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Democrats Infrastructure Bill is one grand Oil & Gas Subsidy while privatizing our roads

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Monday 8th of November 2021 01:02:09 PM

_F2A7318 “It’s Time to Make Your Escape Plan From a Collapsing America Fascism’s Back. Democracy’s Not Going to Survive It. Are You?” * Infrastructure Bill = Massive act of Privatization and multiple Oil & Gas Subsidies. One grand act of privatization by Democrats that exceeds even that of the USPS. We are about to see why parking in Chicago is so fantastically expensive. That and American’s will be paying more tolls to use roads. THE INFRASTRUCTURE BILL PASSED BY DEMOCRATS ACTS TO WILDLY INCREASE THE COST OF LIVING “Unfortunately, Biden’s agenda in the Infrastructure bill was about corporate giveaways! It squanders tens of billions on carbon capture, fossil hydrogen and other subsidies designed to prop up the fossil fuel industry, public-private partnerships that create tolls the public will pay to drive on roads and bridges, and Trump’s “asset recycling” concept where public power plants, roads, and bridges will be sold to private for -profit companies to finance this nightmare of a bill! “Biden wasted months negotiating to get a few Republicans to vote for this deeply compromised pro-Wall Street infrastructure bill. He suffers under the delusion that people care about the bill being "bipartisan," when people would prefer that Democrats actually pass legislation that will help Americans who are suffering through this pandemic and economic depression. We don't need more toll roads and bridges - we need meaningful and substantive change! “House passes $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill – a major victory for Biden’s agenda * They gave Wall St $1 Trillion per day: “House passes $555 billion infrastructure bill, sends legislation to Biden's desk The 228-206 vote hands Biden a bipartisan legislative victory, but one that took months to accomplish.” * “President Biden on his approval ration: “The polls are going to go up and down…I didn’t run to determine how well I’m going to do in the polls. I ran to make sure that I followed through on what I said I would do as president of the United States.” Things Biden has said he would do but has so far refused to do the following: “End cash bail No kids in Cages Public health job corps $2K COVID 12 weeks paid family and medical leave Free community college Decriminalize marijuana Cancel Student loan debt Lower drug prices Real action on climate Public option” * “This pretty much sums up World leader plans to address climate change.” “Man announces he will quit drinking by 2050” “A Sydney man has set an ambitious target to phase out his alcohol consumption with the next 29 years, as part of an impressive plan to improve his health. The program will see Greg Taylor, 73, continue to drink as normal for the foreseeable future, before reducing consumption in 2049 when he turns 101. He has assured friends it will not affects his drinking plans in the short or medium term. Taylor said it was important not to rush the switch to non-alcoholic beverages. “It’s not realistic to transition to zero alcohol overnight. This requires a stead, phased approach where nothing change for at least two decades,” he said, adding that he may need to make additional investments in beer consumption in the short term, to make sure no night out is worse off. Taylor will also be able to bring forward drinking credits earned from the days he hasn’t drunk over the past forty years, meaning the actual end date for consumption may actually be 2060. To assist with the transition, Taylor has bought a second bear fridge which he describes as the ‘capture and storage’ method.” * “‘Global warming is not a problem’ says Net Zero Watch Board Member Lord Lawson During COP26 Experts said his “prehistoric arguments” in the Spectator prove that Net Zero Watch is really “a front for tired old climate change denial”.” * Disaster Capitalism: “The Commission’s and EEAS’ proposal appears to single out the Arctic as a resource region” “Oops, they did it again: The European Union’s 2021 Arctic Policy Update” * “And to give COP26 that extra little bit of fantasy...” “Kim Stanley Robinson: Why COP26 Invited a Science Fiction Writer Being interested in the future is distinctively human. A quick fictional visit there can turn utopian.” * “And who was invited to join COP26?” “These 11 Climate Science Deniers are Attending the COP26 Climate Summit” * “Former COP26 President Brings Shell, BP, Equinor Reps Into Climate Conference Campaigners said the news demonstrated