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[SW The Jedi Mercenary] Chapter 18 - Another Bites the Dust

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posted by Director KW alias Director KW on Wednesday 8th of November 2017 07:12:49 PM

(Nal Hutta, Abandoned Factory Facility, Two hours later after capture) Kydan- "There really wasn't much to say when we arrived at the run downed factory on Nal Hutta.' 'Like any old factory, it was a dump. The building was literally falling apart, filled with tons of rusted parts and supports everywhere. Even though the factory still stood, it was only a matter of time before this junk pile of old relics fell to the hard ground below us.' 'But that wasn't really the worst of our worries. When they had taken us back to their hideout of a dump, they had somehow been able to manage capturing Egile and R7 in the East Sector. However, when we learned about Alurak and Breona's demise outside the area, I wasn't able to contain it.' 'I had literally beaten a couple guards and droids out of pure anger and hate for what they did before being knocked out and thrown into the cell with the others. Why wouldn't I though?' 'They had just killed one of my best men, a man who I had and would again lay down my life for. He was like my own brother, and he was my last of very few who I called family. And now, he was gone as well. First was Rilika, then Master Turin...and now Breona. I've just about had it with everything.' 'If I was going down like all the rest...then I was gonna die trying. I really had no reason to do anything at this point. Why live when I'll just lose everything I love? It wasn't worth it...' 'But then...what about Calena? What would she do if I died? Well, she probably would just get mad at me for dieing so stupidly. And yet again...she would probably miss me.' '...Maybe...maybe I'm not suppose to. Maybe the Forge is keeping me alive for so long, for something in the near future. But what? Why keep me alive and let me go through these aweful pain and suffering?...Is it because of her? Because I'm suppose to protect her? Is that it? Am I suppose to protect Calena?..." _________________________ As the hours past, Kydan, Calena, Egile & R7 all stood and sat in the cell in complete silence. After hearing about Alurak and Breona both dead now, after the Droid Commandos informed them all that they had fallen to their deaths, they had all but mourned them in utter silence. When Kydan had gone on a hating rampage at Dor Kilea's men and droids, it took them all into somewhat a suprise. They hadn't seen Kydan in such a frenzy before, not like on Taris a while back. But that soon ended when the guards knocked him out with their guns. Ever since then, Kydan had been completely silent, not even looking at no one whatsoever. They figured that trying to talk to him would make things worst for him. He already lost another friend in the Republic, and remonizing it would just break the poor man down. It was best to just stay quiet until something happened. As if their thoughts were answered, they were all greeted by one of Dor Kilea's men, with a couple of Droid Commandos acting out as guards for the man. K.M. Soldier- "Alright, you Republic scumbags, get up! Senator Kilea wants to speak with you all in person." Egile- "And what would that be, exactly?" K.M. Soldier- "That's for you to find out, idiot. Now get up and start walking!" Reluctant to listen, the four were escorted out of their cell and down the rotted and junked hallways. The three were still wondering what was going on and what Dor Kilea was gonna do to them. But for Kydan, he didn't think fo really anything of it. His mind was at but a lost. He had lost so much within over the year and a half, old and new friends alike. First it was Rilicia who died on Geonosis, then it was Master Turin who was killed on Taris...and now it was his commander, who he had been told died off the side of a cliff with Alurak. Even though he and the Mandalorian didn't see eye to eye a lot, he couldn't help but feel sadden by his utter death as well. He was completely at a blank lost. He really had no trance of thoughts left at the moment. Not realizing how long he had been doing nothing but reminiscing the past, he and the others had reached one of the few main platforms of the factory. The platform itself, like the rest of the junked up place, it was completely rusted like all the rest. Large in size, it didn't seem too safe to be standing on, let alone having a large group of people standing on it. Walking up the stairs, the group noticed others on the platform too. Most of them they knew as Clan Feiros, along with other Krillian Militia wearing different colors of armor, however still under the same group. Beside them were but the Droid Commandos that they concluded was given to them from the Separatist as a sign of an alliance between the two. Standing in front of the old windows, however, was a man wearing green armor beside Lt. Shades. Unlike Shades, he wore a fancy looking cape which was embedded to the Krillian government style. They all concluded that this man was to be none other than Senator Dor