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THE TORTOISE & THE HARE ... (Explored)

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posted by alias Zen Beyond the LenZ on Friday 20th of March 2020 08:55:21 PM

LIFE GOES ON BETWEEN THE LINES OF VULNERABILITY AND GOOD HEALTH AS THE LINES BEGIN TO BLUR AND THE GAP BETWEEN THEM CLOSES My neighbour, Dusty, in the picture. He is 90 years old bless him. Still out walking his little Jack Russell dog, Jack, who is out of sight, tending to his own business in another neigbour's hedgerow, who is also 90 years old … the neighbour, not the hedgerow, though it may well be! ; 0))) Long-lived people here. May it always be so! “Be strong. Live honorably and with dignity. When you don't think you can, hold on.” ― James Frey, A Million Little Pieces Soundtrack : DIGNITY – BOB DYLAN Too late now, in my opinion, BUT : What the World governments needed was simple … they needed an adviser who was one of the most vulnerable to lessen the impact of this global crisis. 80% of people may only get mild symptoms, 14% may have serious complications, 6% may die. These were the statistics. Surely it would have been better to have the world running at 80% than at zero. Surely it would have made sense that those of us who have underlying medical conditions should have been shielded before now. I am hovering between the 6% and 14%. I am one of the ones who should panic and yet it is mostly the healthy, able-bodied who are panic buying and leaving the vulnerable without basic supplies. STOP BEING SELFISH!!!!! Witnessed by a friend or on the news (NOT fake news as far as I am aware) : A wealthy person with a Range Rover crammed with loo rolls and food. A person at check-out buying 300 loo rolls and 80 tins of soup. Two sweet, frail old ladies standing outside a supermarket crying their eyes out because there was nothing left on the shelves. A nurse coming off a 48 hour shift crying because there was no food left. How is she supposed to administer to the sick when she becomes sick herself. Food Banks closing because there is no food left for the homeless. Shameful that even in my country there are still homeless people who are now made more vulnerable without sustenance. People coughing and sneezing everywhere instead of staying home! I walked a few steps along the High Street. A mother sneezed not only over me, but over her small child. Perhaps she just has a cold, but even so, it is not acceptable to sneeze anywhere except into a tissue. I side-stepped her too late. She gave me a filthy accusing look as if I was the perpetrator of some great crime! I worry for the child. STOP PUTTING THE ECONOMY BEFORE HUMAN LIVES!!!!! Yes, the economy is important, but would locking down the world for 2 weeks from the get-go have been so bad. In retrospect, I think not. Money cannot bring back to life those who have succumbed to the Coronavirus. Money cannot comfort those people who have lost loved ones. The Economy will recover. Change your way of thinking and adapt : We need to change, because what we have been doing up to now is not working for the good of all. People are divided, in my opinion, into two distinct groups : THE HAVES AND HAVE NOTS!!!!! There are those selfish and greedy people who only think about themselves. They are making this so much harder for everyone. I pray for them. There are those selfless people who never advertise their kindness. They go about bestowing acts of kindness on all they meet with never a thought for their own health and safety. They are our guardian angels. All that kindness put out to the world is paying dividends now. I thank God for them. Look to your neighbour. I have a small group of friends and family. We are pooling our resources. Every day we ask of each other, what do you need? Every day we try to fulfil that need. Today, I asked for something I would normally take for granted. I have an elderly cat with a chronic illness who is a fussy eater. He likes salmon, but there is none in the shops, so today when I was asked, what do I need, I said, please, if you see some salmon, Teddy would like some. In return I will give something of what I have to someone who needs it more. Yesterday, I said, could I have cat litter. I received 1 large bag. Today 2 more arrived on my doorstep. Tomorrow another will arrive. Seemingly, we take so much for granted. We must not. If we are to survive, we must be adaptable. We must think of others. We are asked to observe social distance. We are asked to self-isolate. We are asked to shield the most vulnerable. In fact, we are asked to observe separateness and indeed the most loving gift we can give someone we love right now is to keep our distance, but it does not mean we are not united. In spirit, we are more united now than ever. We are united in our grief. We are united in our struggle. We should be united in our thinking. We can still help others. This is Peace Time, but it is a War of the World. We are fighting an unknown, invisible enemy. We are all in this together and the only way we can combat it is to think as one, so please do not be selfish. If you are sick, stay indoors. One thing we must not share with the world, is this disease. We are fortunate. We can still remain connected without physical interaction. We have telephones. We have the Internet. We have Face Time, Whatsapp, Skype … No need for us to feel alone. Today I have spoken to many people, via text, my landline and through my closed door. I have been brought kitchen rolls, cat litter, soups, cat food, cat treats and even lemonade. I read a blog by a sick man. He said he was off caffeine and only