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posted by alias Brother Sargeant Broderick Kohl on Wednesday 31st of December 2014 07:09:02 PM

Date: July, 25 System: Taurus Delta Location (In system): N’kel-Patorr Location (Planetside):Fortress Oroso, tower one, level 10 firing range Time: 1730 hours Broderick stepped off the lift with a visible thud rumbling through his armor starting from his boots and advancing up through his titanium plated legs. As the lift closed behind him Broderick shifted to take in the hall he stood in. Major Duponti Had warned the Praetorian that fortress Oroso was older and had seen its share of wear and tear. However the dilapidated state of the hall he now stood in was testament to the lack of Imperial authority found throughout the fortress. ‘Probably the planet.’ Broderick thought as he continued to advance down the hall mindful of the loose roof plates and scattered power lines feeding through exposed panels. As he continued down the hall he started to hear scattered shots reverberating up the hall from his left. The pang of Imperial laser weapons splattering against steel was a sound Broderick was intimately familiar with. Looking to his left he caught a simple plate sign listing off the firing rage as being at the terminus of the red paint line. Looking down to the floor and tapping the side of his helmet activating its low light features he caught the faint image of a weathered red paint line moving up the hall. ‘Thought I could probably follow that sound for a kilometer.’ Broderick thought as he pressed on following the increasing sound several more paces until it reached its crescendo behind a simple steel door set next to a lock pad halfway down on the left side of the hall. Pausing to size up the lock pad Broderick reached out with his hand and typed in the code he’d been given by Major Duponti. When he typed in the last number of the 6 digit code the panel retracted into the wall and the area above the door emitted a dull whine. Then with a hiss of hydraulics and grinding metal the door peeled back from the left side of the wall. Once the door was locked into the other side of the wall Broderick strode forward setting his armor plate down gently as to avoid shaking the mechanics of the old machine. ‘Hate to risk damaging the system.’ Broderick thought as he crossed the threshold and entered the firing range. His helmets low light feature automatically switching off as he entered the well lit firing rage. The door shuttering closed behind him with another hiss, further announcing his presence. Looking through what Broderick realized was secure glass he looked over the firing ports on the range. only three of the dozen or so ports running off further down the range where active. Looking back to the rest of the entrance Broderick noticed an Auxiliary with normal blue armored shoulders standing behind the glass holding a data tab in his hand and looking down at it with his full attention. The deep staccato sound of the laser weapons firing the only sound noticeable. Above the Auxiliaries head there was also A flashing red light letting anyone walking in know the rage was active. Broderick stood silent for a few moments taking in the troopers on the range watching them fire. The targets, mocked up to look like Centuri heavy infantry, thudding back against the far wall which was scored with several laser burns. After a moment had passed without the Auxiliary overseeing the squad noticing his new visitor. Broderick turned to regard the man. “Auxiliary.” Broderick said his voice coming out even and powerful easily overwhelming the sound of laser fire in the small vestibule where he and the other man where located. The Auxiliary didn't even flinch, merely holding up his hand and responding in a thick accented basic. “Listen Duponti, I don’t got time for your damned garbage right now. I got enough on my own Fragtashing plate without you breathing down my neck.” The Auxiliary responded then Immediately switched his talking to one of the soldiers on the range placing the hand he’d held up to Broderick on his helmet and speaking into it. “Gilbert! Tuck your chin in more! You greedy s’nan! Now you idiot! Before you blow your own Damned chin off!” The Auxiliary shouted into his helmet as the trooper in the second occupied firing port paused readjusted his weapon and immediately resumed fire. Before Broderick could even respond the Auxiliary turned to regard him his face gruff and aged marred by several scares, as well the remnants of some black material on his face under his eyes. His eyes know widening with implication, His skin losing all color becoming as white as the table Broderick had seen several firearms laid out on, and his mouth falling agape as he realized who he was standing next to. “At attention Auxiliary…” Broderick began as the Soldier in question quickly tucked away his data tab away within his uniform and snapped to rigged attention. Slamming his hand to his helmet in a salute he responded as respectfully as he could. “Sir, Corporal Alaric Zain currently leader 4th squad, 3rd platoon, 1st battalion 65th N’kel-Patorr Auxiliary regiment. Reporting for duty and discipline sir!” Zain shouted as Broderick looked out to the other Auxiliary, watching as the trooper in the first occupied firing port paused to reload. “Corporal Zain, where is your Sergeant?” Broderick asked looking back at the corporal his voice lowering under the staccato noise. “Our Sergeant was shot in the leg during our last operation and is in the medical bay I'm in command for the moment.” Alaric responded his hand still fixed to his helmet. Broderick lifted his own hand up a moment. “As you were corporal, I’d like a disposition of your squad, we’re to be deployed from pad six in ten and I’d like to know a little about the men I’m to command.” Broderick said as he turned to look at the soldiers in question. Their largely khaki uniforms, marked with the light blue of new troopers, were pressed and straight. Broderick noted their appearance as Alaric came to stand a respectable distance away passing the data tab he held to the larger Praetorian. “The first one is trooper Benito Savvine, from the lower ward in Grafters town on the southern continent. Same as me, an average trooper.” Alaric began pointing to the first firing port as Broderick looked down at the data tab showing his scores. Alaric was right, the trooper in question was average in every way. ‘If the data here is to be trusted.’ Broderick thought as Alaric gestured to the next trooper. “Trooper Daemon Gilbert, non citizen, joined up to avoid jail time for smuggling. He’d be a half way decent soldier if he stopped trying to show off.” Alaric continued pointing at the man in question tried, and failed, to swap the power pack on his rifle with a unnecessary flourish having the pack drop with a heavy clang to the floor. “Fragtash…” The soldier in question muttered darkly kneeling grabbing the fallen pack off the floor. Next to him Broderick heard Alaric heave a sigh and move on. “The last guy over their is Gregory Robin from Terras, said he was working his way up to regular service. Crack shot that one.” Alaric said with a snort as the soldier in question expertly ejected a spent power pack and laid the weapon on the port as a metal shutter slid down and the light next to the port flashed blue. “Corporal Zain, New target required.” Gregory shouted lifting his hand up and step away from the port. “Take us down Corporal.” Broderick said passing the man his data tab. Alaric nodded typed a quick command into the tab and started down the small series of steps that led down into the range. “Ceasefire! Ceasefire! All Troopers to attention!” Alaric shouted as he stepped over the glowing red line that separated the rage from the observation room. the soldiers in question stepped back from the firing ports and turned to face their commander, only to freeze when Broderick came into view. “S’nan...that's a fragtashing Praetorian…” Benito whispered as the smile fell from his face. “How Fragtash'd are we?” Daemon muttered in agreement. “At attention!” Alaric shouted at the dumb struck troopers , but Broderick spoke up before the soldiers could head his order. “That won’t be necessary Corporal. you men can stand as you were.” Broderick said nodding to Alaric and looking at the other soldiers as they shifted nervously their weapons held tightly in their hands. Broderick took a short breath then stepped forward allowing Gregory to slip past him and the Corporal to stand over by the other two Auxiliary. Once the soldiers had arranged themselves Broderick began. “I am Sergeant Broderick Kohl, of the Empresses Praetorian order, I have been assigned to your Squad. You will act as my team until such a time as our missions are completed or we are all killed.” Broderick began keeping his voice authoritative, but not commanding. “The Praetorian Order has reason to believe that their is a threat to the empire located somewhere on this planet. We are the tip of the spear in locating and neutralizing that threat.” Broderick continued sweeping his gaze over the soldiers assembled before him. Daemon looked terrified, fidgeting almost uncontrollably, his face pale and his darker skin looking almost a white as the other soldiers in question. Benito looked nervous but was controlling his fear better. Gregory was a face of determination. green eyes set and his lips drawn into a thin line. “Our first mission is to meet a local informant out to the desert locate and neutralize a group of inordinately heavily armed pirates. We leave in five minutes. Combat load only.” Broderick finished looking to Corporal Zain. “I’ll meet you on The pad in five.” Broderick said and moved off leaving the firing range. The door opening with a hiss and closing with another. leaving the four Auxiliary staring at each other. “S’nan man...s’nan!” Daemon shouted. “Holy hell we are so dead!” Benito lamented falling against the steel of the firing ranges port assembly. “Gear up you lousy bas’ards. we've got work to do.” Alaric shouted grabbing his rifle off the weapons table and moving over the the supply dispense in the observation section. “That was an Emperor damned Praetorian! He’s going to get us all killed!” Benito repeated moving up to Alaric. “Three more months...I had three more months to go!” Gregory shouted tearing his helmet off with a shout running his hand through his short cropped black hair. “Gear up! We have a job to do! you can belly ache latter you dogs!” Alaric shouted from the supplies as he lobbed Gregory another power pack as he grabbed his helmet. “Roger!” the other soldiers shouted in unison and gathered their needed supplies. Daemon and Benito grabbing extra charge packs and grenades. Gregory attaching a bipod to his rifle and refilling his charge packs. Alaric and Benito both layered some war paint over their cheeks. Benito blue and white while Alaric was as black as the void. Gregory stared the entire time. “You going to do that every time Me and Alaric acknowledge our peoples traditions?” Benito asked with a glare that didn't reach his eyes. “Your traditions always going to be weird?” Gregory responded with a smirk that Benito returned “Fragtash you empire man.” Benito replied in a good nurtured voice. “Same to you ganger scum.” Gregory responded with a smirk as the squad filed out and moved down the hall towards its main door. “keep it tight squad I don’t want another ‘Port authority’ on our hands.” Alaric said from the head of the column as the squad passed some techs now coming out of the side rooms and getting to work on the main hall. “Fragtash you man! Bringing that s’nan up again! Bad enough we almost lost the Sarge, but you keep bringing it up.” Daemon said from the rear of the column as they passed a group of techs looking over the halls weathered metal plating and swearing to themselves. “Its a reminder, watch each others backs, no more one man army s’nan. we’re a squad. So act like it.” Alaric said as a tech started up his plasma torch and began shearing off a particularly damaged plate section. The squad moved in silence until they exited the tower and came out on to the pad where Broderick was standing next to a ‘Goliath’ drop ship. Its bulbous, and open air green canopy extended and a pilot in black and light blue combat gear was clambering aboard. “Mount up. our contact is waiting at a desert oasis ten kilometers out.” Broderick shouted then stepped aboard the open air troop section standing between the two main turbine engines. The rest of the squad rushed up and climbed aboard, locking themselves in as the drop ship lifted off the tower pad and sped off into the desert. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hey all Here is my galaxy challenge, just a few notes on it: 1: I Needed more false swear words for the Auxiliary to more color their language so I invented a few. 2: I wasn't sure what the dominate language of the galaxy was called so I went with Basic, it seemed right. That should about do it. Again here's hoping you enjoyed my picture and failing that I hope the story was at least passable. Hail Terras!

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