Kilea. As they reached the platform of the old factory, Dor Kilea turned around from his view of gazing out the large window and faced the four Republic allies. The smug look on his face was enough for Kydan to smash his own fist against it. It was clear that he wanted the Krillian senator man killed instantly. Dor Kilea- "Oh my! This is madness! The Separatist has gone too far with this! Lt. Shades, would you kindly release our friends of their custody?" Nodding, Shades motioned to the guards to release their holding against them all as they took off their bindings that constricted them from much movement. Kydan was sure that, not just him, but the others noticed that Dor Kilea had something up his sleeve. Letting them go out of sheer kindness? There was definitely something wrong with this. His thoughts were answered when Egile spoke up to the Krillian. Egile- "Care to tell us why your releasing your prisoners of confinement?" Dor Kilea- "Of course, my Republic friend! You wouldn't be so fond of me to keep my Republic allies under confinement. As much as it pains me to say, I'm still part of the Galactic Senate. It would be wrong of me to do so against allies." Egile- "Part of the Senate? Allies? I don't know if you heard already, you bastard, but the Republic and Galactic Senate have decreed that you are no longer part of the Republic, due to your secret aiding for the Separatist Alliance! Your nothing but a traitor to the entire Republic!" This, however, did not change Dor Kilea's expression a bit. In fact, he seemed more smug than before. Dor Kilea- "Really? I'm not so sure about that..." Calena- "What do you mean? The Republic and Hualio the Hutt all have evidence of your betrayal!" Dor Kilea- "I wouldn't be so certain about that much longer, Master Jedi." Kydan- *Narrows his eyes* "What the hell are you getting at here, Kilea?" Dor Kilea- "It's quite simple, my friends. You see...I actually wanted you all to find me. But since you were all wasting so much effort and time trying to do so, I decided I would pick up the pace myself. " Egile- "For what, exactly? Why do you need us?" Dor Kilea- "Lt. Shades, would you mind explaining?" Lt. Shades- *Nods* Of course, sir. Let me explain it to you scumbags the easier way; we need you all to be our baits for the betrayal. We've already created evidence that leads back to you all...well, considering the little accident with your other two pals. Kydan just growled in hate as he mentioned that. He knew Shades was trying to get underneath his skin. And sadly enough, it was definitely working. Lt. Shades- "We knew that the Republic and Jedi would try to hunt us all down for traitorism. We figured that it was only a matter of time before you would all show up and come get us. Well...we had a plan. You see, we figured that they would send loyal soldiers and Jedi to get us, and what is better than loyalty but trust? They trusted you all enough to come and find lock us away in Republic prison. That's when it dawned on us. Sicne they all trust you with their very lives, they wouldn't even consider any of you betraying them. That was when we decided that planting the illegal transportation and transmission would come from none other than their own. It took us a bit of time to do so, but we were able to track your records and all that little crap in order to get our names off the wanted lists." Calena- "So your using our records to pin the blame and traitorism on us? Just so that you guys would all be cut cleaned?" Lt. Shades- "My, your pretty smart, aren't you? Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying." Dor Kilea- "So that's why we wanted you...well, we came to you I should say. That's how you are all here in the first place. And because of your own actions, you all fell for it perfectly." Kydan- *Growls* "None of you are getting away with this!" Dor Kilea- "Ah, but my dear Witronian...we already have. You all played right into my hands. And soon, I'll still be part of the Republic and Galactic Senate, along with being with the Separatist. But for you four...well, that's a different story." Egile- "What do you mean?" Dor Kilea just chuckled softly and motioned to Lt. Shades. Dor Kilea- "Lt.? I think it's about time these Republic forces had their...little accident, don't you agree?" Lt. Shades- *Grins underneath mask* "I couldn't agree more, senator." Everyone- "What?!" Dor Kilea- "You all honestly didn't believe that we would let you live now, did you?You know of our backstory, and you heard too much. Why would we let any of you live to tell anyone? No...that would be too dangerous, let alone costly. Guards!" In mere seconds, a squad of droids approached them all, climbing up the stairs with their guns grasped tightly in their metallic hands. Kydan and the others all turned around as they oversaw the droids loading and aiming their blasters at them all. Egile- "Well...kinda saw this one coming..." R7- Bwoop beep...? ("Oh did you now...?") Dor Kilea- "It has been fun, my Republic friends...but I think it's time we say our goodbyes. Lt. Shades? You may have the pleasure." Lt. Shades- "It'd be an honor, sir. Ready weapons!" As