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'The Dark Side of' Matter and Energy Sets the Speed of Lights Limits, A Photo Essay with Image 'Remixed' by 'Dream 11'

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posted by alias Tremain Calm on Thursday 9th of September 2010 03:59:15 AM

This analysis attempts to explain why light is limited in its flight through the demi-'vacuum' of the 'foam' of space at a precise set speed limit of "299,792,458 meters per second"* in the form of a 'three phase' answer (with end notes as comments), pulled from the shelf of common knowledge and sense as led by the key concepts in Science from which the explanation of the Universes perpetual operation and expansion as a process can be seen in the meta as one vast 'integrated circuit' writ large. There is a 'ingredient' that creates and thus forms the common atomic denominators in the micro to macro physiological energetic gears running as subsystems to propel The Cosmic Show forward and backwards through the foam and fog of Space Time we know to be driven on Earth by the atomic energy of the nucleus of the three families of bacteria that I have identified (to complete several vexing puzzles) which comprise a Cosmic barrel which is expansively 'stocked and locked' the with the requisite recipe for the phylogenetic trees perpetual grown as being Dark Matter the natural source of exponential growth checked by its shrink, as Dark Energy which atomically link the food to combustion chains by means (hydro)carbon storage means to name two to hold life so as to bring quarks back in 'good time' to their respective Suns as well dark/black holes in the quantum dynamic mechanical process of connecting you and me as "we are all connected" by means the gears our atmosphere to the Earths economic activity over history which in turn forms part of the natural inherent limit on the speed of light which is a function of the atomic 'surf' of the 'foam of space' that enables the lights ride from its source to its destination by means the Quantum Tunnel of particles making and breaking as waves, exposing therein a large piece of this puzzle that shall explored further through the conceptual prism in terms of 'hull speed' as limit to light speed. When probing the question of the speed of lights limits one quickly and repeatedly hits intellectual impasse and obstruction called Dark Matter and Energy which defines the cosmological constant and the singular ability to cause curvature in light. Thus Dark Matter has become evident to my mind as to why light travels slower in a liquid in the micro, and also perfectly explains in the macro over time and space why light passes so slowly through distant galaxies verses so comparatively fast right past them. Bacterial expansion and growth can be observed and measured over Space Time to account for the 'Spooky Action at a Distance' of celestial bodies, and should get rid of 'special relativity' if Bacteria is accounted for as Dark Matter in math terms which are clear and becoming more focused with more examples thundering into clarity daily in need of addition to this ever growing tract. The nuts and bolts of the quantum dynamic math that are galloping along of the path the speed of sound to focus the mind so as to not get trammeled by the causation of the limit of light speed of light -- so as to be understood by myself and then explained to the thundering herd that follows this topic and racing in general that in terms of 'horse sense' that 'power' can be explained in elementally when it is understood as that; "The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack." -- c/o a quotation and the logic contained therein from the noted Horseman D. Wayne Lukas. Connecting that to a 'quanta' of light moving as fast as function of its weakest link. A yin yang thing that will be the gist of this between the lines discussion of attempting to figure out what is 'in the shadow' of the unknown, that produces a speed limit on light, by using the light of the known world to begin to understand what is unknown by the process of reverse electrical engineering with research and imagination to understand how expansion on a Universal scale runs organically by the power of light to go to fro a solar powered source to nitrogen bacterial blooming engine whose waste gases goes boom as that matter morphs by means the phase transition over space and time so as to explain and understanding the process shown above in terms of Dark Matter care of the powers the gas and waters technology h2O and N02 + Hydrogen to form the Universal fuel system as well fluid for the transmission of radiant energy by means of turning the gears of the water cycle and thus the gears of the wheels of life in a expanding Universe; well then that is my hypothesis with the assembled 'organic material' being the ingredients that (in) forms the rational basis for the abstract intuitive logic of my thinking and writing on this subject. The energy that makes this Universal "long story -- longer" is electric and has a organic component as well logic that follows: IF light is know to be Electric in a natural world (as A.E. explained), THEN it must have a organic component to run the physics that limits its speed in flight between the solar and or artificial source and the Planet or object on which it fall as observable light. THEREFORE because there is a light cycle (side note to self from Justice Lewis Brandeis who tells us "Sunshine is the best disinfectant", ergo [there are bands of that light have power which is the gamma band=> golden garlic bread chicken soup + the rot resistance of cedar + the disinfecting and health power of citrus that