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Some of the magazines and web site that I have been in are:

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posted by Fred Weichmann alias Picture Proof Autographs on Tuesday 29th of August 2017 08:30:13 PM

Some of the magazines and web site that I have been in are: Beckett Racing Magazine, June, 2004, Vol. 11, No. 2, Issue 118, Pages 14-15, Mark Zeska wrote (Super Collector) (Working The Pits) which includes a 2 full page write up with 5 pictures of how I collect Picture Proof Autographs. This is an article that Beckett Racing Magazine wrote on how I collect which has a picture of the NASCAR, INDY, NHRA, LITE TABLE in it. Beckett Racing, June 2004, Issue 118, page 14 and 15. Signed by INDY drivers Framed are, The Late Dan Wheldon, #26, J.Beam Sam Hornish Jr., #6, Marlboro Helio Castiveneses, Dances With The Stars Adreian Fernandez, #5, Quaker State Scott Sharp, #8, Delphi Scott Dixon, #1, TARGET Ed Carpenter, Red Bull Dario Franchitti, #27, Arca Tony Kannan, McDonald's Brain Herta, Shell Darren Manning, Target Travis Greg, Kosuski Matsuura, Townsend Bell, #2, Menards MONSTER TRUCK DRIVERS: John Seacock, Batman Chad Fortune, Superman, Charlie Paulk, Grave Digger Lesley Weenk, Blue Thunder, Frank Kemble, Hot Wheels, Andy Slifco, Back Draft, Courtney Jolly, Pastrammie, Signed by NASCAR drivers framed are The Late Ricky Hendricks, GMAC, Busch Steve Parks, #1, Pennzoil Mike Skinner, #3, Goodwrench Greg Biffle, #60, Granger Todd Bodine, #35, McDonalds Joe Gibbs, NASCAR OWNER Kenny Wallace, #55 Square D Jimmy Spenser, #NASCAR Hub , Bill Lester, #8, Trucks Hank Parker Jr., # GMC Get Well Jon Woods, #21, Busch Mike Bliss, #2 Trucks, Rich Bickle, #15, Busch Casey Mears, #66, Phillips 66 Jimmy Means, #52, Alka-Selzer David SenTzer, #89, McDonald's Ray Dunlap, Nascar Race Hub Larry McRenolds, Nascar Race Hub Kerry Earnhardt, #21, Super Cuts The Late, Steve Byrnes, Nascar Race Hub Randy LaJoie, Busch Champion Mike Joy, Race News Amy Earl, Race News Dick Bergeren, Stockcar Magazine Phil Parsons, #55 Matchbox Ted Mustgrave, Winston Cup Gary Nelson, Nascar Inspector Jamie McMurry, #1, McDonald's Stacy Compton, Trucks, R.C. cola Scoot Willmer, Spint Cup Travis Krapil, Spint Cup David Star, #75, Spears, Trucks Scott Riggs, Nesquit, Busch Ron Hornaday Jr.,, NAPA Mike McCoughlin, Busch Steve Portengay, Busch Carlos Contreras (Hot Wheels), Larry Foylt, #14, Harras Ashton Lewis, Busch Brenden Gone, Busch Mark Heimel (Drugs), Bobby Dotter, #02 DeWalt Rick Crawford, #17 Truck Scott Wimmer, Busch Robert Presley, #29 Cartoon Network Steve Brynes, The Race Hub NHRA drivers framed signing are, Brandon Bernstein, Budweiser Kenny Bernstein, Budweiser John Force 11x, Castrol GTX, F.C. Larry Dixon 3X, Miller, Top Fuel Cory McCleanthon, McDonald's Jim Yates, McDonald's, Pro