Shades signaled the droids, immediately they all locked and loaded their guns at the four defenceless heroes. The group all wished they had their own weapons to fight back with, but the situation they were all in...was a total lose. Egile- "Didn't think we all go down like this..." Calena- "How did you think we would die?" Lt. Shades- "Aim!" Obeying, the droids aimed their blasters at them all, ready for the final words to be spoken as they would automatically pull the trigger of their guns and kill their targets. Egile- "Honestly...I thought we would all die in a blaze of honor and bravery...not under execution." Kydan- "Well...I guess you were proven wrong Egile...all of us guessed wrong..." Egile- "It's been an honor guys..." Calena- "You too Egile..." Kydan- "Can't believe this is how it all ends. Thought I'd die differently..." R7- Boop bweep beep... ("So much for that bet with Recline...") Lt. Shades- "Fir--" Before his words could pass through his lips and mask, the sound of glass shattering behing them all was overheard throughout the abandoned factory. Looking towards who or what in the galaxy broke through the glass, a man wearing Eclipse armor flew right into the facility, his gun raised in front of him. The group looked at the man with astonishment. It was clear who it was. Everyone- "Alurak?!" Hovering down to the middle, Alurak raised his gun and shot down the droid executioners in front of him, dealing a headshot on each and every one of them swiftly. Alurak- Did you all really think you would be able to kill me and the clone? guys got alot to learn when you deal with the Eclipse leader! Egile- "Alurak, you son of a biscuit, you aren't dead!" Alurak- "Course I ain't dead, Egie'! I won't die til' the day I want to, and that goes for your friend too!" Kydan- "Friend?" Not adjusting to what Alurak meant at that exact moment, he suddenly realized who he was referring to. His eyes were suddenly widened somewhat in suprise. Kydan- "You mean..." ???- "He means me, sir." As the group look over behind Alurak, who was still aiming his gun at the enemy in front of him, there, walking up next to him was none other than Breona himself, wielding his two customized pistols in each hand. Kydan- "*Smirks* Good to see you still alive, Breona." Breona- "Wouldn't have it any other way. You can thank a certain squad and soldier for that too." Dor Kilea- "I thought you said they were both eliminated!" Lt. Shades- "That was from the droids who reported it, sir! How was I suppose to know?" Dor Kilea- *Growls* "Doesn't matter, I guess. I don't know how you two lived, but you and your friends aren't coming out of this alive, Alurak!" Alurak- "The feelings mutual, you bloody coward!" Dor Kilea- "Militia, get rid of these annoying pests!" But before any of them could fire a single shot at any of them, the sound of gunfire from above was heard, leading to a few soldiers dropping dead. Out from the ceiling came a squad of crimson red ARF Troopers, hailing down their fire at their respective targets. These men were known as the infamous Tanga Squad. ???- "Yee-haw! Suprise you ignorant bastards!" ???- "Don't go too crazy, Degree, otherwise you'll end up with a fatal brain damage." Degree- "Oh you worry too much, Gunner!" ???- "All of us worry, boy..." Degree- "Lighten' up, Burner! Just having a little fun was all!" ???- "Degree, just keeps getting dumber and dumber by the day..." ???- "Gotta love him still, Threat." Threat- "Yeah...but doesn't mean I have to like it, Line-Up." Dor Kilea's eyes roared in anger. He hadn't expect Republic forces would end up here at the last moment. His plan was working perfectly, but when Alurak and these clones came, it was completely shredded. The plan he had invisioned was long gone now...all thanks to them. Dor Kilea- You...all of you...ruined my vision of the future! I had everything perfect and set, but came. All of you have destroyed my vision! And'll all pay. Lt. Shades! Not wanting to be told twice, he pulled out his Silencer Pistol, aiming it directly at Kydan and the others. As long as they died, everything would fall back into place. Especially with the Witronian boy and Siruhnian girl out of the picture. Lt. Shades- "Farewell, Republic scum..." ???- "Hey! Back away from the generals you overgrown nit wit!" Not realizing what had happened, Shade was suddenly met with a sniper fire from the side, hitting directly at his own pistol, blasting it right out of his and out the broken window. Clutching his hand, with a suprised look underneath his mask, he looked towards to whoever shot his pistol. There, coming from behind Alurak and Breona, was another clone trooper, except not wearing crimson red armor. Instead, his armor was painted red as the clone himself was wielding a sniper rifle in his hands, walking up to the two. ???- "When you mess with the commander, you mess with me!" Kydan noticed something familiar about the clone's personality and shooting skills. The last time he experienced that kind of soldier was the first day on Geonosis, a similar clone trooper who was part of his old and first squad. That was when his eyes lit up immediately. It couldn't be, could it? This clone couldn't be that rookie, right? The thing was...they were both very similar. He had to know if it really was him. Kydan- R....R.S? Is that you? Even though Kydan couldn't tell due to his helmet, underneath it, R.S. gave off his old familiar smile at his old commanding officer. R.S.