run and a vector of the intense power of the fine slice of the Sun]), HENCE there must be in the above rainbow water and something organic to make it so, which is 'rooted in' the atomic core of Bacteria. Let us call it for the purposes of this argument; photons, water vapor, bands of colored bacteria in photo bloom, being bent by the atmosphere of the Earth, and coming home to roost as a beam from the Sun slowed only by its water born cyanobacterial load which for a long time was understood to be the holding bonds of light as they are scattered in a bow over Earths atmosphere arched into spectral rain band bits for your close consideration and visual pleasure. THEREFORE let us reason and think along the logical lines of words on the subject left by Tesla who was generally antagonistic towards theories about the conversion of matter into energy. Tesla was also critical of Einstein's theory of relativity as evidenced by the two paragraph quotation below from a statement made and found in the Tesla Publications + wikipedia and extracted in long form below -- quote Tesla; "I hold that space cannot be curved, for the simple reason that it can have no properties. It might as well be said that God has properties. He has not, but only attributes and these are of our own making. Of properties we can only speak when dealing with matter filling the space. To say that in the presence of large bodies space becomes curved is equivalent to stating that something can act upon nothing. I, for one, refuse to subscribe to such a view." "Tesla claimed to have developed his own physical principle regarding matter and energy that he started working on in 1892 and in 1937, at age 81, claimed in a letter to have completed a "dynamic theory of gravity" that "[would] put an end to idle speculations and false conceptions, as that of curved space". He stated that the theory was "worked out in all details" and that he hoped to soon give it to the world. Further elucidation of his theory was never found in his writings." - The words thoughts and reflected works of Tesla do however leave some evidence of his condensed views on 'matter'. Tesla's talent and ability as a big 'picture thinker' who was able to understand and comprehend through mechanical means harness the power of the natural world's organic 'shape shifting' by means technology before anybody else and thus pave the way for much of the 20th century technology by means his work in applied science and industry. The up and down shots of which to this theory are written in stone and, then as subtext to another image of mine that goes that addresses the nature of our EXPANDING planet in a expanding Universe in whack at the General Unified Theory as it pertains to the Dinosaurs, Climate and such on 'channel'; Looking deeper for a the full spectrum explanation the inner workings of the above photograph of a rainbow by means of attempting to conduct a aspect of the fabled 'light thought experiment' where by light is seen to be comprised of the dynamic function the sum of its 1) such that the whole ship being a function of its parts (bandwidth ) processes that unevenly weighted load of different types of light which in essence a function as whole ship of the sum of its parts sailing only as fast its 2) permits over "the rubbery membrane" of Space Time in terms of E=mc2 to form "Gods Own Brand™ of interstellar Universal formed by a acting on the and with the capacity of the receiver to form electric charge that gives off the glow of the photon to the point of along the lines of predictable atomic results (lighting/sparks) , if any given circuit becomes over heated to the point of shorting out -- and either 'breaking the Gammow Window' by hitting the Gamma burst of energy needed to do so, or - going to bits c/o Black Hole Energy run in Hawking's Radiation by means of so much local atomic riot to move matter on its way though a quantum tunnel in the rotary evaporative distillation process of matter/quarks going 'home'. Case in point that illustrates my thinking with the following example in 'light' of the news that "After 7 billion years of travel, high and low energy photons arrive at NASA's Fermi spacecraft a mere 900ms apart, suggesting that space-time isn't the bubbly foam of quantum theory but seems closer to Einstein's smooth rubbery membrane"* because the light beam consisting of high and, low energy photon particle pairing reaches what amounts to a state of terminal velocity 'relatively speaking' that of the mass of equivalence of the sun that is a boat of a 'certain size' at as form of metaphorical analogy. Light is just pure essence on its way to and fro substance in the way of making and breaking the Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen bonds to run those cycles over space-time to run a Universe by means of applied color theory of same to dark matter and energy - as the heat and light of matter being burnt, and the 'star stuff' that fuels the combustion process in perpetuity on account of the 'breeder reactor' construction of the 'plants' that collectively power the Universes quantum mechanics to engineer the self fueling and self expansion dynamically as 'features and benefits' of a well designed comprehensively thought out expanding organic operating system found in Nature. Back sailing and thinking at to consider that any given beam or ray of light as being a metaphorical ship of made 'of a certain size' (or frequency if you will) of E=MC2 which can travel only so fast due to the limits of it physical constituent parts against each other and time and space; ergo , and by extenuation -- a beam of light move only so fast due to the inherent drag of its content