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The Pineal Gland.. Seat of the Soul....Pinecone and pineal gland share similarities in appearance, but they are also both keenly affected by Light.

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The pinecone, like the pineal gland, is extremely affected by Light, and takes action according to what it senses. Cones will open themselves up to the sun’s rays, and close up during cloudy or stormy days. It has to do with continuation of the seed-line. Sunny days offer more arid conditions and the tiny seedlings nestled in the scales of the pinecone can become airborne more easily. Damp or rainy days are crumby conditions for seed spreading, so the pinecone just closes up shop during these weather conditions.That action is symbolic in itself (like: Opening up spiritual awareness in order to sow seeds of limitless potential and continuation of Soul Growth) …. but to keep with our comparison, we can now draw corollaries between pineal gland and pinecone in terms of gauging Light, seeking Light, and becoming activated in the Light.We could say, pinecones are the external reflection of the “mystic seed” (the pineal gland). From this perspective, all these pinecones we see this time of year bring on a whole new meaning. The pine cone symbolism is not lost on ancient cultures; in India, Hindu tradition teaches followers to awaken the Third Eye by activating their "seven chakras".It is an ancient exercise, still practiced today, called Kundalini Yoga; it is claimed to directly affect human consciousness, develop intuition, increase self-knowledge, and unleash one's creative potential.Interestingly, the esoteric symbol of kundalini yoga is the caduceus- a symbol that features two antithetical serpents.What is the symbolic meaning of these pine cones, and how do the antithetical animals factor into their overall meaning?What is the deeper secret these apparently inscrutable images hide?The answer to this is that pine cones, throughout history, have symbolized the "pineal gland", or "Third Eye", and by association the esoteric act of awakening it.This gland is said to lie at the geometric center of the brain, and considered by some as the biological Third Eye; the French philosopher Descartes famously referred to the pineal gland as the Seat of the Soul.The pineal gland is given the following definition in Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary:"A small usu. conical appendage of the brain of all craniate vertebrates that in a few reptiles has the essential structure of an eye, that functions in some birds as part of a time-measuring system, and that is variously postulated to be a vestigial third eye, an endocrine organ, or the seat of the soul…"Common pine cone is also associated with eye symbolism. Kundalini is the spiritual energy or life force present in every human being, located at the base of the spine.To awaken the Third Eye, the kundalini energy must be summoned to the forehead, where it expands and thus awakens the Third Eye. The energy is said to travel along the ida (left) and pingala (right), up the central pole or sushumna. This is the process esoterically depicted by the caduceus symbol of two antithetical snakes spiraling up a central staff. "…the caduceus, the rod of power…In India it is a stick of bamboo with seven knots… which represents the spinal column with its seven centers or chakras…It also indicated the spinal cord…while the serpents were symbolical of the two channels called in Eastern terminology Ida and Pinagala; and the fire enclosed within it was the serpent-fire which in Sanskrit is called kundalini."C.W. Leadbeater, Freemasonry and its Ancient Mystic RitesThus, antithetical animal art associated with the pine cone,twin elephants in Indonesia, twin peacocks in Rome, twin serpents in really an allusion to the ida and pingala channels (the antithetical twin serpents on the caduceus).The central sushumna is, in turn, symbolized by the third, centered drawing (often a pine cone) which on the caduceus is the main rod running north south. Many ancient cultures incorporated images of the pine cone into their spiritual art and architecture, and they all also created antithetical animal art.Pagan gods of Babylon, Egypt, Mexico and Greece were associated with the pine cone, and the staffs of these gods were often adorned with the pine cone.The human pineal gland is shaped like and named after a pine cone, and it is an essential component in how we perceive light.Many believe this gland is the body’s Third Eye, responsible for spiritual enlightenment and sometimes referred to as the “seat of the soul.”The pine cone symbol, then, alludes to the Third Eye: it abounds in ancient art and architecture, a symbolic representation of our now-dormant window to the world.The Third Eye was commonly described by ancient mystics who experienced the divine light.".. in every man there is an Eye of the soul which… is far more precious than ten thousand bodily eyes, for by it alone is truth seen… The Eye of the soul… is alone naturally adapted to be resuscitated and excited by the mathematical disciplines."Plato, RepublicA superficial "tapping" of the Third Eye is not difficult. Close your eyes and, without moving them, "look" at an object you know is close to you. You are seeing with your Third Eye. To elevate spirituality and awaken dormant powers, the Eye must be turned inward.Western occult tradition agrees with ancient Eastern texts affirming that turning the Eye inward endows us with:higher consciousness;a deeper understanding of life and death ,a newfound ability to control the future, a sense of peacefulness and