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Today's Mass Extinction and Holocene-Anthropocene Thermal Maximum are being caused by the Super Rich

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Saturday 27th of June 2020 10:52:12 AM

_F2A8427 Tax scams, baling out the rich, unfavorable treatment of labor, systemic racism, etc. economic exclusion is a form of government sponsored Economic Violence and it breeds physical violence. * Noam Chomsky is quite right to warn us of a fascist apocalypse, but it may be worse than Trump. The 2016 Trump election resulted, in large part, from a corporatist Democratic Party’s abandonment of the 99%. The corporatist-friendly Bill Clinton created the conditions for Bush-Cheney, and a corporatist-friendly Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created the conditions for Trump. What kind of hell-on-earth nightmare do we get with the conditions created by a corporatist-bootlicking Biden administration?”” * “ACA Repeal Lawsuit Would Cut Taxes for Top 0.1 Percent by an Average of $198,000” Ref. Federalist Society * Bipartisan passage of sanctions against China, is systemic racism. Like most addicts our Washington politicians just did the equivalent of switching drugs by switching races. * “40 percent of all household wealth comes from inheritances–not hard work, talent, or “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”. Among high-income countries, the U.S. has the highest wealth inequality, and this pandemic is only widening that gap. Without increasing taxes on inheritances, the transfer of enormous wealth concentrated in the hands of the few, from the rich to their heirs, will cement the historically high economic inequality that plagues this country.” “Tax the Rich and Their Heirs How to tax inheritances more fairly.” * The Democratic and Republican parties should be outlawed. Their operatives, both public and private, should be apprehended and incarcerated for gross misconduct beyond imagination: “The U.S. Response to Covid-19 Has Lavished Wealth on the Rich While the pandemic ravages American workers, the federal government has orchestrated a monumental transfer of wealth from the bottom of the economic ladder to the top.” * “This is your daily reminder that Trump fired the inspector general who was supposed to watch for fraud and abuse in the COVID-19 relief program. Trump has already distributed $2 Trillion with almost zero oversight. We’ve already seen how money meant for small businesses went to large publicly traded companies. This is scandalous. The American People deserve transparency.” But If Biden takes the White House Democrats will NOT insist on an audit and reconciliation of the COVID-19 Relief program, much less one that demands repayment of monies distributed improperly. Again, If Biden takes the White House Democrats will NOT insist on an audit and reconciliation of the COVID-19 Relief program, much less one that demands repayment of monies distributed improperly. Neither will Democrats reverse Trump’s Tax Scam for the rich and require all monies be returned. * BIDEN VS TRUMP – Proceed with your eyes wide open: “Lesser of Two Evils: Chomsky vs. Greenwald . . . and the Ignored Factor” “Although I have forged to a large extent my political understanding of the world around us out of Chomsky teachings and wisdom, I also must side with Greenwald on the “Lesser evil” paradigm being defended once again. “Noam Chomsky believes that it is so imperative that Trump be defeated that he will vote for Biden, while Glenn Greenwald challenges the political strategy of the lesser-of-two-evils dictum. (...) While the greater of two evils is a risk, so too is a lifetime of fear-based decision making. If we repeatedly deceive ourselves that we are compromising when we are in fact obliterating our integrity, there are consequences. We can become so broken that we are incapable of creating popular movements. We can become so broken that when those Brownshirts start marching, we will lack the strength to kick the shit out of them. Noam Chomsky is quite right to warn us of a fascist apocalypse, but it may be worse than Trump. The 2016 Trump election resulted, in large part, from a corporatist Democratic Party’s abandonment of the 99%. The corporatist-friendly Bill Clinton created the conditions for Bush-Cheney, and a corporatist-friendly Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created the conditions for Trump. What kind of hell-on-earth nightmare do we get with the conditions created by a corporatist-bootlicking Biden administration?”” * “The affluent are consuming the planet to death: study” * “POLICE VIOLENCE AND RACISM HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TOOLS OF CAPITALISM” “Policing as an institution developed to protect the property of the wealthy and prevent workers from fighting for their rights. It has nothing to do with public safety and that's why we need a new system. #AbolishThePolice The system-wide challenges the United States faces with policing are entrenched and deeply rooted. When the historical and current practices of police are examined, it is evident police have been designed to uphold the status quo including racial injustice and class inequality. Whenever political mo...” * “The FBI's embrace of powerful mass location data through a firm such as Venntel represents a potential new era for the agency.” “FBI EXPANDS ABILITY TO COLLECT CELLPHONE LOCATION DATA, MONITOR SOCIAL MEDIA, RECENT CONTRACTS SHOW” * “Exposing Israel's Direct Role in U.S. Violence” * Nothing screams “SYSTEMIC RACISM” like the Judges appointed to the bench while Trump was President. Not even Democrats failure to do whatever it takes (in true Republican fashion) to purge them from the bench, but it is a close second. (Ask yourself why Democrats never stalled Trumps judicial appointment with endless questioning. Hint: see ) The Federalist Society is an organization of conservative extremists. They are an organization of legal workers that rise to the level of a domestic terrorist organization whose weapon of choice is pen and paper. Washington’s infatuation with Leonard Leo (aka “Moneybags kid”) constitutes a complete and utter failure of oath of office. Our Judiciary has been bought off. It is unconscionable that Federalist Society dogma is consistent with the spirit and intent of a true Democracy. But they will argue to the contrary so long as the money doesn’t run out. These judges will work to dispossess 99% of the American People – and their children - of a fair, just, and safe existence. The area of expertise is weaponization of our laws and, failing that, complete fabrication. Our Judiciary has been weaponized against us. These appointments reflect the epic failure of Democratic Party leadership. They continue to disgrace their entire careers after years of service because they are too arrogant to know when the rest of the world left them behind. “Senate confirms Trump's 200th judicial nominee” “Former Federal Judge: Trump Is Packing the Courts with Unqualified Conservative Extremists” “A conservative activist’s behind-the-scenes campaign to remake the nation’s courts” “Leonard Leo helped conservative nonprofits raise $250 million from mostly undisclosed donors in recent years to promote conservative judges and causes” “Obamacare Must 'Fall,' Trump Administration Tells Supreme Court” * “A Black teenager in Madison, Wis., says 4 white men doused her with lighter fluid and threw a flaming lighter into her open car window, burning her face and neck. Police are investigating the attack as a potential hate crime.” “Black 18-Year-Old Attacked With Lighter Fluid, Racial Slurs In Downtown Madison” & The Wisconsin State Senator, Tim Carpenter, that was taken down by protesters was a DEMOCRAT: “Wisconsin state senator attacked by protesters as demonstrations in Madison turn violent” * “The data says it all: Black Americans are dying from COVID-19 at more than double the rate of other groups, due in part to increased exposure to air pollution. This is environmental injustice at its most obvious and we need to act.” “In 'Cancer Alley,' a renewed focus on systemic racism is too late Black Americans are dying from COVID-19 at more than double the rate of other groups, which experts say owes in part to pollution in Black communities.” * America’s largest body of fresh water, the Great Lakes, is under attack. With characteristic arrogance, Enbridge has unilaterally restarted one of the twin Line 5 pipelines without adequately explaining the "significant damage" reported last week. Line 5 transports 23 million gallons of oil and natural gas per day through the Straits of Mackinac, a narrow waterway connecting two of the Great Lakes. The company touts its commitment to safety, but it is responsible for 33 spills from the land-based segments of Line 5 and it has just been fined $6.7 million for failing to fix damage to its Midwest pipelines, including Line 5. “Gov. Whitmer requests Line 5 shutdown after Enbridge restarts undamaged half of pipeline” * "Imagine being given two minutes to grab your worldly possessions before a building inspector slaps a sign on your home of 32 years saying it is uninhabitable. Barbara Fox-Cooper doesn’t have to imagine. It happened to her Friday morning after a gas pipeline drilling mishap appears to have fractured the foundation of her home in a rural, bucolic stretch of Upper Freehold, Monmouth County. “They gave me two minutes to grab my belongings while they stood in the doorway to make sure my home didn’t collapse,” Fox-Cooper said Sunday. “My heart is literally crushed.” She said she heard a cracking sound Friday morning and spotted water gushing up from the floor of her concrete basement. “It sounded like a cracker being crushed,” she said. A neighbor helped her figure out the foundation was crumbling and it appeared to have been caused by a hydraulic drilling operation for a gas pipeline about 100 feet from her property." #KeepItInTheGround #fracking “Homeowner had 2 minutes to grab her belongings after N.J. pipeline project wrecked her home.” * With Working Americans’ 401-k savings having been liquidated at the hand of Stephen Schwarzman – the man most singularly responsible for the destruction of the Amazon – all eyes turn to the task of liquidating the Social Security Trust Fund into Wall Street’s hands. Sadly, like the post office, don’t expect a grand novel gesture even of dubious legal merit (similar to what the Republicans do) by Democrats to save the day : “Trump appointed his long-time friend Andrew Saul as Social Security Commissioner based on his credentials of being openly hostile toward the program. Now, Saul is using his role to profit off of the pandemic through insider trading. Join us in demanding Saul's immediate resignation.” SIGN NOW: ANDREW SAUL MUST RESIGN Target: Social Security Administration Commissioner Andrew Saul * “Trump is threatening to dismantle the Open Technology Fund. 2/3 of mobile devices around the world use some piece of OTF-supported technology; billions of people can share ideas in spaces safe from government surveillance.” “The Voice of America Will Sound Like Trump Under the president’s control, U.S.