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Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada 贵阳中加新世界国际学校

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videos about Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada: high school graduation of Beijing main school, then scenes of the new Guiyang branch 贵阳中加新世界国际学校学校, Guiyang televison news announcement about the opeing of Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada 贵阳新闻联播 中加学校, 邮编:550023 邮箱:[email protected] 电话:0851-2218059 联系地址:贵州省贵阳市金阳新区金阳北路新世界花园 AKD International Educations Inc Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada| contact us: [email protected] School address: Jinzhu WestRoad, New World Terrace, Guanshan lake District, Guiyang, Guizhou Office of Admission :(86-851) 221-8058 221-8059 The whole nation hotline:400-659-8882 School Introduction (2012-7-19) Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada 贵阳中加新世界国际学校 (GCCSC) is the first 12 years of consistent system of international schools, combined with high-quality curriculum and educational resources in China and Canada to create a joint education sector by the governments of the two countries. The school set up a high school, junior high school department and Primary Section. The school is located in Guiyang, Jinyang New District, New World Garden, adjacent to Jinyang Foreign Language Experimental School, and Jinyang Experimental Primary School of Foreign Languages​​. School China for the Chinese and Canadian governments certification school cooperative education Guiyang Jinyang New District Education Bureau Jinyang Foreign Language Experimental School, and Jinyang Experimental Primary School of Foreign Languages​​, the Canadian side for the Ministry of Education of the provincial government of New Brunswick, Canada, and Canada Emperor international Education Group. As approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the country s first Sino-foreign cooperative education institution, since 1997, China and Canada education brand has opened in Beijing, BeijingCCSC, Shenzhen (Nanshan) branch school, Shenzhen CCSC, school Hunan, Guizhou and Canada, and GCCSC. The schools aim to absorb the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, melt the essence of Chinese and Western education system, and build mainly Chinese courses, the financial add courses for one of the courses system, promote deeper cooperation on education in China and Canada. School characteristics and educational advantages by virtue of "dual enrollment", “dual school system, ", " double degree "export" nearly 10,000 high school graduates for many years to universities at home and abroad. University admission rates have remained at 100%, universities scholarships rate has remained at 83%, has made remarkable school performances and met educational outcomes, the full affirmation of the parents and the community. The school has been hailed by many parents and teachers as students grow in a harmonious paradise, state-of-the-art facilities of international Gakuen. Safe and warm living homes cultivate the cradle of international talent. " Schools to implement the president responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, the school chairman, vice chairman, school legal representatives, principals, Canadian principal by senior education specialist reputation as the Government selected. (Chinese teachers appointed by Chinese teachers from other school campuses combined in partnership with foreign teachers provide the backbone of an outstanding coalition of teachers.) School teachers from the two parts of the Chinese teachers and foreign teachers, appointed by Chinese teachers from school campuses and partners the teaching backbone, combined with outstanding teachers nationwide coalition of. The Canadian Principal and foreign teachers strictly selected by the Ministry of Education of the provincial government of New Brunswick, Canada are experienced and fully certified teachers in Canada. The Canadian Principal is responsible for Canadian student enrollment management, curriculum management in Canada issuing Canadian diplomas. The schools full adoption of state-of-the-art interactive electronic smart board lectures, replace the traditional blackboard uses, to become the first electronically equipped classrooms. The incorporation of new media into the classroom, with the full realization of the computer network teaching, classroom media teaching, enrich the content of the classroom teaching, improve student interest in learning, and promote a better classroom teaching heuristic, interacting changes in teaching styles, self-learning, and to make the classroom more exciting, vivid and efficient. State-of-the-art teaching facilities, classrooms, laboratories, computer