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posted by Nazeer Chaudhry alias Nazeer Chaudhry on Monday 21st of May 2012 09:08:50 PM

Hunting & Politics: Equal Supports “It is good thing to have two ways of looking at the subject and to admit that there are two ways of looking at it “James C. Maxwell “Peter take over controls , I would have a cup of coffi , bit of love to airhostess and then , I would sleep” Pilot’s conversation of heard in the aeroplane ,the sound system was left on by mistake. The airhostess ran from back of the plane to switch of the system and struck against an senior citizen. “ Ms , no hurry , he would 1st take a cup of coffee” , Citizen said “ Compliments to humourous writer Colonel M. Khan “ Mr. P listen to me” , Nic my friend was calling some one . I kept on walking because I had never been Mr. P I had been , Dr., Sufi, Nazeer, Professor, Chaudhry, Tony Director my own CIA, General Macarthur Commanding NATO Forces , Mac President TPI Inc. with 8 caps on my head . I might had been Prince as decendent of ex Governor Oadh Malik Bat Khan later Habit Khan 9 generation earlier but no one knew about 7th treasure till that time when my friend was calling some one. “ He is calling you” , Sony came to stop me. We had taken oneweek leave to enjoy free flying on helicopter scanning all most all area of Indus Civilization. “Are you not Mr. P , simple person, why you were not listening to me.” , Nic said Sonia VP Crook Dog Crakers Inc voluntered to explain. Excellencies flying in helicopters : VVIP are like hunting dogs and both get a straight bullet in their heads the moment they bark. VIPs Minsters and advisors are just like Bullterors ; the fighting dogs very costly in feed though the run away when left for fighting , the useless lot. Ips are very cunning shroude and clever bureaucrates , officials like German Sheferds trained on specific hunts. Lower staff has multiple usage OSD s like street dogs just Ms/Mr P .” “ I hope being operational engineer for two provinces and getting a chance of areial huntting you had to be told simple and clear that you remain as Mr. P” , Julia thanked Nic on my behalf. Before going for hunting we have a political support in new fashion for new comers Updated Solution of All Problems-1 It is criminal to steal a purse, daring to steal a fortune, a mark of greatness to steal a crown. The blame diminishes as the guilt increases. Friedrich Schiller The first major problem set serial 1 to 15 is corruption, corruption and corruption. The moderation may be used on criticism but we must start an accountibility at all level and we must try to reduce our non development expences. Eva : Black and Yellow , stop embracing , shake hands and box Jena VP M Ali Free Boxing Punches Inc. is join us from Venzevela sponsoring Nura Boxing in South Asia Black Corner :Killer of BB : $ 25m , Rs 7 T each , Crown stelers ; DBA Double Bad All , DRM Double Ruing All , RPA Regional Priates Associates, 128 mosad & FBI under chief Amy VP A B Ch. Inc ( Ali Baba Chales Chor) Polluted Pirates Pehinda Puhlewan 10 agents total $ 1.63 t & Rs 260 T purchased country at $ 25 m & 7% votes purchased at Rs 5 b out of $ 82 billions IPP corruption , , Yellow Corner : Fortune Stealers Paka Mukmuka Nura Lance Corruption over 473 is $ 9 Well done Yellow , Black is the Winner Eva : Welcome Vena Malik invited as Chief guest to award Oscar to Double Bad All for destruction of judicial system. Consitution deestroyers have already been awarded to killers Zona : Ema VP Hitlers Back Bullets Inc is joing us from Franfurt to sponsor Nura Khusti in South Asia . Killer of 30000 the outlaws and public killers Board of Revenue , NRB , Revenue , hired killer police 8883 NRO Terrorists Rs 200 Trillion are sponsors Red Corner : Purse stealers Mush & Pirates Money Landers Quails 25 criminal $0.7 trillion, Gren Corner : Murders Quick Money under chief with 50,000 Raw agents , 15 terorist corruption $ 0.47 trillion , Board of Revenue , NRB , Revenue , hired killer police Corruption Rs 200 Trillion , Quails fortune seekers Ema , Weldone red , the Green is Winner , Rema would be joining to give Oscar to greens This criticism based on facts and research of 50 years is for protection of humen rights though taken