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Today's Mass Extinction and Holocene-Anthropocene Thermal Maximum are being caused by the Super Rich

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Saturday 8th of August 2020 10:36:53 PM

_F2A4351 "Haning out to dry" “"America is in a dead sprint to authoritarianism.” PRE-CRIME WARNINGS OF THE HOOK: -US POSTAL SERVICE VS 2020 CENSUS & PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, -THREAT OF A NEW US CONSTITUTION (PROBABLY BASED ON THE BIBLE REF TURKEY) & BALANCED BUDGET), AND -WIDESPREAD BANKRUPTCIES OF CITES AND STATES * “'Friday Night Massacre' at US Postal Service as Postmaster General—a Major Trump Donor—Ousts Top Officials "America is in a dead sprint to authoritarianism. The man is pulling out all the stops to prevent the citizens of this country from holding a legitimate election in which he might face removal from office."” "The postal service lies at the heart of our democracy and is critical to the success of an unprecedented vote-by-mail system that is needed for a fair and effective 2020 election season. The postal service helps ensure that our nation's most vulnerable communities are receiving medications and resources during the pandemic. It is also critical to the efforts to achieve a full and accurate 2020 Census." * As other countries have illustrated, COVID-19 alone was not sufficient to bring down their economies: “'Nothing compares': Unemployment filings top 1 million for 20th straight week The unprecedented streak of jobless claims has shattered all previous records.” Crime is surging. Got to imagine some people are breaking into homes to get to the food that might be in the kitchen. * “Forecast: 300,000 U.S. COVID-19 Deaths By December 1” * Zerlina Maxwell Post: “This @MaryLTrump quote at the end of her book stopped me in my tracks: “If he can in any way profit off your death, he will facilitate it and then he’ll ignore the fact that you died.”” * Putting the dead in cardboard boxes and still others in refrigerated semi trucks: “One death every 80 seconds: The grim new toll of COVID-19 in America “It will go away like things go away," President Trump claimed. Joe Biden says Trump is living in a world of delusion.” * Funding of City and State Government deficits caused by COVID was a point of contention in Washington’s attempt to pass out their latest COVID windfall for the rich. And this hints at major threat to our Democracy on the horizon. Charles Koch has created an America where cash is a greater determinant of policy than votes. He and his coalition are now on the cusp of realizing their overarching goal of dispossessing Americans from government in favor of minority rule by the Rich. Key to achieving this in the extreme is exploiting what will be the final blow against our democracy: the bankruptcy of State and City governments throughout the nation. COVID has ravaged the financial health of levels of government in America. It didn’t have to be this way and for many countries it was not. But that is not the case in America. Here courts overseeing government bankruptcies will appoint unelected “emergency managers” that will strip City and State level politicians of authority and unlock untold wealth for the rich. Effectively, Corporations will take over the management and liquidation of the assets of bankrupt Cities and States. And as in the Detroit’s bankruptcy the same class of People pushing the bankruptcy filing (e.g. Cities and States issue bonds that, like Puerto Rico and Wall Street’s PROMESA, they can default on, etc.) can then line up to buy the one priceless artwork in the Detroit Metropolitan Art museum at rock bottom prices. Already, many Cities are laying off firefighters and police raising the specter of privatization. Bankruptcy, it’s what Trump does. “Under Trump's Watch, America's National Debt Has Increased by $6.6 Trillion” * “Lebanon and America: Two Failed States” * American will never rise to the occasion to avert complete climate collapse. Our 2 party political system of Democrats and Republicans is the most dangerous criminal enterprise on the planet: “World has six months to avert climate crisis, says energy expert International Energy Agency chief warns of need to prevent post-lockdown surge in emissions” “The Green New Deal is a solution framework to our two biggest challenges: a global environmental catastrophe and Great Depression scale economic crisis.” * “Betsy DeVos: “Kids are actually stoppers of the disease and they don’t get it and transmit it themselves.” Scientists know that this is a LIE, but Betsy DeVos is