Stock Tony Schumacker, ARMY, Top Fuel Tony Pedrogon, Castrol, Funny Car Troy Coughlin, Coughlin, Pro Stock Ronda Hartman-Smith, FRAME oil Whit Bazemore, Funny Car Doug Herbert, Top Fuel Johnny Gray, Funny Car Gary Scelzi, Winston, Top Fuel Dale Greasy Jr., Funny Car Mike Coughlin, Pro Stock Darrell Alderman, Pro Stock Allen Johnson, Pro Stock Cruz Pedregon, McDonalds, Funny C The Late Eric Mundren Where all the drivers has signed on the NASCAR, INDY, NHRA, LITE TABLE DRIVER 1) 2) NHRA, DARRELL ALDERMAN, 3) NASCAR, STACY COMPTON, 4) SAME AS # 3 5) INDY, The Late DAN WHELDON, 6) 7) 8) NHRA, JOHN FORCE, 11X, 9) NASCAR, LARRY McRENOLDS, 10 11 12 13) NASCAR, CARLOS CORTRERES, Hot Wheels, 14) NASCAR, GREG BIFFLE, 15) NHRA, TONY SCHUMACKER(SARG), U.S. ARMY, 16) NASCAR, JOE GIBBS( THE COACH ), 17) 18) 19) NASCAR, BOBBY DOTTER, 20) NASCAR, LARRY FOYLT, 21) NASCAR, The Late RICKY HENDRICK, 22) 23) 24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) Monster Tucks, JOHN SEACOCK, 31) NASCAR, MIKE JOY, 32) NASCAR, SCOTT RIGGS, 33) 34) Monster Trucks, CHAD FORTUNE, Superman, 35) NASCAR, KEVIN LaPAGE, 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41) INDY, SCOTT DIXION, 42) INDY, SAM HORNISH JR., 43) NASCAR, The Late JASON LEFFLER, 44) Monster Trucks, CHARLIE PAULK, Grave Digger, 45) NASCAR, RAY DUNLAP, SPEED, 46) INDY, ED CARPENTER, 47) INDY, TONY KANNAN, McDonald's, 48) INDY, ADRIAN FERNANDEZ, 49) 50) INDY, TRAVIS GREGG, 51) NASCAR, TODD BODINE, 52) NASCAR, DAVID STAR, 53) INDY, KOSUKE MATSUURA, 54) Doug 55) Not Used 56) NHRA, KENNY BERNSTEIN, Budweiser, 57) NASCAR, STEVE HIEMLE, Crew Chief, 58) 59) NASCAR, DICK BERGEREN, Pit Row Reporter, 60) NHRA, DICK LaHIALE, Miller Lite, Crew Chief, 61) NASCAR, JIMMY MEANS, #52, 62) 63) 64) NASCAR, GREG BIFFLE, Winston Cup, 65) NASCAR, CASEY MEARS, 66) 67) NASCAR, SCOTT WIMMER, 68) NASCAR, RICH BICKLE, 69) NHRA, JIM YATES, Pro Stock Champion, McDonald's, 70) INDY, DARIO FRANCHITTE, 71) 72) NASCAR, RICH BICKLE, 73) INDY, HELIO CASTRONEVES, Dancing With The Stars Champion, 74) 75) Monster Truck, LISLEY WEENK, 76) NASCAR, JERAMMIE McMURRY, McDonald's, 77) 78) NASCAR, JIMMY SPENCER, McDonald's, #27, 79) SPEED, The Late, STEVE BYRNES, SPEED, 80) Monster Trucks, FRANK KEMBLE, Hot Wheels, 81) SAME AS #80, 82) INDY, ALEX BARREN, 83) NASCAR, DENNIS SENTZER, 84) SAME AS #83, 85) RL-, 86) NASCAR, LAURIE JENSON, Miss Milwaukee Mile, 87) INDY, SCOTT SHARP, 88) NASCAR, RANDY LaJOIE, 89) 90) NASCAR, RICK CRAWFORD, 91) NHRA, TONY PEDROGON, 92) INDY, ANDY SLIFKO / JOHN KALLIG, 93) NHRA, TROY COUGHLIN, 94) NASCAR, BILL LESTER, 95) Monster Trucks, COURTNEY JOLLY, 96) NASCAR, CASEY MEARS, 97) NHRA, CORY McCLENATHEN(CORY MAC), 98) NASCAR, STEVE PARKS, 99) A- T- 100) NASCAR, AMY EARL, SPEED, 101) J M 102) NASCAR, GREG BIFFLE, Winston Cup, 103) NHRA, GARY SCULLZIE, 3X, 