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Brotherhood of man talisman of Jesus Morenci turquoise set in Sterling silver

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posted by Marvin Lee Billings alias leespicedragon on Friday 29th of June 2012 12:42:01 AM

Brotherhood of man talisman of Jesus Morenci turquoise set in Sterling silver with Star of David This is a beautiful Heirloom Quality Pendent intended to last a lifetime , The Chain is a Heave 11.3 gram Crab Claw clasp Supporting and Oval Jesus Pendant With Beautiful Blue Morenci Turquoise that with The Black matrix looks Like a Stained glass . This is meant to Be both Beautiful and Symbolic . The Pendant is 30 ,7 mm long not including the Bail X 22.8 mm wide and 7.22 mm thick It Weighs 13.5 Grams The Turquoise is from the Now lost to Strip mining for copper Morenci Mine , 21 mm X 28..5 mm X 4.2 mm . Cabochon. Some of The Symbolism in the Construction The Ellipse,Oval or Egg shape Represents world wide Abundance, creativity, fertility, hoarding, increase, luck, new starts renewal and rebirth .The super-conscious state of being . This is The Basic Shape the Top layer has Jesus in the First Oval . Under this is the Turquoise Oval . Blue Turquoise is used to represent our spirituality Thus it is in the Middle or inside the Construction . The Bottom has a Circle This Represents inclusion and protection Their being No beginning or end it is eternal . Inside of this is a woven trinity of the Six pointed star or star of David the two interlocking triangles represent Heaven for the one pointing up and earth for the one pointing Down . The two triangles may also represent the reciprocal relationship between the Jewish people and God. The triangle pointing "up" symbolizes our good deeds which go up to heaven, and then activate a flow of goodness back down to the world, symbolized by the triangle pointing down.So whether it is a blue star waving proudly on The Flag of Israel or a gold star on the synagogue's entrance, the Star of David stands as a reminder that for the Jewish people... in God we trust. .And This is the Base of everything . Total weight of the 24 inch sterling silver Chain is 11.3 Grams " Matthew 11:3" The pendant Weight is 13.5 Grams ." Hebrews 13.5" Total weight of Chain and pendant is 24.8grams "Exodus 24.8" I add this like the Star of David as Jesus Was a Jew , Not a Christian . Talismans in the Abrahamic religions A Crucifix, considered in Christian tradition as a defense against demons, as the holy sign of Christ's victory over every evil. In antiquity and the Middle Ages, most Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Orient believed in the protective and healing power of amulets or blessed objects. Talismans used by these peoples can be broken down into three main categories: talismans carried or worn on the body, talismans hung upon or above the bed of an infirm person, and medicinal talismans. This third category can be further divided into external and internal talismans. For example, an external amulet can be placed in a bath. Jews, Christians, and Muslims have also at times used their holy books in a talisman-like manner in grave situations. For example, a bed-ridden and seriously ill person would have a holy book placed under part of the bed or cushion.[ Judaism Amulets are plentiful in the Jewish tradition, with examples of Solomon-era amulets existing in many museums. Due to proscription of idols, Jewish amulets emphasize text and names—the shape, material or color of an amulet makes no difference. See also Khamsa. The Jewish tallis (Yiddish-Hebrew form; plural is tallitot), the prayer shawl with fringed corners and knotted tassels at each corner, is perhaps one of the world's oldest and most used talismanic objects. Some believe it was intended to distinguish the Jews from pagans, as well as to remind them of God and Heaven. An incorrect conjugation of the plural form (with Ashkenazi pronunciation), "tallisim," is very close to the term "talisman;" however, the word "talisman" has come to us through Arabic, although ultimately derives from the Greek. Christianity Back of the Catholic Saint Benedict Medal with the Vade Retro Satana abbreviation: "Step back, Satan." Further information: Cross necklace The Roman Catholic Church maintains that the legitimate use of sacramentals in its proper disposition is only encouraged by a firm faith and devotion in God, not through any magical or superstitious belief bestowed on the sacramental. In this regard, Rosaries, Scapular, medals and other devotional religious Catholic paraphernalia derive their power, not from the symbolism created by the object, rather by the faith of the believer in entrusting its power to God. While some Catholics may not fully appreciate this view, belief in pagan magic or polytheistic superstition through material in-animate objects are condemned by the Holy See. Protestant denominations in general do not share in this belief, but other Christian Evangelicals sometimes advertise in television prayer clothes, or coins, and wallet reminders claiming to have intercessory powers on its bearer. Lay Catholics are not permitted to perform exorcisms but they can use Holy water, blessed salt and other sacramentals such as the Saint Benedict Medal or the Crucifix for warding off evil. Metaphysical Uses of turquoise as in the biblical Breastplate of Arron Turquoise is considered to be a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection.Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. It preserves friendships and can make friends out of enemies in time. It helps to dissipate negative energy. In love turquoise is said to help promote spontaneous shows of affection. It is also said to stimulate the initiation of romantic love acting as wisdom and understanding, enhancing trust and the recognition of beauty . Turquoise has been valued and used since ancient times. It has been used by Shamans and Native Americans both as a protective stone and bestower of goodness . This Morenci Turquoise I really getting rare I have a good supply of old stock . So It is a rare Value In this one . as the stone is valued higher than the Trade price I have put on the talisman, And I am Especially gifted at making talisman . What the Western Native American Jewels are asking For Items Crafted with Morenci Turquoise .link Below . Just a large as a lone unset Morenci Turquoise stone is Yikes$$$$ "My Thoughts on On Jesus the Teacher of spiritual brotherhood of man ." Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews, conceded that Jesus of Nazareth was “a teacher” from God, as documented by the “signs” which he did (John 3:2). A wealthy young ruler approached the Lord asking, “Teacher, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?” (Matthew 19:16). Even Jesus’ enemies addressed him as “Teacher” (Matthew 22:16, 24), though their use of the expression was not always genuine. Jesus is addressed as “Teacher” twenty-nine times in the Gospels. The noun (teacher) and verb (teach) combined are used of Jesus some ninety times The benevolent influence of Jesus’ teaching is beyond reasonable dispute. Even the skeptical philosopher Ernest Renan (1823-92), who opposed Christian tradition on almost all points, stated: “Jesus will ever be the creator of the pure spirit of religion; the Sermon on the Mount will never be surpassed” (1991, 221). Though much of today's modern Christian Ideas are convoluted in thoughts of Hate , Fear Distrust of all non Christians and Power struggles many times ending in death over The control the faithful and Their Church tidings , Else we would not have all the different sects all collecting Money To Build Bigger and nicer Temples for the Clergy as a display of Earthly Power of their Kingdoms and particular spin on Dogma Legacy of Jesus We should never loose sight of the Teaching of the Brotherhood of man and the power of love and forgiveness and a willingness to see the Good in every man .This is the Legacy of Jesus . The story of the good Samaritans, Samaritans and Jews generally despised each other, Samaritan helps the injured man. Jesus is described as telling the parable in response to a question regarding the identity of the "neighbour" which Leviticus 19:18 says should be loved. Today the Story Coud be called the Good Christian Muslim, Buddhist , Wicca, Hindu , Native American ,Agnostic The list go on into any non Hebrew Religion . As the Story is not about Christians Helping the Needy of other religions But that any and All men ar of the Brotherhood of men . As for forgiveness it is not for those that we forgive, The blessing Comes to those that Forgive , For in forgiving we let go of hate , When we let go of hate we find peace ,Those that we Hate do not Life with its Poisonous effects night and day . Those that Hate must feel it every day of their life the more we Fill our vessel with hate the Less room we have for Love and Compassion . You can never Pour water from a vessel Filled with Piss and Even a little will spoil the taste . Had they stoned the Woman they would of only feed hate and Fueled fear of any finding out about their own blemished past . For who among us has not had a moment we wish to done differently , But we should learn from our mistakes and Move on, to forgive others of theirs Transgressions . So we may Know True inner Peace and Happiness . And All are happy to Drink of our Vessel . As I always say , "Smile , Be happy , And Think good Thoughts as we are ever the sum of what our thoughts "

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