- "Good to see your still alive, commander. Thought I was the last one to make it out of there, huh?" Kydan- *Studdering* "But...but how?" Dor Kilea- "Enough of this! Militia! Kill them....kill all of them!" Before he could even answer, R.S. was suddenly pushed to the side as a blaze of blaster fire was upon them all, Krillian Militia soldiers positioning themselves as they repelled against them all. R.S.- "I'll explain later, sir! Right now, we got a fight in our hands!" Knowing that R.S. was right, he signalled R7 to shoot out their weapons to them. Replying with a beep, R7 launches out both his and Calena's sabers, landing directly into the palm of their hands. Egile, who had gone down to the fallen droids, retrieved both his, R7's and Kydan's guns. Passing it back to the two, they were all finally re-equipped with their own weapons as they began to pursue the enemy in front of them, with blaster fire raging from both sides while Kydan and Calena deflected them back at their enemies. Dor Kilea could hardly believe it all. His plan had gone accordingly to what it had orginally planned. It was the perfect set up, the perfect scheme to have control on both sides of the war. And yet...these "clones" come barging in and ruin it all. His plans had failed tremendously, and they are to blame. All there was left to do now was to evacuate and escape in the shuttle. This may be a loss to him, but he would still be able to take advantage of the situation. With the Republic occupied by his last militia and droid forces, he has the opportunity to escape Nal Hutta ans regroup. Dor Kilea- "The plan has failed, it's time to regroup. Lt.! Guards! Come with me, we leave immediately!" As Senator Dor Kilea and his two bodyguards quickly retreat from the fight, Lt. Shades stays back for some reason. He realized that if he were to escape them all, he would never have another chance of killing off his "loose end" once and for all. It would drive him to madness knowing that he once had the opportunity and didn't take it. It would make him look weak, a fool...even not worthy as a bounty hunter. He knew what he had to do. It was either now or life of insanity. With only a few minutes passing by, the group was all able to defeat the Krillian Militia soldiers and their droid allies. Even though they all didn't seem tough, it still felt a bit tough afterwards. Degree- "Yeah! Bite on that, you metallic junkies!" Threat- *Sighs* "How am I even related to you?" Burner- "By DNA, sadly..." Threat- "Indeed sir..." Breona- "That takes care of that. Enemy forces are all but beaten." Kydan- "Great job, Tanga Squad. Couldn't have done it without ya'. And it's great to be fighting with you again, R.S." R.S.- "Wouldn't have missed it for the galaxy, commander." Egile- "Hey...wait a minute...something's missing..." Alurak- "What do you mean?" The group look around to find what Egile was talking about. All they were seeing were the lots of dead bodies and junked up droids everywhere. But Calena soon noticed something off, as her eyes widened. Calena- "Dor Kilea...he's gone!" Alurak- "What?! You mean that damn coward escape?!" Egile- "Looks like it, Aly ol' boy..." Growling angrily underneath his helmet, he charges up the stairs and towards the window, making the group look at him very confused. Breona- "Where are you going?" Alurak- "To find that traitorous Krillian bastard!" Calena- "Alurak, wait a minute!" Alurak- "No! If that Senator escapes Nal Hutta, he'll be even more dangerous than ever! He'll vanish from the galaxy forever! I am 'not' letting him get away! You can all do whatever, but I'm going after him at all costs!" Not letting any of them try to convince him otherwise, he blast right through the broken glass window, attempting to capture his target. He wasn't gonna let that man escape. Not after what he pulled on him and his clan. Kydan- "We better go after him. Who knows what could happen." Calena- "Yeah, I agree. Alurak could get himself hurt." R.S.- "Well, let's go then!" As the group made their way up the stairs towards the next set of doors, they all stopped when they heard a familiar voice call out to one of them. Lt. Shades- "Kydan! We have some unfinished business left! So fight me like a mercenary you claim to be! Or are you just gonna run away from your problems again?" Kydan had a feeling something like this would happen. He had to end all of this...alone. If he didn't, then his past would come to haunt him forever. Kydan- "...You guys go after Alurak...I'll deal with Shades myself." Egile- "Are you sure? He's one tough son of a biscuit." Kydan- "I know...that's why I have to end this." Calena- "But Kydan..." Kydan- "Don't worry about me. Just make sure Alurak doesn't do something he'll regret. "I can handle Shades alone." Calena- "But..." Egile- "...Alright, if you're sure about it." Kydan- "I am, now go!" Nodding, Egile motions to all of them to follow behind, quickly making their way out of the factory to wherever Alurak is heading for. But Calena looked back at Kydan for a moment, hesitant to leave him on his own. She knew he was strong, but she didn't know if he would be able to handle that bounty hunter on his own. But that soon faded when she heard and felt something warm in her mind. She never felt the connection before and was very knew to her, but when she heard the voice, she knew the voice well enough. Although, it was still suprising. ???