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Mission 10.3 - Temple on Cularin

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posted by alias ~J2J~ on Wednesday 8th of February 2017 08:22:24 PM

CS-8675 “Jockey” Sargent 1st Regiment : 253rd Legion ////// B E G I N L O G \\\\\\ After we linked up with Bolt I got a transmission from command ordering me to take my troops to coordinates deep within the jungle. [CT-2313] - Grease: Excuse me, but the crash site is that way. Were heading away from it… [CS-8675] - Jockey: Were not returning to the crash anymore. We’ve got new orders. Apparently there’s some temple on this rock. An ancient item is buried in it and the Chancellor wants it. We’re being sent to defend one of a couple rear entrance points into this temple. The rest of the regiment is being sent to similar secret back doors that scouts have discovered. [CT-2597] - Lucky: Wow, direct orders from the chancellor. Must be some artifact. Grease: I bet it’s real shinny. Probably just wants it for his personal trophy collection. I ain’t no errand boy I’m here to blast clankers dammit. Jockey: Check yourself trooper. And don’t you worry, the separatists are on the move down here with us. Between them and those lizards you’ll have plenty to shoot at. [CT-2255] - Bolt: Sir, we have very limited supplies, how are we supposed to hold out against any kind of attack? Jockey: The 501st is bringing in reinforcements and supplies. Once we get to the temple we should receive some supplies via airdrop. Now let’s get a move on so we can set up a solid defensive perimeter before the seppies get there. As we made our way towards the coordinates we could here the fighting intensify. Vulture droids and V19s dueled it out in the lower atmosphere. Bombers from both sides made low-flying bombing runs and republic gunships attempted to land in the chaos. An acclamator-class was visibly suspended in the upper atmosphere. Heavy flak surrounded the ship. Most of the ground fighting was taking place a few clicks North, but it wouldn’t be long till it spread. As soon as the clankers find out about this rear opening they’ll certainly try to use it to flank our forces already inside the temple. We saw the main part of the temple rising out of the jungle about two miles in front of us as we descended a small valley to our destination. As we came out of the thick vegetation we found our target. It wasn’t much. Tucked into the end of the valley under a few steep slopes was a small courtyard surrounded by stone walls and deteriorated pillars. It seems as if there was some sort of roof over the courtyard at one point but it has since crumbled away. It was hard to see due to the amount of vines everywhere but In the middle of one of the walls was a large dark opening. Bolt: That must be the entrance right there. Jockey: Alright, you and Lucky go clear away the vegetation. Grease, start analyzing the area for defensive positions. Ill contact command and let them know we’ve made it. ***ON COMM CHANNEL*** ***CS-8675 to Resolute mission command do you copy?*** ***This is the Resolute, we read you sargent.*** ***We’ve made it to our target and are ready for supply drop.*** ***Excellent. Sit tight, the airdrop is on its way.*** ***Sargent, this is admiral Yularen. I must once again inform you how imperative it is that you have this exit secure. If things go wrong with the operation our troops will need these back doors for use as an escape route. We can’t afford to have an entire legion trapped in this temple.*** ***Understood admiral, dont you worry, we’ll hold our position. *** ***Good luck sargent. Over and Out.*** Lucky: The exit is clear sir. This knife already came in handy. Sliced through those vines like butter. Bolt: Y-wing incoming. Jockey: That’s our supply drop. Get up against the walls, I don’t want anyone getting hit. The supply container landed in the dirt in the courtyard. We rushed over and busted it open. Inside we found two rifles, ammunition, some medical supplies, droid poppers, a couple small mines, and a BT-X42 flamethrower. Grease snatched up the flamethrower and swung the tank onto his back. Grease: Finally some heavy weaponry. I’m gonna fry those lizards with this beautiful death spitter. Jockey: Each of you take some ammo and grenades. Lucky I want you to move the medical supplies and extra rifles just inside the doorway. That will be our fallback. Then find a good position front and center, you’re our best shot. Bolt, take these mines and set them up on the perimeter. Place them strategically and be quick, I doubt we have much time. Grease: This container will make a good defensive barrier. Ill set it up near the entrance. Sarge, help me drag it over. Once we got everything set up we took positions in the corner nearest the doorway. I flipped my macrobinoculars down and started to scan the treeline. Using the pillars and crate for cover, we hunkered down and waited in silence for whatever was coming, the uproar of battle coming from the main temple. ////// E N D L O G \\\\\\ I know this story is crazy long so TLDR: We got to the backdoor of the temple within a stone courtyard. A Y-Wing bomber dropped much needed supplies and we established a defensive perimeter within the courtyard.

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