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The time in the subway was distorted.

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posted by Mitsushiro Nakagawa alias mitsushiro-nakagawa on Friday 11th of March 2022 01:00:17 PM

title The time in the subway was distorted. ( LUMIX G3 ) Manhattan. new York. America. 2017…… 5 / 6 (Today's photo. It's unpublished.) images Dojo Cuts …. Take What's Mine (feat. Omegaman) (Remix) Youtube更新しました😃 #基礎疾患ありで感染したら #好酸球性肺炎 #新型コロナウィルス #ヌーカラ #レルベア #ファイザー #喘息 #PCR検査 #発熱 #好酸球性肺炎でコロナに感染したら #医療従事者の皆様に感謝ですありがとうございます #基礎疾患好酸球性肺炎 基礎疾患ありでコロナに感染したら? =どのような症状で、どうのように沈静化するのか= ●当たり前ですが、ここで話すことは完全に私個人のケースなので必ず病院へ行ってください。 ●たぶん基礎疾患を持っている方は現在不安かと思います。 ●ここの話は参考程度に留めていただき、まずは発熱したらPCR検査を必ず受けてください。そして必ず病院で診察を受けてください。 年齢 53才 基礎疾患名 好酸球性肺炎 1 毎月ヌーカラ(ステロイドの皮下注射)を注入 2 毎晩レルベアも吸引 3 1ヶ月に1回、隣の市の大きな病院へ通院。   動画中、2カ月に一度となっていますが間違いです。 4 昨年、7月、8月 ワクチン接種済み 病状 ●ひたすら39度内で発熱。三日間ほど。解熱剤で落としては上がり、落としては上がり、の繰り返し。発熱中は、身体中の節々が痛い。これは発熱時の症状と思われます。 ●咳はまったくでなかった。恐らくワクチンのおかげ。 ●五感に異常はありませんでした。動画のように声が掠れました。 ●髪の毛がたくさん抜けるという話でしたが、全く自分は抜けませんでした。二日間洗わずにいて、3日目に洗ったから、たくさん抜けたように見えますが、普通の病気した時と同じように、溜まった洗髪によって、髪が抜けているだけだと思われます。 ●食事は熱が下がれば食べられる。なので、下がった時に爆食いしてくださいね😃たぶん栄養をつけないと良くならない気がします。 ⭐️最重要メッセージをみっつ⭐️ ひとつめ 動画中、怒りに任せていたので伝え忘れました。 医療関係者のみなさん、ありがとうございました。自分はワクチン接種していなかったら間違いなくこの動画を上げられていません。本当に感謝しています。ありがとうございます。🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ ふたつめ 恐らくワクチン接種を2回、きちんと済ませていたから重症化しませんでした。 まだ受けていない方は早めに済ませ、3回目もきちんと受けましょう。 みっつめ コロナは風邪だと平然と言う方へ。 コロナは決して風邪ではありません。風邪なわけねーだろ、ボケ!!!!😡💢👊 最後に。 2月28日に発症してからずっと家の中に隔離されている間、窓の外には春の陽光が日に日に増してゆきました。柔らかい日差しです。 ふと思い出したのが、映画ゴッドファーザーのマーロンブランドでした。自宅のトマト畑で孫と戯れているうちに亡くなるのですが、彼が最後に何を感じたのかと聞かれたら僕は、光を感じながら逝っただろうと答えます。 今回、長い期間自宅にいていろいろ自分に向き合える時間をもらえました。 今までは自分の死はどうなるんだろうと曖昧だったのですが、今は答えが出せました。 わがままを聞いてもらえるならば、自分は本を読みながら死にたいなと思えるようになりました。どんな死が理想かなんて、悪い妄想は良くないのかもしれませんが、今まで想像すらできなかったんですよね。でも、今ははっきり自分の死を描けます。 僕は、本を読みながら死にたい。 今回、病を患って、自分に向き合う時間を持ててよかったです。 周囲のみなさんには大変ご迷惑をお掛けしましたが、一皮剥けて、また一歩前に進む心構えができました。ありがとうございました。 ※この動画は3月4日に収録し、11日夜10時に公開しました。 Important Notices. I have relaxed the following conditions. I will distribute my T-shirt to the world for free. Latest news. The following my T-shirt. Free distribution. Due to the influence of corona # the method of transportation varies from country to country. 1/25 The first one has been decided. It's a German. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. :) December 3 # 2020. shipped. It is a sea mail. It takes 2 to 3 months. 2/25 The second is a Thai woman. I asked her to pick it up. :) December 10 # 2020. shipped. It is a sea mail. It takes 2 to 3 months. 3/25 The third is a Mexican woman. She has supported me since the days of fotolog. She gave me directions. Thank you. :) Shipped on December 10 # 2020. It is EMS. Maybe it will arrive within 1 to 2 months. 4/25 The fourth is a woman from the Republic of Serbia. Shipped on December 14 # 2020. It is a sea mail. Maybe it will arrive within 2 to 3 months. :) 5/25 The fifth is an Indonesian man.[email protected]/ December 24 # 2020. shipped. It is EMS. Maybe it will arrive within 1 to 2 months. 6/25 The sixth is from France.[email protected]/ January 7 # 2021. I shipped it. :) 7/25 The seventh person is also from France.[email protected]/ January 7 # 2021. I shipped it. :) 8/25 The eighth person is from Romania. It will be shipped in January 2021. :) 9/25 The ninth person is from Japan. He is 16 years old Award history 2017 Oguni Town Photo Contest 2 Division 2018 EPSON meet up selection Data Category Excellence Award 2020 Kumamoto Takafumiren First Half Photo Contest Excellence Award Web Photo Contest Sponsoring Maker Award 10/25 The tenth person is from Brazil. It will be shipped in February 2021. :) 11/25 11th person is from USA.[email protected]/ It will be shipped in February 2021. :) 12/25 The 13th person is from Italy.[email protected]/ It will be shipped in February 2021. 13/25 The 14th person is from Russia.[email protected]/ It will be shipped in March 2021. 14/25 The 14th person is from the Philippines.