network rooms, multimedia configuration class and other various function rooms, complete the learning environment. Our school provides a student dormitory equipped with an adequate supply of hot water, air conditioning, fan, bathroom and sanitary equipment. The school canteen provides nutritious and safe meals to ensure student nutrition. Teachers co-ordinate the management of daily life of the students and their spare time and recreational activities. A nutritionist makes reasonable arrangements for the meals. Moral education teachers care about the students, the school doctor according to plan prevention, health care, security personnel day and night duty, to create a new school teaching management, life services new model. Day and night security personnel are on site at all times, to create a new type of school teaching management, the new mode of life services. (from ) - - - Admissions Conditions and Charges 招生条件 学校独立自主面向全市招生,以贵阳市生源为主兼收部分同边地市州学生(含在国内的外籍学生及海外华侨子女,不受户口限制)。凡身心健康、学习态度端正、智力发育正常、思想品德良好、成绩优秀的适龄学生均可报名。2012年秋季计划招收小学一年级2个班、二年级1个班,初中一年级2个班,高中一年级2个班。 报名与录取 小学一年级新生免笔试,接受面试和英语测试,同步进行智力测试与体育测试;初中一年级新生需参加学校英语、数学、语文入学测试,卷面满分200分,考试时间120分钟,其中英语、数学各75分,语文50分,根据测试成绩择优录取;高中一年级新生凭当地中考成绩择优录取,其成绩需达到卷面总分的70%以上,同时需进行学校英语水平测试,测试成绩合格者择优录取。各年级入学水平测试时间由学校另行通知。 1、凡报考贵阳中加新世界国际学校的学生,均须完整填写《中加学校入学申请表》,同时提供原就读学校成绩单、学生评价手册、户口本或身份证复印件、一寸照片2张,报名费及入学审核测试费免收。 2、具有贵阳市金阳新区户籍,以及贵阳新世界花园业主子女,同等条件下优先录取。 3、贵阳中加新世界国际学校为住读式新型国际学校,根据相关规定如果录取后体检不合格、传染病带菌或有不良嗜好行为者,将取消录取或退学。 4、高一年级被录取并全部完成注册手续的新生,学校计划在暑期安排2-3周的高中先修课程辅导班,以适应高中阶段全英文教学并熟悉加方课程体系及要求,学校免收课程辅导及资料费(具体日期及方式由学校另行通知)。 学位定金 申请就读贵阳中加新世界国际学校各年级学位可选择两种方式交纳学位定金:①申请人交纳学位定金10000元,学位可保留至7月15日;②申请人交纳学位定金20000元,学位可保留至8月15日,并可同时获得分数段(10分为一分数段)优先录取。录取后定金冲抵学杂费,未被学校录取者,8月31日后凭定金收据全额退还。正式录取者,学杂费余款需在录取通知书规定日期内交付,逾期交付作自愿放弃入学资格处理。 收费标准 小学:实验班学杂费21000元/年,国际班学杂费26000元/年(走读生,含伙食费、校服费、校车费、体检费、中加两国教材等费用,不含境外学习交流费用),寄宿生需另交住宿费3000元/年。 初中:实验班学杂费23000元/年,国际班学杂费29000元/年(走读生,含伙食费、校服费、校车费、体检费、中加两国教材等费用,不含境外学习交流费用),寄宿生需另交住宿费3000元/年。 高中:学杂费49000元/年(含住宿费、伙食费、校服费、校车费、体检费、中加两国教材、军训等费用,不含境外学习交流及管理费用),学生可自愿申请加拿大高中学历认证,一次性费用为3750美元。 周末双休日期间如需住校的学生,需另交活动管理费5000元/年。注:收费标准如有调整,以物价主管部门的批复为准。 (from ) - - - Canadian Education Delegation visited our school On July 12th, 2013, Mr. John McLaughlin,NB Vice Minister of Education and his wife Ms. Catharine McLaughlin, Mr. Terry Currie,Supervisor of AEI , Dr. Francis Pang,Chairman of the Board of AKD International Education Inc. ,Mr.Vincent Pang,Executive Consultant of SCCSC,Mr. Andy Truong,Executive Director of BCCSC and ACCSC,and Vice Principal of SCCSC Ms. Du Juan visited our school and Guanshanhu Foreign Language Experimental Middle School. After visiting our Admission Office, the sample classroom, the ladder classroom and English Department ,Canadian education delegation pointed out that our campus had beautiful environment ,it’s clean and tidy, equipped with excellent hardware facilities.and they thought the school spirit was harmony, especially after watching a theme class meeting of Grade Seven . It fully demonstrated the unity and friendship among the students in our school,. They also gave the full affirmation and high praise to school-running characteristics and quality in education of our school , and hoping that we could make great progress in the future. - - - Junior high School Middle school in the fully opened Chinese courses prescribed by the Canadian national curriculum standards offer English, information science, computer, and other additional Canadian courses and elective courses taught in English by foreign teachers. At the same time the school aims to strengthen the English teaching for non-English subjects, in particular the implementation of the natural sciences courses, English immersion and bilingual teaching. Bilingual teaching begins with a focus on the use of specialized words, to the formulation of the basic concepts and principles, to the classroom exercises using English and bilingual proposition exam. Students gradually develop bilingual learning and thinking habits so that students develop a more prominent international foundation. At the same time, the school also takes advantage of the summer to organize international summer camp activities, to broaden and develop students  international perspectives. Bilingual Experimental Middle School opened classes and international courses on the implementation of small class teaching, a meticulous management mode so that each student can get more attention and counseling, and comprehensively improve academic results. In addition to the opening of the school in plus two bilingual, special courses are also offered outside of the regular courses such as piano, calligraphy, chess and other interest group activities. A variety of elective courses, formulated with added features, is conducive to the