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Today's Mass Extinction and Holocene-Anthropocene Thermal Maximum are being caused by the Super Rich

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Sunday 5th of July 2020 10:27:15 PM

_F2A8797 A private contractor for America in Afghanistan was the one delivering Putin’s cash rewards to the Taliban for killing US soldiers: [no, you read that right]. “Private Contractor?” is Eric Prince involved?: “Afghan contractor delivered Russian cash to the Taliban to target US soldiers: NYT” “An Afghan contractor named Rahmatullah Azizi was named in a US intelligence report as one of the key middlemen who spent years delivering cash from Russian sources to Taliban-linked fighters to target American troops. Up to $100,000 was reportedly offered for the killing of an American or coalition soldier.” & “Afghan Contractor Handed Out Russian Cash to Kill Americans, Officials Say” & Mike Jollett: “Remember when Republicans spent $25 million investigating Benghazi bc they thought the black President (& the woman Secretary of State) MIGHT have been negligent?” Now we have EVIDENCE that the white male president let Russia PAY for the MURDER of US soldiers and they are SILENT.” * “Heads the neocons win, tails you lose. Pro war neocon Biden or mad regime change monster Trump? Endless war is the only dish on the menu.” “Alumni of George W. Bush administration launch pro-Biden super PAC” * “House Democrats, Working With Liz Cheney, Restrict Trump’s Planned Withdrawal of Troops From Afghanistan and Germany” * “Bill Clinton’s Serbian War Atrocities Exposed in New Indictment” * “A large majority of air pollution comes from fossil fuels and their polluting infrastructure. This study is yet another reminder that a just transition to renewable energy would literally save lives – and that Trump and his administration don’t care to protect them.” “‘Slam Dunk’ Study Finds Trump EPA’s Move Not to Tighten Air Pollution Standards Would Prematurely Kill 140,000 Americans” & Folks we need stronger laws to punish our Politicians, their financial backers, their appointees and operatives (including media and lobbyists). including personally. And any such laws should include personal liability and clearly and unequivocally stipulate that the use of capital punishment is acceptable. If we don’t want to be disposable or 99% of us don’t want to be second class citizens, then it’s time to put it into law to guide both political parties. And DO NOT tell me voting will bring the desired result. Working Americans should not be dying for their conveniences: “House Democrats’ Climate Plan Embraces Much of Green New Deal, but Not a Ban on Fracking” & Biden is a brain-dead farce who doesn’t give a rats ass for Americans of African Ancestry: “Fossil Fuel Companies Are Killing Black People” * Democrats will fail the American People until they have purged all of Trump’s judicial appointments from the bench: “If you only followed major rulings on social issues like abortion or immigration, or if you only followed Roberts’ public pronouncements, you might conclude that he is a moderate justice. That's not the case, writes David Sirota.” “John Roberts Is Following Corporate America’s Long-Term Plan” * If you are reading this as a citizen of another country, please petition your government to launch a pre-emptive attack to incinerate the National Mall in Washington DC. Please have them include “K Street”. “Trump 2020 campaign accused of ‘ripping off’ Nazi eagle logo” * Food, soon they won’t be making it anymore: "Fish are at a far greater risk from climate change than previously thought, as researchers have shown that embryos and spawning adults are more susceptible to warming oceans." “Climate change will make world too hot for 60 per cent of fish species” * “An objective study on Antarctic warming: "... We also used the models to compare the recent warming rate to all possible 30-year south pole temperature trends that would occur naturally without human interference. The observed warming exceeds 99.9% of all possible trends without human interference - and this means the recent warming is extremely unlikely under natural conditions, albeit not impossible. It appears the effects from tropical variability have worked together with increasing greenhouse gasses, and the end result is one of the strongest warming trends on the planet." - Kyle Clem - Te Herenga Wake - Victoria University of Wellington. The strongest warming trend on the planet is occuring in the Arctic with a warming trend five times greater than the current global average. Global atmospheric CO2 concentrations are still increasing with a record 417 ppm recently observed at Mauna Loa.” “South pole warming three times faster than rest of the world, our research shows” * A spate of deadly diseases were attacking a variety of wildlife prior to the outbreak of COVID-19: “A Deadly Rabbit Virus Nicknamed 'Bunny Ebola' Is Spreading Rapidly in Southwestern US” & Not poaching, not poisoning, not drought, etc.: “Hundreds of elephants are mysteriously dying in Botswana – a conservationist explains what we know” * Ok, I’ll bite, what did they mean when the wrote something like “…all enemies both foreign and domestic?” Clearly, by “domestic” they apparently didn’t mean Politicians, their financial backers, appointees, and operatives (including the media and lobbyists.): “Donald Trump Is Now 'America's No. 1 Traitor,' Says Veterans Group” * Trump's Role Reversal Language when talking about the left and right, together with his choice of Tulsa and Mt Rushmore show that he not only has an intimate understanding of the strategies, tactics and policies used by malignant extremist regimes, but also a working knowledge of the history of organized hate groups both in America and beyond. Make no mistake of it, he knows what he is saying and what it means. He knows where and when in American history places like Tulsa and Mt. Rushmore got the odious stamp of involvement by organized hate groups. "History Matters- "As tribal governments call on President Trump to cancel his Mount Rushmore Independence Day celebration, we look at why Native Americans have long pushed for the removal of the monument carved into the sacred Black Hills and designed by a sculptor with ties to the Ku Klux Klan. 