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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Sunday 22nd of August 2021 02:08:27 PM

_F2A0102 Beware the IPCC: Steve D’Arcy at Climate & Capitalism: Ecosocialist Discussion: “It is partly true that the new IPCC Report on Climate Change is “scientific,” but we should be honest about the limitations of this. It is also an ideological document, covering up key causes and insulating powerful systems from critical scrutiny. In the crucial, most widely read version of the Report, the 41-page “Summary for Policymakers,” the word “human” appears 79 times; by contrast, the word “capitalism” occurs 0 times, the word “colonialism” occurs 0 times, the word “corporation” occurs 0 times, the word “business” occurs 0 times, the word “money” occurs 0 times, and the expression “fossil fuel” (or even just “fuel”) occurs 0 times. In this case, as in so many others, the most ideological, political aspects of a text appear in the form of silences and omissions.” "Ideology and the New IPCC Report” * “Michael Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University, said this would be the last IPCC assessment that can make a real difference in policy terms, before we exceed 1.5C and the ambitions of the Paris agreement.” Michael Mann and the Guardian conspiring to promulgate blatant lies about how much warming we’ve unleashed.” “World’s climate scientists to issue stark warning over global heating threat” * “Researchers believe blue hydrogen may harm the climate more than burning fossil fuels.” “A report suggests ‘blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas or coal” * Know Methane clathrate: “Reduce methane or face climate catastrophe, scientists warn Exclusive: IPCC says gas, produced by farming, shale gas and oil extraction, playing ever-greater role in overheating planet” * “How and why are the poorest people most likely to have exposure to toxins?” “Research suggests that people with lower incomes have more exposure to toxic pollution, particularly in areas where they live and work. Structural racism exacerbates these issues.” * Washington kills the atmosphere and our environment in a variety of ways. Govt spending on oil and animal agriculture lead to the same dead worldv: "The United States government spends billions of dollars each year to subsidize animal agriculture. Why in the world are we paying people to engage in animal cruelty, degrade the environment and produce food that is not healthy for us to eat? That is not how I want my tax dollars spent!" - Nancy Klein * “Animals on Factory Farms Chickens | Pigs | Cattle | Turkeys | Aquaculture” * I’m always baffled by why people think the earth’s atmosphere can’t lose oxygen: “The Ocean is Losing Oxygen. This Scientist says more ‘Dead Zones’ will soon follow.” * If I took actions of my own to effect the same consequences on people that Charles Koch’s actions have had, I would be in prison for a bahzillion life sentences. Difference is he’s a multi billionaire: "In their assault on public education, the network has taken actions to increasingly privatize and corporatize K-12 institutions." “Koch Network Infiltration of Public Schools 'Harms Students, Teachers, and Our Democracy': Report” * Koch, again (also the screwing up the USPS too): “The government has ceded decisions over who gets care and for what to private companies whose driving interest is increasing their bottom line.” “We Must Fight Privatization of Medicare and Medicaid to Win Single-Payer” * The super rich are calling the shots and earth is to be trashed and they will be moving on,... the rest of die with the planet "These are the places we need. The places we belong to. Space can wait. Let’s turn ourselves towards all that we have to lose here on Planet Earth." – Leia Barnett, Greater Gila Campaigner, WildEarth Guardians “Abandoning the next frontier for all that we have to lose Space can wait. Let’s turn ourselves towards all that we have to lose here on Planet Earth” * Washington acts in innumerable, countless, and repeating ways that are bad for the general Economy: “Free college would costs ~$60 billion. The 300,000 Afghan soldiers who surrender to the Taliban in a week cost $90 billion. * “Using a helicopter equipped with an infrared camera, we surveyed more than one thousand sites across the largest oilfield in the U.S. Here’s what we found.” “What new Permian research means for U.S. methane policy” * “The world’s climate scientists are sending Congress and world leaders a clear message: We are on the brink of catastrophe. What happens next is up to us.” “THE IPCC REPORT GIVES CONGRESS AND COP 26 AN EXISTENTIAL CHOICE” * “How Do You Know When Society Is About to Fall Apart?” “The world today is full,” Tainter writes. Complex societies occupy every inhabitable region of the planet. There is no escaping. This also means, he writes, that collapse, “if and when it comes again, will this time be global.” Our fates are interlinked. “No longer can any individual nation collapse. World civilization will disintegrate as a whole.” * “How do you know when society is about to fall apart?” * Biden and Deb Haaland will not protect wolves or insect pollinators: This from Linda Camac: “We also need to send messages to Sec. Deb Haaland and ask her point blank---Why are you dragging your feet to save the Wolves in the Lower 48 states --then ask her Where are those Traditional Ancestor ways you swear by ---Deb Haaland has not even directed the USFWS to start a review process for relisting wolves. I will tell you all very bluntly ----BIDEN AND HAALAND are a COMPLETE LET DOWN---They will not protect wolves , Will not stop the Wild Horse Round-ups, Will not restore Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante and PLUS Biden and Haaland are offering Ranchers MORE LAND FOR GRAZING LIVESTOCK ---So yes This is why the both of them are nothing but biuig let downs ---so I say to you all and ask for you to share my words and this post with as many as possible ---starting Monday we need to send as many emails and messages to both of them until their websites crash---- REMEMBER in 2014 they were thinking about a nation wide delisting of wolves and many calls to actions went out and the Interior Department and Obama heard from so many of us in such a short period of time they backed off of delisting wolves nationwide then---but now it seems for the last two or three years that so many who