as open war against corruption network giving back over 30 killing attacksthe .Criticism is the greatest tool to achieve many objectives though not liked by many. Avoid this tool for kids , they repeat what they observe. If you want to improve yourself , you must invite criticism from neutral unkhown persons such as persons spending sometime during traveling or other such activities. The criticism by friends might be their concrn for you as your wife might criticise just getting attention may not be meaning anything. Enemies use this affective tool to achieve certain negative objectives. Pakistan has great potential for investments in alternative energy and many other fields .We must join toghter to offer protection of investors interest and protection of global trading routes. Law & Consitution have to be clealy defined . Pakistani Working outside Pakistan have made greatest contributions . My highest compliments to them. Our embassies have played zero role as I observed as researcher and journalist.Supreme is one and only one authority law giver the creator and supreme are laws of Sharia , UN Charter same as last Khutba , universal Laws and natural laws having nothing to do with consitution. Country might have a parliament or congress or body to implement Laws and country might have a written consitution or like UK no written consituion. An accountibility of corruption network is vital for ending terrorism with a view to establish global peace. Public Getting a Solution out of Old Mehran Scandle ? Julia : Banker is the man who give you an umrella when it is clear no rain and no sunhine but gets it back when it is cloudy What we get some thing back from distribution of just $ 5 millions , eating $ 5millions and total loss might be $ 45 millions in Mehran scandle Eva : TPI Inc.record shows , we would get back nothing . Let us watch very interesting side issue out of 9783 genreated in half the decade to digect corruption of Rs 260 trllions and $ 1.63 trillions , only interest is $ 4 billions if they pay it back in full If we take judicial notice of this corruption on Law " Allaha is Soverign and Muhmmad PBUH is his Prophet, they would not even hesitate to chande the verdict of Allaha, they are deaf , dump and blind , they would only listen what they want , they would cause confussions ( generation of side issues Julia : Just one killer of BB with Rs 7 trillion corruption & $ 25 million , had diverted $ 5 millions to purchase over 1000 liars and devils paying them $ 0.5 millions to destroy law of jungle prevaing in death selling houses killer of witness , legal heirs and poor what is the solution ? Would our childern deserve something Mona VP Bitches & Bastards representing land mafia, terrorist and crimials in Corruption house We had send a solution to to Mac President TPI Inc, share with him " Love is key to marriage , marriage is a box of children , Pakistan is in crisis , save it , produce no children , we have revenue & hired killer police gands to finish what you had already produced . So no problem Amy VP A.B Ch. Inc. ( Ali Baba & 40 Theives though we have 8883 with NRO tag) suggest to read the quotes , Sonia has been given Sonia : Comliments to Robert Do your kids a favor - don't have any. Robert Orben Don't think of it as failure. Think of it as time-released success. Robert Orben Julia : Arrangement are ready to carry out looting of banks . Mac saw his killer today near ACM Adiala Road a driver of Suzuki Van ICT , 375 with blood in his eyes , 5 murder written on his face , Double Bad All has over 193 such terrorists , orders have been given to banks to line up every one inside the banks , no outside window operations, 29 dacities were made easy 0.3 trillions gone , we have expert bank employees , hired killer police and others cooperating in bank dacoties. Gundas have been inducted in bank staff. This killer driver was refined gunda who blocked vehicle parked by senior citizen , manjor was reported but thes gundas are very strong now courts giving them permanent seats ignoring merit , ignoring rights of youth. Election commission got over Rs 14 billlions to refuse Supreme court and go ahead with 63 % bogus votes. Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work. Robert Orben Every speaker has a mouth; An arrangement rather neat. Sometimes it's filled with wisdom. Sometimes it's filled with feet. Robert Orben Julia : Any question from any where from sometimes by Robert that is every time. If shit comes out of the mouths , they muust get a punch at the teeths even in Nora Boxing eexcellencies at Black & Yellow corners. Sony expert on caling spirits and mind reader would pich your question , just raise the hand ? Sony : 3 questions , Double Bad All killer of BB , terrorist and law breaker sending killer in ACM as driver of Van , expert in looting RS 94 billion in a night killing Shahbaz , drama by Liars on Ibrahim, corruption house out on streets against supre court , money digested , 2nd is queen of the South having concern with 5th richest corrupt killer , third is from area of dacot RM shouting with pile of papers extracting shit out of his mouth, , they have kiled 25 million in floods , 600 for bhatta , made 25 jobless, What is question excellencies Sohn As SVP of Lost Animals Sick Cats & Gods from Margala Hills and an appeal court , Shela , would you tell them them to shut up Eva Ladies & Gengtlemen , Shela is VP Mosad & Raw Terrorist cracking country in 10 parts as aside issue to gidest huge corruption , they want to kick the courts to find a chance of looting al the banks. tell Shela , What is the solution as PS to excellencies Shela very simple , you agrred to have no kid , we have revenue and hired killers to finsh that you have aready, you have death sellers to kill witness , legal heirs , every government is all out to finish poor and revert back to your mentor Robert for old lot, in any case they would otherwise finsh Older people shouldn't eat health food, they need all the preservatives they can get. Robert Orben Test predicted / forecasted rating : Virgina Psychiatric Associate Inc owes my highest compliments for very good environments at Virgina discussed by Nazeer last night . He had spent over 14 years at Virgina. The root of the evil... lay not in corruption but in the system which bred it, the alliance between industrialists and politicians which produced benefits in the form of tariffs, public lands, and federal subsidies: Samuel P Hays As a researcher since chilghood after 6th killing attack on me being only male heir in few families or made so , I want to share some research work Old & Sick Lady Maqbol was only survival 5 ladies his father M Hassan ,uncle Nur H 7 killed , blind old & sick lady Ruqia was survival of 3 ladies , 4 men , 4 kids , 11 killed , 3rd was my wife father killed at birth , 3 sons killed and mother killed in 1987 . Hamida had been very kind to killer of over 30 relatives of my step mother Makhni. We had brought up , educated , services arranged for killers Ghafur ex PTCL clerk , his brother Zahur and mother Azad were given huge finincial aids, master mind killers 2 sisters Manur & Zebun , Walyat husband of Zebun his sons Qaiser & Azhar , brother constable Aziz and his 4 constable sons wife Razia , nephews Zar etc had been professional killers using annovative killing technologies Thug , cheat ,fraud, professional killers had been launching killing attacks on helpless ladies , myself and 4 generations had been out serving in Army. 3 old /helpless sick ladies had been under constant killing attacks , Maqbol killed on 30/8/2011, Ruqia killed in 12/2008, my mother Kurm Nabi killed in 1996. Killing is great fun for constable for money making. G Hassain died in 1974 , when I came my kid son Atif had been buried . my mother was attacked telling her that we would kill every one like previous 30 if your son finished our frauds . I had appeared before Assistant commissioner telling him that killers had posed as 3 killed witnesses to get Khewat 526 of 1971 illegally concoted , hired killers were launched to kill me and in the process dacoty was launched on the locked house of my wife whose father was killed in 1951. Ghafur has all the stolen property papers , he has stollen jewwrry of our marriage in 1973. Bribe money is stolen from theft of my properties , selling of trees , and getting money by cheting and frauds. 