[email protected]/ Shipped on November 11, 2021. Mitsu. _________________________________ _________________________________ Notice regarding "Lot No.402_”. From now on # I will host "Lot No.402_". The work of Leonardo da Vinci who was sleeping. That is the number when it was put up for auction. No sign was written on the work. So this work couldn't conclude that it was his work. However # as a result of various appraisals # it was exposed to the sun. A work that no one notices. A work that speaks quietly without a title. I will continue to strive to provide it to many people in various ways. October 24 # 2020 by Mitsu - Nakagawa. Mitsu Nakagawa belong to Lot No. 402 _.Copyright©︎2021 Lot No.402_ All rights reserved. _________________________________ _________________________________ Profile. In November 2014 # we caught the attention of the party selected to undertake the publicity for a mobile phone that changed the face of the world with just a single model # and will conclude a confidentiality agreement with them. _________________________________ _________________________________ Interviews and novels. About my book. I published a book a long time ago. At that time # I uploaded my interview as a PDF on the internet. Its Japanese and English. I will publish it for free. For details # I explained to the Amazon site. How to write a novel. How to take a picture. A sense of distance to the work. All of these have something in common. I wrote down what I felt and left it. I hope my text will be read by many people. Thank you. Mitsushiro. 1 Interview in English 2 novels. unforgettable 'English version.(This book is Dedicated to the future artist.) 3 Interview Japanese version 4 novels. unforgettable ' JPN version. 5 A streamlined trajectory. only Japanese. _________________________________ _________________________________ iBooks. Electronic Publishing. It is free now. 0.about the iBooks. 1.unforgettable '(ENG.ver.)(This book is Dedicated to the future artist.) 2.unforgettable '(JNP.ver.)(This book is Dedicated to the future artist.) 3. Streamlined trajectory.(For Japanese only.) =11 _________________________________ _________________________________ My Novel : Unforgettable' (This book is Dedicated to the future artist.) Synopsis Kei Kitami # who is aiming for a university # meets Kaori Uemura # an event companion who is 6 years older than her on SNS. Kaori's dream of coming to Tokyo is to become friends with famous artists. For that purpose # the presence of radio station producer Ryo Osawa was necessary. Osawa talks to Kaori during the live radio broadcast. "I have a wife and a child # but I want to see you." Kay's classmate # Rika Sanjo # who thinks of him # was exploring Kaori's trends. .. .. .. .. Synopsis. Kei Kitami who aims at university. A 6 year old older event companion woman. Meet Kaori Uemura on SNS. The dream of Kaori who has moved to Tokyo. It is to be a friend of the artist. The producer of the radio station for that. The existence of Ryo Osawa was necessary. Live on the radio.Osawa talks to Kaori. "I have a wife and a child # but I want to see you." Kei’s classmate Rika Sanzyou who is thinking of him. She was searching for Kaori. Mitsushiro Nakagawa All Translated by Yumi Ikeda . images. U2 - No Line On The Horizon Live in Dublin Main story There are two reasons why a person faces the sea. One # to enjoy a slice of shine in the sea like children bubbling over in the beach. The other # to brush the dust of memory like an old man who misses old days # staring at the shine quietly. Those lead to only one meaning though they do not seem to overlap. It’s a rebirth. I face myself to change tomorrow # a vague day into something certain. That is the meaning of a rebirth. I had a very sweet girlfriend when I was 18. After she left # I knew the meaning of gentleness for the first time and also a true pain of loss. After she left # how many times did I depend too much on her # doubt her # envy her and keep on telling lies until I realized it is love? I wonder whether a nobody like me could have given something to her who was struggling in the daily life in those days. Giving something is arrogant conceit. It is nothing but self-satisfaction. I had been thinking about such a thing. However # I guess what she saw in me was because I had nothing. That‘s why she tried to see something in me. Perhaps she found a slight possibility in me # a guy filled with ambiguous # unstable tomorrow. But I wasted days depending too much on her gentleness. Now I finally can convey how I felt in those days when we met. 1/9 2/9 3/9 4/9 5/9 6/9 7/9 8/9 9/9 Fin. images. U2 - No Line On The Horizon _________________________________ _________________________________ Title of my book : unforgettable' Author : Mitsushiro Nakagawa Out Now. ISBN978-4-86264-866-2 in Amazon.’