fought back in 2014 have either just gave up or are not unified in this fight . It is time to put ALL EGOS in the trash and start acting like activist again---We have around two months at most to get this done or many of you will have once again to cry and bitch because they are slaughtering so many wolves. I tell you what---if this post doesn't get a whole hell of a lot of replies and shares I am done---You can't fight a battle if everyone just refuses to give a shit---Take it to the Bank ---I am fed up and it's a bloody shame because wolves , horses, public lands and sacred sites are going to suffer unbelievable losses within the next few months ---and you can Take that to the Bank as well. OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES --My God , what is it going to take to get people to unify and take action ---perhaps some severed wolves head laying on your porch or something ?” * “"Doom June", the lexicon is evolving as the biosphere is devolving.” “June Has Become the Month of Climate Doom, and Now It Stretches Into July 122 degrees in Canada? Shellfish cooked in the shallow water? Wildfires? Extreme precipitation events? All the salmon are dead? The Amazon rainforest no longer works?” * “What we are reading here from The Guardian is the corporate spin on the unfolding collapse. It's getting impossible to deny the obvious so they put a positive spin on the prospects of somewhere, in this case NZ having a better outcome, making us a target of conquest in a world already wracked with war and conquest, we haven't seen anything yet. The reality is that when the collapse runs it's full course, no where will be habitable shortly after as a result of a myriad of compounding feedback loops like the loss of the aerosol masking effect, that's another, circa 1.5C of instant warming and then of course the melt down of 450 nuclear power stations and another, possibly 100 nuclear powered ships with no support services. Much worse than the nuclear melt downs is the 1200 spent pool fires that will erupt when the power goes off and the diesel runs out. The billionaires are in the process of racing off to Mars because they know this planet will soon be uninhabitable.” “New Zealand rated best place to survive global societal collapse Study citing ‘perilous state’ of industrial civilisation ranks temperate islands top for resilience” * “The break down of our planetary thermostat makes for some fantastic pre-collapse business opportunities. The vultures are salivating on their mining equipment. Don't forget the next time your at the bar to ask them not to put a straw in your cocktail drink, we all have a part to play in pretending that the unsustainable is sustainable.” “Greenland joins EU minerals group The EU is looking to diversify its sources of key minerals used in modern technologies. Greenland can supply most of what it needs.” * Ode to Jamie Dimon, Bolsonaro, Stephen Schwartzman, Pelosi, etc. etc. : “Just like the previous five reports assessments, this will be on the headlines for a couple of weeks (if nothing juicier happens sooner) and then it’s back to life has it used to be, or whatever comfort zone each of us prefers. My bet is on 10 years or less. “The Sixth Assessment Report’s headlines tend to focus on the widely vaunted target to limit global average temperature rises to 1.5oC. This target was the cornerstone of the Paris Agreement and is upheld by climate wonks as the limit past which warming becomes unsafe. In reality, the target is crude: we have already reached 1.1 or 1.2oC of warming, and our current climate can hardly be described as safe. Regardless, the international community has cohered around 1.5oC as a collective ambition for better or worse. Among on the most striking headlines of the IPCC report was that in all scenarios modelled, we will hit that level by 2040. That point will come much sooner (around a decade from now) if we don’t start bringing emissions down fast. At 1.5oC we will see sea level rises of between two and three metres. Instances of extreme heat will be around four times more likely. Heavy rainfall will be around ten percent wetter and one a half times more likely to occur. The question, then, is how soon.”” “Humanity Isn’t Burning the Planet – Capitalism Is” * “The U.S. Navy dropped a massive 40,000-pound bomb on ocean wildlife, harming an unfathomable number of dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals. And this isn't even the last of what the Navy has planned. Every year they do thousands of these explosive, destructive tests, all to the detriment of our marine friends.” “This massive Navy “test” bomb was the real thing for the unfathomable number of dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals it killed” * “Norway's Equinor is buying a shipload of LNG from Russian Arctic” * The smell of desperation: “James Hansen and Peter Cox (2006) NOVA Dimming the Sun 4 of 5 | Methane Apocalypse” “Methane Venting - Climate Apocalypse” * “Rapidly- deteriorating conditions in the Arctic” * “'Airpocalypse' smoke reaches North Pole for the first time ever” * “A look at a few of the illustrations that communicate the key findings from the @IPCC_CH report, selected by one of the experts who led its graphic design process:” “The Repercussions of a Changing Climate, in 5 Devastating Charts If news about the written part of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report didn’t alarm you, these five graphic depictions of warming’s impacts will.” * “When it comes to the crimes of large corporations and their bosses, immunity or impunity is what they expect.” “"Nobody Is Above the Law"—Except the Biggest Corporate and Goverment Criminals” * Washington has failed the People as custodians of our natural resources: "It's extremely concerning that over 70% of cases show that pesticides significantly harm soil invertebrates," said Tara Cornelisse. “Pesticides Threaten the 'Foundations of the Web of Life,' New Soil Study Warns” * This is why Washington has always considered Climate and Environmental Collapse an inconsequential poor peoples’ problem: “A new study shows that disparities in pulmonary health between the rich and poor have been widening for six decades, setting the stage for vastly unequal, devastating outcomes during the pandemic. The rich quite literally breathe easier than the rest of us.” “The Rich Breathe Easier Than the Poor”

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