development of students with international education standards of the education system. Students enroll in the future foreign elite, and international compound talents to provide a strong guarantee for graduates entering in helicopter school high school learning. The internationalization of education is the basis for the optimal combination of Chinese and Western education in Canadian schools. The development of strategic policy of the school education is also a priority and schools strictly enforce the state compulsory education lesson plans, curriculum based on the comprehensive set up the rules of the national curriculum standards, additional language and literature in Canada, health, science, and computer courses. To implement the dual mother-tongue teaching courses, served as foreign teachers, the Chinese teachers from a number of innovative, energy, enthusiasm, excellent teachers by the Ministry of Education qualification in the Canadian province of teachers, so that students gradually develop good thinking habits in a strong bilingual learning environment, especially in professional English reading, which has been significantly improved to improve their English communication and ability to communicate. Students therefore learn the courses of a more prominent basic and comprehensive international education style. Students who graduate from elementary school can directly enter our middle and high school to continue learning. secondary schools in Guiyang City can also choose to continue to learn. (from ) - - - Primary School The primary section opened a bilingual experimental class and an international course with the implementation of small class teaching, a meticulous management mode that allows each student to receive more attention and assistance. In addition to the opening of the school in, plus two bilingual, special elective courses were also opened, including piano, calligraphy, drawing and other areas of interest in order to fully develop the qualities and capabilities of the students. At the same time, the school also takes advantage of the summer to organize international summer camp activities, to broaden and develop students  international perspectives. ( from - - - Senior High School The aim of our high school is to implement dual enrollment, a dual school system, small classes, meticulous management, synchronization creation of bilingual experimental classes and AP courses classes. The students have the same high school enrollment as Canadian high school students. The three-year senior academic structure, credit system, and curriculum execution syllabus is compatible with Canadian high school credit courses. The students’ high school credit course scores qualifies them to obtain a high school diploma and a high school diploma (equivalent to that of Canadian high school graduates) issued by the Ministry of Education of the provincial government of New Brunswick, Canada. Dual degree certificate students in China can apply for university, along with the exemption, free matriculation admission to Canada, the United States and other English-speaking countries. Students who earn good grades can qualify to apply for college scholarships. Multi-directional and multi-graduation exports is one of the added features of the school. The successful middle school graduates for years have maintained a 100% university admission acceptance rate at home and abroad. Graduates were admitted, up to 85 percent of the students 2-8 university admission, universities, scholarships rate of 83%, which the highest individual scholarships of up to $ 100,000. Graduates have been accepted to more than 100 universities throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. A grand graduation ceremony will be held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.. The school has trained a multi-session high school and nearly 10,000 outstanding graduates in famous universities continue their studies or work, and contribute to important positions. (from ) - - - Witness the New World School of Guiyang Canada was born Guizhou Metropolis Daily digital newspaper, July 19, 2012 ⊙The reporter Lu Yilin July 12, in the New World International School. Guiyang officially opened in Jinyang New District. It is reported that the school is Canada the RBC International Education Group run is Canada international education brand in China in 15 years, run by seven international school. Is the province s first real full-time international schools, 12 years on the significance of the consistent system to fill the province blank school directly participate in the international college entrance. School official handover of the day, Canada New Brunswick Education Minister Jody Carr, of Canada RBC International Education Group Chairman