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In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep.

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posted by alias Vol-au-Vent on Tuesday 20th of December 2011 10:39:17 PM

Albert Einstein (yeah, again....) Kiki's HRR 'Happy Round Robin' letter appeal! Let's only create HAPPY round robin letters... we've all got enough stuff we hated to have experienced throughout the year. We don't need others to know about that either; what they NEED are cheerful, happy news! The first side effect will be that pages and pages of tedious 'news' will be reduced to a manageable size and in the future will put a smile on the readers' face. I mean who is interested in Auntie's third hip replacement in only 20 years? Or that the 15th grandchild has grown his first tooth or, for that reason that the weather has been appalling most of the year but particularly during one's holidays...? I ask you - nobody! And to set everybody’s mind at rest; those quotes are NOT taken from this year’s round robins I received… So, let's go for the 'Happy Round Robin' I start the New Trend with a few of my happy news of 2011: * All 2010 Christmas cards have left my house by latest Pentecost 2011 - I don't know if I can better that in 2011/12! I shall try for Easter…. If this is no good news to you; it is to me: Those who are in desperate need on THEIR CARD; the lonely ones, those who lost a beloved one, those whose family is all over the world but NOT with them, those in Old People’s Home with not many good news – all those are written and sent off – the others can wait! * After only three months of no toilets at all in our home we can now use them once more! The next good news is that this happened in summer so we had the choice of going into the free and nearby nature (our garden) or use the very, very useful camping toilet I bought on the internet, thinking it was a chemical loo (which obviously it wasn't...). Since then, going to the toilet will never be the same; how often have you given any thought to the convenience of just reaching out to pull a chain, push a button and have all debris washed SAFELY away?! Thought so! I now know all restrooms in the whole area and a large part of Paris too! Might come in useful one day... Nor has the garden suffered… * We did so much singing towards the end of this year (in several countries) that we now both have lost our voices - which will please our combined families to no end over the Christmas get-togethers! * Thanks to the brilliant autumn (fall) we had, I didn't have to take any walks to get some fresh air; I could just slip into my heavy duty plastic garden clogs and go.... extracting, weeding, planting, raking, sweeping, gathering, digging.... leaves, more leaves, ‘shave’ the mushrooms growing on rotting roots underneath the lawn, put the firs' cones back that the cats shot out of the planters and which I put there in the first place so that they (the cats!) wouldn't continuously jump onto and into my newly planted stuff which of course now will never take off!, then I bag light-heartedly millions of acacia shoots into garden bags, gather the thorny branches with a song on my lips, just licking the blood off the hands, pick up rotten walnuts that fell on our ground from a neighbour’s very old tree, followed by its leaves and now and then dispose of the quite substantial branches that tend to break off in the faintest wind, thus unfailingly hitting our roses and beheading them... All this for free, in the fresh and pure air, only accompanied by cats perusing their business and birds singing happily in the branches. And gosh, I feel so frightfully fit.... :) * We happened to be invited to a friend's birthday party in Switzerland on the very same day Hero Husband had HIS b'day - so we climbed into the car and made it a weekend 'home'..... Which was such a success that we immediately planned to do the same more often… and we did! * Shortly after we all went back to South Devon in England where HH and I lived for more than eight years for another birthday-party of several days: Mother in law wished to 'return' once more to the place where she paid so many enjoyable visit and the whole gang of my hubby's tribe flew and drove there from their separate places - what fun we had! To be repeated with no moderation and without a reason to go! You got the idea of a Happy Round Robin, don't you?! Some of the best 'round robins' of this year (so far) came from Scotland in form of a tiny slip of paper with 'telegram' style news, very much to the point and always evoking a smile on the reader's face. Another one - and in my humble opinion ‘bestest’ ever - comes from a well-known couple whom we were lucky enough to get to know shortly before leaving England. They not only create their Christmas cards themselves but send out a 'real newspaper' and all the caprices they live through are documented in pictures and very witty texts. I look forward to that RR and spend hours of glee and grin over it; secret ingredient of great success is their poodle who (which?) plays always a vital role! Would you accept this post as a sort of apology for not having received any news from me lately? Because, I'm not only flying about in the house and garden, I also spent weeks of my time entirely pleasing others. We ARE nearing Christmas and it’s amazing how many friends find me/us when they’re in some trouble or other. I don’t mind at all, I help with all my heart and time – but it doesn’t write my Christmas Letters… Am I forgiven?! If you DO want to get a personalized E-Card, send me your private Email address and I put you on my ‘waiting list’. It says nowhere when the sell-by date for a delayed Christmas greetings should be… Thank you so much for having been around again this year; although I have done literally no uploads – but not for want of trying, it was just more important to comment on YOUR STREAMS! I am quietly hoarding trillions of photos, from in and around the house, from my very frequent trips here and there, from Paris and further afield, from all my activities which often include either a score, a cello or mostly a book and/or a complicated but ‘feasible’ Sudoku. Having/making/eating/organising dinners & apéros (cocktails for you – but not for me!) take an important place too and I have tons of pixies proving the good times I/we had! Anybody a nice cheese platter, many an empty wine glass, a succulent plate with something delicious on it? I have a folder full to bursting capacity with ♥, with doors, windows, outdoor-drinkies etc. etc – I will never get old enough to bring this all forward to show you! Have a peaceful, happy, quiet or noisy Christmas – main thing is that it makes YOU happy! Enjoy a few moments of being just with yourself or/and some much loved one/s, eat and drink whatever seems good for you at the moment, take walks or stay in bed – read and sit – or start a Happy Round Robin! Talk to you around New Year… ------------------ Should you wish to know why this photo has such a huge grain; it's because the sender copied his pixie on a Word document.... we have therefore the paper grain as well as the treatment - which gives that olden times, and slightly nostalgic feeling I quite fancy! Never having learned about layers, flypapers and textures, I am happy with this outcome. © All rights reserved Kindly visit my Flickr DNA for more information on me and my work. Thanks! PLEASE do NOT just add an icon - I delete those - I want your opinions, views, your participation! If you THEN wish to invite or fave, I am all the happier... ;-) View my whole Christmas Season & one of my favourites : ♥ - LOVE - friends - ♥ as slideshow

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