ignoring them and trying to force schools to reopen. Here’s the truth: she cares more about Trump’s re-election than our kids’ safety.” DEMAND BETSY DEVOS RESIGNATION: * “Angry Canadians Are Hunting Down Illegal U.S. Visitors, Says Report” * ““The World’s Most Dangerous Man”: Mary Trump on Her Uncle, President Trump, & Why He Must Be Ousted” * “Trump’s Bank Was Subpoenaed by N.Y. Prosecutors in Criminal Inquiry The subpoena, sent to Deutsche Bank, suggests that the inquiry into President Trump’s business practices is more wide-ranging than previously known.” * Trump is helping the unelected Charles Koch$ realize his dream of bankrupting States and Cities in favor of “Corporate Control and Receivership”: “"Pelosi and Schumer only interested in Bailout Money for poorly run Democrat cities and states," Trump wrote on Twitter. "Nothing to do with China Virus! Want one trillion dollars. No interest. We are going a different way!" The state and local funding the president highlighted had become a major point of contention in the negotiations, with Democrats standing firm on wanting about $1 trillion, arguing many police, firefighters and other taxpayer-funded workers were in danger of being laid off.” “Trump again threatens executive orders to extend benefits after stimulus talks fall apart” * Money is using COVID-19 to engage in genocide against select populations: Quote: “emails between ICE officials and the GEO Group, the private prison company that runs Mesa Verde. In one email, a clinical operations specialist at a healthcare company that provides services to ICE says, “Testing all detainees will potentially cause the same housing issue we had last week but on a larger scale. Completing the testing is not the issue it is just what we will need to do with the results once they are received.” Over 4,100 prisoners have tested positive for COVID-19 at ICE prisons across the United States.” “Emails Show Officials Blocked Coronavirus Testing During Outbreak at Mesa Verde ICE Jail” * “When government abandons us in our time of greatest need, it's time for a #PeoplesParty. MPP's #PeoplesConvention is coming August 30. Exciting big-name speakers and more details will be announced soon.” * “Energy Dept. Sued Over Hiding Details of Loan Guarantee for Appalachian Gas Liquids Project DOE refuses to release documents that could shine light on how a massive petrochemical storage facility would be eligible for a nearly $2 billion loan guarantee under a clean energy program” * Biden offers only that he is not Trump and change will not be forthcoming: “The door has been opened to an ‘Alternative’, but It requires that we push on it by considering an exit from the economy rather than helping in the warp-speed recovery most heartily wished for by the guardians of neoliberalism.” “The COVID Interregnum” * Pursuing wealth and power with actions that result in death: “A crowd of supporters at President Trump's news conference at Trump's golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey booed when a reporter pointed out that many of the guests lacked face masks as coronavirus cases were rising. President Trump then drew cheers from the crowd as he said they were engaging in a "peaceful protest" by refusing the masks. "I'd call it peaceful protest because they know you're coming up and they know the news is fake."” “Trump draws cheers after defending crowd at club as 'peaceful protest'” * “There’s nothing “green” about fracking, no matter how polluters spin it. Instead of breaking a statewide moratorium on new fracking permits, we demand that California Governor Gavin Newsom stands up to the fossil fuel industry!” “California greenlights ‘Orwellian’ solar-powered fracking scheme” * Negligent homicide: “Instead of listening to science and public health experts to guide his COVID-19 response, Texas governor Greg Abbott is listening to his campaign donors. Members of his COVID-19 strike force have given him more than $6 million in campaign donations - and in exchange, he's let them shape how Texas will respond to the coronavirus. Texas' COVID-19 response has been a disaster. Thousands of Texans have died, and thousands more are seriously sick. Greg Abbott should stop listening to his campaign donors, and start listening to public health experts who can protect our state.” “Tell Gov. Greg Abbott: Listen to public health experts, not campaign donors.” * “A new Trump administration proposal would allow even more cruel thrill-killing of grizzly bears, wolves, and other cherished animals in Alaska's Kenia National Wildlife Refuge. Speak up now to stop this atrocious