Dr. Peng Jianhua, Municipal Committee of Guiyang Jinyang New District Party committee secretary Ding Xudong, Guiyang City Vice Mayor Mao Bi Jinyang New District Administrative Committee Director Zhang Haibo leaders and guests, educators, many students and parents about more than 500 people witnessed the campus handover ceremony, everyone up in Guizhou Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada Send expectations. Reputation cooperative education school for 15 years, fully affirmed the achievements, the education sector of Guizhou and Guizhou child brought for the school to give education a new philosophy, a new model, as well as the school for 15 years 100% college acceptance rate to Guizhou, hold to the ardent hope that the development of the school, have also sent sincere blessing. Campus handover ceremony site, the Municipal Committee of Guiyang Jinyang New District Party committee secretary Ding Xudong, Guiyang City Vice Mayor Mao Pitt personally schools awarding thus Guiyang Canada New World International School was officially inaugurated in Jinyang New District, at the same time for the province to recruit students. Education in Canada to open a new door for students Canada, New Brunswick Minister of Education, Mr. JodyCarr:   The ceremony marked the Canadian Huang International Education Group 7 plus the establishment of the school in the 15 years of partnership with Niubin Province. Canadian school also runs through the north and south China things to form a solid network of schools and teaching network. Able to provide students with the opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment is a very useful thing. The students will be graduating from high school in Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada and obtained a high school diploma in China and Canada. Students can choose to pursue advanced studies at the University of China or Canada continues. In the same time, the school will run the first grade to ninth grade, mainly to China s basic education curriculum, the fusion part of the Canadian province of New Brunswick advantage English courses and elective courses.   Advantage curricular integration of China and Canada will be available to students a unique education, this education will be passed to the students of different cultural, expand your thinking, to open a new door for their future. Guiyang children achieve the dream of studying abroad Canada RBC International Education Group Chairman Dr. Peng Jianhua:   Schools in Canada Canada the RBC International Education Group s cooperation by the Chinese Government and the Government of Canada established Sino-foreign cooperative educational institutions, and over the years has been the strong support of the Chinese government at all levels. Since its inception in 1997, has been founded in China over the six schools, has been the recognition of local governments, education departments, and praise and recognition by local parents.  With the "mother tongue" and "multi-cultural" school characteristics and advantages, there are more than a dozen sessions nearly 10,000 graduates in the domestic and foreign college or work, and to contribute to important positions in many industries. The RBC After many in-depth study, considered necessary for the introduction of the new school education school system Guiyang.   Allow children to accept the influence of Western culture has a rich cultural heritage of the city to live in this, the double mother tongue the dual education teaching mode to achieve the comprehensive development of the domestic quality of education as well as the dream of studying abroad in the future. The RBC Group will work and Jinyang New District Education Bureau efforts to Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canadaaccomplishing the first-class quality international schools in Guiyang. The Jinyang education important milestone of the development Jinyang New District Party Working Committee, the CMC director Zhang Haibo: Since 2008, the Jinyang New District financial education career accumulated investment funds of nearly 500 million yuan, the cause of education has made considerable progress. Today, we ushered in the official opening of the New World International School, Guiyang, not only to fill the province there is no the school directly participate in the International College Entrance Examination blank, also laid a good start for the province s college entrance examination with international standards, not only to help promote international exchange, optimize its structure to meet the educational needs of different groups of people, and also help to improve the investment environment and the urban image of the new district. Important milestone for the history of the development of