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Today's Mass Extinction and Holocene-Anthropocene Thermal Maximum are being caused by the Super Rich

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posted by alias khteWisconsin on Thursday 9th of July 2020 11:19:27 PM

_F2A9853 “The extinction crisis is far worse than you think” * “At least six organizations considered hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center received as much as $5.7 million in forgivable paycheck protection loans.” “Hate Groups Rake In PPP Loans as Racial Justice Movement Expands” & Including Mitch McConnell’s wife. Then there is the $500 Billion “slush fund”. It’s not a government, it’s trump’s personal piggy bank: “Viral new anti-Trump ad shows how gobs of taxpayer PPP money were handed to his family and his cronies” * The US Senate is involved is getting involved in Palm Oil production: “an American based group is seeking 60 million dollars from the US Senate (Bill S.3131) to create "The Mirador Calakmul Basin Maya Security and Conservation Partnership" and their plan involves oil palm plantations “ “Palm Oil Plantations Threaten the Rainforests and People of Guatemala” * A message to Biden, the Democrats and other “rapacious systemic racists”: Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II: “Denouncing the Confederate flag doesn’t prove you’re not a racist if in every policy decision you’re still treating corporations like people & people like things.” * “A newly released model predicts that a total of 208,000 Americans will have died from COVID-19 by Nov. 1. “New coronavirus projection predicts 208,000 U.S. deaths by November, says universal mask usage would save 45,000 lives” * “US reaches 3m confirmed Covid-19 cases as Pence pushes for schools to reopen – as it happened” * "Studies have shown the Arctic is warming roughly twice as fast as the rest of the world, and its soil holds twice the amount of carbon dioxide as the atmosphere. New research from San Diego State University finds that water from spring snowmelt infiltrates the soil and triggers fresh carbon dioxide production at higher rates than previously assumed. This is in addition to trapped carbon escaping from the soil, which means an acceleration in warming that is not quite accounted for in current measurement techniques." “Spring Snowmelt Triggers Fresh CO2 Production in the Arctic – Warming Faster Than the Rest of the World” * Reopening schools to COVIDUSA-19 has nothing to do with education or safety and everything to do with Betsy DeVos' revenue stream: “Pence: CDC's Guidance Unnecessary When It Comes To Children's Safety At School Vice President Mike Pence said the quiet part out loud when he declared CDC guidelines irrelevant for school reopening.” * “It’s Time to Defund Fox News If business types really care about social justice, they’ll defund the country’s most prominent purveyor of anti-justice poison. And here’s an unlikely model for them to follow.” * Our Democratic controlled congress is complicit in the GOP's “open for business” to kill minorities: “While the president and vice president cajoled states to ignore the nation's top health experts in reopening schools, state and local officials pleaded for the opposite in a House hearing. “The President’s passionate supporters are gonna listen to the president and not the CDC,” Tupelo, Miss., Mayor Jason Shelton told the Homeland Security Committee.” “State officials plead with Congress for a unified federal message on coronavirus crisis” * Capital punishment should only be applied to legal cases were the defendant is a politician; political appointee; government employee; a financial backers of a politician; a lobbyist; member of the media engaging in propaganda; or any other person, association member, foundation member, or think tank member that has made contact with the People’s government. “The Trump Administration Is Set To Resume Executions In Two Weeks. There’s A Last-Ditch Effort To Stop It. Federal death row inmates are asking a judge to intervene on new legal grounds after the US Supreme Court refused to get involved. The ACLU is also suing.” * “Russia paid to have our soldiers in Afghanistan killed. Donald Trump knew about it, and he hasn’t done a damn thing about it. Donald Trump wants you to forget about this. Don’t. Don’t ever forget.” “So multimillionaire Kanye [West] and Jared Kushner’s family got PPP loans that were meant for “SMALL businesses.” No wonder the Trump White House wanted to keep all this secret. That program will go down as one of the most corrupt and wasteful in American History.” That is, until the recipients of the $500 Billion COVID Bail Out “slush fund” get revealed: * The Supreme Court has ruled to restrict access to affordable birth control: “People of all gender identities and sexual orientations regularly use birth control and deserve access to no-cost contraception. This decision will disproportionately impact low-wage workers, people of color, and LGBTQ people who already face barriers to care.” “Virtually an employer can now claim a religious or moral objection in order to deny birth control coverage to employees & students. This will force thousands of people to pay out of pocket for an essential medication, or go completely without. This is discriminatory” Today #SCOTUS ruled that the Trump administration’s rules allowing employers to bar access to affordable birth control under the Affordable Care Act can go into effect. The Court’s decision is a gross misinterpretation of the #ACA & what Congress intended.” “It’s time for Congress to act. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the current failures of the American for-profit healthcare system. We need to ensure everyone has access to the essential reproductive healthcare they need. It’s time to pass a robust Medicare for All bill!” & “The Supreme Court Made It Easier For Employers To Deny Insurance Coverage For Birth Control” * Quitting the WHO, lying, using bailout schemes, reopening the schools and now ending Obamacare, Trump and an inactive Congress is clearly trying to maximize the number of America’s dead by COVID-19: “Trump is trying to end Obamacare during the pandemic. That puts us all at risk. As an emergency physician, I know all too well how patients without insurance go about their lives when they’re sick, and how they often end up making themselves sicker.” * “Angela Merkel Schools Trump: “We are seeing at the moment that the pandemic CAN’T be fought with lies and disinformation, and neither can it be with hatred and agitation. Fact-denying populism is showing its limits.” * “Daily coronavirus briefing: COVID cases eclipse 3 million mark in US” * “Fires in the Amazon rainforest. A growing dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. A handful of powerful meat companies are causing massive environmental destruction through factory farming. So why is Costco still doing business with them?” “Tell Costco: Stop Funding Environmental Destruction” * The Bipartisan Trap for working Americans: “Shame on the politicians and corporate executives who want to force high-risk people back to work before it's safe, endangering the lives of working people just to protect their profits. Pass the HEROES Act now to #ProtectAllWorkers.” “'We Need Help': People At Higher Coronavirus Risk Fear Losing Federal Unemployment” * “President Trump likely suffers from a range of mental disorders and spent his formative years cheating in school and emotionally abusing his brother, according to Mary Trump, the president's estranged niece. He developed a destructive personality that could now bring about an “end to American democracy,” she writes.” “Mary Trump’s book calls president a likely ‘sociopath’ who cheated his way into college, betrayed his brother” * “Seven men arrested after allegedly using Nazi salutes, racial slurs toward black family at Oregon beach, police say” * Republicans “Ministry of Misinformation”: “WH's McEnany: 'The world is looking at us as a leader' on pandemic In a way, the world is looking at the U.S. "as a leader" on the pandemic, but probably not in the way Kayleigh McEnany intended.” * “Jane Goodall on conservation, climate change and COVID-19: "If we carry on with business as usual, we're going to destroy ourselves"” * “Both major parties love war. Why? Big profits for their donors.” “Why Are House Democrats Siding With Liz Cheney to Prolong Endless War in Afghanistan? A small "left-right anti-war coalition," warns The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald, remains "no match for the war machine composed of the establishment wings of both parties."” * Please understand, you’ve GOT to understand, that today’s Democratic Party is NO friend of the People: “The House Armed Services Committee just passed a defense appropriations bill filled with moral contradictions and illogical absurdities. Consider: It removes some racist symbols in the military, but preserves Trump’s ability to use the military against anti-racist demonstrators. It abdicates Congress’ responsibility to declare war, but prevents the executive branch from moving toward peace. It was passed by elected officials, but gives a single general the ability to overrule an elected branch of government. It requires officials to state definitively that removing troops won’t harm security interests, but not to say whether keeping them there will – despite the destabilizing and destructive impact of our troop presence to date in the Middle East. It is supported by deficit hawks, but would result in 50 percent higher military spending than the last Cold War budget.” “The War on Logic: Contradictions and Absurdities in the House’s Military Spending Bill” * “This data is a good start, but totally insufficient,” POGO's Executive Director Danielle Brian told The Washington Post. POGO's upcoming COVID-19 Relief Spending Tracker will increase the transparency and accountability of the government’s ongoing relief efforts. “ “Treasury, SBA data show small-business loans went to private-equity backed chains, members of Congress Almost 90,000 employers also appear to have received money despite not saying how many jobs they would save” * The new “Dust Bowl” is the entire Planet: “Nicknamed the “Godzilla Dust Cloud," a nearly 5,000-mile-long plume of Saharan dust has moved across the Atlantic Ocean and is now making its way across the southeastern United States — raising public health concerns, particularly for older adults with asthma or pulmonary disease. Here's what you should know.” “'Godzilla Dust Cloud' Arrives in U.S. Weather event raises concerns for those with asthma or pulmonary disease” * Thieves: “For months Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin opposed the release of these details, claiming it was “proprietary information.” Under enormous pressure, the Trump