of high and low energy photons moving in 'push-me-pull-you' +/- (particles) to form waves to weave the smooth grid that is the matrix of Space and Time that has been confirmed to confirm Einsteins thinking with measurement; Another way to 'see' hull speed is by analogy furnished from the experience of a 'round the world sailor' who wrote a serious book on the subject; Donald Street Jr.'s thoughts on hull speed contained in his book; "The Ocean Sailing Yacht", fully illustrate in words my point on the limiting factor of mass moving through space and the factor of 'drag' created by space itself -- as we see the world in the slow motion quantum mechanics of big boat sailing with the composite of so 'much mass equivalence' in the form and function of the thoughts expressed so precisely in the 1973 1st Edition on p.58 : "Whole books have been written about hull speed. In brief, there is a transverse wave system which shows itself along the side of the hull (beam of light) in a series of crests. Having measured the distance between crests, either on board or from a photograph, one can obtain a quite accurate estimate of speed… . The length of the wave (distance between the crests) is the most limiting factor in the speed of a boat. Once the length of the boat, the bow and stern are supported by the wave crests, but nothing supports the middle of the boat, and she tends to squat. In effect, she digs a hole and sits in it. At various times, in the West Indies, I have actually experienced extreme squatting. At about 8.6 or 8.8 knots Iolarire throws a high bow wave, a deep trough develops amidships, and the stern wave comes piling on board. She has dug a hold and is sitting in it." -- Don Street Jr. Same holds I believe for the constituent bands of a beam of light/the above rainbow. There is a basic interplay that results in photons electrical chemical drag through the foam of space -- by my logical reckoning. The inherent power in this 'static' process, of the created by the energy that moves 'standing waves' that we see as beams of light moving at a set finite speed over time and space -- account for the fullness of the rainbow and therefore its bits in terms of the sum of a given beams of lights total 'Band Width' across the spectrum, which is tantamount to its capacity as expressed in water moving through a given pipe diameter analogy//also see hull speed as to why the flow of light is finite and at terminal velocity from any single source whereby space time is the governor of brightness before heat is turned to light to matter (liquids/solids/life) to anti-matter (broken atomic bonds, stored in the spores of fungus, molds, and mildew, (which enable combustion) and back again in a cycle that can not be over run in terms of relative speed or space (w/o resorting to the proverbial next larger atomic grade hammer, in the process of the running of combustion grades of way water cooled {see my forthcoming book; "Boiler Plate"}. As a result and consequence of this insight space time becomes a relatively two way street when it comes to energy exchange going and coming around via light and the making/breaking of the Hydrogen bond to complete the C/N/O cycles -- and somehow in the process resolving the faint young star paradox, by returning matter/energy/atomic bonds of some type to the stars as a result of the light they shine to re-power them to a relative extent. Evidence of this: "Two way street" and or sided cosmic coin source receptor, water memory maker by means the foam of the water of the fabric of the waves that make and break Time and Space are written prima facie as the hard evidence of the working of the Natural world, as demonstrated by the workings of Nature™ as evidenced by Einstein winning a Nobel prize for figuring out and explaining that Light contained electricity which explains how the Universe transmits its power over Time and Space. This discovering how light contains atomic electric Energy is evidence of the Dark Material common denominator the power of the sun to run the gears of photosynthesis as well basic animal biology -- all power by sunlight, and, the elements, mixed over the waves of the Big Surf of Space and Time. I reason that everything must be related and connected, as the title of Einstein's most famous book and theory suggest on the basis of; "Relativity" -- radically organically so (as opposed to so) , to be understood (with the 'arrow of time' stuck through both side of the coin of) , the macro and the micro, are being continuously flipped according to Game Theory on the basis of the Energy input squared. Therefore the Speed of light is finite and set because that is the 'capacity' of a prism when the light is broken down to its constituent wavelengths and parts as a function of its wave movement) in terms of bandwidth. This can be calculated in terms of 'hull speed'. once all the variables are known; as it pertains to all matters of half life, in terms of sunlight and heat exposure I strongly theorize and, suspect. Concluding that therefore the entire Universe acts as one vast multi-layered super massive literally and figuratively and as the heretofore missing metaphor for understanding (my [misinformed and or original]point of how) the light source and every single one of its constituent contact points that it hits causing effects on those atoms and their bonds with photon impacts on half lives as light does 'its stuff' it is limited in relation to and therefore accounting for (and derivative impressive equations for each resultant data point compete with radiance and heat transfer) My last two bits of thoughts on this matter to the account of the project of reverse engineering a