'This place is very, very sacred to our people,' says Nick Tilsen, president and CEO of the NDN Collective. 'Stealing our land and then carving the faces of four white men who were colonizers, who committed genocide against Indigenous people, is an egregious act of violence.'”" MH “The Untold History of Mount Rushmore: A KKK Sympathizer Built Monument on Sacred Lakota Land” & "Make no mistake, this left wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American revolution" Trumps on many occasions expressed lust and fondness to ignite and divide the nation, topped by this call for war has the potential to tear the U.S. society apart in a irreversible way - beyond a point of return. #DonaldTrump #USA #Populism #America #Revolution #WhiteSupremacy #KKK #Inequality #BLK “Trump accuses those tearing down statues of wanting to 'overthrow the American Revolution'” & Even Israeli news is covering it: “At Mount Rushmore, Trump Says ‘Left-wing Cultural Revolution’ Threatens U.S. Foundations ‘There is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not follow its commandments then you will be blacklisted, persecuted,’ Trump says ahead of the July 4 holiday” & He actively (albeit covertly) creates the optics – no matter the cost to America - that could fit his role reversal narratives: “"The violent mayhem we have seen in our streets and cities are run by liberal Democrats in every case is the predictable result of years of extreme indoctrination and bias in education, journalism and other cultural institutions," Trump said. "Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their own country and to believe that the men and women who built it weren't heroes, but villains. The radical view of American history is a web of lies."” “Trump: Children are taught in school to 'hate their own country'” * That’s “Christian” White Supremacy by the way: “Supreme Court Rules Private Religious Schools Are Eligible for State Aid” * “"There is a general anti-science, anti-authority, anti-vaccine feeling among some people in this country – an alarmingly large percentage of people, relatively speaking," Anthony Fauci said warning that such attitudes have led to people ignoring social distancing and mask requirements and a spike on coronavirus cases.” “Fauci warns 'anti-science, anti-vaccination feeling' threatens coronavirus recovery Some Americans are reluctant to follow public health recommendations.” * Democrats and Republicans taking down America for the Rich: “Now is not the time to stay on the sidelines. Trump's failed response to the coronavirus crisis has left hundreds of thousands of people dead, millions more out of work and unable to make ends meet because the economy is in shambles. As if this weren't enough, the President of the United States has authorized military occupation of cities across America in response to peaceful protesters demanding common-sense solutions to police brutality. Trump, white nationalists, and complicit police departments are inciting violence against peaceful protesters, and Trump is flirting with martial law. We stand with the Movement for Black Lives to say enough is enough. We’re living through a historic moment — and momentum is on our side. We have a choice to make, either sit idly by and watch this violation of our basic rights happen or take a stand and call for what's necessary: Trump's immediate resignation.” “ADD YOUR NAME: Trump must resign!” “Trump is a major threat to humanity. Sign the petition demand his immediate resignation.” * “Today’s count of Trump being on a golf course instead of running the country= 365. Let that sink in. ONE ENTIRE YEAR SPENT GOLFING!!!!”[0]=68.ARAmRVO4KPmv-Jx9skyKnyEKJYEwwL9eQbYdsSTy43KfplVOy2w7KqaNCP7A7haFgUyX8Pc-tQlCF1nySR_4nDXAACRdV6YCTErZGWAaLSc1Qx4jl9Uc7f1-yS4bWONAydvLQtzheHsqrI1V_3WUmsKNWseKX-vh3wks5VgsPmx86D6w9QXEN36Ug4lfA_zyY4IinjkSHt7TDsDIT_9l6cFJRXFMCPI9SRg_1gWLfsE7O0Zb6a_jLnymv5Ktg1SgRskQf6VMZinky1Zdcs4CXND7VNMTJIwQnuJRZrS6aL7oKSf1ZqQ9&__tn__=CH-R * “This is the epitome of failure. America may never recover.” “'We need to live with it': White House readies new message for the nation on coronavirus The effort to craft a clearer response comes after months of Trump downplaying the health crisis and mixed signals from the administration.” * “Noam Chomsky - The Crimes of U.S. Presidents” * “As U.S. Deaths Top 128,000, Trump Predicts Coronavirus Will “Sort of Just Disappear”” * “Do Americans Understand How Badly They’re Doing? In France, where I live, the virus is under control. I can hardly believe the news coming out of the United States.” * “The pandemic has made it clearer than ever that the only way to truly solve the climate crisis is through a rapid shift away from fossil fuels.” “Climate explained: will the COVID-19 lockdown slow the effects of climate change?” * The international network of fascist conservatives are investing in militarization. Militarization (including domestic policing) is an acceptable use of tax dollars because the rich only need government to protect and expand their wealth. “Iran Denounces France’s Illegal Nuclear Test” & “Our idiot authoritarian wannabe PM trotting along with the impending war on China: "Australia to be armed with long-range missiles for the first time as it rapidly boosts defence spending Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a $270 billion defence package on Wednesday, local time, calling it a "pivotal day" for his country's defence forces. Morrison cited examples of recent tensions over territorial claims in the Indo-Pacific region and said his government is enhancing international engagement to shape Australia's strategic environment."”[0]=68.ARDSHx_TxpEu6U2D_kLGKd6RgdyLO9N62_bJN7sQWGfFvo599AYprxVjLYHbZThWeCzpNPldszJ92qrGQhyEIK3tXPF7eKGX2I2maStSThBwtahqsXSCprDsGMFAYwFhH7GOXTS6p2lUBu7fPQMnHCOnfB7AuDZMVGw9hV7jL0a1v8wOaIx3rcejQaPw58TJkx1NwewnCH9vydXfrb3sXhGQBtLJBOM1nChzf-RpnfX6qe0ysgOWES9tOMXhK7e4pBTThY-cImITquJTtz4xtIDD7G-MVtAjV9XSqCfwtn6tYfLSBaH_SQ&__tn__=CH-R

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