- 'Go on...I can handle this. I need you guys to find Alurak quickly. No need to worry.' After she heard his voice, her eyes widen somewhat. and looked up to him, she saw Kydan glancing at her with a small grin and a saluting-style at her. She knew he was indicating that he would be fine. So reluctant and forced nonetheless, she hesitantly nodded and followed the others, silently hoping he would be alright. If she were to be truly honest to herself...she was afraid that he would be hurt. The last time she remembered that he was hurt, she wasn't there when it all happened. Lt. Shades- "This has gone long enough, Witronian boy. Ever since that day happened, I vowed to take vengeance upon you. I swore I would find you and make you pay for what you did to me. I'll make sure you suffer the loss and agony I went through for the months that had come after. Because of you, I became a nobody. But that's all about to change." Kydan- "You shouldn't have joined him, Shades. I know you're a better man than the one I once knew. You're smarter than this. Walk away from all of this and don't turn back." Lt. Shades- "And let you live as my blood boils underneath my skin, knowing that you still live? Ain't gonna happen. This all ends here and now...and only one of us is gonna come out all of this alive." Kydan- "The only person coming out of this alive is the true man of the two. And you won't be that man." Lt. Shades- "Believe what you want, Witronian. Today, you will die." There wasn't much left to say to him. He had no intentions on negotiating with him any longer. Shades was determined to claim his life. The only thing left standing between him and his future the man that made his mercenary career a living hell. Killing him now was his last option. Kydan- "......Then so be it." _________________________ (Nal Hutta, Abandoned Factory Landing Pad, Ten minutes later) Dor Kilea- "Prepare my shuttle for launch! Set the coordinates to Corellia! My contact will meet me there." Pilot 1- "Yes, Senator Kilea. Your shuttle is already--GAH!" Before the pilot was able to finish his sentence with Dor Kilea, he was suddenly shot in the chest, collapsing to the ground. The two guards that were protecting him were too shot, just as were ready to counterattack with whomever was behind them. ???- "Dor Kilea!" The moment Dor Kilea heard his name be spoken out loud to him, he was suddenly met with a fist in the chest and into the face, moments before fully turning to whomever was speaking towards him. Regaining his composure, he was again met with another hit, but this time with a kick in the stomach. When he was able to see who it was, his heart sanked down quickly. He hadn't expected this. He ddin't expect the Mandalorian to reach him so quickly. He was indeed in much trouble. Dor Kilea- *Studders* "A-Alurak...l-let me explain--ACK!" Alurak- "You betrayed my brothers and sisters..." Swinging his fist once again, he sent the Senator flying backwards to his shuttle. Alurak- "You betrayed me..." Dor Kilea- *Coughs up blood from mouth* "E-Eclipse, please..." Before he could continue, he was suddenly taken by the throat and thrown towards the ship, smashing himself in the back painfully. His body was already weak now, and it didn't make it anymore less painful when Alurak kicked him in the gut again. Alurak- "You used us all...betraying my and the clan's even stole from us, everything we had! You used us for your own personal gain! What makes you think explaining yourself would even do for you at this point?!" Dor Kilea- "I-it wasn't...*coughs up more blood* my fault..." That made him even more furious as he punched him directly in the jaw, hearing the sound of his armed tight fist making contact with the traitor's now bruised jaw. Alurak- Not your fault?! Because of you, my clan is now nothing! Clan Eclipse no longer lingers the name, nor does it hold its warriors! We were a proud clan, and when you came and used us, we were all but dead in the very beginning! Not allowing the Senator to get a chance to even speak, he whips out his gun and aim it directly at him, causing Dor Kilea to weakly shutter in fear of his gun. This was definitely it. Alurak- "You dont' deserve to murderer." ???