1975: Yousaf my auncle witness in one of the 21 cases of fruad was killed in 1975 and half sister of Maqbol , Reshma d/o Nur was killed when she came on a dead boby of his cousin Yousaf. Killers Aziz Wayat , Ghafur , Zar posed as 3 killed witness and got mutation 14422 of 1976 secretly entered that was finished in 1977. 1980 :Brother in law of Aziz named Ashraf died in 1980 , my kid son Khurum was buried to save expencess 1982. Arif son of 2 grave M Hussain and Sayeda d/o 2 grave Ashraf were to be married , when I arrived from Kharian my uncle G. Rasul was found dead , most harmless man who gave free treatment to area. The moment I went back they killed Khanma sister of Maqbol in 1983 crrying out dacoty of money , utencles valuables and everythinng. Sick Maqbol was hijacked by killers and they had fixed black magic in her neck declaring her insane Psychiatric Wrote “ they come to kill me , save me “ . Medicine gave such an affect that all fil of the past was run exactly telling how they came and serched floors , ceilings , all utencils , bedding etc. We have so called courts to arrage killing of witnesses , we have revenue killer Patwari , we have hired killer police . Killers have occupied all lands and houses claimg 6 additional fathers , 6 additional mothers/ grangmothers declaring all rights of ladies have been abolished . High official get their share of killings hence you have to in the feets of Patwari for new killings . Killings are sponsored by ministers / MNAs/ MPAs . Raja Pervez Ashraf MNA/Minister , Shaukat Bhatti MPA , Javid Alklas District Nazim , Raja Navid Local Nazim , Abrara Chaudhry Nazim Police Station Jattli, Inspector Iftikhar Chaudhry Naqdi Mohara Rawalpindi, Saima Younis So to DCO Jamal Mustaf , DDOR Kinza Gujar Khan , Naib Tehsildar Chaudhry Nasir DSP Jamil Mirza , Advocate Raja Amin , all sponsored killing of all witnesses and legal heirs. Chief Secretary Punjab Javid was given bribe of 20 million Killers of board of revenue , NRB , police , revenue , admistration and so called courts have killed over 30,000 voiceless widows , kids ,old & sick and poor for corruption of RS 200 Trillions , Ass kickers : Hunting &Politics Destiny is great novel , try to find out famous sentence “When shits flows out of the mouth of the youth , take him to boxing ring and break it.” “ Which one English or Urdu , if it is later , it is OK otherwise my greatest sympathies “ Nic always commented on the famous song : ‘ass tout ga ei’ ass in urdu is ‘hope’ and broken hope in love is worst. There is always something at the back for every great success our mentor always said . Either you get kick at the ass or pat at the back. Green even went out to find out that no ass ( in English was broken) was broken. Young ass , owlet , young wresler ‘pahlwan’ goof boy and young politician are known ‘pa-thahs’ . Goof on hoof with 4 legs or 2 legs , may be 3 said Mona though Julia thinks it could one also , Ana says it might have no legs bot might have 2 mouths. VVIP is a hunter dog highly respectable wear best constume and enjoying comfortable environments but it must get a straight bullet in the head the moment he/she violates basic principle of hunting. Every speaker has a mouth; An arrangement rather neat. Sometimes it's filled with wisdom. Sometimes it's filled with feet : Robert Obern There is a famous story of Ass in the costume of Lion , mentor just told the Ass to make eyes red , raise the tail though it was unsucessful trial but young Ass ‘Pathah’ is supposed to be fully trained as Great Dane Barker and best ass kicker Watch dogs , highest Judiciary and Lions in or Ass in Lion expert ‘nuras’ We are asking Lej PS to Jan for linking Jena VP M Ali Free Boxing punches Inc. Venzvela sponsoring Nura Boxing in S.A Jena ; Ladies and Gentlemen , at Black Conrner we have Pandha Pehlewan and his Pathah. Corruption Rs 7 Trillion and $ 25 millions by each of killers and Permanent Malfuctioners have increased it to Rs 9 T & $45m in few months , monthly rate is $1.2 billions. Ament records , now 61 % country has been sold. At the yellow corner welcome Vital press and media just 15 yellow at Rs 2.3 T , 43 % responsible and 41 % responsible At over Rs 9 T your famous Puka Muk-muka Looking Nuras Julia , Black & Yellow stop hugging , stop shaking public , shake hands and box Oh No ! no kicking ass of Nato, Watch dogs , Higher judiciary