bliss extrasensory, clairvoyant, intuitive and psychic abilities expanded perception, enhanced capacity for self-healingstress reduction, calmness and clarity; newfound sensitivity. Mystery writer Stephen King's 'The Shining' touched on this concept.In King's novel, "shining" meant tapping one's higher psychic powers. Unfortunately, today ideas like the Third Eye and related mystical and/or esoteric concepts are frowned upon, pejoratively labeled "the occult."The question, however, is why the West has been so ill-informed of this Third Eye and its unlocking even as the Eastern traditions have incorporated them into their practices. The answer to that is the rise of Christianity in the west; the practice and idea of an "inner god" or "Third Eye" to awaken runs afoul of traditional Christian teachings.These wisdoms, forced underground, became the origins for secret societies that passed on these esoteric wisdomIn her fascinating 1924 book, Mystic Americanism, the obscure American author Grace Morey explained:"The All-Seeing Eye… also emblematic of the pineal gland or third eye of the human being… has been found amid the ruins of every civilization upon the globe, thereby attesting the fact of a universal religion over all the earth at some remote period.The term "all-seeing eye" in and of itself is indeed correct; but it's not the all-seeing-eye of the Hebrew 'God'; it is the all-seeing eye of you, the pineal gland that we all have.Many highly trained and educated Masons who lived during the 20th century, including several noted authors and scholars, were convinced that the all-seeing Eye was not the Eye of the Bible's God, and that the modern system of Freemasonry we've inherited, based on the Hebrew Bible, is in fact corrupted.It is interesting to note that the famous American Author Mark Twain, writing in 1899, referred to the All Seeing Eye not as the Eye of some distant heavenly deity or "old man upstairs," but as a tangible gift that any person can use:"The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the 'all seeing eye' pierces through, and reads the heart and the soul, finding there capacities which the outside didn't indicate or promise, and which the other kind couldn't detect."Interestingly, there is evidence that Hitler was aware of and understood pine cone symbolism.One of the front panels on his desk displays clear pine cone symbolism:Adolf Hitler believed in the Third Eye. This fact is affirmed by Hermann Rauschning, the former National Socialist Senate President of Danzig.In Hitler Speaks (London, 1939), Rauschning wrote:"To have 'magic insight' was apparently Hitler's idea of the goal of human progress… There was the eye of the Cyclops, or median eye, the organ of magic perception of the Infinite, now reduced to a rudimentary pineal gland.Speculations of this sort fascinated Hitler, and he would sometimes be entirely wrapped up in them."Hermann RauschningIt seems that, almost 100 years ago, Hitler knew things about the Third Eye that most Americans are only now starting to rediscover.The Third Eye can be seen above the French Declaration of Human Rights in a 1789 painting, and is on the back of the one dollar bill; it floats above an Egyptian pyramid. While knowledge of the Third Eye and the practice of awakening the Third Eye continued strong in the East, it began to die in the West at the start of Christianity.Consequently, Secret Societies like the Alchemists were established to protect Third Eye knowledge, initiate new members into its wisdom, and keep the practice alive. This explains why the image of a single Eye is common to Western Secret Societies, whose constituents possessed exceptionally philosophical, active, creative, and spiritual minds.A single Eye is one of the supreme and sacred emblems in Alchemy..The Third Eye seems strange, even downright alien to us in the West, even today, despite our living in the "information age" of globalization. The fact that the Third Eye is so unknown, so strange and so alien to our way of thinking is something of an enigma..The reason is because there seems to have always been, and there continues to be, a conscious effort to conceal it by a powerful elite who don't want the masses to discover its secrets. While it doens’t look like an “eye” in the traditional sense, the common pine cone is also associated with eye symbolism. The human pineal gland is shaped like and named after a pine cone, and it is an essential component in how we perceive light. Many believe this gland is the body’s Third Eye, responsible for spiritual enlightenment and sometimes referred to as the “seat of the soul.” Many religious and cultural artifacts depict heroes holding staves topped by pine cones or wearing crowns made to resemble pine cones. Why this fascination with eyes throughout history? Connection. Eyes are critical in the connections between human beings and for many of religious faith, with gods or goddesses. This is why historical eye depictions almost always show eyes uncovered, unencumbered by lenses or other accessories. It’s also part of the reason many people seek out eye correction alternatives such as laser vision correction. It’s now possible to break the dependence on glasses or contacts; cutting-edge excimer lasers and procedures such as Custom Wavefront Lasik can correct a host of visual issues and let you see the world an entirely new way, with no pain and a minimal amount of recovery.The symbolism of eyes tells the tale: As a species, we’re fascinated by these tiny windows to the soul. Expert laser correction can help give the best view possible, inside and out.

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