- "Alurak, don't do it!" Knowing that voice well enough, he glances towards to the voice, noticing that Egile, Calena, Breona and the others must have just arrived to witness what he was about to do. There was no way they were gonna persuade him not to do it. Alurak- "This man has taken everything from me and my old clan! He deserves to die for what he's done to us!" Egile- "You know that's not the only option! We can take Dor Kilea to a Republic prison and make sure he will be locked up for life! You don't have to kill him!" Alurak- "If I don't, then we all pay the price! He will have someone break him out and then hunt us all down for that! There is no way I'll let it happen!" Calena- "But think about what you're doing, Alurak! If you kill him here and now, you'll regret doing so in the near future! We can make sure he will never be able to escape, nor have a fair trial! He'll be locked up for life! Just drop the gun and we can do so!" Alurak looks back and forth to the others and the traitor in front of him, sitting down all bruised, hurt and utterly weak at the moment. Perhaps they were right, imprisoning him would make sure that he will never harm anyone again, neither him or anyone else he cares for. However...he wasn't going to risk that chance. This was the only way anyone that knew him would be safe. Looking back at the weak Dor Kilea, he raised his gun and pointed it directly at his head, causing the Senator to gasp at his reaction. Even the group were wide eyed at that moment, his finger ready to pull the very trigger that would kill the man. Alurak- "No chances for murderers...especially for someone like him!" _________________________ (Nal Hutta, Abandoned Factory, Fifteen minutes after Alurak catches Dor Kilea) Lt. Shades- "You took everything from me! I was once one of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy! I was nitorious, feared and looked upon! But because of you, ever since the galaxy knew I had lived and that you defeated me, all of that vanished!" Kydan- "You did this to yourself Shades! None of this would have happened if you had just walked away on that day! It would have never come down to this! You have only yourself to blame for that!" Lt. Shades- "Tough words for the man who is losing!" Kydan didn't reply back as he was quickly met with another powerful blaster bold from Shade's heavy sniper rifle. The fight had started with both of their respective guns each; Shades using his customized heavy sniper while he used his CC-29 "Magna" Pistol. It was a close match from both sides, but Kydan was easily overpowered by the lack of cover he received. Eventually, he was forced to make his own barricade and try to strategize a quick plan. Otherwise, sooner or later, he'll be dead. Lt. Shades- *Growls* "Enough of this nonsense!" Having enough of "play time" with the Witronian mercenary, he started to target the barricade Kydan had made for himself. However, it still wasn't enough to hold the firepower that his gun carried. Rapidly shooting it, it started to quickly desinigrate. With not enough time to retaliate against the bounty hunter, Kydan jumped to the side and ducked his head. However, the moment he did that, Shades has shot a small missle from his gun, completely destroying the barricade, as well as sending Kydan back some. Groaning from the pain he was feeling, Kydan wasn't able to counter quickly enough as Shades was already standing over him. Feeling another urge of pain, he was met with Shades' foot, sending him rolling back. Lt. Shades- "I knew you weren't strong enough to defeat me. You were never good enough to even be a mercenary, let alone this...'Dark Mercenary' you call yourself. You're nothing but a disgrace to yourself and everyone around you." Not wanting to let Kydan get a chance to get up, he aims his gun directly between his neck and head, ready to blow his head off if he tried to do anything. Lt. Shades- "And now here you are on the ground...beaten, weak and useless. Once I'm finished with you, your friends in the Republic, as well as that Jedi girl of yours will be next. What I'm about to do to you, they too will feel the same pain." Loading his sniper, he readies himself for the final act. He was about enjoy the feeling of a long and respectful kill on the Witronian boy that had ruined his career. He would enjoy this indeed. Lt. Shades- "Any last words before I blow your freaking head off, once and for all?" Kydan- *Groans* "Yeah...I got a few for ya'..." Lt. Shades- "And what would that be?" To answer his own question, he suddenly felt something very painful stabbed behind him, as well front too? Looking down to what it was, his eyes widen as he saw a purple saber thrusted right into his stomach, the hilt coming from behind his back as the blade had impaled right through him. Kydan- "You'll never...get that chance...ever again." Still wide-eyed, Shades then collapses to the ground with a loud thud as Kydan's saber deactivates from the impact. He didn't even see it coming. The Witronian boy had actually tricked him, and to the fact that he was able to get the hit on him. He didn't even see it coming, let alone notice anything fishy. He was angry and by far hated him even more, but he also respected Kydan nonetheless. He actually had become somewhat of a real mercenary, if he were to be honest. As Kydan walked up to him, groaning a bit and clutching his stomach, Shades begins to speak to him one last time. Lt. Shades- *Coughs up blood* " were you defeat me?" Kydan- "Because unlike you Shades...I