plan from becoming a reality:” “Alaska Refuges Aren't Trophy-hunter Amusement Parks” * “Bob Brown Foundation is calling for protection of Tasmania’s native forests , this weekend turning attention to the Styx valley where Sus Timber Tasmania plans to cable clearfell ancient forests while shutting down the entire Valley of the Giants to carry out the logging.” * “The war being waged in Hasdeo Arand, a rich and biodiverse Indian forest, has pitted indigenous people, ancient trees, elephants and sloths against the might of bulldozers, trucks and hydraulic jacks, fighting with a single purpose: the extraction of coal. Among those bidding for it are India’s rich and powerful industrial giants, including the $14bn (£11bn) Adani group run by the Indian billionaire Gautam Adani, who operates India’s largest coal power plants and has close ties to Modi.” “India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields” & “India’s COVID-19 Cases Top 2 Million as WHO Warns of Worsening Outbreaks in Africa” * As Trump's and Pelosi's climate threatens food supplies the world over it is time to admit that America’s 2 party political system of Democrats & Republicans is the most dangerous criminal organization on the planet: “Extreme droughts are likely to become much more frequent across central Europe, and if global greenhouse gas emissions rise strongly they could happen seven times more often, new research has shown. The area of crops likely to be affected by drought is also set to increase, and under sharply rising CO2 levels would nearly double in central Europe in the second half of this century, to more than 40m hectares (154,440 sq miles) of farmland.” “Extreme droughts in central Europe likely to increase sevenfold” * Trump and all of Washington are an obscenity: “”Well in my day…” shut up. In your day black people had separate water fountains and gays were thrown in jail. This is OUR day now and you will embrace change or die on the wrong side of history.” * Again Washington engages in a course of action that kills people in their pursuit of wealth. In substance, how is what they do different from shooting somebody for their wallet?: “Poll: 59 percent of voters disapprove of Trump's decision to share videos promoting hydroxychloroquine” * Trump is a mess. He just blats out smack talk without any impulse control: BREAKING: President Trump on Friday teased an executive order to require health insurers to cover all pre-existing conditions, something already established under the Affordable Care Act, which his administration is suing to dismantle. “Trump teases order requiring insurers to cover preexisting conditions” * “Minimum Wage in 1968: $1.60, $12.06 in today’s dollars Minimum Wage in 1978: $2.65, $10.93 in today’s dollars Minimum Wage in 1997: $5.15, $8.24 in today’s dollars Minimum Wage in 2008: $6.55, $7.68 in today’s dollars Minimum Wage in 2009: $7.25, $6.11 in today’s dollars Still think unemployment benefits are the problem?” * The NRA gave $30 million to the Trump’s 2016 election campaign and is suspected, as is Franklin Graham’s ministry, of laundering donations of Russian money earmarked for Republican causes: “New York AG sues to dissolve the NRA, alleging widespread fraud” * “New York Attorney General Letitia James has sued Wayne LaPierre, chief executive of the NRA - National Rifle Association of America. She has also sued John Frazer, the organization’s general counsel; Josh Powell, a former top lieutenant of LaPierre; and Wilson Phillips, a former chief financial officer. Their trips to the Bahamas, Nieman Marcus clothing, and nights at the Four Season cost the organization $64 million over the past three years. James wants to bar all four men from running non-profits in New York in the future. “It’s clear that the NRA has been failing to carry out its stated mission for many, many years and instead has operated as a breeding ground for greed, abuse and brazen illegality,” James said. “Enough was enough. We needed to step in and dissolve this corporation.” Read this NRA backstory from Heather Cox Richardson, including their move into politics in the 1970s. (And this - The NRA spent $30 million to get Trump elected in 2016 - more than any other outside group, including the leading Trump super PAC.)” “The NRA within the Sights Millions missing and a Russian spy.” * America moves closer to War with Iran: “Abrams is a freak. Quote: "In 1991, Abrams was convicted of lying to Congress during the Iran-Contra scandal, but he was later pardoned by President George H.W. Bush. Abrams defended Guatemalan dictator General Efraín Ríos