104) NASCAR, KENNY WALLACE, Winston Cup, 105) NASCAR, TED MUSTGRAVE, Winston Cup, 36 DRIVERS that signed the board, but I don't know exactly where: NASCAR 1) GARY NELSON, 2) PHIL PARSONS, 3) RON HORNADAY JR., 4) MIKE BLISS, 5) HANK PARKER JR., 6) JON WOODS, 7) ROBERT PRESSLEY, 8) MIKE McCLOUGHLIN, 9) JASON KELLER, 10) SCOTT WIMMER 2??, 11) TRAVIS KAPEL, 12) STEVE PORTINGAY, 13) ?????????, NHRA 14) BRANDON BERNSTEIN, 15) LARRY DIXON, 16) TONY PEDERGON, 17) CRUZ PEDERGON, 18) DALE CASEY, 19) JOHNNY GRAY, 20) DOUG HERBERT, 21) WHIT BAZEMORE, 22) MIKE COUGHLIN, 23) ALLIEN JOHNSON, 24) DICK LaHAYIE, INDY 25) DARREN MANNING, 26) TOWNSEND BELL, THE DIECAST US magazine, Issue 26, winter of 2015, has a 3 page write up of me collectting Picture Proof Autographs on diecast with 22 pictures of my collection, which is : Page 28) Picture 1) The Late Stephen J. Cannell,(Writer & Producer of the TV show, The A Team signing a Hot Wheels, 1/64 Scale A Team Van Picture 2) The Late Dick Trickle Signing 1/24th Scale, Racing Champions, #66, Phillips 66 Diecast Picture 3) The Late Dick Trickle Signing 1/24th scale, Racing Champions, #90, Heilig Meyers Diecast Picture 4) George Barris, and Micky Dolez, of the TV Show The Monkees, signing a Johnny Lighting, Hollywood On Wheels, 1/64th scale, Blister Packs, monkeemobile Picture 5) Nascar Legend, Hall Of Fame, Buddy Baker, Signing Hot Wheels, Racers, Blister Pack, that included the #21, Valvoline car that he Drove. Picture 6) The Late Stephen J. Cannell,(Writer & Producer of the TV show, The A Team, and George Barris Both Signing the ERTL A Team 1/64th scale van Blister Pack . Picture 7) Corgi, 1/32nd scale Green Hornet's, Black Beauty signed by Van Williams (Green Hornet) and George Barris, and Batman's Batmobile signed By Adam West (Batman), and George Barris. Picture 8) 41 of my 1/24th scale Nascar, Hot Wheels, Diecast signed by, Matt Kenseth, #17, DeWalt, Kurt Busch, #97, Sharpies, Rubbermaid, John Andretti, #43, Cheerios, STP, Wheaties, Pop Secret, Ryan Newman, #12, Chad Little, #97, John Deere, Carl Edwards, Office Depot, Greg Biffle, #60, Granger, Kenny Wallace, #55, Square D, Scott Riggs, and Jeff Green, Nesquick, Kyle Petty, #44, Hot Wheels, Jeff Burton, #21, Exide Batteries, Bobby Hamilton Jr., Marines, Terry LaBonte, #5, Kelloggs, Johnny Benson, #10, Valvoline, Kenny Schader, #36, M & Ms, Ricky Craven, #32, Tide, Mike Wallace, #01, Army. Page 30) Picture 9) 1/24th scale INDY, Racing Champions, diecast, signed by, Tony Stewart, #20, Menards, Glidden, Al Unser Jr., #31, Penski, Arie Luyendyk, #5, Robby Gordon, Valvoline, Michael Andretti, #6, K Mart, Halvoline, Scott Puett, #20, Firestone, and White Cars signed by, A.J.Folt. , The Late Carl Hogan, Eddie Cheevers, Danny Sullivan, Mario Andretti, Adrian Fernandez, Raul Boesel, Gil De Farran, Alex Zanardi, Patrick