and beard goats , box Jan : they are punching on the face of public Sonia : Zulu ( Z) : Zar, Zun , Zameen , Zamin , Zari ( gold ) is new Al-Qaida for Muska, Manafqat, Money ( black) Mukmuka, Murders ( public off course for bhata ) are new principles of Jungle Law. Julia : Well done ‘ass waleha’ nura yellow , black is the winner , they purchased country at $ 21 million , purchased 7 % votes out of $ 82 billion share Rs 182 billion , spent just Rs 5 billions Revenue Public Killers are Back BB Killer Adminstration Rawalpindi Commissioner A. Bosal ex DDOR Kinza , Saima Younis are back , Nazims who had corruption of Rs 19 Trillions , all laws were abolished , courts had been worst name heirs and witness killers , devils and liars unlawful terrorists had killed over 3000 helpless widows , orphan , old & sick issuless land holders. Board of Revenue even claims purchasing of highest so called courts who never gave any decision for public benefit . Nwes item of comind back of outlaws drug and landmafia Nazims is really shocking. Imagine every person you meet has on his chest a sign that reads, ‘Make Me Feel Important.’” –Mary Kay Ash Imagine every person you meet has on his chest a sign that reads, ‘Make Me Feel Important.’” –Mary Kay Ash Happy Easter and highest compliment for google team for quick and efficient services like 10 black horses , 6 blue , 2 red and 2 green . 1st sucessful solution in a century on Decryption of Indus Script 1900-1300 BC Civilization in South Asia was commented by Julia to extend compliment to great scholars who contributed much during the century Julia : Scripts or cryptoghraphy is like a mule , every ancient and old laguage was tried as the daughter of the Mule ( Indus Scripts) but kicking mule has accepted non remaining VVIP during the century. Sonia was not happy with the commment being a diplomat and she reminded a joke published about our county VIP the actual power minister though with no current for safety of public said Sonia Eva : Ecellency king was surprised to watch Mule enjoying and kicking around not paying royal protocol to the King . Great poet of the East Allama Iqbal has given the conversation in peotry. Who are You ? Lion asked “ Don’t you know my uncle the grace of royal stables” , Mule replied Mostly horse is fathers and donkey is mother of mule though good Ass can be father and poney or mare may be mother hence the horse is maternal uncle and young ass ‘pa-tha’ is paternal uncle . These closed relatives failed to teach the protocol thinging it duty of foreign misistry. Mark Twain has explained it well. Super 4 leg animals are not so greedy and troublesome as compared with 2 leg social animals. Dogs are much more faithful than 2 leg social animals. My dog moti had been protecting graves from birds, he had killed mouse damaging eatable though half dozen cats around never bothers. Believe it or not , we had gone to county and Moti picked up IEEP Spectrum and kept it safe at 1st story in his shed. Myself and my wife Hamida had brought up , educated half dozen relatives of my step sister and gave them almost everything of my father , maternal uncles but poison spitting cobras have killed almost all of my family. We failed to recongnize thes feet licking cobras but my dog Tiger never allowed them at my maternal houses. The 4 leg superior understand it well that all animals are equal but some are more equals like King of Jungle. All nations are equal but some are more equal. King of jungle decided to get a vote of confidence. Foxes , Jakals,and many others had given full royal protocol to the King. “ Who is the King” , Lion asked an Elephent who didn’t like the tone and pride of Lion. Elephent wrapped his trunk around the lion and struck him with full force against a broken trunk of big tree. “ If you have a doubt on answer of some question , better consult some friend” , Elephent said and waalked away. Fame and fortune are nothing if you’re not happy and healthy: Erika Sleazy In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow White Elephent at Margalla Hills might give the same suggestion to excellencies princes and Kings but we can give solution to all problems from TPI Inc. South Asian Desk

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