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Mission 18.1: "Crisis on Kashyyyk"

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posted by alias -TTROOPER- on Monday 15th of June 2020 08:23:31 PM

DESIGNATION: CC-1807 NICKNAME: Galaar (Scout) RANK: ARC Commander grade II UNIT: Vornskr Company, 3rd Regiment of the 253rd Elite Legion ------------------------------------------------------ "That's a nice looking beach down there, I don't blame the Trandoshans for wanting to set up shop here, hell I'm surprised the Wookies haven't done so already." "The tree's aren't tall enough di'kut, the Wookies wouldn't settle here even if they wanted to." "Why is that? I don't understand why you'd live in constant danger of falling to your death when you've got nice uninhabited pieces of real-estate like this." "It's because of the things that roam the forest floor, Rook was telling me they've got all sorts of creepy crawlies around here, including some the size of an AT-TE." "Great it's going to be another one of those planets..." "Cheer up vod it won't be that bad, with any luck they'll have developed an appetite for Trandoshans and leave us alone." "Alright cut the chatter! Sicko will be dropping us off on the northern shore in t-minus three minutes, prep your gear and be ready to establish a beach head for the rest of the regiment. The larty will drop us off half way up the beach and then provide air support for the rest of the landing, due to the dense jungle it's scanners will be useless. Once we've secured the beach I wan't squads two and three to move twenty meters into the jungle and set up a series of LP-OPs, Fourth and First will remain at the beach head and provide security. Is that understood?" "Yes Sir." "Aye Vod" "Got it" "Copy that Galaar" "General could you go with Second Squad? Lucky could use your help locating any signs of the Trandoshan hunters, from what I've heard you're pretty handy at tracking prey." "I might know a trick or two, don't worry Galaar I'll find them." "I know you will Sir. Alright Vornskr this is our stop, standby for departure!" "Welcome to paradise meat-bags!" "Oya Vornskr! Oya! Oya! (Before the four Laat/i gunships can touch down on the sandy beach several of Vornskr's more daring troopers drop from the moving gunship landing softly in ankle deep water. With their DC-15s raised the troopers began to rush up the beach towards the dense jungle, passing the Gunships as they touched down and the rest of Vorsnkr Company began to disembark. As General Zsiva began to lead second and third squad into the jungle the sharp crack of a slug thrower rang out, followed by the muffled cry of a Clone Trooper as the round struck him in the chest-plate knocking him off his feet and into the orange clay at edge of the beach.) "Feir'Fek! Sniper everyone get down!" "Did anyone see where that shot came from?!" "No sir!" "Negative Galaar" "Osik... Sicko can you locate him with the larty's scanners?" "Negative Commander the foliage is to thick, scanner can't get through." "Shab! Vornskr stay low and push the treeline with any luck he'll fire again and the gunships will be able to trace the shot!" "Belay that order!" "General?" "Don't worry Galaar I have him." (Zsiva stood and reached out both physically and with the force, his outstretched hand seemed to reach into the jungle. he stood there for what seemed like an eternity to Galaar who fought the urge to pull his General down and out of the sniper's line of sight.) "General with all due respect you're going to get yourself shot. General you have to take cover!" (As Galaar began to inch his way towards his general, the Jedi made a fist and suddenly jerked his arm back as if he was pulling a rope. With a startled crie the Trandoshan sniper flew from where he was hiding in the dense foliage and landed at the Jedi General's feet. The lizard snarled and reached for a sheathed hunting blade, but before he draw the weapon Galaar delivered a vicious kick to it's head, knocking the Trandoshan out cold.) "That's a impressive trick General, we're lucky to have you. Thanks you and this di'kut we don't have to go trudging through the jungle looking for these lizard scum." "Glad to be of service. Have your men establish the beachhead, once our host here come's to I'll see what I can get out of him." "With all due respect General, I'd like to interrogate the Lizard myself." "As you wish Commander, I'll assist Lucky with probing the jungle." "Thank you Sir" (Galaar motions to two of his men, giving them the go ahead to disarm and drag the lizard to the edge of the jungle where they prop him up against several crates containing medical supplies. Both troopers step back and stand by with their rifles held in the low ready, watching the Trandoshan intently for any sign of movement. Galaar approaches the unconscious lizard and removes a combat stim from his belt, he quickly preps the device before ramming the needle into the Trandoshans neck. The lizards eyes shoot up his pupils dilated and wide, Galaar plants his foot firmy against the Trandoshans chess pining it to the ground before administering a second shot, removing the effects of the adrenaline rush from the first shot. With the Trandoshan now conscious, calm and alert Galaar stepped back place his DC-17 blaster pistol above the lizards right eye.) "Alright shabuir, you're going tell me where your lizard friends are hiding and save me and my men the trouble of hunting you through the jungle, or don't... either way I get to kill you lizard scum." "You won't kill me, your Jedi master won't allow it..." "Really... Is that so?" "General he won't talk and I can't spare the men to stay back an watch him." "Let me talk to him, I can be a little more persuasive..." "Be my guest" "You will tell us where your camp is." "Ha! Your Jedi sssorssery won't work on me!" "He's a lost cause Commader, do what you must." "Copy that General." "Wait! No you can't do thisss!" "This is for the men we lost on Trandosha..." Pew pew! "Alright boys, looks like we're hunting them down the old-fashioned way! Oya Vornskr! Oya!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you read the log all the way through you can tell where I got distracted and where I decided I needed to wrap things because it's 1 am and I posted this thing on insta over a day ago : P As far as builds go other than the next Legion mission, I have half a destroyed AT-TE that I really want to use in something so stay tuned! As always thanks for viewing and have a great day! -Tommy

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