education in the Jinyang New District, Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada run will be to play an extremely important role to build a modern city benchmark for Jinyang. "Dual enrollment" mode to meet different people educational needs Jinyang New District Secretary for Education Hao Tempo: Canada school s annual enrollment in Guizhou Province, many parents have also attracted the children sent to Beijing, Canada School of Shenzhen, province candidates obtained excellent HKALE Canada Group established a good Guizhou students  quality The impression also make our mutual confidence in cooperation. After a comprehensive study and careful consideration and screening, Jinyang New District workers, management committee, following the successful introduction last year, Beijing Normal University, cooperative education, and innovative introduction of the Canadian of Huang International Education Group opened of Guiyang in plus New World in the New World International Garden International School and signing ceremony held last month on the 20th. Far less than one month s time, has been all over the province including the neighboring provinces of registration for the more than 200 students enrolled. Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada is a twelve years consistent system of international schools, students have "dual enrollment" can directly participate in the international college entrance applications including Ivy League institutions, including many European and American countries, colleges and universities. Fill the province blank no school can participate in the international college entrance directly help to promote the diversification of Jinyang New District, education, international development, to meet the educational needs of different groups of people. Cooperation principles for cooperative education, self-management ". New District Education Bureau to provide school places and facilities, to ensure good conditions for running. RBC International Education Group provides educational philosophy, curriculum, teaching methods, teaching methods, experiment and practice, foreign exchange and other international teaching business management resources, and is responsible for providing funds for the school, selected well-known principals, hiring Chinese and foreign outstanding teachers, and schools all teaching and administrative operations. For students facing the world in advance accelerated Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canada principals have completed heroic: The key to the development of a school teacher, Royal International Education Group in this regard we do fully prepared, excellent the Canadian Principal and instructors selected by the Ministry of Education of Canada, New Brunswick, with a wealth of experience in education Beijing Canada, Shenzhen plus vivid send a portion of the outstanding teachers of bilingual teaching experience, Guiyang plus also spared no expense to the nation to recruit a number of disciplines backbone teachers. It should also let everyone know that the school s international education, and not just the environment internationalization, the internationalization of the curriculum to increase the number of foreign teachers. It is trying to the full range of culture through such a school education the international literacy of teachers and students, more students, more intuitive understanding of Western culture, knowledge transmission process, the establishment of an international life atmosphere more open mentality more sun, more open-minded, more active thinking, operating practice more opportunities to participate in the stronger sense, more willing to think and express performance, so that our students  horizons, potentially improve the overall quality of the individual, the formation of good behavior and basic etiquette of behavior for students for the world ahead of acceleration. Special Note: the "Guiyang plus New World International School Admissions Seminar held in the Jinyang Shijijinyuan Hotel Beijing Room on the second floor of Guiyang Concord College of Sino-Canadaon July 22, 2012 15:00 pm. = = = Links to sites about Guiyang / Guizhou's culture, history, sightseeing, life as an expat, schools, visas, maps, etc. that may help foreign visitors to Guiyang, foreign students of Chinese, and new English teachers here more quickly get familiar with the area include: Flickr "GoGuiyang," photostream at:[email protected]/ , and its organized photo sets at:[email protected]/sets/ . Tour Guizhou (started by current Guizhou Normal U. teacher Jack Porter), . Weebly "GoGuiyang" (put together by former Peace Corps teacher Erik Myxter): Weebly, "GooGuizhou" (spelled "goo.."):

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