administration has finally begun releasing details on who benefited from a $660 billion relief program that was supposed to help small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recipients of funds from the Paycheck Protection Program include seven members of Congres...” “Congressmembers, Trump Associates Among Beneficiaries of Coronavirus Stimulus Funds” * “Banning on-site incineration is vital given that particulate air pollution worsens COVID-19 outbreaks and contributes to increased COVID-19 deaths. This is compounding the potential health risks faced especially by communities of color.” “ROUPS PETITION USDA TO BAN MASS BURIAL, ON-SITE INCINERATION OF FACTORY-FARMED ANIMALS DURING PANDEMIC Legal action calls for creation of public, online database to track mass killing and disposal locations” * “Coronavirus Surges Across Country as Dr. Fauci Warns U.S. Still “Knee-Deep” in First Wave” & “Tulsa sees Covid-19 surge in the wake of Trump's June rally” & Protesters wear masks: “Liberal media is trying to claim the increase of Coronavirus was just caused by family BBQ’s on Memorial Day. They completely ignore the fact that our uptick (and other states) began within days of massive protests all over—which they celebrated,” Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves tweeted. So far, public health officials say no link has emerged between protests and coronavirus outbreaks, with data showing that cases are due to lack of mask use and visits in crowded indoor public spaces like bars and homes. Reeves himself said he had been in contact with a person who later tested positive, although it was unclear whether he was referring to either Gunn or the person Gunn believes he got the virus from.” “Mississippi governor blames 'liberal media' for not linking coronavirus surge to protests” * Barr believes our schools promote anti-religious bias (aka “facts”): “Trump Admin Moves to Deport and Bar International Students If Colleges Go Online in Fall” * Trump believes 99% of COVID-19 cases are “totally harmless” despite recent findings that “asymptomatic” patients, including younger victims, develop scaring in the lungs from COVID-19 despite showing no other outwards symptoms: “Without citing any specific numbers, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said that the “vast majority” of Americans are safe from the novel coronavirus and defended President Trump's claim that 99% of cases are "totally harmless" by saying it's supported by statistics, even as some hospitals report being at full capacity due to record-breaking case numbers.” “White House chief of staff defends Trump's 99 percent COVID-19 comments” & “Interview with hospital doctor saying most of her patients are 30 and under and xrays of people (including kids) who are "asymtomatic" show scar tissue forming in the lungs.” “Doc: COVID-19 Damages Lungs Of Patients Showing No Symptoms” * “Pay cuts are becoming a defining feature of the coronavirus recession Twice as many U.S. workers have had their pay cut during the pandemic than in the Great Recession.” * “As we learn more about who received loans from the PPP, the list of billionaires and well-connected politicians who siphoned money away from true small businesses keeps growing. That list includes Mitch McConnell's wife's family business, Trump Cabinet member Sonny Perdue, and billionaires like Elon Musk and Kanye West. This was money that was meant as a lifeline for struggling small business owners to weather this pandemic, but it's becoming clear that the culture of corruption surrounding this administration turned this program into a cash grab for the wealthiest Americans.” “Trump administration releases list of companies that received most money from small business bailout loans” * “Trump-connected lobbyists reap windfall in COVID-19 boom” * “The White House has officially withdrawn the United States from the World Health Organization, breaking ties with a global public health body in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.” “Trump administration moves to formally withdraw US from WHO” * DEMOCRATS and the GOP are liars. We don't need to bail out the rich to ensure their goods or services are available when the pandemic permits same operation of the economy at some point in the future. We live in a competitive economy. When demand for a good or service is unmet, competition dictates a supplier will be available to meet demand. What's more, a new competitive supplier may actually be a better firm because they could incorporate operating reserves into their business plan so they don't meet the gate if the uncompetitive firm they replaced. Bailing out the rich was dis-economic. It was not an optimal use of taxpayers' dollars. It had more to do with wastefully using government resources to buy political patronage. * “The Supreme Court ruled that Trump’s tax returns must be turned over to prosecutors in New York, dealing a major blow to the president. The historic 7-2 decision forces Mazars USA, a financial accountant long used by Trump and his family business, to comply with a subpoena from Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr., requesting eight of the president’s most recent personal and corporate returns as part of a grand jury criminal investigation.” “Supreme Court rules N.Y. prosecutor can obtain Trump’s tax returns, rejects similar bid from Congress”

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