dah suppah herreh ferreh dat kuz so much cow motion n dah pacific owh shen n med dah world nuz wheyel me n meye owh hannerz were n owh canada August 2007 =) miss u all canada kuznz...hook me up on youtube LOL ...jus leyek aye myspace and friendsters n homegrownhawaii...hawaiialumni soun old ;) heh heh heh wait eye nutts done wit Royal Land Eye Tuh Suh N yet... Shoes Size: 10 1/2..howz yo hammah ;) Shorts Size: 36 Shirts Size: XL or L Bra Size: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz owh sorreh...eye fell ashleep ;) Have aye great juan...muah ={) Cathy's Hairstyling Ohana bonding with my 3 na keiki and Madriaga ohana =)[email protected]/ Great talking to you cousin Brad Baguio in San Jose Cali =) So what did we win? Penn State 38 - Illinois 24? my pik ;) our luvz 2 all n Cali for us thanx =) N where's our CD? hugs n kisses Sept 28 Tryten Lee Makakoa Vicari Christening then Lunch at Pagoda Restaurant Madriaga get together to talk about our Halloween Costume Fart Raid N duh hood =) for Friday, October 31, 2008 Sept 29 Lunch with Hunter N School =) 11am Thanx 4 D great big hug Kaylie Tapaoan aka Dean2z classmate =) and hunter Alexandra Scavitto said I was cute. Wow, I didn't have a "cute" compliment like that since in my High School Year Book LOL. thanx 4 lunch =) I had fun Ewa Beach Elementary School. Pik up der dad at d airport 6pm Den Hangout with Wes Flores =) Kaimiola Nee Bday....U celebrating it with your daughter Malie? Have aye great juan n hugs n kisses 2 all ur ohana from meye ohana... Kuzn Dennis Caindec N New York...muah ={) Hi 2 all 4 us...Kuzn Maribel Apuya and Uncle Terry Dagdgan Ohan and Harold and Ohana and Lianne Gambol Gilbert N the big boys neighborhood "sundays =)" Dramahz N sum booh tayz da kine hee hee hee...not my fault!!!! hope all goes well.... Sept 30 Kindergarten Field Trip Ewa Beach Elem. at the Lyon Arboretum, the Univ. of Hawaii's botanical garden in Manoa Valley. !!Have fun children =)!! 7pm Pick up Ihilani Canoy at University and drop her off at What's Up Gymnastics for her Cheerleading workout. Thanks for the scoops on your father Jesse Canoy Jr. And I hope your grandfather picked you up and dropped you off home. C U on Friday, October 17th Aiea Na Ali'i and Moanalua Menehune Football Game at Aiea. Our loves to Ipo and Makoa...not yo fadah ;) kidding!!! Maybe not =) Hang out with Wes Flores =) Haffeh Burfdei 2 yeoo!!! woowh!!! Yeoo live N Duh Zeoo!!! woowh!!! U [email protected]@K like Juan Monkeh!!!! woowh!!! N yeoo shmell like Juan Toe!!! woowh!!! Jus Kidding, Haffah good Juan wit all yo family and frenz...n let dem all b positive Y 10-Q As 4 all that who has passed....respect the passed, therefore, never b 4goten!!!! Aloha with D 88s aka xoxo aka hugz n kisses, SoulJAH Mommy Lourdes Saludes Madriaga aka "B All Dat U can Pee eye mean B... Chee Hee!! N eh booh tay eye missed? so sorreh...pah leez 4give me...tanx ah... peace out!!![email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/

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