-funded broadcasters could turn into a presidential propaganda machine.” * “Trump's coronavirus response in one image. What's your impression?” * Another idea that Biden and the Democrats, as well as Republicans, would NEVER do for the People no matter how bad it is needed: “"Though Pentagon officials and military lobbyists tend to claim that such spending is the necessary price of security, this argument collapses at the slightest scrutiny."” “Defund the Pentagon” * COVID, Benzene, etc. Washington is facilitating a barrage of deadly compounds against the American people. It is time to impose personal financial responsibility against today’s Washington politicians occupying both sides of the isle. We did not elect them to amass a personal fortune for bringing America to its knees: “US moves to exempt companies from reporting harmful chemical releases The exemption allows companies to bypass an EPA law meant to address widespread contamination from perflourinated chemicals” * “Werndell Potter: "Amid America's #COVID19 disaster, I must come clean about a lie I spread as a health insurance exec: We spent big $$ to push the idea that Canada's single-payer system was awful & the U.S. system much better. It was a lie & the nations' COVID responses prove it. The truth: (1/6) Canada's doing much better than the U.S. when it comes to #COVID19 testing & treatment. On a per capita basis, more Canadians are being tested & fewer getting sick & dying. This may shock Americans who still believe the lies I told about the Canadian health care system. (2/6) Here’s the truth: Our industry PR & lobbying group, AHIP, supplied my colleagues & me with cherry-picked data & anecdotes to make people think Canadians wait endlessly for their care. It’s a lie & I’ll always regret the disservice I did to folks on both sides of the border. (3/6) In Canada, no one gets turned away from doctors due to lack of funds. In America, exorbitant bills are a defining feature of the system. What about quality of care? When it comes to #COVID19, there's been ~ 21 deaths per 100,000 in Canada, versus 34 per 100,000 in the U.S. (4/6) Remember, in Canada there are no co-pays, deductibles or co-insurance ever. Care is free at the point of service. And those laid off in Canada don’t face the worry of losing their health insurance. In the U.S., millions are losing their jobs & coverage, and scared to death. (5/6) You learn a lot about a healthcare system when a global crisis hits & different nations have different results. Canada’s single-payer system is saving lives. The U.S. profit-driven corporate model is failing. I'll regret slandering Canada's system for the rest of my life. (6/6)" Prior to his resignation in 2008, Potter was vice president of corporate communications for the health insurance company CIGNA. In June 2009, he testified against the HMO industry in the US Senate to expose the health insurance industry's practices. He has served as senior analyst at the Center for Public Integrity, a fellow at the Center for Media and Democracy, and a consumer liaison representative to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.” * Remember this news? “His Climate Task Force, Bridging Democrats’ Divide Progressives applaud the former vice president’s embrace of Bernie Sanders’ climate advisors. One analyst called the panel “the Climate Dream Team for Democrats.”” The comment at the time was: Biden himself said to one voter that if the voter didn't like pipelines he should vote for someone else. Also AOC's reputation on her Green New Deal is precisely that, AOC's. Her plan was derided by Pelosi and Biden has expressed interest in Jamie Dimon joining his cabinet. Personally, I see little cause for optimism. Biden would go back on his promise to not change the richs' quality of life if he reverses Trump's attacks on the environment that subsidize their surplus profits. The news is more a sobering testament of AOC's political career. She would be a far more potent force for the environment if she were to reject the DNC's\Bidens\Koch's offer, and they know it. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. She will be given lip service and I suspect will eventually resign her post - this is the Democratic party we're dealing with. And Kerry is simply a complete and utter non-entity in pro-environment circles. Progressives applaud the former vice president’s embrace of Bernie Sanders’ climate advisors. One analyst called the panel “the Climate Dream Team for Democrats.” Well, an update has been released. It was released by something called “American Security Project.” Not the “American Climate Security Project” or the “American’s for a healthier environment project.” Just something calling itself “American Security Project.” It was released after news came out the Biden was the presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee. The news? Well it seems John Kerry is partnering with Republicans on what Progressives in the Democratic party called “the climate dream team for democrats.” A fine piece of green washing if I don’t say so myself. So when it comes to Global Warming,…die well my fellow peasants.