thought experiment to see into the reality of Gods own but more importantly I see the Earth, Stars and all life between and beyond as governed by and in conjunction with wrapping ones head fully around the . Observing for the 'record' here and now, that in this macro it stands to reason that like Einstein imagining 'being the light', or riding it, is the only way understanding the substance and the essence of the stuff of Spaghetti/String theory; may be the ticket to understanding the General Unified Theory of how 'the light' manages the journey and magic to power a Universe by means a gear that is named tuna fish that is 'Star-Kissed' in into the macromolecules of top of the food chain fuel nutritional matter that brim with energy that can and does daily transmit the knowledge which makes material science and organic chemistry go round the sun and off to black holes to be reprocessed back to atomic square one in the stuff of a proverbial '1000 new suns', that will shine in a future so remote as to be theoretically beyond me such that my head spins -- now if only somebody could manage to slow down some relative atomic tops from turning long enough to examine and analyze the particles involved in the werks when 'chilled' in the micro, well hell congratulated them on the (2012) Nobel Physics Prize Serge Haroche, of the Collège de France and the École Normale Supérieure, and David J. Wineland National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado; "Have a Cigar" -- > E.g ( ) Rosebud edition -- to that group of big tuna thinkers who worked so well the fine detail and sharp angles of this part of the Science Problem Set™ -- solved. The gearbox of which finds light unable to move any faster than the set and degree of ; of its atomic bonds, which therefore limits light because it is a physical atomic thing and can not be forced to move faster than its 'weakest atomic link' and or a matter of -- square peg, round holes marching through space making light -- no hammer in the universe big enough to smash atoms, and their bonds up their own rear end, so to speak, w/o lighting, etc. -- otherwise that logically that light get made into water that can find its way into a hydrocarbon which contains VOC's which can and do disappear into some sort of 'black hole', which would seem to stand to reason based on the proto-physics of the an or color it what I perceive is as so much 'liquid sunshine' coming down on Desert rainbows powered by the Sun, Moon, and Stars working in 'concert' and in a to form a closed loop that has a outlet for expansion by means of a and loops, that makes possible the range of pleasing Purple Hazes we all have come to know in the audio and visual realm, in matter and 'in my brain' [the missing 4% of the Universe being lost in individual and collective thought {given.-) "words are the only thing that last forever" ... as E.g. in stone; . One last couple of wonders -- if''n that rainbow does not have something to do with ones capacity to witness (but predicated on completely understanding) the effects of and the upshot for the speed of distant light speed that might be contained in the 'bandwidth' and bonds of the rainbow, I do believe, there is another angel which is this thought that I am still hanging onto which is 2 cents bet on the proverbial "'Billion Dollar Question" and offered for the group minds collective consideration as 'bugs' being the micro to macro Universal Dark Material key to under standing the physics and organic chemistry of the combustion and food chains of and biological life unlocked and comprehended. If the General Unified Theory is to be successfully reconstructed from the currently constructed model so as to be a reality based version that checks with Theory in addition to the ingredients of Nature and facts of Matter by constructing a micro/macro perpetual motion machine to resemble the Universe such as the one I reside, requires the basic building blocks upon which it operates to be produced by Bacteria as the agent of running the Nitrogen cycle such that the Oxygen cycle also functions to produce Carbon thus life as we know it is off to a flying start with some subatomic particles to be understood to perhaps travel faster than the speed of light, as suggested by the latest experimentation/loose plug/threads of Theoretical Physics of the days of yore; which I am still following below as a matter of academic interest. My reasoning is as follows: If neutrinos travel at the speed of light. There MUST be a faster moving object to possibly conceptually cause motion beCause in order to see/be 'LIGHT' there must be a Newtonian CAUSE acting upon that which powers the quanta and photons, and electricity that is contained and travels that IS the 'light' in each and every instance over time and space. The action of some phase of the gamma cycle 'spooling up' the energy needed which I believe is a release of Dark Matter combusted in a 2 cycle movement which I theorize act as the precursor and cause of what moves the PHOTONS to the ON position which enable us to observe the phenomenon that is 'the light', from any sun, bulb, or source according to Laws, equations notions and historical group (open) mind frame of reference of Newton/Einstein/Bethe/Hoyle. It is a process-- if one goes 'thought experimental' on each possible instance of light. It is a carbon and water fest with out whacking the photons with a FTL spark there is no light. I suspect the faster the FTL 'flash' the more action on the photon 'bang', and hence the brighter the light -- is in some bulbs/stars are brighter than others. InSide Note: This FTL aspect of the 'big picture' presented here is the only one the