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posted by alias DaniThePancake on Saturday 27th of June 2020 08:29:45 PM

Hello there. I will start with some basic facts that will help you understand the text below. -Among a few others, Baby Rosalina is my favourite videogame character, and I only feel safe within the Nintendo franchise, gaming-wise. -I’ve also been a bus enthusiast since I was young, before I was able to understand what a gearbox was, or what registration plates meant. -Certain sounds comfort me and others cause me distress. Sounds that comfort me include videogame music (VGM) and engines of certain buses. General music does not comfort me because it sung in a particular way to manipulate - this is particularly noticeable in pop music. This is why “Jump Up, Super Star” from Super Mario Odyssey is probably my least favourite VGM. -I suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder (ASD), and I have social anxiety. When I started the channel as “.•*BabyRosieFan82*•.” in mid 2016, my aim was to be the voice of Baby Rosalina herself. Its first video commemorated her 2nd anniversary, featuring races as her in Mario Kart 8 with captions in a style that matches her persona ( As a creative writer who had made several unfinished stories with her included, this was something I was looking forward to doing. These also included voice clips from the game itself that my friend had sent me (sourced from The Sounds Resource: Shortly after discovering that people upload London bus journeys, and also that a Rosalina plush toy existed, I combined both into one and created: London with Rosalina. It wasn't necessarily planned out as a YouTube series; I was on an empty bus on Route 156 and had decided to play with Rosalina (being 14 with ASD has no boundaries). Having my phone with me, I thought it would be cute to record a video of her - with moments of attempted voice acting ( On the same day, I later caught a bus on Route 93 that intrigued me, as it sounded like another bus that had an entirely different bodywork. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything on YouTube, but I searched up the London Bus Route 93 and found a lot of videos of said bus, by a lot of people who didn’t even seem professional (by that, I mean that their content isn’t licenced by TFL or anything, not that their video is necessarily bad). This is where the lightbulb hit me - making bus videos of my own, but with Rosalina in the mix. Now London with Rosalina had been created. It really didn’t know how it was going to go, and I had no intention to explode my channel with bus videos at the time (which you can see from the intro of my first public bus video: These London with Rosalina videos followed the same style as the video of Baby Rosalina’s 2nd anniversary - with captions for both Rosalina and myself (roleplaying as Baby Rosalina) - and the main focus was full-route journeys from a passenger perspective, not a timelapse perspective. These would also be in real-time; this was something I felt no one really did, and I wanted to do something unique. As I’ve said, the roleplaying is a big aspect of the channel, hence usernames such as “PrincessBabyRosieFan82*•.” (although I specifically chose that name because of the Super Princess Peach playthrough I was doing). While the concept was really inventive and creative, its issue is that it leaned away from traditional bus videos - with the focus no longer necessarily being the bus or its sounds, but now being Rosalina and the voice of Baby Rosalina. Looking back, not being so immersed in the Baby Rosalina role I took, it’s hard to watch these videos as, simply, a bus journey. Somehow, despite this, the series’ reception was really good, with over 100 of my videos surpassing 1000 views - something the current channel has yet to do after nearly two years (well, actually, one video has but I’ll explain later why I disregard it). My first video reached 1000 views in around October 2016 - which I believe was around the time I had made my 100th video. It’s still confusing to me today, why so many people seemed to like my bus content, when there was more Rosalina in it than the bus itself. Eventually, my Nintendo content was completely overshadowed, averaging less than 100 views each time, while my bus content would always pass 100 and later reach a thousand. So, it doesn’t make sense to me why my viewers still liked my quirky, Nintendo-y themed bus videos. Two major things happened in the following two years and, as much as I want to talk about one more than the other, I’ll keep things chronologically. 2017 introduced the “Bus Log” concept, with me reciting my very first videos that I made before starting the channel. I would travel on bus routes, in present time, that would lead me to the location of my original footage. When I got to that point, I would travel on bus routes that would help me get to my next location, and this would continue going forward. This is a concept that I still stick to with my new channel, though not quite in the same way. However, 2018 was the turning point of my channel’s life. I started to become more aware of other bus enthusiast channels, the type of content they upload, and the ones that are more popular than others. The running trend was videos with “thrash” or “kickdown” written in the title - often in block capitals - would be regarded more highly than others, alongside the “fashionable” timelapses. Something about it felt grotesque to me...well, not the timelapse bit; while I liked it when buses would use the kickdown (or topodyn) functionality, and when they would reach top speed, I felt like the way people presented it was disgusting. As the first video of my new channel outlines (, the actual definition of “thrash” outside of the context of buses is violent and, although I can make sense out of the concept of “violent driving,” the way it’s presented and portrayed in videos is really confusing and misleading to me. Realising that I had been using this word in my own content with no real understanding of what it means, it didn’t feel great. I don’t think all enthusiasts who use this term are bad, and people like Matthew ( and Sam ( understood what I was talking about in the video I made about this ( Coincidentally, this ended up being uploaded on Baby Rosalina’s 4th anniversary, giving it a rather melancholy note. The video for that anniversary has the least amount of effort put into it, out of all of them. It was after the whole thrash saga that I noticed other things I didn’t like, some later than others. For one, hearing other people’s conversations in bus videos; I didn’t like this because I just want to hear the bus, not the people talking, and people generally don’t have very nice things to say on the bus anyway (i.e. talking about mainstream things that I’m sensitive to). I also didn’t like hearing people’s phone ringtones constantly, or people coughing either. Lastly, my channel’s commentary was starting to get to me. This does come with age to be fair, but it was more because most of my bus content was filled with these things - such as “thrash” - that bothered me. I wanted to have videos that didn’t have this stuff in my face all the time. Despite the fact that I had so many views on my videos, deep down, I was really uploading my content for myself. This still is the case to this day. And if I’m not happy with my content, whether or not other people are, something needs to happen. The problem is that I had so many videos that I didn’t like on this channel, and I didn’t want to be known for something that I’m not. Not only that, but I wasn’t going to settle for people only paying attention to my bus videos and not the Nintendo ones, when I’m a Baby Rosalina fan who plays Nintendo games. And, as much as the list is dragging right now, I really didn’t like the “Nice video” spam that I was getting either - this probably was the icing on the cake for me. While there’s probably some other things missing from that list of reasons, the main point is that I was finished with it. The views didn’t matter to me if the content with them was ugly. I’m not sure if you’d feel proud of people liking your trash more than your better stuff. Funnily enough, when I created this channel itself in December 2015, I had already made one called “.•*BabyRosaFan82*•.” but I lost track of it somehow so, for my convenience, moving over to the new account was easy. At first, however, the content still needed some work. There was almost an emphasis on my misanthropy - going on a bit too much about human disturbances in my footage. Over time (as I’ve mentioned how much I prefer to just hear the bus sounds), people disrupting my footage with their presence had become a big problem for me, and it affected the way I edited my content towards the end of the previous channel too. Ironically, the only video on the channel with 1000 views at the moment is one in this sort of style, which bothers me so much that it’s unlisted. It’s technically also unlisted because I didn’t remove the footage with people’s faces in it, and I don’t want people’s faces randomly trending on the internet. Either way, I had started to do a mix of what I’ve wanted in two ways: Firstly, the London with Rosalina videos would have more of a balance between prioritising the bus’ ambience and Rosalina herself. I would specifically try to make Rosalina not too loud, and I would also ensure that I did not add too much “Nintendo” to the videos - as I did with the intros and outros of my old channel. It gave back more of what a bus video should have, in my eyes, but still gave Rosalina her spotlight for the series - almost like the very first videos of the previous channel, but without the Baby Rosalina roleplaying. Secondly, I had created an upload schedule that enabled me to keep the Nintendo content and bus content flowing at an equal rate - going consistently from buses to Nintendo alternately. If more Nintendo videos went up, buses would go up to cater this (the opposite also applies). There was still a sense of my bus content getting more views, but there was an absence of the “grotesque” terms and an absence of the “Nice video” comments swimming around. It was better, or it at least felt better for a while. Still, some issues remained. Above all, what has become of the London with Rosalina series? Where was the buzz that it once had? I’m not talking about the drastic fall in views, because I refused to advertise my new channel to everyone - I only gave implicit hints to it. I’m talking about the videos themselves. Don’t forget what made the series to begin with. Don’t forget the journey on the 156. I know I wanted more videos that prioritised bus sounds, because other people couldn’t without the human life accompanying it, but was it worth tearing the series apart? It was hard to say. Like I said before, it felt like I had more bus viewers than Nintendo viewers. It was hard to say whether people watched my content because of Rosalina, or because of the buses (or because of the kickdown, thrash, blahblahblah). When you think about it, if I actually had Rosalina fans watching (which was the whole point), London with Rosalina would be a dream come true. But did I? No seriously - that’s not rhetorical; did I? Because, again, it was hard to tell. Half the time, I’d have people calling her a doll - this offended both myself and Rosalina. Though you could argue that’s what she is, you can’t say that to an autistic kid who does quite a lot of things with Rosalina, and the rest of my crew. Digression aside though, all of 2018 and most of 2019 was spent trying to get a grip of my content. The schedule side of it has been the only thing that’s remained consistent, though it slips from time to time, but the style has advanced. London with Rosalina videos might not be able to match its former self, for two reasons: 1. (I personally think) It would apply strictly to people who like (or at least appreciate) Rosalina’s presence, if I bought the old style back. 2. All of my footage is a valuable source of bus sounds, and there are many times where I really need these to help relax me - when I either run out of other people who have good-enough content for me, or I run out of video-game soundtrack to listen to. Re-creating London with Rosalina in its old form would ruin that possibility, and I wouldn’t bother to upload the same video twice because it would be confusing (and also because I mainly upload for myself as I’ve mentioned). I believe that is all I can say before I end up recycling the same notions. The old channel (especially Season 1) still has its value. The new channel is a continuation of the former, but heavily reduces its role-playing aspect - as well as reduces sights of (and sounds from) humans, which I personally think is a perk that makes up for it. The new channel also has more innovative projects and ideas from, both, the Public Transport and Nintendo side of things. Two major projects that highlight this are: Project 3: Baby Rosalina Party! ( and Project 7: London with Rosalina Movies - Bus Spotting: A Tour around Brent Park! ( Other projects that may interest you include: Project 4: Super Mario 3D World - Rosalina (Itemless) ( and Project 5: “All over Kingston!” - Kingston-Upon Thames Bus Spotting ( I guess since this is a Flickr post, you can post your thoughts if you want to? I wouldn’t recommend it, because I’m not really good at replying to comments and they often make me anxious. As I’ve mentioned, I have ASD and general social anxiety. However, I guess I could ask: What did you really think of the old channel? Was there anything good about its content? Would you say that the old did too much to be unique? Or is there life missing from the new channel, if you’ve seen it already? It’s unlikely that the new channel’s content will change, regarding the current style of the bus log videos, however, I did have intentions to make videos with a slightly more classic London with Rosalina vibe - where the focus is more on Rosalina than the bus - if I can get a chance. Thank you for your time. -Dani p.s. I'm honestly surprised Flickr permits a description this long.

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