[0]=68.ARDrwcfbR97qSj0Ly-pvImlwDafTtHXeCDBoGBwNkJs7g7ILKefSYYovKNvBZosXCGxeTOaEiiMK_uILGREyByk7cYdA-YlsfQMlKAhJDg-n1gE55gKIwG-5-_R8z9770IG_n9vnZC0fTler0ZY5-xgoksrOCVKc8mWzQ8qyQUF_TDmtXeBNEYqJhTS_w5B-RKWlCh4LXI4wK7IGM0mcIlEf-JYpkzlhgoQhsDBr4DGofI8swoNl3I6rJGpeLfmqJgl1j-K5BYInjWYcJyrPnPg05vstgytYETZcVZJgn2rWQsQYTroCROCnkRsVN-91NU2ZYfooS89mqwXqtLE * “The Trump administration appears to suggest that there would be benefits to having fewer birds in the world. #Capitalism "My whole life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy. I’ve grabbed all the money I could get. I’m so greedy." -Trump, 2016” “Feds: Expect More Bird Deaths and Endangered Species Under New Rule A Fish and Wildlife Service report on rolling back protections for migratory birds implies there would be benefits to having fewer of them around.” * “COVID-19 and Amazon Fires Choke the Lungs of Brazilians—and the Planet Fine dust from the burning rain forest could exacerbate coronavirus infections amid signs that the blazes might be particularly severe in 2020” * “Promoting dirty energy like there is no tomorrow. And soon they're won't be. DEMOCRATS will not undo it NEW: The Trump administration wants to open up 82 percent of an Alaska reserve for oil and gas leasing, even as the swath of land is currently protected and is home to a variety of animals like caribou and migratory birds.” “Trump administration wants to open up 82 percent of Alaska reserve for drilling” * “Mexico's left-wing President AMLO published leak documents exposing that oligarchs and establishment political parties united in a secret alliance to try to remove him from power, with help from the media, Washington, and Wall Street. AMLO recently bravely declared that Mexico would be willing to break the unilateral, murderous US blockade of Venezuela and sell the besieged Chavista government gasoline. Just a few days later, the US government ratcheted up its pressure on Mexico, targeting companies and individuals with sanctions for allegedly providing water to Venezuela, as part of an oil-for-food humanitarian agreement. The value of the Mexican peso immediately dropped by 2 percent following the Trump administration’s imposition of sanctions. The US-backed attempt to foment a "color revolution" against AMLO is escalating.” “Leaked documents reveal right-wing oligarch plot to overthrow Mexico’s AMLO” * “Environmental activists left a container of plastic pellets on the porch of an oil and gas lobbyist, with a note attached: “Louisiana does not need any more pollution.” Now, two activists face charges of “terrorizing” and 15 years in prison.” “LOUISIANA ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISTS CHARGED WITH “TERRORIZING” FOR NONVIOLENT STUNT TARGETING PLASTICS GIANT” * But no laws against this: “Trump administration ending support for drive-thru testing sites Seven sites are in Texas, which is experiencing record numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.” * Betsy DeVos and Eric Prince: “The pandemic's effect on public schools and student learning is a crisis that should be the number one priority for the nation's top education official, but Betsy DeVos is too busy propping up charter schools and harassing student borrowers.” “Betsy DeVos is an abysmal failure and our nation’s schoolchildren are paying the price” & “19 attorneys general sue Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over gainful employment rule” & “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has issued a new rule requiring public schools to share more coronavirus relief funds with private schools than federal law currently mandates. Opponents say the change "diverts valuable resources intended for low-income students to serve private school students, regardless of wealth.”” “DeVos issues new rule ordering more coronavirus relief to private schools” * Republicans Starving the Beast: “The State is set to reduce $70M from its budget before June 30th, 65% of which will come from cuts to the University of Wisconsin System. As this $46M is taken from our universities, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will bear nearly half. Divestment in our flagship university is far off of Wisconsin's path to recovery. In fact, such a decision will create widespread, negative economic impact on our state.” & Foreign Students getting a Higher Education in the U.S. used to be a leading “export of services” for the American Economy: “Conservatives have started to call for significant cuts to higher education and massive increases to college tuition in order to balance state budgets. But here's the thing– most higher education institutions never recovered from those same cuts in the Great Recession. There's nothing left to cut, because they are already cut to the bone.” “The Great Recession's Toll on Higher Education” * “Mass people power mobilization key to military siding with democracy. We need to be ready for a “people’s eviction” if necessary.” “If Trump Refuses to Leave, What Next? Military’s Role in Civil Unrest” * “Big Sugar is trying to use Congress to hijack the public's water. Don't let them get away with it. Together, we can tell our federal lawmakers to protect the Everglades and the drinking water supply for NINE MILLION Floridians. Stop sugar today – make your voice heard!” “Stop Big Sugar’s Plan to Steal the Everglades Water” * “Meanwhile in Australia, while we were pointing out Bolsonaro and the Amazon....” “Million hectares of threatened species' habitat cleared without assessments WWF Australia says after new analysis that federal department is failing to enforce environmental laws” * “Bolsonaro Fraudulently Circumvented Trump’s Covid-19 Immigration Ban to Smuggle His Scandal-Plagued Ex-Education Minister Into the U.S.” * “Trump Made a Racist Joke in a Phoenix Megachurch and the Crowd Went Wild”

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