have a reason to fight." Lt. Shades- "But you are...' *Coughs more* 'aren't even strong enough...and were. How? Was it because of...of vengeance? Of honor? What could...' *Coughs* 'possibly make you so strong? What could have...given you strength?" Kydan stayed silent for a few brief moments, his mind revisioning the people he cared for in his life. From his Master, Coneros, to his officer, well as to the girl who he can never explain how he really feels. Slightly shaking his thought away, he finally looks back down to the dying man in front of him, anxiously waiting for his answer to be said. And the words that he was about to speak were the words that he would never forget in his life. Even to the day he would die. Kydan- "Because...unlike you...I'm fighting for the people that I love. If anyone, like you, even tries to hurt them in any way possible...I will not hesitate on killing." Chucking weakly and coughing up blood from Kydan's words, he slowly started to drift to his own eternal slumber. He at least was able to understand what made him strong, and he would respect that as a bounty hunter should. Lt. Shades- " that's it huh?' *Coughs up blood once more* 'Well...then let me say this......if what you say is true...then...' *coughs weakly* 'remember to not turn back...from your own words......Witronian boy..." And from his last breath of air and words spoken, his eyes turned blank and shallow, his head finally falling back to the wall behind him as he sat there motionless. He had finally past on for good. _________________________ (Nal Hutta, Abandoned Factory Landing Pad, Twenty minutes after the fight) After Shades had died, Kydan, as fast as his body could, tried to meet up with the others on the landing pad. When he had arrived, he had found that Alurak had done the deed that he had been wanting since coming to Nal Hutta. Due to the looks of unapproval in the eyes and faces of Calena and Egile, he knew that Senator Dor Kilea had died by the hands of the Eclipse Mandalorian. Knowing that there wasn't much lef tot do, they had all called Hualo the Hutt for assistance. Gaining Hualo's accomplice, the Hutt had called the local police to find and clean up the mess they had done against the now dead Senator and bounty hunter. The group was happy that they had accomplish what they needed to do, but a few of them still had some questionable things against Alurak. But since the Mandalorian had left after killing the traitor, they were left to figure it all out themselves. As they all chatted while waiting for Tanga Squad's personal gunship to pick them all up, and while the police were cleaning up house, Kydan and R.S. took a small portion of their timing to register and retell all that had happened to them. To the both of them, it felt like years since they had last saw each other, and they had hoped to catch up on the time they had lost. R.S.- "So afterwards, once the ground teams had dug me out and sent me back to Kamino for special treatment, they had me put into the regular Republic Army, considering of my little history on Geonosis. When they had told me that you had left the Order, I was pretty much forced to do it." Kydan- *Whistles* "Man, R.S.! Sounds like it was rough enough." R.S.- "Yeah, but I was able to survive. It was good knowing that you had survived the explosion back then. I had thought I was the last one to be alive from all that." Kydan- "Same here. It torned me apart that I had lost all of you guys from that, and I really had thought it was all my fault." R.S.- "If anyone has fault in it, it would be the Separatist and Dooku. Because of them, it's the reason how me and you are the last ones to make it out." Kydan- "Well, I'm happy that you made it out alive, rookie." R.S.- "Actually sir, it's lieutenant now. They had promoted me after the small crusade on Orto Plutonia. They had me put into Captain Rex's legion for a bit, which was not that bad so to say. And since we were the last ones in the division to survive, due to some local trouble between the Pantorans' chairman and the Talz's chieftan, they promoted me for my "heroic bravery", as they had called it." Kydan- "Uh...congratulations?" R.S. "Heh...uh, thanks. seems that you run an interesting kind of clone squad now, huh?" Kydan- "Yeah, these boys are a whole bunch of fun. Every one of them have something special in them, as well as a little story to each one too. This is pretty much how I invisioned a clone squad to be, actually." R.S.- "Well then...I have a favor to ask, if you don't mind?" Kydan- *Chuckles* "Oh boy, not another name change!" R.S. just chuckled back. It had been so long since he met his old commander again, listening to his old classic jokes. He truly missed the good ol' days with the team. That much was true. R.S.- *Chuckles* "Hehehe...forgot about that. But no, that's not it." Kydan- "What do you have in mind?" R.S.