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posted by Elena Regina alias Elena Regina on Saturday 18th of July 2015 12:02:40 AM

2D-ECGK₂₁ is a 20-simplex which includes all its 210 edge EP. r = (n²-n)/2; n = 21, r = 210 According to Kardashev, T₇ civilizations exist outside of spacetime and are capable of creating n-verses and destroying them just as easily. It's hard to imagine a story with such civilizations, since their perfection and indestructible nature would offer little conflict potential with lower civilizations. Recipe for paraversal tragedy. It has been argued that KS may not be relevant or useful for classifying civilizations, assuming that behaviors would become predictable only if and when the correspondent civilizations are fully understood. Also, should a civilization be able to harness E of whatever arbitrarily large scale, it does not mean that it has likewise developed a commensurate ability to use that E with efficiency. Posit a star system wherein a star-shrouding cloud of pebbles is hosting photosynthetic algæ or bacteria that almost completely surround a star, acquiring and having access to far more than the available E on either proportionately or in absolute terms: nonetheless, even if it were to completely absorb all E from said star, it would not be called a "technologically more advanced civilization" in virtue of its resource advantage alone. FRB121102 is believed to be co-located in a DG @ 3E9 ly from with a low-luminosity AGN, or a previously unknown type of EG source, or a young NS energizing a SN remnant; it is presently in a heightened activity state and follow-on observations are encouraged, particularly @ higher RFs. In 2015-11, Paul Scholz @ McGill found 10 non-periodically repeated FRBs in archival data gathered in 2015-05&06 by ART with 3 times the max PD from a MW source and SP consistent with FRB121102. This finding is possibly ruling out self-destructive and cataclysmic SOEs, such as BHEs or NSCs, thus supporting an origin in a young pulsar, or in a magnetar, or from highly magnetized pulsars travelling through ABs, or from an intermittent RL overflow in a NS-WD binary complex. On 20161216, 6 new FRBs were reported in the same direction. This is the only known instance in which FRBs have been found twice in the same location in space. On 20170826, 15 FRBs from FRB121102 @ 5-8 GHz were detected via GBT data. REFERENCES A. Frank & al. 2022: Planetary intelligence. D.F. Mansfield & N.J. Wildberger 2017: Plimpton 322. K. Arroyo Ohori & al. 2017: nD s-t & s-c objects as R₃ ⌅⌅. S.P. Tendulkar & al. 2017: HG and RS of FRB121102. B. Marcote & al. 2017: FRB121102 as seen on MAS. P. Scholz & al. 2016: FRB121102: MWL observations. L.G. Spitler & al. 2016: A repeating FRB (FRB121102). J.T. Wright & al. 2015: Signatures of transiting megastructures. L.G. Spitler & al. 2014: FRB121102 discovered in Arecibo PAS. V. Sicoe 2014: The Kardashev scale. M.E. Tegmark 2014: Our mathematical universe. S. Arshad 2010: Icecream eating. W.T.M. Irvine & D. Bouwmeester 2008: Linked & knotted BoL. M. Brooks 2008: 13 things that don't make sense. C.D.G. Stross 2003: Singularity sky. J.D. Barrow 2002: The constants of nature. B. Poonen & M. Rubinstein 1995: RPG diagonal IP. N. Kardashev 1964: ToI by ETC. E₍₀<ₜ<₁₎≫E₍₁<ₜ<∞₎ MV · DS · FP · DE · KS · C3L · TS · FFTL · UUF · MST · CEI · DE · ToE · NLTL · ETL · ILS · ENS · GCR · HS · WH · QS · VC&P · S · OT · S · SG · CDD · S · RCPG · PS · FEM · PERL · PM · PN · TC · HT · 4CMT · T

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