Carpentier, Kenny Brack, Scott Sharp, Picture 10) 1/18th scale diecast hollywood cars of Starski and Hutch, Dukes Of Hazards, Triple X, Star Trek, white track cars, Picture 11) Robert Vaughn, Man From UNCLE, Neopolein Solo, signing Corgi, 1/32 scale diecast of TV show Man From U.N.C.L.E.. Picture 12) Jeff Gordon Signing 1/18th scale American Muscle, Dupot, Diecast. Picture 13) Cast of the TV Show Viper, Jeff Kate (Thomas Cole), Heather Medway (Cameron Westlake), Dawn Stern (Dr. Allie Farrow), and Producer, Robert Benjamin, all signed a 1/18th scale dodge Viper Diecast Picture 14) Dale Earnhardt Jr., signing 1/24th scale, #3, AC Delco, diecast, Dale Earnhardt sr, signing 1/18th scale, #3, Goodwrench, diecast, and Kerry Earnhartd signing 1/24th scale diecast, #12, Supercuts, Page 32) Picture 15) George Barris and I after he had signed some 1/18th scale Hollywood diecast cars of, Munsters, Drag-U-La, Robo Cop Police Cruiser, Herbie, The Love Bug, and The Back To The Future, Deloren. Picture 16) The First Issued Diecast Of The, Star Trek, Enterprise, made by Dinky, signed by The Late James Doolahan (Scotty), George Takei (Sulu), and Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand). Picture 17) NHRA, 1/24th scale diecast of funny cars and Top Fuel dragsters signed by Don Prudhomme, Hot Wheels, Pepsi, Army, Tony Schumacker, Army, Larry Dixon and Dick Lahaie, Joe Amato, Picture 18) NASCAR and Hollywood cars sign, Jimmy Means, #52, Alka Selzer, Mark Martin, Winn Dixie, Bobby and Terry LaBonte, #44 Slim Jim, Derrick Copp, #36, Skittles, American Graffitti, Picture 19) Nascar super trucks, 1/24 scale diecast signed by, Atlanta Football coach, Jerry Granville, #81, Mike Skinner, #3, GM Goodwrench, Jeff Burton, #99 Exide Batteries, Picture 20) More Indy Cars Diecast Picture 21) A Corgi, Husky, 1/64th scale diecast of the TV show, The Monkees, Monkeemobile, being signed by the Late Davy Jones, Davey Jones. Picture 22) A picture of me standing in front of a display case that is filled with signed 1/18th scale nascar diecast which is signed by, Matt Kenseth, #17, DeWalt Robby Gordon, #7, Monster, Drink, Kevin Harvick, #29, GM Goodwrench, Tony Stewart, #14, Old Spice, Denny Hamlin, #11, Fed Ex, Bill Elliott, #11, Budweiser, Bill Elliott, #94, McDonald's, Jeff Burton, #8, Raybestos, Morgan Shepherd, #21, Citgo, Michael Waltrip, #30, Pennszoil, Tony Stewart, #, Home Depot, Rusty Wallace, #2, Dale Earnhardt Sr, #3 GM Goodwrench Kyle Petty , #44, Mello Yello, Richard Petty, #43, STP, Jeff Gordon, #24, Dupont, Steve Grissom, #29, Cartoon Network, Fred Flintstone's, Flintmobile, Kasey Kane, #9, Dodge, Terry Labonte, #5, Kellogg's, Bobby LaBonte, #18, Interstate Batteries, Jimmy Vasser, Target, Roger Mears, Indy, John Andretti, #98, RCA, Sterlin Marlin, #4, Kodak,

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