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Biden's inaction is facilitating the destruction of the Amazon & Palm Oil Deforestation

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Tuesday 2nd of March 2021 07:07:09 PM

Tigers “The Climate Crisis Is Worse Than You Can Imagine. Here’s What Happens If You Try.” * “How We Go Extinct” - by Guy McPherson * “As Biden intends to do nothing for the people, Trump looks forward to 2024” * Whether Greenspan said it or not (he didn’t, Chomsky interpreted) is irrelevant as it is part of Democrats’ and Republicans’ conservative ideology: “I am Alan And, I used to run the Federal Reserve. And, I actually said this: If the workers are more insecure, that's very healthy for the society, because if workers are insecure they won't ask for wages, they won't go on strike, they won't call for benefits; they'll serve the masters gladly and passively. And that's optimal for corporations.” PoliticFact Response: “The reader wondered if the five-time chairman of the United States’ central bank actually said something so dismissive about America’s economically left-behind. So did we. As it turns out, Greenspan didn’t say it. Instead, it's academic Noam Chomsky's take on something Greenspan said. And Greenspan and Chomsky couldn’t be more different ideologically. As a young man, Greenspan was a member of the inner circle of Ayn Rand, the libertarian thinker and novelist. (Rand would eventually stand with Greenspan when he was sworn in as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers in 1974.) Greenspan was nominated for the Fed chairmanship by three Republican presidents (Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush) as well as by Democrat Bill Clinton.” * Biden has no excuse for not overturning these Trump attacks: “"Trump's sloppiness and incompetence has created an opening to undo some of the damage caused by his destructive anti-regulatory agenda."” “Report Finds Biden Can Potentially Freeze Dozens of Trump's Last-Minute 'Egregious and Damaging' Rollbacks” * “Stop Pretending Biden Is A Powerless Bystander An LBJ tale debunks Democratic apologists now pretending Biden has no power to try to shift the minimum wage votes of his party’s lawmakers.” * Biden is a liar. It’s who he is: “Joe Biden says his hands are tied on a $15 minimum wage. That's not true” * Nancy monetizing public office by playing in the stock market: “Do you remember how reluctant Nancy Pelosi was to impeach Donald Trump? Progressives wanted to throw the book at him: emoluments, campaign finance violations, tax evasion, etc. She did not because then Democrats could be impeached for similar crimes. She only impeached him for crimes that threatened Joe Biden taking office: Ukrainegate & the Capitol riot.” “Nancy Pelosi Buys Tesla Calls, Stands To Benefit From New Biden EV Plan” * “Some of don't have luxury of confusion. Y'all keep focusing on Trump, we have a different target: "If the West is not stopped, our planet may not survive at all. And let us be realistic: begging, logical arguments and goodwill will not stop Washington, Paris or London from plundering and enslaving. Anyone who has at least some basic knowledge of world history knows that." (Andre Vltchek)” * This move by Biden is not consistent with Democrats’ illustrious efforts to return a voice to the American People via the “For the People Act:” “The Biden administration removed the White House petitioning system that allowed citizens to start campaigns. Once a campaign reached at least 100,000 signatures, the White House was required to respond.” “Fact Check: Did the Biden Administration Remove the White House Petitioning System?” * Biden lied about: $2,000 check; student loan cancellation; $15 minimum wage; reversing Trump’s attack on migratory birds, wolves, pesticides & pollinator extinctions, etc His word means nothing until the For the People Act is signed into law: “Biden announces his full support for the ‘for the people act’ Which fights republican gerrymandering and voter suppression: “in the wake of an unprecedented assault on our democracy and a newly aggressive attack on voting rights taking place right now all across the country, this landmark legislation is urgently needed to protect the right to vote.” * Again, Biden blah, blah, blah,… I’m sure Democrats have all sorts of papers in varying degrees of completion. Just as I’m sure they are all fully aware of all the opportunities that each stage in the process of completion makes available to them. This includes Biden extending his final signature,... or not. So until and unless Biden signs it, I have to conclude they don’t want this bill to be made law,...else it would be, all excuses and circumstances seemingly to the contrary are just noise. Democrats lie. Is it law or not?! “White House backs bill to expand voting rights, curb gerrymandering” * Will this kill Biden’s “For the People Act?” Is this why Democrats have been dragging their feet on passing the “For the Peoples’ Act?”: “This week, in two Supreme Court cases from Arizona, Republicans are trying to kill what remains of the Voting Rights Act. If they succeed, the VRA would provide little to no protection to minority voters facing an onslaught of new GOP voter suppression efforts across the country, where more than 250 bills restricting voting access have been introduced in 43 states in the past two months alone.” “Republicans Are Trying to Kill What’s Left of the Voting Rights Act A Supreme Court case from Arizona could neuter the law.” * “Gauging our economic success on constant growth, on endless cycles of work, production and excess consumption, has led to biodiversity loss, disease outbreaks, pollution, climate disruption and greater divides between rich and poor. Change is not only possible, it's absolutely necessary.” “Faulty economic thinking makes destroying nature profitable” * “Bitcoin's 'Staggering' Energy Consumption Raises Climate Concerns” * ““I wonder how they’re going to impose a $51 per ton on the rest of the world?” Westerman said. “The carbon all gets mixed together in the atmosphere. What we need to be doing is coming up with new technology that’s not only cleaner but also more economical, so that other countries that are polluting the environment much more than we are would adopt that technology.” “These changes are less about the current state of science and economics and more about agency officials having the authority to make social judgments that will have serious impacts on cost-benefit analysis,” Loris said.” “Biden Reverts to Obama-Era Method of Valuing Climate Change (1)”

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