there is any level of self doubt about but is presented anyway for the sake of 'putting it out there' conceptually as part of this picture if it makes any better sense a result at some future date or with better resources than mine. Continuing to report and reason that it is the role of subatomic to be named later but we know Bacteria is Dark Matter and Energy (in a version of this (following the; line of reasoning) that to serve as the ‪precursor‬ to the photon in the operation of the Gamma Cycle™ as a mechanism for the making breaking of the hydrogen bond in the CNO cycle in a process of here on earth localized (think time over space of a baking oven, in conjunction with a digestive track to power life; its doing the functionality of what I term the 'condensed stellar variety' (according to: as opposed to the supernova nucleosynthetic super-sized variety, however it is appears on 'steady state', and one in the same subatomic processes, powered by the same, 'garden variety' cosmic rays, coming and going around via the Gamma (ray) Cycle sending hydrogen and helium back from the planets to power the Sun (perhaps I theorize resolving) the I'm calling "Dark Matter™ for the purpose of the construct of this version of the Universe the family of bacteria that binds N20 to carbon, completing-enabling that critical side of the combustion equation. By coming to understanding how Dark Matter allows the Energy of the core of cyanobacteria quarks to be 'beamed' by light as the atomic 'brains' of bacteria as bands of electric light and water falling water into the , I am able to 'abide' to see the role of CyanoBacteria kick starting breath on Earth, and keeping it going as the proto-stuff of hydrocarbons, now and forever in a N2O bound loop with the Sun as its 'atomic twin' by means of what Steven Hawking and Co. describe as the power of the unpaired quark forever seeking it mate with great power over the distance of Space and Time such that the rejoinder of quarks is the 'back hammer/jackhammer' of matter getting re-bonded such that birds and fish can find the way back to their 'atomic square one' for the purposes of migration, and internal combustion technology is possible in by this line of material logical reasoning. From which the following the atomic bonds of the food chain as I have come to understand its works and construction by doing the organic chemical reverse engineering of the worlds food supply (or some portion thereof) as a for instance, to compute the "food math" (of water per ton to make/bind a commodities Mass Equivalence/composition) that reveal the binding forces and stored in matter that are the result I hypothesis of: GAMMA/XRAY CYCLES™ working as the atomic binding force of the mass of the universe that also provides its movement with energy, in a closed loop system re-powered by the hydrogen/helium burned by the sun as light + the carbon/nitrogen/oxygen cycles and the supremely important hydrogen bond being broken up and down the food chain, as a ladder action holding the show together an a return run back to the Sun, in the completion of carbon/nitrogen cycles, working in conjunctions with all the forces and a stew of the elements, to bring us life as we know it past present and future; is my bid to describe the missing cosmic cog that runs the 3-4 ring circus of reality, like a watch, which we can time our perception and measure what I attempt to make sense so that science can find a subatomic on the same 'wavelength' that beats light and heat to the 'on' via this atomic chain reaction of logic which rambles/soars to/fro near book length in anther space in time which goes on to explain in detail why birds flock and don't crash, and fish schools move in synch via the radio power of this far fetched but mildly plausible 'radio'logical scheme. Perhaps it is the speed of light 'radio power control' that runs the fish and birds; but that does not so much matter as the fact that they 'are what they ate' which puts them on the same 'wavelength' in conjunction with their genome. Run by the power of the sun which is re-spun via by my thinking and logic the vector of the Gamma Cycle being run to completion by the such that Bacterial or other single cellular source as vector + a noted Higgs field generator of mass in the movement of the atomic energy of the sun through of the food chain, from the depths of the ocean to mountain tops to the Sun -- the gasses made by bacteria power this not all together random 'Shot in the dark' from the Nevada Desert: conceptually FTL -- the 'boom' resides in the land of the fast, and fast thinking, E.g.; where I happen to vacation and reside part time, so as to - - - be able to have the space to - - - - think to conclude with the thought that the terminal velocity of light the rainbow, and thus light is caused as a function of the 'Bacterial load' in the atmosphere which acts as a dynamic brake on its bands moving through time which curve under the load of close examination and the earths atmosphere to reveal the essence of Dark Matter at the key to combustion and life by its role in water and gas as understood to be only made by Bacteria as the missing link in the Universal combustion chain of command, as I piece the puzzle together with the given pieces to compete it above with out resorting to new ones. *Which is analogous to a light bending sugar or salt water at different temperature** in the micro due to the atomic 'economic activity' of bacteria in light, which also very well explains the Dark Matter mystery at the Macro over the light years of Space Time by the same process of combustion by bacterial growth cycles of the C/N/O chain running those worlds we watch