-Mitsushiro-Nakagawa/dp/... _________________________________ _________________________________ The schedule of the next novel. Still would stand all time. (Unforgettable '2) (It will not go away forever) Please give me some more time. That is Japanese. _________________________________ _________________________________ Exhibition in 2023. theme. Turing back the time. The location will be one of the following. 1 DIC Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art 1st attached gallery. 2 place. Tokyo Big Site. Sponsoring. Design festa. images. 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The inside of the subject. 12 About YouTube 's photographer. Camera technology etc. Sensibility is polished by reading books. 13 About the Japanese newspaper. A picture of a good newspaper is Reuters. If you continue to look at useless photographs # it will be useless. 14 About Japanese photographers. About the exhibition. Summary. I wrote a novel etc. What I want to tell the most. _________________________________ _________________________________ I talked about how to make a work. About work production 1/2 About work production 2/2 1 Photo exhibition up to that point. Did you want to go? 2 Well # what is an exhibition that you want to visit even if you go there? 3 Challenge to exhibit one work every month before opening a solo exhibition at the Harajuku Design Festa. 4 works are materials and silhouettes. Similar to fashion. 5 Who is your favorite artist? What is it? Make it clear. 6 Creating a collage is exactly the same as taking photos. As I wrote in the interview # it is the same as writing a novel. 7 I want to show it to someone # but I do not make a piece to show it. Aim for the work you want to decorate your own room as in the photo. 8 What is copycat? Nowadays # it is suspected to be beaten. There is something called Mimesis? 9 What is Individuality? What is originality? _________________________________ _________________________________ Explanation of composition. 2 1.Composition explanation 2 ... 1/4 2.Composition explanation 2 ... 2/4 3.Composition Explanation 2 ... 3/4 4.Composition Explanation 2 ... 4/4 _________________________________ _________________________________ My shutter feeling. Today's photo. It is a photo taken from Eurostar. This video is an explanation. I went to Milan in 2005. At that time # I went from Milan to Venice. We took Eurostar into the transportation. This photo was not taken from a very fast Eurostar. When I changed the track # I took a picture at the moment I slowed down. Is there a Japanese beside you? Please have my video translated. :) In the Eurostar to Venice . 2005. shot ... 1 / 2 _________________________________ _________________________________ Miles Davis sheet 1955-1976. _________________________________ _________________________________ flickr. _________________________________ _________________________________ instagram. _________________________________ _________________________________ Pinterest. _________________________________ _________________________________ YouPic _________________________________ _________________________________ twitter. _________________________________ _________________________________ facebook. _________________________________ _________________________________ Amazon. _________________________________ _________________________________ My statistics. (As of May 11 # 2021) _________________________________ _________________________________ Japanese is the following. Title of my book unforgettable' Mitsushiro Nakagawa Out Now. ISBN978-4-86264-866-2 Mitsu Nakagawa belong to Lot No. 204 _ . Copyright©︎2020 Lot No.402_ All rights reserved. _________________________________ _________________________________ タイトル 地下鉄内の時間はゆがんでいた。 ( LUMIX G3) マンハッタン。 ニューヨーク。アメリカ。2017。   5 / 6 (今日の写真。それは未発表です。) images Dojo Cuts …. Take What's Mine (feat. Omegaman) (Remix) Youtube更新しました😃 #基礎疾患ありで感染したら #好酸球性肺炎 #新型コロナウィルス #ヌーカラ #レルベア #ファイザー #喘息 #PCR検査 #発熱 #好酸球性肺炎でコロナに感染したら #医療従事者の皆様に感謝ですありがとうございます #基礎疾患好酸球性肺炎 基礎疾患ありでコロナに感染したら? =どのような症状で、どうのように沈静化するのか= ●当たり前ですが、ここで話すことは完全に私個人のケースなので必ず病院へ行ってください。 ●たぶん基礎疾患を持っている方は現在不安かと思います。 ●ここの話は参考程度に留めていただき、まずは発熱したらPCR検査を必ず受けてください。そして必ず病院で診察を受けてください。 年齢 53才 基礎疾患名 好酸球性肺炎こ

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