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Car Food (Man-made global warming?)

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posted by alias TKOutdoor Photography on Saturday 24th of January 2009 05:32:54 PM

Petroleum makes the world go round, doesn't it... If this were a "Tardis" (a magical phone booth for transporting "Dr. Who") all of our transportation fantasies could come true! Maybe Algore will start working on that soon so we can all be saved from our Doomsday devices. Until then... "Fill 'er up!" A question for you to ponder... If all the polar ice melted, would it be enough to flood the planet? Do you really believe it could? Let's leave aside the calculations about the mass of the ice versus the size of the planet for absorption of all that liquid runoff, because it's at least partially irrelevant and easy enough for even a child to prove. When's the last time you had a cup of ice water overflow because the ice melted? Ever happened to you? The proposition that polar ice melting will flood the planet could hardly be more absurd. Anyone with a glass of ice water can see it for themselves. Admittedly this only accounts for the seaborn ice that's not over the land, yet the seaborn ice is a huge factor in the overall equation accounting for from thousands to tens of thousands of square miles of ice. Algore would've had a coronary if he'd have been around at the end of the last Ice Age wouldn't he have? All that "man made" global warming with neither a computer, nor a microphone with which to convince the lowly peons of their imminent demise. Only God knows how mankind has ever made it this far without having to move our huts out of the rising salt water. Ohhhh... maybe we just moved the huts. My bad! (...or did all "intelligent" life die at the end of the last Ice Age?) The earth has a well established history of repeating itself in it's weather patterns, which demonstrates that it heals itself and finds an equilibrium. We've gone from warming periods to Ice Ages and back again. If it could be proven that we are in "another" warming trend, it wouldn't be a cause for alarm. Our life spans just aren't long enough to see both ends of the cycle so we are easily manipulated by the so called experts. The fact is that in the '70's they were telling us we were bringing the next Ice Age upon ourselves by our car driving/polluting ways. In all fairness, I might have missed an Ice Age between then and now... I've been known to miss things like that when I wasn't paying attention. We're a lot smarter now though, aren't we? The "hypothetical" problem is a "manufactured" political problem about how to deal with lost titles to land (political boundaries)... it's not an environmental problem. It's about the "hypothetical" problem of people being displaced from their property by rising sea levels. I don't know anyone stupid enough to drown because they couldn't figure out how to move to higher ground. Do you know anyone like that? Think about the presumptions that have been made about your level of intelligence in order to convince you of the danger of "man made" global warming. Do they think we're daft? I think they just might... I think they're counting on it. So... What about all this talk about "Carbon Dioxide"? We need greenhouse gases to survive on this planet. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. They taught us in school that plants need Carbon Dioxide to live, and that they need it as humans need Oxygen to live. This is a truly symbiotic relationship. This is not a parasitic relationship. If it were a parasitic relationship we would only take and and give nothing in return. We would only drain the life out of the host organism until it died (or we died). Plants clean the air for humans, humans clean the air for plants. If we stopped producing CO2 (that's what we exhale along with animals and cars) plant life could die. It's a symbiotic relationship that we have. To add a little bit of "green" parlance to the discussion feel free to substitute the word "sustainable" for the word "symbiotic" as in this case the connotations are consistent. Methane is another greenhouse gas that humans produce along with animals, rice paddies, and volcanoes. Yes, rice paddies produce greenhouse gases! There, I said it! Even some plant life and the earth itself produce greenhouses gases and then we have all the animals that are producing greenhouse gases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right alongside us. Greenhouse gases are to plants what strawberry syrup is to humans! How could you even think of depriving plant life of such a treat? Have a heart! Ready for another greenhouse gas? How about "water vapor"? That's right, water vapor is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases are a vital part of the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis maintains livable conditions for both plants and humans. Yes, we "need" greenhouse gases to live in this world as we know it. I shouldn't be so presumptuous about what you were taught in school... Maybe these were "Inconvenient Truths" that were never taught in your classroom. Maybe they were too busy teaching propaganda films. We've long joked about politicians who would tax us on the air we breathe if they could only figure out how to do it. Think about that, let it sink in... "Our" politicians (yours and mine) are trying to tax us on the air we breathe! Do you support them in this? Are you doing it "for the children"? Are you being manipulated??? If your friends could use a refresher on common sense send them here! ...and don't allow the politicians to steal both your tax money and your common sense! Everyone join in! Three cheers for critical thinking skills! Pass them on! Just do it quick; they tell us that soon we'll be up to our eyeballs in seawater! P.S. Please leave a note about where you saw this if you're so inclined. I've had many viewers outside of and I'm curious to know where it's being seen. Thanks

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