Montt as he oversaw a campaign of mass murder and torture of Indigenous peoples in Guatemala in the 1980s. Ríos Montt was later convicted of genocide. Abrams was also linked to the 2002 attempted coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez" The State Department has announced Elliott Abrams will become the administration’s new special representative for Iran. Abrams will also continue as special representative for Venezuela, where he has led the Trump administration’s unsuccessful efforts to topple the Venezuelan government. In 1991...” “State Department Taps Elliott Abrams as Special Representative to Iran” * Is Trump intimating that God carries a gun?: “Trump Claims Biden Would Take Away Guns, “Hurt God”” * Courtesy of Antonio Giudici: “New Guinea has greatest plant diversity of any island in the world, study reveals The tropical island edges out Madagascar as botanists estimate that 4,000 new species could be discovered in the next 50 years” * “Shoppers’ use of plastic carrier bags in England has continued to fall – by 59% in the last year alone – since the introduction of the 5p charge.” “Use of plastic bags in England drops by 59% in a year Sales of single-use carrier bags drop by 95% in main supermarkets since introduction of 5p charge in 2015” * More of Trump’s Environmental Destruction: “The new Forest Plan for the Flathead National Forest in Montana favors resource extraction over grizzly bears, Canada lynx, wolverine, and bull trout. Our lawsuit seeks to restore proven safeguards for the protection and recovery of imperiled wildlife. Together with Western Watersheds Project, Friends of the Wild Swan, and Swan View Coalition, we charge that the recently revised Forest Plan for the Flathead National Forest violates the Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act by favoring destructive activities such as logging, grazing, road building, and motorized use over protection and restoration of these species and their habitats.” The new Forest Plan for the Flathead National Forest in Montana favors resource extraction over grizzly bears, Canada lynx, wolverine, and bull trout. Our lawsuit seeks to restore proven safeguards for the protection and recovery of imperiled wildlife. Together with Western Watersheds Project, Friends of the Wild Swan, and Swan View Coalition, we charge that the recently revised Forest Plan for the Flathead National Forest violates the Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act by favoring destructive activities such as logging, grazing, road building, and motorized use over protection and restoration of these species and their habitats. “Conservationists to Federal Agencies: Restore Protections for Imperiled Wildlife in the Flathead National Forest Flathead Forest Plan favors resource extraction over grizzly bears, Canada lynx, wolverine, and bull trout” * “The American telling of the nuclear attacks focuses on the astonishing accomplishments of scientists involved in developing the weapons, on industrial manufacturers producing the weapons, politicians “deciding” what to do with the revolutionary technology, and the highly trained military personnel who “dropped” the bombs (always a passive construction) on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It seems that every year someone finds another way to tell the story that celebrates the inclusiveness prioritized in modern American narration. The central players in the story are Americans, there are no Japanese people in the story. Japanese people are included only as statistics: how many dead; how many wounded. It is a story of the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of human beings in which those murdered are a footnote. No Japanese person is named.” “The American Narrative of Hiroshima is a Statue that Must be Toppled” * Again, Money is using COVID-19 to engage in genocide against select populations: “The Navajo Nation now has more COVID deaths than 13 states. 13 states.” * “Facebook removes troll farm posing as African-American support for Donald Trump Facebook also removed hundreds of fake accounts linked to conservative media outlet The Epoch Times.” * Burning Taxpayers money is all Washington knows: “The ruling class could’ve dealt with this pandemic differently. They could’ve backed - Medicare for All – Universal Basic Income – Evictions freeze. Instead they gave the already-rich trillions of dollars and sent everyone else nicely worded emails.” All politicians that signed legislation giving the already rich trillions need to be incarcerated.

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