a “classic case of the revolving door” between “big polluters” and governments.” * “‘Luxury carbon consumption’ of top 1% threatens 1.5C global heating limit” “The richest 1% (a population smaller than Germany) – are on track to be releasing 70 tonnes of CO2 per person a year if current consumption continues. In total they will account for 16% of total emissions by 2030, up from 13% of emissions in 1990.” * “Eighth-grader recorded teacher's seven-minute rant about vaccines and Joe Biden” * “2.5 Commons in the Time of Monsters” “The excesses of neoliberal capitalism may have finally eroded any remaining trace of its intellectual credibility. However odious, these excesses had become comfortable for many people, offering a false sense of security and predictable margins of action. Prolonged austerity politics and the pillage of the welfare state have left large numbers of people frustrated, hopeless, and angry, though, and the awakened right-populist movements have exploited this with alarming consequences. But without an apparent alternative, political engagement can seem limited to a pointless choice: scramble on loose rocks over the familiar but shifting ground of globalized capitalism, or hitch one’s wagon to a careening carload of 21st century hubris, i.e. Brexit, Trumpism, the alt- or far-right. Is it time to give up on the representative democracy experiment, or are there any active models for more humane, participatory politics? A lesson from the past.... In the US, the FBI coordinated with the Department of Homeland Security, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, private sector players (notably banks), local law enforcement, and mayors of several prominent cities to first infiltrate and then violently dismantle the occupations. If we limit the import of Occupy to those few, highly visible months in the squares, we can see that it had not so much “died” as it was assassinated. However, to paraphrase Mark Twain, “proclamations of the movement’s death have been greatly exaggerated”.” * Our cash bribery-based government has made it so America can’t act responsibility on the international stage and Trump is going to be our next President. Of course, China is investing in Nuclear Weapons (they seek an arsenal of 1,000 compared to our present est 3,750) * “The job of Republicans is to call Democrats radical leftists and the job of the Democrats is to show they’re not by crushing the real Left. What you basically have is both wings of the Corporate Party making sure that policies to really help people never happen.” * Sam Carana: # Europe’s record summer ‘impossible’ without global heating Cop26 countries must take action to stop record heat becoming an annual event, say experts” “Met Office: Climate change drives Europe's record 2021 summer” * Cabaret at the edge of extinction: “G20 leaders toss coins into Trevi Fountain” “Leaders of the G20 throw coins into the Trevi Fountain during a walk through Rome, where they have gathered for a two-day summit.” * “Cop26 has to be about keeping fossil fuels in the ground. All else is distraction” “The handwaving and complexity obscure a simple truth: nation states must stop funding dirty industries” * “When the Dem establishment asks you to vote blue no matter who again, remind them of what they did to India Walton & tell them to have a nice day.” * “CORPORATE DEMOCRATS HAVE ONLY THEMSELVES TO BLAME FOR LOSS IN VIRGINIA, SAY PROGRESSIVES” "It's conservative Dems who've ensured that every day for the last several months the headlines are about how we aren't delivering paid leave, prescription drug reform, elder care, or voting rights." * “Republicans represent the right. Democrats represent the anit-left.” * Car fueled lives are anchored in home mortgages underlying urban sprawl and that is excruciatingly slow to change: "That problem isn’t just gas-fueled cars but car-fueled lives — a view of the world in which huge private automobiles are the default method of getting around. In this way E.V.s represent a very American answer to climate change: To deal with an expensive, dangerous, extremely resource-intensive machine that has helped bring about the destruction of the planet, let’s all buy this new version, which runs on a different fuel." - The New York Times “There’s One Big Problem With Electric Cars They’re still cars. Technology can’t cure America of its addiction to the automobile.” * Jason Scherl: “Climate Apocalypse - Supply Chain Collapse - Mass Starvation - Polar Vortex Flooding SE USA - Jet Stream Collapse This is how it ends... People Starving to Death while Food Rots in Ports”

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