turn over time and space long past such that star stuff might be even viewed as "bacterial molasses electric liquid sunshine shows/welcome to the machines -- that can't be rushed, 'two steps forward, one step back, as so much fertilizer" as a metaphorical explanation of the quantum dynamics of a given beam of light, such that it undergoes the same relative braking action whether passing though distant galaxy in the macro, a drop of water in the micro - explained by the quantum mechanics of its bands, source, and therefore how it behaves by curving in any relative 'field' of material - this is my understanding of Science today. ** Notes/data points to consider on the as a Dark Matter meter for consideration of Bacteria as Dark Matter in space. One must think about the science, or it might just hit you as it did me -- and my attempt to explain might be well enough by the end of this photo set or at any given data point that crossed with your lives learning and mine such that I invested in this aspect of this project thus far. "Temperature has a very important influence on the refractive index measurement . Therefore, the temperature of the prism and the temperature of the sample have to be controlled with high precision. There are several subtly different designs for controlling the temperature but there are some key factors common to all such as high precision temperature sensors and Peltier devices to control the temperature of the sample and the prism. The temperature control accuracy of these devices should be designed so that the variation in sample temperature is small enough that it will not cause a detectable refractive index change." Thanks for reading, and seeking to see by your own light this explanation of expansion and growth of Dark Matter and Energy in a expanding Universe which filling perceptual vacuum of space with a fresh set of data points in processing, as the best possible explanation of cosmic expansion in terms of Light, Dark Matter and Energy = 'Grey Matter' which is so much life being made possible by the interplay of the nuclear material of the Phylogenetic tree burning to bring the light while explaining how the grow the Universe at the variable speed of -1 which is not constant see graphic and apply this logic to the fluctuations inherent in the construct presented (albeit, minus the above Dark Material variable) in Darkness on the Edge of the Universe By BRIAN GREENE Published: January 15, 2011) Some disagree and say Dark Matter is immaterial to science. I respectful disagree, and attempt to provide additional information in order to assist with understanding how my view came to be on this subject and if there is not some common ground as more data is generated in understanding how perspective can never stay the same as per the logic contained in a draconian application of the to a unwillingness to see the shadow of comprehension of the 'Big Picture' as being painted by reflections on the flip side of the micro being organic in Nature and, therefore the Universe. That the same transformation that powers the light switch where I might find enough between my ears to communicate the understanding that the bugs have been digesting themselves into energy per this chart; If in the words of Bronkowski's (quote which fell from heaven/ and the keyboard of Peter on linked on Theoretical Physics Group discussion) That “All science is the search for unity in hidden likenesses.” - as being understood to be what makes the world go round in the compost heap, vineyard, inn, industry in any constellation whichever side or corner of the Universe from which the Light expands our understanding by means of the power of deep thought in pondering dark matter producing 'grey matter' which is consciousness that understands the which is in essence in the words of Andrew Liddle puts it, "the cosmological principle [means that] the universe looks the same whoever and wherever you are." Hence the grass is not 'greener' or made of substantively something else in another galaxy, therefore Dark Matter, and Energy 'is what it is' the immutable atomic information of 'microorganisms' cycling at relative light speed as so many 'cups of tea', or conceptual coffee, 'primordial soup' to perhaps nuts -- or maybe, just maybe, the 'hidden likeness' is before us in the form of Microorganisms nuclear core that manufacture the chemical 'blocks' the comprise the fabric of Space and Time in the macro as 'made so' by Matter which is the two side of the coin of light and life. Sounds so familiar, and simple to me; then again being from Missouri, nothing is obvious until you lead and or 'show me' with quantum formal paradoxical inventors logic -- what is so dark materially obvious that has been glaring me in the face that; 'if it were a snake it would have bit me.' Notes - Dark Matter as Dynamic; Microwave data derived from; the light, sound, and, energy of health wisdom, that beget enlightenment. (Rev. for clarity and minor content May 9, 2018) 'long answer short' -- with a string of comments to complete the notion following that are in want of integration into the body of this text, and or a editor/publisher -- but not having any expectations other than to be found to be more or less correct on the basic logic here in the long run. Thanks to Dream 11 aka John Blunt for the Artwork 'interpretation' contribution on and to my photo taken on the Black Rock Desert at a Arts Festival we have attended together over the years, this one taken several years ago. Also for his reading my work and giving me feedback in writing which provoked some insight for which I thank and credit him.

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