craved sharp drinks. I have been brought tinned spaghetti. There is no pasta left in shops anywhere here! I have even been brought Slimfast protein powder, ha ha ha! Are they saying I'm FAT!! ; 0))) It's the thought that counts and it is nutritious : 0) Yesterday, when I was asked what I needed, I also said, I don't NEED it, but I would like it … dark chocolate with sea-salt. My favourite. Still waiting people … ;-D Just kidding! ; 0)) I am very fortunate. I feel blessed. People are very kind to me; very loving and generous. They are my heroes!! Thanks you guys! You are the best!!! My prognosis of the situation : This original statistic allegedly of 80% of healthy people is decreasing. Soon it will reverse if we are not careful. Soon it may become 20% healthy to 80% sick ratio. This disease is indiscriminate. It does not care if you are wealthy or poor, previously of good health or already sick. In my opinion, no-one is safe. Diseases are adaptable. Diseases can mutate. It is imperative that we are prepared. We must look out for ourselves, yes, of course, but we must also look out for each other. This is the true meaning of humanity. The whole world is affected. We must contribute to the good of all now more than ever. BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION AND NOT PART OF THE PROBLEM. Welcome to my world. I am prepared. I hope you are too. I hope you will all be well. I am on day one of a 3 month self-imposed lock down, after making my last outing yesterday to conclude my business. I have supplies which will last about 2 weeks. I am reliant now on friends and family for the other 10 weeks. I already have a sore throat, headache and am sneezing. 3 friends and family also. At the time of writing this there are 33 confirmed cases in my small part of the island and one death. I am trying to remain calm. I have cancelled all of my routine doctor's appointments and hospital appointments, even though the hospital says it is safe to attend. There is a confirmed case at the hospital, so I am taking no chances. With all my chronic illnesses, I am often sick. I have 4 chronic medical conditions and am still awaiting the results of a biopsy. My lungs are permanently scarred from previous pneumonia. I have had a 'flu jab and one for pneumonia, but am told these may not protect me. If you remember, I had a very bad case of the 'flu after Christmas and have been wondering if it was Covid-19. I am very interested to learn that a test may be in the offing to determine whether or not someone has had it in the past before the announcement was initially made, but obviously the priority is to develop a vaccine. At the time of my illness, a close family member was hospitalised with a high temperature and same symptoms. He also has a bad cold at the moment and underlying health conditions. I must eat specific foods which I can no longer obtain. I must rely on medication. I have enough for 4 weeks. It may just be that I am run down because I have not been sleeping enough and have been very anxious. There is no point in panicking any more. I have reached a point where I could no longer remain in that high state of angst. Now I feel very calm. If my journey is to end after all I have already survived, I hope I leave something good behind. I hope I leave this world better than I found it. I have enjoyed being here with you. Thank you for your support, kindness, love and friendship. Thank you for your indulgence and acceptance. I am not the easiest of people, I know … ; 0) Thank you for your letters. Apologies that I still have not replied to all. I have been overwhelmed. I am aware of what a Drama Queen I am! ; 0)) Let us hope that all my fears are unfounded ... STAY SAFE! STAY WELL! STAY HOME! GOD BLESS X It is important to remember that this world of ours is still beautiful. I will continue to post pictures from my gardens. Government apparently says if we are sick we should stay 6 feet from our boundaries. This is easy for me, but not for everyone. I realise I am privileged. I realise that this year I may not have to “endure” and hide from the “dreaded” Summer people, but this year it will make me sad and I will undoubtedly miss them. I will continue to write my poems. I will continue to sing (good exercise btw for dodgy lungs like mine : 0) and make videos and create art. I will continue long after I am no longer here … my pages will remain. God willing, so will I … p.s. On a more positive note … My protective filtering face mask just arrived today on day one of self-isolation! Yay!!!!! Will be handy when talking through the letter box! ; 0)))))) Remember to keep a good sense of humour at all times!! Look after yourselves. Look after yourselves and each other. DISCLAIMER : The opinions expressed are my own. The information given is to the best of my knowledge at the time of writing this article. Copyright © protected image please do not reproduce without permission UPDATE : 24.3.20. Please sign this petition to protect those working for Holland and Barrett. They have an online shop. It is not essential to keep their stores up and running on the High Street. They are putting their employees health and safety at risk and their customers too. A lot of their customers are among the most vulnerable whom we need to protect. My own family member is being forced to work. He has an underlying medical condition that is also an autoimmune disease. He is one of the vulnerable, but he will lose his job if he stays home. Please help. Stay At Home. Protect Our NHS. Save Lives. Many thanks in advance of your kind help xxx

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