- "Well...since I really have no team at the moment, and that I'm pretty well available to any other division or think I can join back up with you again? You know, maybe join your new squad and all?" Not missing even a heartbeat, a broad smile crossed Kydan's face. That had already made his day. Truthfully, he had hoped that he would be able to partner up with his old squad member, let alone a good friend since the beginning of the war. He was more than happy to have him part of the team again. Reaching out to R.S., he waited for him to grasp it. Kydan- "I would be honored if you came back, R.S. Wouldn't be the same without your craziness and jokes." Smiling himself, R.S. grasped his commander's hand firmly, happy that he approved. R.S.- "Same here, commander. It'll be just like old times." Kydan- *Nods* "Just with a new batch." As Kydan and R.S. continued to exchange words, Egile and Calena wa shaving one of their own. Egile had a firm look on his face, while Calena looked to be embarrased somewhat. Egile- " bought it in the market, but yet, you didn't even say anything to him about it?" Calena- *Nods slowly* "...Yes..." Egile- *Sighs* "...You know that you only have so much time left to say something." Calena- "It's hard Egile...I can't just express it just like that. I don't even know what he even thinks of me!" Egile- "Calena...unless you say something to him soon, or you're gonna lose him to someone else." Calena- *Sighs heavily* "I-I's just so hard to do!" Egile- "I can tell. But you have to try harder. The more you keep it to yourself, the longer and more harder it will be to even say anything. And sooner or later, you're gonna have him slip away from you." Calena- "Yeah...I know. I'll try, you have my word." Egile- *Nods and smiles* "Good, cause here he comes now." Shrieking slightly in both nerves and embarrassment, with Egile just snickering away, she tries to hide her blushing red cheeks from the mercenary as he and the lieutenant both walk up to them both with smirks on their faces. Kydan- "What are you guys talking about over here?" Egile- *Shrugs* "Nothing much, Kydan. Just reminiscing the days after Taris is all." Kydan- "Yeah I's been a long while since then, huh?" Egile- "You have no idea. Though I'm glad that we were all able to meet each other. It's been great teaming up with you guys again." Kydan- *Laughs airly* "Same here, Egile." Before Kydan could ask Calena what was wrong, considering she was somewhat hiding her face from him, he was silence immediately when a certain clone shouted out behind them all. Degree- "Sirs! Come on, we gotta go! I like to be back on Coruscant by tomorrow, if you all don't mind!" Threat- *Sighs* "Degree, don't be such a complainer. You're a soldier for goodness sakes!" Degree- "I am not a complainer! a ladies man!" Gunner- *Laughs* "Yeah, saids you Degree!" The four started to laugh as they started to walk towards Degree and the rest of the squad. Even though they were all different from personal perspectives, they all knew that each one of them were something special. Egile- *Chuckles* "Yep. This is gonna be one hell of a war." Calena- "I wouldn't say that the war would be interesting. It's more like the team is gonna be the mere attention." R.S.- "In all cases, ma'am, I'm actually looking forward to it honestly." Kydan- *Smirks* "That's something we can all agree on, R.S." _________________________ And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the Nal Hutta investigation! From here on out, many interesting things will appear, as well as reveal themselves to all of you. This was a great four-part chapters we had written in my opinion. We had a good time banding together most of the main characters together on one mission. I think it gave out a feel to the audience on how they truly acted, and not just by instinct nor just looking at them. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it as much as we did writing it. And don't worry, this ain't the last time you'll see these guys partnered up. Much more to come in the coming future. Alright, onwards to reviewing! This was pretty good, better than the last chapter we had done honestly. It's even now the longest and most worked on chapter out of all the others by far! So now Iwe are totally exhausted by it haha! And don't be afraid, the next ones won't be this long, I think lol. So anyways, the death of Dor Kilea was actually changed before production was set up. Before this was where Dor Kilea would actually had been arrested by the characters, not be killed. But we had no plans with him whatsoever, and he needed to be out of the we just decided to just kill him off as a miscallaneous character. But for building was interesting. I know for a fact that we'll be using a lot of these builds for future chapters and what not. It comes in handy when you have older projects and try to use them for others. Helps out greatly, honestly. Well, I think it's about time we head out and work on the next chapters. Hopefully they won't take as long as they require. So thank you all for your outstanding support for our comic series, and please, continue to give us feedback, as always, on how the story is going and what we could do to approve. So again, thank you guys for everything and, as always, have a fan-tucking-tastic day/night! See ya' in the next one. - Director K.W., CGN Crew Members

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