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Biden's inaction is facilitating the destruction of the Amazon & Palm Oil Deforestation

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Sunday 21st of February 2021 06:45:45 PM

_F2A9055 Democrats: “Monmouth Co. [New Jersey] Girl, 8, Confesses To Virtual Class She's Starving” * Democrats: Children stolen from their immigrant parents are freezing and going without clean water in Texas: This is why Biden “rejoined” the UN Human Rights as an “observer” instead of “member” * Nothing will change and Biden meant it. The Democratic Party has determined that two of its members, Manchin and/or Sinema, will join McConnell’s legions and cast the defeating votes on legislation for the People. Most notably, such legislation includes: 1.Establishing a $15 minimum wage, 2.Covid relief for the non-rich, 3.Eliminating the filibuster, 4.Abolishing a slew of new voter repressions laws currently being passed by Republicans at the State level, and 5.Efforts to combat climate change and the Mass Extinction. In exchange for their service, both Manchin and Sinema will invariably continue to receive the full support and funding of the Democratic Party. Also, you’ll note that DeJoy is still at the Postal Service and Trump’s judicial appointments remain firmly in place. Worse still Trump’s hold overs, Andrew Saul and David Black, "key agents" of the former president's sweeping assault on Social Security are still at the Social Security Administration. Our Democracy ends with the 2022 election. * "Sinema's and Manchin's decisions may well determine whether America remains a democracy or whether it's indefinitely distorted by minority rule." “Stop Manchin and Sinema From Imitating Jim Crow Dixiecrats and Letting the Filibuster Block Civil Rights and Voting Rights” * The Democratic party decides which of its members votes how to achieve the desired pass or fail endorsement of the party on a piece of legislation – period. Which Democrat is voting how isn’t as important to the establishment as what the Rich think of the party: “Manchin and Sinema Push Back Against $15 Minimum Wage” * “McConnell has assurances from two centrist Democratic senators, Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, that they would NOT join their party in any effort to overturn the filibuster.” Democrats won’t take it for a vote because it would put pressure on the 2 Democrats loyal to McConnell. Besides Biden has promised he will do nothing that would disrespect or embarrass McConnell. “Filibuster Fight Subsides, for Now, as Democrats Assume Full Senate Control Progressive groups said they would continue to press Democrats to eliminate the tactic so the party can advance an aggressive Biden agenda over Republican opposition.” * Manchin needs to be stripped of any wealth in excess of his cash salary that he accumulated while an elected official. This includes any monies in shell companies, in the hands of heirs or assigns: All you need to know is that the Democratic Party is not passing it. Don’t be fooled by dems pretending to be overwhelming in favor of passing $15/hour “but, golly and gosh darn, aw shucks (wink, wink) if it just weren’t for that son of gun manchin, oh well, maybe the next administration will be ready for it, Ice cream bar anyone?!” “'I'm Speaking to You, Senator Manchin': West Virginians Blast Democrat for Opposing $15 Minimum Wage "When will you give us a living wage?" asked one activist with the Poor People's Campaign.” * People should consider the possibility that Democrats aren’t going to reverse these laws and if they do they will wait until it’s close enough to the 2022 election so that these laws will be in place for purposes of the election even though they are being “fought” in our rigged judiciary “Georgia Republicans File Sweeping Elections Bill That Limits Early, Absentee Voting” * “Sherrod Brown Demands Biden Immediately Remove Two 'Key Agents' of Trump Agenda to Destroy Social Security "No one has been safe from their path of destruction." * “75 percent of Republicans want Trump to play prominent role in GOP: poll” * “Erik Prince, a Trump ally and former Blackwater head (and brother of Betsy DeVos,) violated an arms embargo by sending weapons to a militia commander in Libya, a UN report said.” “Erik Prince, Trump Ally, Violated Libya Arms Embargo, U.N. Report Says Mr. Prince offered to supply weapons, drones and mercenaries to a Libyan militia commander seeking to overthrow the government, according to U.N. investigators.” * “Cops guarding dumpsters full of expiring food, power companies redirecting grid energy to rich neighborhoods, hotels price-gouging when people are most desperate. This is a little taste of what climate change will look like under capitalism regardless of who is in office.” * “Biden’s New ICE Guidelines Continue to Target and Demonize Immigrants” * “A 10-step plan to save our seas” Reader Eric’s comment “A plan without committing to clearly defined milestones is only a dream. It's as useless as the US re-joining the Paris accords. That was just a token gesture, because no one seems to want to actually work towards the Paris Accord targets. As long as no one takes action nothing changes. If we really commit to a plan we will have to be very clear on the how, what, and when. Just saying that as a country we're going to reduce CO2 emission by x% is just a political statement without substance. And I suggest there should also be sanctions for not meeting the targets. No more of that 'voluntarily' bullshit. That will force them to really think about the targets and whether they are achievable. That also means not relying on as-yet unproven or non-existent technology like CO2 scrubbers. We need to get down to the harsh reality of things.” * Please understand, this is EXACTLY what conservatives in Washington want. In Koch’s and pelosi’s “ownership society” Govt exists to grow and enhance the wealth of the – period. Government should not be looked to solve problems and if you run in trouble,….you own it. This includes the problems created for you by the Rich and their taking of surplus profits! “As a result of the pandemic, tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs, their incomes, and their health insurance. Hunger is at its highest level in decades. Over half a million Americans are homeless. Some 30 million Americans are facing eviction because they do not have the income to be able to pay their rent. That is a reality that we cannot push aside. If we are going to restore faith in the American political system, if we are going to restore people's faith that their government can hear and respond to their pain, we must act in a bold and decisive manner to make real change in their lives.” * Discrimination in the performance of your duties as a public servant based upon income and wealth is alive and well in America’s love of a social murder: “Florida county commissioner limited vaccine drive to the two richest zip codes and then created a 'VIP list'” * “County officials blasted DeSantis over vaccine site in an affluent White area. So he threatened to take away the doses.” * Taming the Beast: Cuts to Science and promotion of non-union trades and factory work?! – the once highly ranked University of Wisconsin’s death at the hands of Republicans. The World doesn’t need thinkers and cultivation of ingenuity, just fresh slaves: “UW System looking at consolidation between UW branch campuses, technical colleges” * 2014 and beyond: “1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Survey Says”

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