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Communication via Energy

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posted by Karen alias CharmedQuarkGirl on Monday 1st of June 2009 03:27:27 AM

Does the future of medicine lie in healing via energy the way it was done on Star Trek? This is the first part of...I don't know how many posts. ha! How about until I run out of info or until you get tired of it? : ) In 1970, Fritz Albert Popp, who received his PhD in theoretical physics in record time, was working in theoretical biophysics at the University of Marlburg. Popp was an unusual scientist in that he was a philosopher as well as a scientist. Even as a tiny child, he had tried to make sense of the world, to find some single solution he could apply to everything in his life. When Popp started college, he planned to study philosophy, until a teacher persuaded him that physics would be the most likely subject to give him that single “equation” that held the key to life. When studying classical physics, with its assertion of reality being independent of the observer, Popp grew profoundly suspicious. He believed that “reality” was the creation of living systems and that the observer must be central to the creation of his world. His work involved benzo [a] pyrene, one of the most lethal carcinogens known to man. Popp was trying to determine what effect UV light would have on benzo [a] pyrene (herein called benzoA). He found that benzoA had a crazy optical property. It absorbed the UV light then re-emitted it at a completely different frequency, acting like a biological frequency scrambler. Popp then tried the experiment on benzo [e] pyrene, a virtually identical substance, save for a tiny alteration that rendered it harmless to humans. The light passed right through benzoE unaltered. Popp was intrigued and tested 37 other compounds with UV light, some were cancer-causing and some were not. Through experimental results, it got so that Popp could predict which compounds were carcinogenic. In every instance, the carcinogenic compounds would alter the UV light’s frequency. Another odd thing was that each of the cancer-causing compounds reacted only to light at the specific wavelength of 380 nanometers. Why would a carcinogen be a light scrambler? Popp researched other papers on light effects in living systems and learned about a phenomenon called photo-repair. It was proven through lab experiments that, if you blasted a cell with UV light and destroyed 99% of the cell, including its DNA, you could almost entirely repair the damage in a single day by illuminating the cell with the same wavelength of light at a very weak intensity. Popp was shocked to learn that photo-repair worked most efficiently at a wavelength of 380 nanometers! Popp made a logical leap, feeling that this result was too perfect to be coincidence. He deducted that there must be some light in the body responsible for photo-repair, and that a cancerous compound might cause cancer because it effectively blocked photo-repair by taking in the light needed for repair and changing it to a useless frequency, so that photo-repair could not take place. Not long after his initial findings and subsequent published paper, a grad student named Bernard Ruth asked Popp to supervise his work for his PhD dissertation. It was a fortuitous meeting for Popp because Ruth happened to be an excellent experimental physicist. Popp said he would supervise if Ruth could show that there was light inside the body. Ruth thought this was ridiculous…there was no light inside the body! So, Popp told him to prove that there was no light inside the body, and he would receive his PhD. Ruth agreed. Ruth set to work building equipment that would show that no light emanated from the body. Within two years, he produced a machine resembling an x-ray detector. It could count light photon by photon and is still one of the best pieces of equipment in the field today. Popp assumed that any light coming from the body would be extremely weak, so the machine had to be highly sensitive. In 1976, they began testing. They had grown cucumber seedlings and put them in the machine, which surprisingly, detected light waves of high intensity emitting from the tiny plant. Ruth was skeptical and said that it had to be the chlorophyll. So, they grew potato seedlings in the dark and put them in the machine. They emitted even a higher intensity of light. Ruth had to concede that the light had nothing to do with chlorophyll or photosynthesis. (“Light” in this experiment is UV light which is not detected by our eyes. That’s why you don’t see your garden glowing. ha!) Even more astounding, the photons in the living systems he had tested were more coherent than anything he’d ever seen! In quantum physics, coherence means that the waves are in synch and “wave” up and down all together at the same time. Lasers are coherent light. This enables the light particles, or photons, to cooperate with each other. Coherent waves are linked by bands of common electromagnetic fields so that they are able to communicate. Coherence establishes communication. Amazingly, Popp found that living systems emit the highest level of coherence known. (this high coherence is also referred to as the Bose-Einstein Condensate--just a little factoid) ; ) Usually, this high level of coherence of light was only observed in superfluids and superconductors studied at very cold temperatures…just a few degrees above absolute zero! Popp theorized that photons must conduct the body’s processes, and that different frequencies would perform different functions. Through experiments, he found that molecules in cells would respond to certain frequencies. Light waves could explain how the body could manage complicated feats involving different body parts simultaneously. These “biophotons”, as he coined them, could provide the perfect communication system to transfer information to many cells across the organism. Performing an experiment using a chemical known to “squeeze” itself between the base pairs of DNA, hence unraveling it, Popp discovered that light was released as the DNA unwound. He measured the light emitted from the DNA. As it unwound more and more, Popp found that the intensity of the emitted light increased. He also found that DNA could send out a wide range of frequencies, some of which were linked to certain functions within the body. These studies demonstrated to Popp that one essential store of biophotons in the body was DNA and that DNA was possibly the master conductor of the symphony called a living organism. Current theory concerning DNA’s control over the building and maintaining of the body is based on genes being turned on or off, causing several chemical reaction steps that eventually produce proteins which ultimately build, and control chemical processes in, the body. Undoubtedly, proteins play a major role in bodily function. Where scientists fall short is in exactly how DNA knows when to orchestrate the multitude of chemical functions happening in the body. And, how is it that all these chemicals bumping into each other manage to operate simultaneously and in synch when necessary? Each cell in the body undergoes 100,000 chemical reactions per second. These reactions constantly and simultaneously repeat so that billions of chemical reactions occur every second in harmony. Timing must be exquisite. If everything the body does, including building itself, happen from chemical reactions, how can it work anywhere near fast enough to account for the coherent behaviors that live beings exhibit every minute of their lives? Popp believed that if DNA was mission control , then biophoton emissions (moving at the speed of light) must be the means of body-wide communication. The each directive emission had to be of low intensity because these communications were occurring on a quantum level, and Popp showed through experiments that these weak light emissions were sufficient, but not too strong, to orchestrate the myriad of synchronous and extremely complicated movements performed by all wondrous living organisms, an orchestration that would require such fast communication, that a cascade of chemical reactions could not provide. Ponder that Earthling Friends-hehe! Love and Peace Always karen ; )

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